Sasha was walking into a deserted part of the Castle with a note in hand. she was called by Erwin to talk about something for the next expedition outside to wall Miria. she was nervous because the note was written as she would most likely be in trouble once she walked in.

Sasha Braus

you are to report in the last room on the last floor, northside wing.

you are needed there immediately alone. tell no one of this if you do you will be serving punishment with Levi and Hanji after the expedition.

Commander Erwin Smith

the note looked kinda sketchy but she didn't question it. she found Connie heading to the same room and decided to walk there with him. they were quietly talking to one another about what they might be told once they get there and worried if they got caught for their last prank. just as they got there they saw Eren enter the room and yelled for him to hold the door open for them. Eren turned and nodded.

"Why are you guys here," Eren asked them

"Commander Erwin ordered us to come here," Sasha said as she showed him the note that was left on her bed with Connie nodding and showing him his

"what... I got the same thing" Eren said as he walked in with them. Inside Mikasa, Armin, Krista, and Ymir. they were all waiting until one of the captains or commander came in to tell them why they were all there.

"So why are you guys here," Ymir asked "I swear Potato girl and buzz cut if you pulled another one of your stunts I'm going to kill you" she snapped

"I didn't even do anything" Sasha cried as she waved her hands along with Connie

"yeah. if anything after my last punishment with Sasha at the stables I won't be stealing any food, any time soon." Connie sighed out

"yeah sure" Ymir snapped rolling her eyes

"Ymir be nice" Krista snapped sweetly at her friend. Ymir just smiled and asked Krista to marry her once this was over. Krista didn't respond and turned to everyone.

"so why are we here again," Jean asked as he looked at the T.V "and what is that thing," he asked eyeing it

"I don't know horse face" Eren snapped "it's not like the notes said anything" he rolled his eyes

"What you say titan breath" Jean snapped getting up getting ready to fight Eren. Eren walked forward ready to face him.

"Enough... if you were asked to be here sit down if not leave now" a voice said from behind them and to the open door where Levi was entering with Hanji and Moblit following close behind her holding papers and notebooks.

"Sorry, sir" Eren and Jean saluted and sat down.

"Are all of you suppose to be here" Asked Levi as he glared. in the room, it was a simple room with a couple of seats and a food table in the corner next to the T.v with a paper sticking to it. he glared at them as Sasha moved slowly to the food table.

"yes sir. we got a note from Commander Erwin to be here to talk about the expedition we will be going on next week" Eren said "I was told to bring Mikasa and Armin and no one else"

"I was told to come alone" Sasha spoke up with food in her mouth.

"same" jean nodded

"I was told to bring Ymir," Krista said taking out her paper and handing it to Levi. Levi inspected all their papers as Hanji grabbed them from his hands

"well will you look at that... all the same..." Hanji nodded as she passed them to Moblit who placed them on top of the stack of books he was carrying before placing it down on the table next to the door. "that's odd... Erwin told us to bring all of our empty notebooks we have to take notes..."

"..." Levi didn't say anything but he did find it off that Erwin didn't send someone to get him like he normally would and just left a small note with instructions. just then the door opened and Erwin came in. he nodded at everyone there and closed the door behind him only to hear it lock. he tried to open it only for it to be useless.

"Why am I here Hanji," he asked confused as to why they locked him in there.

"What..." Hanji asked looking at him confused

"I got your note. you said you needed to talk to me about the titans and that it was important and it couldn't wait."

"I didn't send you anything... " Hanji said

"Shitty glasses if this is one of your fucking Jokes I'm going to kill you" Levi snapped turning his attention to Hanji as he glared.

"I haven't even done anything. look I even have my note here that you sent" Hanji said as Moblit handed Erwin the note telling her that he needed to talk to her. he shook his head.

"I never sent such a note... did everyone here get one of these," he asked as he looked at everyone. they all nodded.

-Welcome... my name is Wolf D. MoonStone. you may call me Moon. I will be your narrator for this story today... please read the paper that is on the screen before we continue- the T.v said as it turned on. that scared everyone in the room as they all got into battle positions. on the screen, there was a young woman, she had long black hair that was up in a fancy bun but with strands flowing behind her with a small crown on her head with a red ruby. she had a short black dress with a leather jacket over it and knee-high black boots with red rubies and gold designs and for some reason, she had a white mask on.

"What is she wearing," Krista asked "it's very pretty"

"and very inappropriate," Levi said as he looked at her up and down before shaking his head. he looked over at the cadets and found Jean and Connie doing the same... but for a different reason. "Cadets" he snapped making them turn and face him. they quickly apologized before looking away.

