SWAT Kats: Grilled and Deep-Fried

Chapter 3: 'Big Momma'

I'm part of the group of restauranteurs that the press calls the 'Big Dogs' which include Josephina Santoro of the 'Slaughterhouse', Samantha Santoro of 'Corvette's Pizza', my sister Patricia Snow of 'Sweetie's Ice Cream and Soda Fountain', Paula Müller of 'Das Blaue Haus', and me, Mina Snow of 'Diesel'. It's great to be a part of one big happy family.

When I told momma that I will start my own business and that I was going to be making burgers, momma put her hand on my shoulder, and warmly smiled to me as a mother does to their daughter and said: 'I'm happy for you, and I am proud of you, in that you'll be doing the burger flipping by yourself instead of you doing that for someone else'.

"I said the same thing to Patricia, it's better to have your own business rather than you doing business for someone else, go get' em, Mina," she warmly hugged me, from then on business has been great. It warms me to see customers at the counters or booths enjoying a meal even if it gets a bit messy. I happily put my hands on my hips to that.

My momma helped me on the road to success. She's a retired kindergarten teacher, but can still rock those tight jeans or leather pants when she feels like it, which is most of the time. In our families, there are two matriarchs. For the Santoro Sisters, it's 'Momma Giovanna', and for my sister and I, it's our momma Cassandra, or 'Big Momma Cassie'

When she retired from teaching, she took a route where she still helps out the kiddies. My mom's a swim instructor at the local YMCA. Harbortown's about three hundred miles from MegaKat City. It's a small town of some kats and canines here and there, seals, polar bears, and otters. The hangout is the YMCA, and town meetings are held at the diner.

"Sweet Pea,"

"Momma!" I cheered, leaping over the counter to hug her. It must be noted that we bears give some of the best hugs. Being 'big' runs in the family. I have a brother named Bryan whom lives in Harbortown. My momma, my sister and I are 7ft tall and 1/4 of a ton. Bryan is 7'2 and 420lbs of muscle. He plays semi-pro ball for the Harbortown Storm.

Bryan plays guard, and nose tackle. He's also a health ed. teacher at the high school, "It's good to see you, Sweet Pea," she said patting my back, "Giovanna and I were just passing through, heading out to the Palms at Santa Katalina, and we decided to see how you and Patty-Cake are doing," she said nuzzled her nose with mine as I saw Giovanna.

"I'm good, I talked to her a few days ago, and Patty seems to be doing well too, I think she has a new 'Flavor of the Month'," I replied, my sister does have a new 'Flavor of the Month'. It's the 'Black Forest'. I tried it. It's good. It's chocolate ice cream with fresh pitted cherries and kirsch with Black Forest Cake pieces mixed with dark chocolate shavings.

Paula tried it. She says it's good. That's coming from her being German, "Snowballs come two per pack, it's good to see you," said Giovanna, hugging me like I was part of her family. In a way, I am. She hooked her fingers to the belt loops at the hips of her skintight black leather pants, and shifted her legs to pull them up. She's old, and looking good

I got behind the counter to take their orders with a pocket-sized pad of paper and a click pen, "Honey, you got some good choices on the menu," said Giovanna scratching her chin, and lightly tapping her thigh to help with the thought process, "you got burgers, and hotdogs too? Man, this is tough," she turned to my momma, "see anything you like?"

"Why not both?"

"Alright, and we will see Patty-Cake about dessert," agreed Giovanna, "I'd like to try the Mushroom-Swiss Dog, and make it a combo with the loaded garlic fries," she said as her order, I was quick to jot that done, and looked to be momma in tight blue skinny jeans. Giovanna hasn't showing any 'grey', and it is hard to tell my momma is old by her looks

"I'll do a Cheddar Juicy Lucy combo with the chili-cheese fries to-go, good ol' roadtrip food," said my mom, with a grin and wink to them, I got to work. A sizzling patty with the thickness of a hockey puck went on the 'slab', and a fresh hotdog with into the bun with all the fixings that go with this dog. I put their boxes of fries in first into the brown bag

With the 'burger coin flip', it landed perfectly on the toasted bun, and put on the hickory-smoked bacon, honey mustard, and mayo. I lightly patted the top bun of the handsome burger, and got the dog ready. Into the brown boxes went the burger and the dog, and into the bag they went to the customers. A patron requested the order to be on the house

He was right. It's my mom, and Joey's and Sammy's mom. I gave them their cups for the Coke Machine filled with Barq's Root Bear and Cream Soda. Giovanna couldn't help herself, "Cheers," she said touching her dog to my momma's burger. She took a bite into the medium rare burger, and Giovanna got that bit of crunch in a natural-casing hotdog.

"Mmm...hot," said my momma with a mouthful, I stay by my motto though I don't advertise it: 'always fresh off the grill'. She swallowed her first bite, "nicely done, sweetheart, nice meatiness to the patty, perfect amount of cheese," she said as her review, "when we're on the road, I can promise you that we'll stop here," she said, and kissed my cheek.