After they were done talking amongst themselves a loud bang with heard from the bathrooms. Quickly everyone turned around and Levi shot up. He opens the bathroom door slamming it open.

" whoever the f*** is in here better come out now" he yelled inside. He walked a couple of steps forward only to have his foot accidentally hits a book. You look down and picked it up removing the non-existent dust from on top of it. On top of the book, there was a cover with an older Jean, Connie, and Sasha and a paper. He took it outside and everyone asked him who was in there. He didn't respond as the book was snatched from his hands by Hanji.

She started to read it and then started to read it out loud.

'There are certain scenes that will only make sense if you were to read the book... Those scenes are mostly thought that Sasha will have. Sometimes the television will announce her thoughts other times it will not so for convenience I will be leaving this book in your hands... do o not read ahead if you read ahead you will be missing out on a lot of information~ MoonStone' Hanji read out loud. Everyone looked at each other and they open the book on the first page. It was truly everything that was on the first page had more details about what happened during the first episode.

" I believe it would be safe to say that Moblit should be in charge of this book..." Erwin said after thinking. Everyone looked at him confused before he continued to explain his reasoning. " Moblit is the most responsible out of all of us and could gather more information from this book as we go along... If you see that there is anything important he won't read it out loud to all of us" Erwin nodded to everyone. Everyone in the room just not in their heads and looks at Moblit who just nodded and took the book from Hanji before he pressed play on the screen and going to the book. He smiled at the first sentence

Hanji Zoe was doing what Hanji Zoe does best in the Survey Corps headquarters.

"Hey look it's me" Hanji yelled happily as she watched herself jump around the screen around Levi. "LOOOOOOOK ITS YOU LEVI" she yelled only to be hit over the head by Levi and be put in a chokehold. everyone just watched her and turned back to the Tv watching Moblit turn up the volume.

she was both bothering Levi and his squad and talking about titans. the Levi squad was tired of hearing her but since she outranked them they couldn't say anything to her and walked away once they had the chance and the only person who could stop her only yelled punched and threw her across the room only to have her come running back with even more crazy ideas.

Levi was irritated.

Levi rolled his eyes at Hanji's antics but didn't say anything looking at Hanji who just sent him a huge smile. unbeknown to him he was making the same face as the Levi on Tv

it only got worse and worse as Hanji continued to talk.

he was going to knock her out for the rest of the day if she didn't shut up. he was having a good day until she got there. all he could do right now is complain and threaten Erwin by threatening Hanji's life.

right now they were walking to Erwin's office to do just that only to have a cadet run past them in a hurry.

that probably the Cadet they sent to get Commander Hanji." Krista stated as she looked at the man. everyone just nodded as they continued to watch. Sasha and Connie got more food and making everyone move around so they could fit their food on the couch.

he didn't even salute them as he ran past. Levi was about to say something but he was already gone. he was headed to Erwin's office. Hanji paused her blabbing to give Levi a confused look who just stared ahead. they both quickly followed the cadet to Erwin's office. once there they knocked on the door. Erwin let them in after a moment of them waiting.

they both walked in to see the cadet that ran into them. he looked worried.

"Hanji I'm sending you as the head doctor to the Cadet Corps. one of their Cadets is in series condition." Hanji instantly straightened up and nodded her head as Erwin looked up from the paper he had in his hands "this cadet here will tell you the situation as you go. Levi you and your squad are to accompany her. Shadis suspects that someone might have deliberately hurt the cadet" Levi nodded his head. "good. if you leave now you might make it before nightfall" Erwin said as he looked at the clock on the wall. "make sure you take everything you need." with a final nod Hanji ran out to get Moblit who will be coming with her. Levi in a speedy walk went to search for his squad.

around 30 minutes later they had a wagon with the things Hanji might need and everyone was on their horses ready to go. once they knew everything was safe in the back they quickly road off.

"you didn't bring that much stuff" Krista pointed out once more as she watched the original Levi Squad pack up all her things.

"There isn't really anything we can do about it. the only branch of the military that has more advanced and well... more medical supplies is the military police." Moblit explained it to her.

"why is that..."