Moblit slowly approached the Tv and grabbed the paper that she mentioned and brought it to Erwin who opened it. he read over it before reading it out loud.

"Today you will be watching a show. it will be the point of view of Sasha Braus." they all looked at Sasha who just shrugged her shoulders. "this will show events from 3 times... the past the present and the future. on the screen two buttons will appear, you can decide what to do by using the remote under the tv. if you wish to watch said show press the yes if not press no..." Erwin said as he nodded to Moblit in a silent order to do it. he picked up the remote and nodded when the two buttons appeared. the remote looked pretty easy to use and self-explanatory.

"It looks pretty easy I think I can manage it" Moblit nodded.

"if you choose yes, you will be shown a glimpse of the future before Sasha is reborn back into the past... the events that happen in this show will happen in this set future. when you leave you might decide to change some of the big events you see here today, be warned that will make new events unfold, but if you choose not to watch you will be allowed to leave but you can never return here, the Tv will disappear and you will never know anything of said future and your timeline will continue as it is now." Erwin read out loud.

"ok... but why are we here... doesn't this seem like something the commanders and Captains might want to do alone," Jean asked

"hmmm" Hanji was thinking about everything the girl said "if she wanted to show us the future... and perhaps change it... she would most likely choose the people who had the power to do so... maybe that's why she chose you guys... along with us... but why is it just Sasha's point of view and not all of ours..."

"I haven't done anything I swear," Sasha said as she stopped eating looking paniced.

"yes... but she said that this will happened later and that you will be reborn..." Hanji said as she rubbed her chin

"I believe we should do it" Erwen spoke up. everyone in the room looked at him as they gave him confused looks "this could help us very much with our next expedition and we will be able to have an upper hand on the titans... Hanji you brought your notebooks I see... could you possibly take notes"

"yes of course" she nodded "Moblit and I have that handled." she nodded as Moblit bowed slightly.

"Are you sure we should be here sir?" Eren asked

"if 'Moon' thinks you might benefit from watching as well then there is no going against her. the door is locked and if we press the no button it could hinder it for us and not show us anything"

"very well..."

"Moblit if you would" Erwin nodded as he walked closer to the Tv. Moblit nodded and pressed the yes button before the tv turned back to the girl.

"you have chosen 'yes'. all of you agreed to watch the future events unfold. I wish to warn you the first part of the first episode takes place 6 years from now and after, will take place a year before the 104 trainee graduates became soldiers. you are welcome to grab any of the food to your left if you wish to use the bathroom there is one right behind you to that door. there are no windows so no one else can see inside. now, please sit back and enjoy watching your Future... Sasha and Scouts" and with that, the screen turned black. everyone went to an empty seat.


Food Table by the door

Levi, Moblit, Hanji, Erwin, Krista, Ymir

Sasha, Connie, Jean, Armin, Eren, Mikasa


the screen turned dark and the candles flickered off. everyone looked around the room before the tv let out a bright light and showed a type of balloon.

"WHAT IS THAT" Hanji yelled clutching Moblits arm.

inside you can see people swinging from their Maneuver gear and climbing inside as they started to cheer.

"what the hell is that" Levi called as he looked at the moving balloon.

"it looks like it can carry multiple people in the air without falling... with that kind of size that should be impossible," Armin said as he studied the balloon. Moblit paused it quickly as Hanji was writing things she saw and Moblit was quickly getting a sketch of it and its outline. he also got the fans and motor that was outside before pressing play again.

many people were cheering as they talked about how successful their mission was. as they did so Jean Connie and Sasha showed up on the screen with smiles on their faces... small but they could see they were there

"Ohhh looked at you three" Ymir called as she laughed. "damn Jean love the hair... and look at Connie..." Ymir laughed.

"Wow you look so pretty" Krista smiled at Sasha who blushed red at what Krista said that.

'what... what happened to them' Eren asked as he saw their expressions. Levi noticed it too but didn't say anything.

"What I think I looks nice" Connie called as he ate a handful of popcorn. he never had it before and it tasted very good, like salt and other things but he didn't know what. everyone found the food strange but it tasted good enough and the big red machine kept making more and more Popcorn so they might as well all grab some (Levi, Mikasa, Ymir, and Erwin had to be given it by force by their friends)

"yeah sure... she said 6 years right... and you still haven't grown a full inch of hair yet" Ymir laughed.

