SWAT Kats: Grilled and Deep-Fried

Chapter 1: 'The Good Ol' Burger Joint'

How do you make good food? How can one trust what they're eating? Easy, they get to see their food being made from the ground up. Everything I make is from scratch so no one has to worry about putting things in their body that shouldn't be there. My spot is a place to go to get something quick, and also sit down for a nice date. Welcome to Diesel

My name is Mina. I'm a polar bear. I have a twin sister named Patricia who owns an ice cream place called 'Sweetie's'. As a non-feline, I take pride and the highest quality in my work. Sorry, at this burger place, there's no drive-thru. I feel like a customer will have more faith in the product if they see it being made firsthand, and it starts with the patties.

I don't use just any old ground beef. I use filet mignon. It's expensive, but worth it for the overall product and I grind the patty myself. The big star here is the 'Diesel Burger'. A seasoned 1/3lb filet mignon patty cooked medium rare, and topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, a special sauce, and roasted garlic spread on a nice toasty bun

The 'special sauce' is one part Sriracha, two parts mayo, and some garlic and chopped pickled jalapeños. The cheddar is the good stuff. It's real mild cheddar cheese, and I use a cheese grater instead of just putting on a slab of god-knows-what out of a plastic packet. All that quality and goodness comes at a price of $2.99. So, not too harsh on the wallet

"Another day begins," I said tying on my apron.

I enjoy my work. Diesel is my income, and I really care about everyone that comes through those doors for a bite to eat. To any new patrons that come, don't even think about sneaking a packet of ketchup into this joint. I can't stand the stuff. You go to a burger place, and it's first scent that hits you. It makes me feel like I didn't do a good enough job.

Come, and smell the grilled meat and hear the sizzle of the slab. Another star is the 'Juicy Lucy'. There are two types. A 'Cheddar Lucy' comes with a patty stuffed with melted cheddar cheese topped with hickory-smoked bacon, honey mustard, and the regular mayo. A 'Swiss Lucy' has sautéed mushrooms, bacon, horseradish spread, and garlic mayo.

If you would like the cheese on the outside but you still want the mushrooms, then the Blue Cheese Mushroom Burger or the Sautéed Mushroom Truffle Burger might see to your tastes. The Blue Cheese Mushroom Burger comes with the 1/3lb patty, sautéed mushrooms and caramelized onions, bacon, and finished off with a dash of blue cheese crumbles.

The Sautéed Mushroom Truffle Burger is one of my favorites. This one holds the onions, and comes with the patty, sautéed mushrooms, a dash of truffle oil, swiss cheese, bacon and finished with garlic mayo. The burgers come with a price of $3.99 for the sandwich, and $5.25 for the combo which comes with fries and a drink. There is more on this menu

Would you like a taste of the Southwest? Then I recommend you try the Southwest Burger. This masterpiece comes with a chipotle seasoned patty, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, bacon, fried onion straws, a sweet and mild chipotle sauce, and Hatch Green Chile guacamole. If beef is not your thing, I do have options for a fish and chicken sandwich

Now comes the deep-fryer. A fish sandwich or a chicken sandwich are some of the cheaper items on the menu. It doesn't mean they lack quality. The 'Catch' is a fish sandwich with a beer-battered fresh filet of tilapia deep fried and topped with lettuce, pickles, and tartar sauce on a toasted brioche bun. A chicken sandwich comes in either mild or spicy.

There's a secret to a good chicken sandwich. I use high quality chicken breast, and I make sure the chicken is crispy on the outside, while soft, hot and juicy on the inside. That's the way you know you did it right. The chicken sandwich comes on a ciabatta roll, and served with lettuce, tomato, and garlic mayo with an option of coleslaw for the sandwiches

I soon heard the bell above the door ring, "Oh? A customer,"

Alright, what's a burger without fries? I use fresh potatoes that I wash, and slice everyday. I served two types of fries at Diesel. One is the regular, and the other is sweet potato. You get options like loaded garlic, chili cheese, or regular fries with a side of 'special sauce', garlic mayo, blue cheese, or ranch. If fries aren't your thing, I have jalapeño poppers

There is also a chicken tender basket, or a fish and chip basket if that's your thing. I pulled up my tight jeans, and went to the counter to see none other than Callie Briggs. On this day, I had my first special: the Cornbread Casserole Patty-Melt. This experiment is a beef patty topped with chili, melted mild cheddar, and served on a sweet cornbread bun

"Hi, Callie, what can I get for you today?" I asked kindly, the pretty she-kat was scratching her chin and looking up at the menu written on a blackboard with chalk. She hummed as she looked around at her options, and at the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine. My smile to her was genuine to let her know that I am here to see to whatever she wants for lunch

"Hey Mina, good to see you, can I get a Blue Cheese Mushroom Burger combo with the Jalapeño Poppers, and can I have that to-go please?" she requested to me. I grinned with a wink to say 'coming up'. With her combo in a brown paper bag, and burger in a folded paper to-go box, it was love at first bite. I see you waiting, what can I get for you today?