"because they get paid off by the rich bastards to not share it with us since 'we are just waisting it on useless lives'" Levi cut in. Eren looked pissed as he said that along With Jean and Connie and even Sasha but they didn't say anything and continued to watch.

"so explain to us the situation" Levi ordered the cadet.

"sir" the man yelled "earlier this morning around 4 and 5 a cadet by the name Sasha was in critical condition. according to the witnesses, she couldn't breathe and was holding her chest in pain. she wouldn't stop throwing up blood until she fell unconscious and even then the medics back at base tried their best to make sure she didn't die or drown herself in her own blood. the bleeding stopped after a couple of minutes. there was no injury on her body from what they told me and they were going to question the kitchen staff from yesterday after I left."

"...hmmm" Levi responded "if that's the case... someone could be poisoning her the food or just the cadet... Do they have any suspects"

" that would be a good conclusion to jump to Levi..." Hanji jumped in as she started to think about what he said." and that type of situation it could be possible"

" that is true back during our Cadet days the cadets were in charge of making dinner for everyone" Armin jumped in.

Everyone in the room started to look at each other mostly the cadets questioning if they've ever done anything to their food.

"not from what I know sir"

"was she showing any symptoms the day before," Hanji asked as she moved her horse to go faster and be next to Levi

"I'm not sure misses Hanji. I am not one of the girl's acquaintances"

"very well" Hanji nodded she was mad at how little information he was giving but knew that if he didn't leave at the time he did they would have had to leave tomorrow.

Eren was cleaning up the dining hall with Armin, Reiner, and Bertholdt. they had a member of the Garrison watching them as they worked.

"They probably didn't want you guys to be sticking around well there was an investigation going on" Moblit informed them. All the teenagers nodded their heads and then look back at the screen.

they didn't question it because the order was given by Shadis right after they told him he was in charge of cleaning. Reiner and Bertholdt looked worried as they worked wondering where Annie was according to what they told Eren.

" Why do they look so worried," Eren asked Moblit

" it says here that they are worried for a Cadet named Annie" Moblit informed them.

" that's weird I didn't know that they were close" Jean stated as he thought " they mostly keep to themselves... Well at least Annie does"

"Eren are you almost done," Armin asked him as he finished drying the dishes. Eren was putting everything away as Reiner and Bertholdt waited for them so they could leave. Eren just nodded his head as he closed and locked the storage room door before giving the Garrison the Key. the Garrison just nodded his head before leading them outside as he locked the dining-room door behind them

"excuse me... is this necessary" Armin asked as they waited for the Garrison to put away his keys

Everyone knew why he asked mostly for Sasha's sake since she always snuck out of her dorm to get food in the middle of the night.

"yes" was all he said as they walked the path to their shared dorms. Armin gave Eren, Reiner, and Bertholdt a look of confusion. they gave him one back but followed the Garrison anyways. as they got closer to their dorms they saw 8 horses riding in from the entrance. one of the horses was attached to a wagon as they stopped in front of Shadis's Main Cabin. Armin could see that they were holing themselves high in authority as they walked or rode the horses. one of the riders was a Garrison that they personally knew from training but the rest just looked oddly familiar. as they walked Eren was the one that noticed the emblem on their cloaks... it was The Survey Corps.

"what are they doing here," Eren asked without thinking making Reiner and Bertholdt look worried as they also noticed. they gave each other a look as they walked.

" Why do they look so worried for real... They don't normally care what Annie does" Eren snapped out.

" probably because one of them likes her" Connie stated as he ate one of the apples with candy around it.

"Eren is right... They are kind of acting suspicious... If it wasn't for us already knowing the truth... Or at least a portion of it... They would be suspects in the investigation." Hanji jumped in

" I believe it would be a good idea to question them after this is over" Erwin interrupted them.

"that is not any of your business" the Garrison snapped at them as he made them walk faster. they just nodded as they were brought into their dorm "you are not to leave under any circumstance" they nodded and walked in only to see everyone looking worried.

" What's going on guys," Reiner asked as he walked to his bed. he could tell something was wrong but didn't want to push. he also wanted to know why the Scouts were here.

"This... this morning..." one of the boys started as he gulped looking at a pissed off Jean pacing, worried-looking Marco sitting on his bed next to Jean, and a crying Connie who was away from everyone in his bed in the far corner of the room with his back to them.