"can we get back to the fucking show" Levi glared

everyone was happy as they all danced around. a loud sound was heard but everyone ignored it. Sasha turned and asked Jean but he just blew it off as just the wind or Lobov who was still outside. she just nodded and turned her attention back to the noisy group. she had a small smile but it didn't meet her eyes like everyone else. neither did Jeans or Connies as they watched the group frolick around.

another sound was heard.

Jean turned as he heard the movement coming from the back of the aircraft where Sasha once looked. he knew the door was still open for Lobov since he was still out of the airship making sure everything was safe and that no one shot them down. as he turned he looked shocked as a little girl appeared out of nowhere.

"what the hell" Everyone yelled something similar to Jean as they watched the little girl role inside the room. she looked pissed.

she glared at them as she held up her rifle. Jean let out a shout to alert everyone but it came too late as the girl let out a battle cry and shot her gun. a gasp was heard as Sasha gasped for air and fell to the ground blood coming from her front and back covering the floor in red.

everyone's eyes widen. they expected to see Sasha die but not so soon. they all looked at Sasha who stared in shock as the popcorn she had in her mouth fell to the ground at the image of her... on the floor... dying...

"What the..."

"no way..."

"who the fuck is that girl"

"Everyone calm down," Erwin said as he calmed everyone down. they were all looking worried at the Tv as they saw their friend bleed

"Sasha" Connie called. he was still in shock as he stood next to her body.

everything paused. the girl was about to take another shot as Jean raised his gun to fire at her. before the bullet could hit her another child came out of nowhere and pushed her out of the way. Bullets flew past their heads as the girl accidentally shot up. it hit the side of Jean's cheek.

"What the fuck they might be a hundred meters in the air how did they even get there" Connie called

"she looks to be around 11 to 13... too young to be using the maneuver gear..." Moblit pointed out.

"she doesn't look like someone from the underground..." Levi said to himself and Erwin. Erwin just nodded his head in understanding.

not even a moment later everyone came running to the two kids punching and screaming at them. the kids looked up at them in fear as they were punched and kicked and hit with guns.

they all winced at how brutally they attacked the kids but no one could blame them because that was how they would most likely react if they were there. probably not as brutal but...

"SASHA HEY!" Connie yelled getting Jean's attention who was zoning out. Connie was on the ground next to his closest friend and girlfriend holding her face (it won't be revealed that they were dating for the watchers until later). "Hang in there... HEY," Connie yelled as Jean threw himself next to them. they both looked panicked as they saw the damage the bullet left

"damn... it went all the way threw" Jean cursed as Krista covered her face in Ymir's shoulder. Ymir covered Krista's face so she wouldn't have to look at her friend's death.

Sasha stopped eating completely and just stared at her body on the screen. she knew she was going to die... like eventually everyone will but... to see it and hear her friends worry over her... she didnt expect them to react like that.

Eren stared in shock... why would someone shoot her...

Armin watched everyone's reaction along with Mikasa and the higher-ranking members.

Connie looked close to tears as he looked at himself on the screen and at Sasha and Jean.

Jean looked angry... he isn't close to Sasha now but... to see his own reaction and to see himself cry for her like that... proves that he cares about her deeply and that they got closer over the years. he never saw himself hurting an innocent life but right now he is wishing death upon that little girl.

Moblit pressed play once everyone was paying attention. he felt bad but he knew they had to continue.

"you're too... damn loud..." Sasha said as blood oozed out of her and spreading even more "are we... eating soon" she asked. she couldn't move... she couldn't even see well.

Krista started to sob hearing her friend struggle to speak and closed her eyes tighter and nuzzled more into her closest friend who hugged her tightly

Eren stared in shock

Mikasa didn't say a word

Armin looked away from the screen slightly as he continued to hear the cries pf pain for losing a friend.

Jean clenched his fist tighter.

Connie's tears fell as he looked. he didn't look away out of respect for his friend who was right next to him. even though it hurt him to see her like that.

Sasha had a look of pain as she gave a slight smile at her last words

"Bandages now! We have to stop the bleeding!" Jean yelled orders to some of the women close by who at the moment were still shocked at what happened.

"RIGHT!" one yelled as she went to get what she was told. Connie looked at Sasha in fear as he spoke to her

"SASHA! make it to the island!" he yelled but the life in Sasha's eyes was already fading

"WAIT PAUSE" Hanji screamed as she caught on to Connie's words. Moblit paused it quickly also catching it.

"what's an island," Connie asked as he wiped away his tears.

"an island is a small body of land surrounded by the ocean and larger body of water that is filled with salt," Armin said as he placed a hand on his chin and thinking out loud. everyone looked at him shocked that he knew that.

