Yo, just a notice this story is discontinued, if you want me to do a rewrite of the general idea post that in the reviews. I like the idea of Naruto as a highclass devil from one of the pillars quite a lot but really dislike how this was executed even by the first chapter. So should I actually do a rewrite it will likely be extremely different from this story.

If you are interested in the idea of this rewrite like I said just say so in the reviews and if I get enough backing for it I'll make it a sure thing. If not it still might happen if I feel the desire. To see if you want the story or not an overview for the idea will be below.

Overview-Naruto Zepar is born and raised as the next heir of the Zepar pillar household in the underworld. Like the generations before him Naruto is raised with the focused intent of being a warrior. Zepar territory spans both the border with the fallen angels and the gates to the pit itself where the majority of the old satan faction as well as souls condemned to punishment reside. Naruto's life is never going to be an easy one and he will understand, unlike most other high class heirs, the importance of unity among his race. He has seen just how precarious of a position they are in with possible threats around every corner. This story will follow Naruto from a very young age as he wars against enemies within and without the underworld and works to usher in an era of peace and prosperity for his people. This won't focus very much on the events of DXD. Instead using the world to tell a story about the heir to a different but extremely important household. That being said events and characters from the series will definitely make and appearance however they will never be our main focus.

Again please review with your thoughts and opinions. Till next time kids.