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Chapter 01: Surprise Meetings

The war with the witches had been going on for centuries. It had caused deaths on both sides of the battle. The DWMA and the Witch were tired of the fighting, and there were other threats.

Arachnophobia was an organization started by the spider witch Arachne and enemy to both sides.

A meister and weapon pair were looking for a kishin egg. Instead, the pair discovered a man. He had been cheating death by transferring his into the bodies of his children. He had a blood lust that had been growing for centuries. He decided to take his urges out of some of the locals, which brought the school's attention. And when a vampire saved him, it revealed the existence of Arachnophobia to everyone. They even seemed to steal the oldest golem for some reason.

Months later, they started to hear whispers of the organization and that their leader had been dormant and had risen to act.

Arachne had always been a target for Lord Death; he had failed to kill her centuries ago. The witches hated her because experiments used witches ' souls. They branded her a traitor and were as eager to see her dead. Frankly, her whole family was filled with trouble makers, but they especially wanted her dead. After all, her actions had made the fighting between sides even worse.

Oddly enough, her reappearance brought some hope for a peaceful resolution.

Both sides prepared for the worse. They prepared for their chance to hunt down the witch.


In a Brooklyn alley, two young girls huddled together in the cold. Their mother had long since left them to fend for themselves. The girls spent their days scrounging for food, fighting if they had to, and stealing when they had a chance.

Liz, the older of the two girls, used some paper to give her little sister some extra warmth. Liz hated her mother for leaving them like this. Their mother was never the most caring, tended to treat them more like burdens but had made sure they had food. Then she decided it was too much trouble and just left.

Liz tried to stay awake as long as she could at night; she was afraid something would happen if she slept. There creeps around and wild animals, and she wasn't couldn't to risk Patty.

She was young. How long was she expected to hold out? Her eyes started to grow heavy, and sleep began to overtake her.


Liz's eyes burst open, and she quickly got on alert. Floating above her was a woman in a cloak and a freaky-looking hat.


"Ah!" Patty woke up with a startle.


Patty didn't hesitate; they've had too many close calls to have the luxury to hesitate.

Patty turned into a handgun, and Liz pointed it straight and fired.

But before the shot could land, the figure was gone.

Their bodies froze; Liz couldn't move and could barely breathe. It was like something was pressing around her whole body.

"My, my, my, you're so young and can transform?"

Liz caught the figure at the corner of her eye.

"I've heard of weapons being able to do that at a young age only when they have been through a lot." She hummed, "Nyamu. I'm sorry you've had such a hard life. It's a pity for girls so young and pretty to have to fight so early. Can you transform too?"

"Let me go, and I'll show you," Liz growled.

"He hehe, you have spunk. I wasn't expecting weapons when I came for you."

"Who are you?" Patty yelled as she tried to change back.

"I'm Mabaa; I've come to take you to your new home."


There had been a power shift. Many of the witches that hid amongst the world were called back to the witch's realm. Some of them had started lives of their own; some even started families, the Head Witch allowed them to come too.

It almost went unseen until DWMA noticed people vanish worldwide, and sometimes it was whole families.

The school was worried, and it looked like this Cold War was about to boil over.

Then fortune seemed to turn.

"I can't believe she just found the Head Witch!" Spirit Albarn, Lord Death's Death Scythe remarked.

Lord Death sighed, "Spirit, don't start it again. Look, this could be a good thing. So, let's not look a gift horse in the mouth."

"It's just my wife's vacation might lead to peace talks."

"Ex wife." Azusa pointed out.

"R-right," Spirit grew depressed at the reminder.

It was public knowledge that Spirit and his wife had a turbulent relationship that resulted in them splitting. Once their daughter had gotten into school, Kami decided to go travel and find herself. She also found the Head Witch and ended up talking to her. The Head Witch took a liking to Kami, and they ended up speaking.

Azusa adjusted her glasses, "It's amusing that if you hadn't gotten divorced, this might never have happened."

"Hm," Death tapped his chin, "we have a chance at peace because Spirit couldn't keep it in his pants."

"That is one way to put it," Azusa confirmed, "though we should probably not say that around Kami, it would be insensitive."

"What about me?" Spirit pointed to himself.

"Yes, should he be here?" Azusa noted, "it could make things awkward."

Lord Death reassured her, "It's fine, the Head Witch agreed that I could have three of my death scythes here. And Kami is mature enough not to let this get the way of the talks."

"I agree; I'm not sure about him, though."

Spirit was on the floor, mumbling to himself.

Death scratched his head, "Well, he is my death scythe. Plus, besides you and Marie, the others didn't reply or want to come. I still don't know what the deal is with Tezaca; I don't know why he let Enrique reply."

"Where is Marie, by the way?"

Spirit sniffled, "She's with Maka."


In a nearby room, Maka was having her cheeks squished by a young blonde woman.

"Oh, I can't believe you've grown so much. I was with your mom when you were born! And look at you!"

Maka tried to smile, she had some vague memories of the woman, and her mother had mentioned her a few times.

Maka was a young girl in a black school uniform with a skull emblem.

"Mis-Miss Marie!" Maka managed to pull away and rubbed her now very pink cheeks.