"Armin" Eren called getting his attention. Armin looked up shocked that he said anything

"how do you know that," Erwin asked as he turned around and faced him. he had a cold look in his eyes but it also held curiosity. Hanji looked at him shocked along with Levi... and trust me it took a lot to shock Levi.

"i...i... I don't"

"Armin... don't lie... if you know something please let us know now" Moblit spoke trying to calm him down.

"ARMIN GIVE ME ANSWERS," Hanji said as she flew over her seat and toward Armin. Mikasa quickly got in front of her and blocked her path.


"Armin you will not get in trouble just tell us what you know and how you know such information," Erwin said

"or else," Levi said glaring (he got a quick kick from Hanji for that). Armin gulped but nodded his head. Eren placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder telling him he was there for him if he needed him

"my... my grandfather had a book about the outside world" Armin started as Hanji started to cry happy tears. "...Before the fall of Wall Maria, my father and mother managed to create a hot air balloon. However, the Military Police found out about it and had them killed when they tried to escape with it. my grandfather kept the secret book that contained forbidden knowledge of the world beyond the Walls, with descriptions of fiery lakes and snowfields of sand. eventually, he gave this book to me... I showed it to Eren and Mikasa when we were 8 years old"

"amazing do you have it now," Erwin asked

"no... I left it back in Shiganshina" Armin shook his head. Hanji was about to ask more questions but Moblit stopped her

"please Hanji if we don't continue we will never finish" He begged as he looked at all of the older people in the room.

Erwin looked excited but nodded his head

"rewind it a couple of seconds then" Levi rolled his eyes.

"SASHA! make it to the island!" he yelled but the life in Sasha's eyes was already fading

"Meat" she gasped out...

some sad smiles broke out at her word.

They worked fast once they got the bandages and tried to wrap up the wound but it wouldn't stop bleeding making it harder. Sasha looked miserable as she slowly died. blood coming out of her mouth as Connie stared in shock and Jean turned away holding his head with both hands and pulling his hair.

"she isn't going to make it is she," Connie said as more tears started to fall. Sasha looked away from the screen and started to put the popcorn into her mouth one by one chewing slowly trying not to cry.

"no not with that bullet wound," Levi said. remembering his training back in the underground and all his experiences. a bullet wound like that would always kill anyone and it went all the way threw making a hole in all of the internal organs that it went through.

"Jean they climbed aboard using Lobov's ODM gear." Jean looked up at the beaten-up children. "ill toss 'em outside. Alright?" one of the men said as he held both kids by their hair. Jean hit the wall he was next to with both hands and whispered something to himself. they talked for a couple of moments before Sasha stopped hearing and ringing came to her ears. Connie stayed with Sasha as Jean took the kids to the other room. the blond boy looked slightly frightened but the girl looked pissed and crazy as Jean dragged them away.

Armin and Mikasa ran out and came to Sasha's side crying to her telling her to live but she couldn't hear anything.

Mikasa looked at herself and smiled at how she looked. she looked like a real soldier... more like a real soldier than she did now.

Armin looked at himself and wondered... since when... since when did he have such a dark look in his eyes.

Sasha didn't even know what she was saying as she opened her mouth and let out a couple of words. everything was slowly fading as Connie, Mikasa and Armin were at her side. they were yelling at her for something but she didn't know what...

'i'm so tired...

so so... tired...

maybe I should just close my eyes for a bit...'

they heard Sasha's voice. the cadets looked at the tv in shock as they heard her voice. Sasha felt a tear roll down knowing that was the moment she gave up and let herself fade into the darkness and accept her fate of death.

"Sasha is Dead," Connie said once the door was wide open. everyone looked at him shocked as Mikasa and Armin scream and yelled from behind him trying to get Sasha to respond... but with no such luck...

To Armin and Mikasas screams the younger cadets started to cry... (not Mikasa (who just looked away) or Ymir( who just held Krista tighter as she cried) of course) it proved that Sasha got close to them.

Connie was sobbing as he held on to his closest friend for the last 3 years.

Jean looked away from where Mikasa was looking and toward Sasha and Connie as he let out silent sobs.

Krista was quietly crying into Ymir who whispered sweet nothings into her ear.

Armin held Mikasa and Eren's hands as he looked down and tears fell from his face.

Eren was in shock... where was he... why didn't he save her...