"is that really how you guys would react to me..." Sasha started to say not knowing how to word it without it sounding bad

"of course we would you fucking dumb ass" Jean snapped

"of course you idiot" Connie snapped at her at the same time Jean spoke. they both sent her glares as she hid her face behind the snack she was eating.

"what," Eren asked "did they get into trouble," he asked as he remembered they didn't even show up for their duties or dinner along with the girls that were missing.


"come on spit it out" Eren snapped

"read the mood of the room dumb ass" Jean snapped rolling his eyes

"Shut up HorseFace" Eren yelled at Jean bolting up from his seat only to sit back down after noticing Levi's glare.

"someone hurt Sasha last night" Jean snapped as he stopped pacing to glare at Eren. Eren looked shocked, Armin stopped walking to check on Connie, and Reiner and Bertholdt stared confused.

"what do you mean to hurt her," Bertholdt asked as he walked closer.

"they aren't sure and they assumed it was a slow-acting poison that hit her around 4 in the morning... if the Docter doesn't make it in time she might die since they don't have anything that could help her here," Marco said as Jean was now too angry to talk.

"I... I suggest whoever did it speak up now" Jean glared at everyone. he wasn't trying to point fingers but at this point, he didn't know what else to do. no one could blame him.

"What..." Eren asked shocked as he processed the words. Armin rushed to Connie's side knowing that Sasha was his closest friend.

"We just saw the Scouts get here," Armin said as he placed a hand on Connie's shoulder.

"thank god" Jean sighed. he placed a hand on his head as he sat down next to Marco who placed a hand on his shoulder. "they said that the scouts were going to bring their best doctor to check her since she has been unconscious since 5 in the morning."

"WHAT" everyone yelled. they knew it was degreased if someone went into a coma because they didn't have the medical or the knowledge to do anything for them. they usually had to be killed so they wouldn't waste space or medical equipment.

"let's just hope she comes out ok... why don't we all just go to sleep early and see if we get to see the girls tomorrow to ask them what happened," Armin said as the boys just nodded at his words and headed to there own beds. Eren had to be dragged to his by Armin after he couldn't talk to Connie.

Hanji got to work on the girl right away and was done checking her over. she gave her report and was to share a room with Levi and his Squad. Moblit was going to sleep in the girl's room in case she woke up or needed anything.

"what's wrong with her," asked one of Levi's subordinates.

"hmmm," Hanji didn't respond as she looked through her magnifying glass at some of the girl's blood samples. she wasn't listening to them as she worked and wrote things down on paper.

"HANJI" Levi snapped. Hanji quickly turned to look at him

"WHAT" she yelled back

"What did you find" he glared at her

"nothing" she shook her head. they gave her a confused look as she continued "her body is reacting like she had been attacked in some kind of way but I don't see anything abnormal in her blood or on her person when I checked her"

"so what could have caused it"

"food poisoning or sickness... I'm not sure... I haven't treated anything like this before"

" We should really ask for more medics in the survey corps" Erwin spoke up as he watched Hanji struggle. Hanji is a genius of course but sometimes she can't do everything at once. Of course, she was a Titan researcher along with the survey corps Medical expert at the moment but they really needed more people to sign up with more knowledge in the medical field and other fields as well.

" I know the basics... I can always try to get some medical books from the towns that are open nearby I'm trying my best to learn" Armin stated as he raised his hand. Erwin just nodded his head before turning around back to the tv

"hmm" Levi responded before laying down in his bed. te first thing he did when he got here was clean around the room before going to the girl's room to clean there and make sure it was clean enough to work in.

"do you know when she will wake up?"

"not sure... probably tomorrow or the day after"

"we will have to personally question her and the rest of the brats later" Levi growled and order. they all nodded before getting ready to sleep.

the next day everyone knew what happened and the girls were set free after being questioned by the Levi squad. they were ordered to train and make up for what they missed the day before. as they left to train, Hanji and Eld checked the girl's belongings and room. they didn't find anything.

Levi, Oluo, and Gunther went to interrogate the boys and other girls from the other dorms. they were also tasked to take out all of their belongings to be checked. they didn't find anything either.

they later checked the kitchen and dining room in case they found any poison bottles but came out empty-handed.