Hanji looked at them in Pitty along with Moblit (he was also looking at the inside of the airship and all its little details)

Erwin didn't say anything and Levi just looked annoyed as he got up to grab some tea. once he did he sat down and nodded at Moblit who pressed play again ignoring the crying teenagers.

Connie was crying as he held onto the necklace she once gave him. Jean looked at him in what looked shocked but in reality, it was sadness and fear that one of his closest friends just died. Levi didn't say anything just looked at Eren who according to him was to blame for everything. Hanji just stared in shock. Eren looked shocked for a moment before looking unbothered and leting out a laugh.

"YOU FUCKING BASTARD" Jean yelled as he got up from his seat and punched Eren. Eren not seeing it coming shocked because of his own reaction fell to the ground with blood coming from his mouth.

"what... i... I wouldn't... i..."

"Calm down" Levi snapped he just glared over the seat not bothering to get up or move. he just stared at the T.V

"How could he be so calm about her dying... sure I might not be her closest friend right now... but still... do you really care so little about her that you would be that unbothered by her death" Jean snapped at Eren

"NO... I don't understand... why... why am I reacting like that..." Eren said as Mikasa helped him stand up. she couldn't really be mad at Jean at the moment knowing what the reason was and how Eren from the show reacted to their friend's death.

Moblit quickly played the next scene as Jean was pulled back to his seat by Armin who wiped away tears.

cries of friends, comrades, and family were heard as they were heading home... back to their island with a skilled fighter now dead by the hands of a twelve-year-old child.






the middle of the night around 4 A.M

a gasp was heard in a cabin in the middle of training grounds of The 104th Cadet Corps. the gasp was so loud it woke up some of the girls in the room the gasp came from.

"so this is when she was reborn" Erwin nodded as he spoke to Hanji "please take notes and have the cadets confirm any or all the events they remember to be true."

"ok" she nodded making sure that Moblit heard him too in case she missed something. all the Cadets nodded too hearing. they were still upset at seeing Sasha's death but it brought them comfort that she was reborn.

gasp after gasp sounded as girls woke up to check who was in trouble. They turned on lights only to see Sasha gasping for air. Krista was the first one to her side asking if she was ok. Ymir came next just to make sure Krista wasn't hurt.

Sadly Sasha kept gasping as she held her neck trying to get air. Blood started to fall from her mouth as she scratched at her neck and chest. all of a sudden Krista was pulled back by Ymir who watched as Sasha moved to the side of the bed and started to throw up blood. Krista gasped as more girls started to circle Sasha's bed. at this point, Mikasa was up trying to calm Sasha down by gently patting her back.

"Someone get a medic she won't stop throwing up." Mikasa ordered as Sasha continued to gasp and throw up "

"I hope she is ok," Krista said peeking her face from Ymir's shoulder. Everyone nodded but continued to watch

Sasha can you hear me" Mikasa asked but Sasha couldn't even respond. girls were panicking checking to see if there was any food that she might have choked on but they didn't find anything in her mouth or around her bed. they didn't know what to do.

"WHAT IS GOING ON HERE" Shadis yelled as he threw the door open with one of the girls that went to go get help.

when Shadis's voice rang out all of the Cadets straightened up. Most out of habit others in fear. Levi snorted slightly before looking back at the screen... Shadis changed a lot since the last time he saw him 4 years ago.

a moment later a medic came with another girl. Shadis looked at the girls who were gathered around Sasha's bed and they made a path for him and the medics who instantly started to work on her. he gave a confused glance at all the other girls as they all gave worried glances at Sasha.

"We need to move her to the infirmary. we cant make a proper analysis here" one of the medics said as he checked her over.

"go ahead" Shadis nodded letting them bring a stretcher in and taking Sasha out. he sent a glare to all the girls in the room who looked worried (other than Mikasa and Annie who looked confused) "what happened here" he snapped as he looked around the room. instantly the blood next to Sasha's bed got his attention.

Levi, Erwin, Hanji, and Moblit could tell that Shadis was worried by the way he looked at Sasha and how he without question let them pass with Sasha, and without question, he started to question all the girls.

"man I have never seen him react like that before" Hanji whispered. Moblit nodded his head.

"We are not sure sir," one brave girl said as she saluted the rest of the girls following "we woke up to her gasping for air before Cadet Krista got up to investigate what was wrong with her only to have her start throwing up blood next to her bed," she said as Shadis glared. she shuttered in fear as his eyes met hers.

"I can confirm that sir," Mikasa said as she spoke up. Shadis looked at her next but unlike the other girls, she stood straight and waited for his next move.