" I'm pretty sure Levi was cleaning everything as they went..." Hanji whispered but everyone heard her. Suddenly something was thrown from somebody's hand and the cries of pain of Hanji rang through the room.

Petra was helping Moblit with taking care of the girl and followed all of his instructions. after that they made sure that the visitors who came were clean and didn't have anything that could harm anyone, they let in Connie and Armin. they were worried sick about her the most.

Connie was sitting down next to her bed and Armin was talking to Moblit and Petra about her condition. as they talked Connie closed his eyes only to feel Sasha's hand move slightly. he looked up and watched as Sasha's facial expression change into one of pain.

" I believe this is rather odd" Moblit whisper to himself. Everyone turned to him and waited for him to explain. " have you two acted this close before" he asked Sasha and Connie

"... I mean we are best friends" Connie stated as he looked at Sasha who just Shrugged.

" I believe that because of the time travel... Some of the emotions of a future Connie came back to the past Connie and he somehow feels the connection that future Connie had with Sasha..." Moblit stated

"what do you mean"

" I'm sorry for not explaining the sooner but I believed it didn't have much significance until now" Moblit apologized before he looked back at the first chapter " around the beginning of the first chapter it is stated that Connie and Sasha are in a relationship" he stated. Connie and Sasha turned bright red before they started to laugh... Sure it was awkward but they still laughed

Everyone stayed silent for a couple of minutes before they all started laughing (not really the adults because they don't really know them that well)

" I can totally see that happening" Eren Laughed

" the two dumbasses together I can totally see that" Ymir laughed as she hugged Krista

" hahaha" Jean laughed as he rolled around. Armin just sent them a smile and Mikasa a smirk. Krista also sent them a smile but also apologized for Ymir's Behavior.

" I'm actually not going to lie I do believe at some point I did ship them as a couple..." Krista pointed out

" can we just continue watching," Sasha asked as her face was so red, Connie nodded his head before turning to the TV? Once everyone calms down the TV was playing the show again thanks to Moblit. He also took notes about what they missed in the previous chapter.

"where...where am i... Why does this place look familiar..." were the first things Sasha said as she woke up... She looked to the side of the bed and found Connie looking at her with a smile. he looked younger for some reason.

"YOUR OK" he smiled kindly at her... there was relief in his voice as he got everyone's attention. Sasha gave a confused look as she tried to sit up.

"don't sit up we don't know what's wrong with you and you could hurt yourself," Moblit said as he walked to her. she looked up at him before her eyes widen once her eyes landed on him.


"here Sasha have some water," Armin said as he grabbed the cup of water that was next to her bed. he placed the cup on her lips and tilted it up lightly. she drank it slowly but stared at Moblit.

"Are you ok?" Moblit asked confused and uncounterable as Sasha stared at him, Petra quickly left the room to get Hanji and everyone else?

"I'm... I'm... I don't know" she said as she looked around the room "where am I," she asked

" do you believe she lost her memories," Krista asked

" it could be possible" Moblit nodded slightly. He really did not want to read ahead and accidentally spoil something for them or have him miss something important on the TV while he's reading ahead

"you're in the med-bay" Moblit said as he made her lay back down. she complained as she gave confused glances at Connie and Armin... why did they look so young... why was Hanji's old assistant alive...

"What is the last thing you remember," Moblit asked.

"i... i... was shot... I remember being shot..."

'What... there wasn't any bullet injury on her...' Moblit thought as he checked her over.

Moblit read the last part so that everyone knew what he taught.

"where were you shot," he asked her Hanji came running in with Petra on her tail. she caught his question and decided to let the girl answer before she said anything.

" chest" she gasped out as the memories came rushing back to her.