"all of you will stay here today." he spoke up "no one will be leaving here until we find the cause of this." he snapped. the girls just nodded and watched him leave.

"didn't think he would care so much for a cadet much less one like her," Levi said as he finished his tea. he glanced over at Sasha who is very silent with Connie next to her. they were oddly silent which was weird.

"he always yelled both her and Connie. they would always get yelled at the most out of everyone else," Ymir said as she positioned Krista so she could see the Tv more comfortably but where she was still holding her close.

"that's normal." Hanji smiled "he yelled at me when he was in the Scouts"

"He was in the scouts," Connie asked looking up.

"he leads the scouts before I took his place" Erwin nodded

"When did he leave," Eren asked as he spoke softly.

"the same year Wall Maria came down"

"would you like to compare notes now Hanji," Moblit asked

"Please hold off until later" Erwin said as he shook his head at Hanji

"ok... let's keep watching for now"

a couple of hours later

Eren was irritated. none of the girls from Mikasa's dorm showed up for training today and Armin was trying his best to calm him down. they waited for Mikasa for an hour before it became clear she wasn't going to show up. they were going to check on her but before they could even move to the girl's cabin one of the commanders stopped him and ordered him to go to the training grounds. he didn't get to eat because of waiting for Mikasa so he was both hungry and mad.

"Eren please calm down," Armin said as he followed Eren to the dining area for Lunch. he was angry as he slammed his food tray on the table. he didn't even know why he was so mad. it might have been because Mikasa didn't show up, or because he missed breakfast. hell, he didn't know.

"I just don't get how Mikasa could miss training." he snapped as he started to eat his food.

"Eren I'm sorry I -"

"it's not your fault Mikasa. remember it's the Tv and it hasn't even happened yet and we all just saw what happened" Eren smiled slightly. even after all that time after watching Sasha die. everyone was still shaken up.

Jean was very silent as he watched not saying a word.

Ymir was still holding Krista who was looking at the Screen on her Lap.

Mikasa like always just stayed quiet

Armin didn't say much either. he felt like he was in trouble for speaking up about his grandfather's book.

Connie was trying to comfort Sasha who placed one popcorn at a time into her mouth before eating it.

Sasha was scared of what she might see. she only shook her head as she started to pay attention again.

Armin placed his tray down in front of Eren and sat across from him. Armin looked at him with pity before starting his food. they continued to talk until it was time for cleaning up. that's when all commanders called them to line up. Eren stood next to Armin who was next to Connie who was messing around with one of the other boys in the line. Jean was two boys and one girl away from Eren as he saluted when Shadis walked in front of him.

"Yesterday who was in charge of Kitchen duty all day" Shadis snapped as he glared at every boy and girl in the line. Jean Connie and two other boys along with 3 girls stepped up. "out of you seven who was in charge of dinner." he glared at the Seven. the girls stayed where they were and the boys stepped up. Eren looked at them confused as he saw Shadis's angry look. Armin looked worried for them not sure if they did something. "the rest of you are dismissed you four are to come with me as of now you are going to be interrogated." Shadis snapped as he walked away with some of the Garrison who are helping out for the month leading the boys after him with guns to their back.

Jean looked scared but didn't say anything not wanting to anger Shadis any more than he already was. he didn't know what he was being interrogated for but he knew he didn't do anything to anger Shadis this bad.

Connie looked around panicked. he didn't know why he was in trouble or why Shadis was so mad at him. 'he probably wasn't even mad at me' he told himself he is probably mad at Jean' he tried to come up with excuses.

the other two boys didn't know what to do since they didn't get into trouble with Shadis normally like Jean and Connie did at least once a week. they were hoping they could get out of whatever trouble those two caused this time.

Once they made it to Shadis office they were separated and taken to different rooms. one at a time they were questioned.

" yesterday what did you four make for dinner"

"Chicken Soup with bread" they all responded separately in different rooms.

"I like how it's showing all of their responses at the same time," Hanji stated taking some notes.

"after you were done where did you go"

"we went to eat dinner with everyone else"

"where did you sit"

"I sat with Marco," Jean said

"I sat with Matt," one of the boys said

"I sat with Jason and Carla," the other boy said

"I sat with Sasha," Connie said as he nervously played with his hands

"did you see anything strange when you were making dinner"





"was there anything extra in the food that you or one of the other boys added"





"Is there someone to confirm your story"


"Carla and Matt"

"Jason and Carla"


"at dinner did you find anyone acting strange"





"What time did you leave the dining hall"

"at 9"




"Why did you leave at that time"

"I wanted to help Marco, Connie, and Sasha clean up"

"it was time to head to our cabins" the two boys responded

"We always leave at that time whenever we don't clean"

"I always help Sasha whenever she has cleaning duty since she doesn't like to be alone. I was also with Jean and Marco"

"is that true Sasha" Moblit asked her. he was trying to get small details.

"yeah... after last time I came to the village by myself I'm scared to walk home or anywhere alone in the dark other than with family and friends" they could all tell it was a traumatizing story and decided not to push it. "nothing happened but... it could have..."

"you don't have to say anything if you don't want to" Hanji smiled

"thank you for answering me" Moblit nodded as he took notes before playing the show.

after that Jean and Connie were held back. the other two boys left as they confirmed their story with the girl they were with. Marco was brought in and given some questions before they were all in the same room as Shadis.

Shadis was sitting in his seat as the cadets looked at him. they were standing in front of his desk staring at him as he looked through a report.

"last night a dinner you all made contact with cadet Sasha Braus correct," he asked them as he looked up at them from the corner of his eye.

"yes sir" they all nodded

"and tell me any of you. was she acting strangely at any point that you were with her" he asked them

"what do you mean by strangely sir"

"was she coughing or having trouble breathing at all," he asked them

"no sir," they said together

"she was acting normally sir," Marco said

"Did she have a limp or any injury of any kind... did she say she was in pain at all"

"no sir."

"do you know if Sasha made contact with anyone else before you left her at the cabin," he asked

"no sir I left her in front of her door like I always do after dinner," Connie said as he saluted

"very well" Shadis nodded his head. "you can leave," he said as he picked up the same report he was looking at earlier

"I'm sorry sir but may I ask why this was necessary," Jean asked he was pissed that they were questioning him without telling him what he did but he didn't let it show in front of Shadis because everyone knew what he would do if you showed any sign of disrespect to him.

"ask the guard outside and give him this. I have paperwork to do" Shadis said as he didn't even look up as he wrote something down on a paper before handing it to them

"he didn't want to deal with your questions... he did that with me when Mike got injured 7 years ago... he sent me away and had me be with him at least 3 times a day because of my medical background"

"you have a medical background," Armin asked shyly not wanting to seem rude.

"yes I studied in-wall Sina back when I was 20" Hanji nodded "why... are you interested in learning"

"um. Eren's dad was a doctor... he let me read some of his books back... back home"

"if you are interested I can always teach you the basics," Hanji said excitedly turning in her seat completely

"SHITTY GLASSES SIT YOUR ASS DOWN" Levi snapped grabbing her from the back of her jacket and making her fall on the floor before being dragged by Levi to her seat only to be forced by Levi to sit down.

"yes, sir," Jean said as he followed Marco and Connie out of the room. when they made it outside they stopped a guard and told him that Shadis authorized them to know what happened to have them interrogated and handed him the paper. the guard nodded and told them to follow him.

"this morning all the female cadets from dorm 5 were woken up by the sound of one of the younger cadets named Sasha Braus choking on her own blood" the three boys stiffen at that and gave looks of shock" and we have reason to believe that someone wished to hurt her. Shadis has granted you three special access to see her in her current state but you must only be allowed in there with at least another member who is ranked higher than you..."

"do... do you know what happened to her," Connie asked gulping. he didn't know what to think. his best friend was choking on her own blood and he was sound asleep...

"not yet. we have asked the head doctor of The Survey Corps since none of the medics here know what is wrong with her. they don't think she will make it considering she fell unconscious as she threw up" Connie looked like he was about to die right then and there as Marco looked worried and Jean looked guilty for the way he has been treating her.

"it's hard to see their reactions... I mean we saw and know what happened but they don't... and with how behind we are in the medical field..."

once they made it to the infirmary the guard handed another guard the paper that Shadis gave them. the guard nodded and opened the door for them to in and see Sasha. as they walked in they saw Sasha with dried blood on her lips and pillow. she looked pale and her hair was messy. she didn't look like the Sasha they knew and kinda loved.

"Sasha" Connie called as he slowly walked to her side and placed a hand on her resting arm. she seemed to be breathing but it looked forced...

'he must really care about her if he reacts like that...' thought Erwin

"Shit" Jean cursed as he stared at her.

Marco was the last one to walk in and closed the door. he looked pale as he saw the once bouncy and healthy girl he saw as a sister look pale and looking dead. he walked behind Jean.

"when with the doctor get here," asked Marco

"around nightfall today if we are lucky if not then tomorrow noon," the guard who was in there with them said as he read the report that he grabbed from the nightstand.