"is it alright if I check," Hanji asked stepping up? Sasha gave a confused look... 'what... why does she have...' all she did was nod her head as Moblit and the other boys walked out as Hanji started to open up her top. Petra looked away not wanting to make it awkward for her.

the boys in the room blushed red as they saw Hanji open Sasha's top. all of them looked away as Levi rolled his eyes and looked away from the Tv too. Erwin kept a straight face and Moblit just stared at the book.

the girls laughed other than Sasha who was red. Ymir was basically on the floor laughing. Mikasa just smirked slightly. Hanji was laughing loudly as she clung to Moblit

"I don't see anything," Hanji said as she looked around her chest and bra, she even checked her stomach but didn't find anything the only thing off was a spot under her breast. the skin looked irritated and was slightly red but other than that everything was fine "are you sure it was a bullet" she asked

"that's where the girl shot her" Krista pointed out as she looked at the red spot. all the people who were looking at the screen nodded in agreement.

"I think so... I don't..."

"don't strain yourself" Hanji interrupted "rest up a little bit and we will come and question you later"

"oh...ok" she whispered as she stared at the ceiling

"do you want me to bring in your friends," she asked her.

"can I be alone" Sasha whispered "i... I want to think," she said as she asked for another sip of water. Hanji placed her shirt back to normal and gave her some water before asking Petra to keep watch on the door.

Once I was done it over everyone looked at the screen again. Levi still won't have eyes at the teenagers before looking at the TV and a smirking Hanji.

"I'm sorry Sasha would like to be alone" I hear Hanji say from outside the door. the other woman followed after her leaving me alone in the room. I quickly got up once I knew no one was going to come back in and removed the shirt that I had on and walked to the mirror. there was no bullet wound or scars from training... nothing... it was all plain and normal skin.

"what the hell" I whispered to myself. I grabbed a handful of my hair as I pulled at it trying to see if I was awake. I was. "ow," I said as pulled too hard on my head. I rubbed the spot as I went to look out the window. there were a bunch of cadets in the crowd of people training and I instantly recognized all of my friends.

"what the fuck" I gasped as out as I saw Eren, Annie, Bertholt, and Reiner training. "i... I have to be... I have to be dreaming" I gasped out. "this can't be real... I have to be dead... I can't be alive..." I started to search the room for anything with a date only to find a calendar. it said it was 849... no...

" why would she be acting like that after seeing us," Eren asked confused.

" they probably died outside of the walls" Mikasa answered him.

"what are you doing" I hear a voice behind me as I was holding the calendar. I turned and saw the woman who was in Levi's first squad. "you should be laying down... why are you crying" she asked as she walked up to me.

"i...i..." I couldn't say anything. I was too confused. before I knew it I was grabbed and pushed to the bed.

"do you want me to get a medic or Hanji?" she asked kindly I shook my head," I think I should. do you need anything," she asked I shook my head again.

"can... can you tell me today's date," I asked just to make sure

"um," she said as she looked at the calendar that was now on the floor. she picked it up and checked. "it's 5/2/849" I felt tears in my eyes as everything rushed at me. the war. Eren leaving us. finding the ocean. Reiner and Bertholdts betrail. Annies betrail. the king's lies. everything was hitting hard as tears started to build-up

Moblit was reading the book as the Sasha on TV stayed silent. Deposit for a moment before he looking up at everyone who would wait for him to speak.

" it says... It says..." he started not able to get the words out

" what the f*** does it say" Levi snapped at him. He usually never found himself angry at the man but he really wanted to know the information he was holding

" it says... ' I feel tears in my eyes as everything rushed To Me. the War. Eren leaving us. finding the ocean. Reiner and Bertholdt's betrayal. Annie's betrayal. The King's lies...' just doesn't make any sense" Moblit stated as he reread what he just told them. Everyone looked at him confused and Armin instantly bolt it up from his seat and ran to him. He started to reread the last couple of lines before confirming what he said

" We... we see the ocean," he said excitedly before his smile disappeared. " what could she possibly mean by this..." Armin asked as everyone looked at Sasha who looked just as confused.

"Moblit I want you to look up all the background information that you have of this Reiner, Bertholdt, and Annie... I believe that this is something important... I will look into the king flies does she mention and Levi..."

" yeah sure," Levi said as he glared at Eren already understanding Erwin's future orders. Everyone stayed silent for a couple of minutes before they press play after taking a lot of notes.

"please tell me your lying," I asked

"no... I'm sure of it..." she looked confused and concerned as I cried I didn't cry out or anything but tears kept coming out as I was frozen on my bed "HANJI" she yelled a moment later Hanji and her assistant came running in confused and concerned as they saw me crying

after they calmed Sasha down they questioned her about everything then happened the last couple of days.