"but what if it's too late then," Jean asked "What if she dies"

"I'm sorry but this is all we can do for her for now"


"Jean calm down." Marco said grabbing his arm making him turn to him "you could disturb Sasha" Jean realized what he did and quickly apologized.

'i think... those two are in a relationship...' Hanji thaught

sure he might have not considered her a close friend like he does Marco but it still didn't mean he didn't care any less. he was worried and that worry quickly turned into anger like always.

Connie was silent as he held onto Sasha. she was his best friend from the moment he got there. she was funny and treated him kindly no matter how stupid most of the things he did or said. he had respect for her just like she did him. to see her like this was hard considering how healthy she was not even 24 hours ago.

Marco was always kind to her no matter how annoying she got with her blabbing on food and weird jokes she said. he treated her nicely because over the two years he has known her she had always tried to be kind to everyone (even if sometimes it came out as rude). he respected her as a soldier and friend even though they didn't talk much...

they all just hoped she made it out ok...

she was still a fellow soldier...

and they were kinda like a family...


"thank maria," Eren said as he let out a breath "it's over"

"quit your blabbing we still have to go over the notes that Shitty glasses made," Levi said pointing it out to Eren who just nodded his head.

"Alright, why don't we talk about what we know..." Hanji said taking out her notes and started to read out loud

the future is advanced-

aircraft that allowed multiple people to travel without falling

Sasha will die in the hands of an 11 to 13-year-old

(when Sasha dies) heading to an island.

Armin knows more than he lets on.

takes place 6 years into the future.

"excuse me captain Hanji" Armin spoke up.

"yes Armin" Erwin answered fro hanji

"Should we add the people we were missing? like you or mister Moblit"

"Good idea... could be doing some behind the scenes stuff but I'll write it down"

"Hanji write down all the names of the captains that are missing and cadets that those 8 might know personally that joined the Scouts," Erwin ordered. Hanji just nodded and started to write everything down

missing in future-








"Is there anything else"

"put all the things you noticed that are accurate to how things happened in this timeline"

Things that happened in the past that line up without timeline-

Shadis's reaction to an injured Cadet

Shadis behavior

Sasha braus's behavior at nightfall because of past events

Jean's relationship with Marco (confirmed by Jean (only to Hanji's ears))

normal Krista and Ymir would react to an Injured trainee

as they worked on that the Cadets and Trainees (other than Armin) talked about what they watched by the food table where they were getting their food before the next episode.

"Sasha are you ok," Eren asked as he placed a hand on hir shoulder

"um... I don't know... I mean I get it we knew I was going to die... but that kid... she looked so young she looked... that look in her eyes... it's the same one a wild animal has when you invade its home... "

"Sasha... have you met that little girl before,," Connie asked as Jean looked at her from the food table.

"no never... I don't even recognize the other boy"

"didn't she look a little bit like Reiner," Mikasa asked she asked Moblit for any details that he spotted. he said he noticed the little girl looked kinda like Reiner but not by much. just their eye shape and noses. he gave a brief sketch of the girl and Mikasa compared them with the picture she had of Reiner in her head.

"Are you sure," Connie asked

"yes... I'm not sure if they might be related or not I only got a couple of glances of her but they do look very alike"

"that's impossible. Reiner told me and Armin that no one in his village made it out alive other than him and Bertholdt."

"he probably didn't know... probably that little girl and her family were sent to another section of the wall."

"We can always ask him and show him the drawing of the girl and ask if he knows her or her family."

"I mean if she is around 11 to 13 then right now she would be 5 right now and that means she would have been 1 or 2 when the walls came down," Jean responded.

"can... can you guys... " Sasha said "do you guys really care about me that much," she asked Jean and Connie"

"of course I do your my best friend" Connie smiled.

"maybe not before... but I've gotten closer to you over the years..." Jean said looking away from her and to the food, he had in his hands. it wasn't like the popcorn they had earlier. this was much sweeter and it had a feeling of bread but with some kind of sweet thing on top it was a light blue color. "but of course I care... I've lived with your dumb ass for 3 years" he blushed and turned his head.

Everyone smiled at his words before Levi called them all over. they all smiled and started to walk over to the seats.

"Are you all ready to continue with the next episode" Hanji smiled. Erwin nodded his head and faced Moblit.

"If anyone has anything to add to the notes please let me know now," Moblit said as he grabbed the remote. the cadets shook their heads and Moblit looked at Levi and Hanji who just turned and faced the Tv.

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