"What was the last thing you ate," Hanji asked as Levi was behind her looking at Sasha's reactions

"I don't remember"

"do you know who you saw last when you left for your cabin"

"no... i... I think it was Connie"

"do you know if anyone was trying to hurt you at any point in time?"

"i... I don't think so"

"you're about to graduate next year right"

"I think so... I'm not sure"

"ok..." Hanji paused and looked at Levi as she wrote on her paper 'she might have some kind of memory loss it said. Levi nodded and told her to continue. "I heard that you are one of the top cadets in the 104 cadet corps is that correct."


"you commander tells us you might even reach the top 10 when you graduate... is there anyone here who might be jealous of you and the position you might get"

"I don't think so... i... don't think I talk about anything like that with anyone"

"ok then... what is your relationship with Jean Kirschtein"

"um... I think it's ok... we are friends but we... aren't that close... I guess"

"how about Marco Bott"

"... he is nice I guess... I don't know"

"how about Connie Springer"

"he... he... he is my... best friend," Sasha said as she tried to think back.

"Why did you hesitate"

"i... I don't know..." she said as she tried to come up with a lie "sometimes... I feel like... he doesn't consider me his friend" she lied as she looked around the room. Hanji could tell it was a lie but wrote down that she has feelings for Springer that he might not return.

"have you ever thought about hurting yourself," Hanji asked causing Levi to stiffen. he knew the question was coming but it still put him on edge.

"no never," Sasha said in surprise.

"do you have a history of hurting yourself before you became a Cadet"


"what did you do before you became a cadet."

"I helped my father hunt and kill dear and boars in the forest near our home."

"ok do you have any food allergy that you never reported"

"no, I don't have any allergies"

"ok last couple of questions." Sasha nodded and letting Hanji continue. "before you became a cadet did you have any enemies or people that strongly disliked you that would hurt you or send someone to hurt you."

"no... my village is very closed off and don't like to make contact with outsiders."

"I see...I see... it says here you rarely come to the infirmary is this true"

"I think so... I rarely get sick or injured enough to come."

"ok well then... I think that's all for now" Hanji said as she closed her journal. "from now on I need you to check in with the infirmary every day for a month. if all is well I want you to check in every week after that. do you understand"

"yes ma'am"

"ok you are free to go back to the infirmary across the hall"

" is what you said during that entire true" Hanji asked.

" yeah... most of it" she stated.

" what wasn't true," Hanji asked as she took notes.

" well..." Sasha started not knowing whether to admit it in front of her friends " there was a girl that didn't like me but I highly doubt that she would do anything even to my Future Self... I doubt that's why she mentioned it" Sasha stated. Hanji just nodded and wrote what she said down.

"thank you" Sasha bowed. she got up and left. just as she did Levi nodded at Hanji.

"she lied in some maybe half of the questions that you gave her"

Everyone looked at Sasha wondering if she lied to them.

" I swear that most of the things that she said were true" Sasha implied.

" We believe you" Erwin nodded. " we understand the situation now and you have no need to worry about us believing you about the Things She Said."

Everyone just looked at her before turning back to the screen.

"really... I just thought she lied for the one of Springer"

"she looks to be trained to lie..."

"I see... I'll tell Shadis to have someone keep an eye on her after we leave tomorrow."

"good" Levi said as he nodded his head as he looked at the door Sasha left threw. he didn't know if he should trust her or not.

" Finally it's over" Connie stated as he stretched his back.

" Please don't tell me that the rest of the episodes are going to be this... Depressing" Ymir said in disgust. Obviously, she didn't mean it in a defensive way she was just tired of the depressing mood that the episodes usually brought

" I hope not." Jean stated as he got up to use the bathroom

" what do you think I did... To cause her to react like that when she saw me" Eren asked his best friends

" I don't know but... I think it might have been something big... You remember the last episode... And how you reacted to her death" Armin told him

" we will just have to wait and see" Mikasa stated as she glared at the Tv hey guys sorry for taking so long on this story I've been updating two of my most popular stories recently and I actually forgot about this one.

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