Maka was still a young girl, barely starting school. It wasn't too exciting; she was still just in the Not class; they were not focusing on much more than what she would be taught at any other school at your age. They had studies concentrate on ethics; the school prided itself on raising their students to be ethical, especially when many of their students dealt with life and death issues. There were also classes dealing with physical activity to keep them healthy and helping those interested in going to the Eater class. Maka was doing her best to study and get into shape to get into those Eater classes.

Maka was enjoying living in the school dorms; she had made a few friends there. She was nowhere ready to take a partner, but she was sure when she was older, she'd find a great one.

"I'm sorry," Marie apologized, "I don't know my own strength."

"It's okay,"

"You look so cute in your uniform. I'm guessing you're going to DWMA like your parents."

Maka nodded, "Yeah, I'm going into the Eater class when I can, but right now, I'm still in the Not class."

"Ah, that's nice. Are you a weapon or a meister?"

"I'm going to be a meister like Mama. I'm going to make a death scythe even better than papa."

Marie chuckled, "That does sound like something your mom would say."

The door to the room opened, and tired-looking Sid walked in with a young boy walking beside him.

Maka blinked a little confused; the boy's hair was bizarre; it was pitch black and had three white half-lines through it. His eyes were a strange amber color. Maka had the feeling that he was her age, but he seemed a bit short. He wore a small black suit with a pair of shorts and a bow tie with the emblem of Lord Death.

"Hello, Mister Sid." Maka greeted the man.

Sid smiled at her; Maka was a playmate for Black Star, who he was the guardian of; he had hoped the polite girl would be a calming influence on the boy.

It hadn't been.

It had made things worse; Black Star heard that Maka's mom was a big shot and made it his duty to beat her and show he was the top dog. Kami was an adult and a skilled meister, he wasn't going to get the drop on her, but that didn't stop him. Black Star found out she was coming back and was jumping off the walls to try and get at her. Sid had to lose him five times, and he had to pick up the boy.

"Maka, meet Kid."

"Hello," Maka waved at him.

The boy silently waved back at her.

"Ah, try and get along. Okay, so I don't know what they've told you. We are going to have some important people show up. They will bring in some kids, so we thought you would keep them some company. So everyone needs to be on their best behavior."

Both of them nodded; Sid shook his head, unsure why he needed to remind them. They were well-behaved children; he had just probably been around Black Star too long.


The air was tense, much tenser than it had been in many years. Why wouldn't it? The witches were coming; the most powerful was coming.

Lord Death was waiting with weapons by his side at the top of the stairs.

Walking up the stairs was a woman in a black coat with long blonde hair in a ponytail. Behind her were three witches, the one in the center being the Head Witch herself. Only a step behind them were two young girls.

The blonde woman cleared her throat, "Lord Death, allow me to present you with the Head Witch Mabaa."

For a moment, Lord Death looked at the woman in the dark cloak. Then his big white puffy hand stretched out. "Well, hi!"

Mabaa took and shook it.


The meeting took place in the Death Room; they brought in a large table for this meeting. Kami sat between two sides, Kami herself didn't think she was qualified to be the mediator for both sides, but neither side would agree on anyone else. The school vetted Kami first, making sure that her mind wasn't under a spell or anything.

On one side of Table was Lord Death and his three death scythe, and on the other was Mabaa and two of her most trusted advisors.

Kami clapped her hands, "Thank you, everyone, for being here. Peace isn't easy, but it's what we all strive for. Sometimes it's harder to sit down and just talk than it is to continue to fight. I know the fighting between our two groups has been going on longer than most of us have been alive. Today we need to push past that to build a better tomorrow."

Mabaa chuckled, "You've been working on that, haven't you?"

"Yes, but if anyone asks, I came up with that on the spot. It would make me so much better in the history books."

There are a couple of chuckles from that; Kami thinks it's good ice if being broken.

"Okay, let's get started. We're all here because Arachnophobia is a threat to all of us."

"Oh! Oh!" Lord Death raised his hand like an excitable child, "I have a question."

Kami sighed and motioned to him, "The chair recognizes the Grim Reaper."

"Yeah, I've had a question. It might affect how the rest of the talks go. What's with the girls you brought with you? You see, we've gotten reports of people missing lately, and there have been some suggestions that witches have been spotted around the area."

Mabaa replied, "They're witches."

"What?!" the other side of the table shouted.

Mabaa explained, "Well, not all of them. When we discovered Arachnophobia, we brought all the witches of the world to the witch's realm. Some of them had been hiding amongst your people. Some of them were living in isolation; some had even started families. We know not what Arachne is planning, so we brought them all into the realm for safety. Those two girls are witches that I adopted."

Azusa glanced over them, "You agreed that you'd only bring three witches."

Kami stepped in, "It's a little more complicated than that. Those girls are Liz and Patty Thompson; it looks like their great-great-grandmother was a witch. Their family hasn't shown much in the way of having powers. Their great-great-grandmother escaped from meisters and hid in New York, started a family, and died of old age. It looks like she never told anyone about being a witch," Kami pulled out some paperwork and reports, "Nothing to suggest any of them had magic. But it looks like one of their parents had some weapon blood in them. We think that had some unique effects."

Lord Death and the weapons looked at the news reports of the Brooklyn Devils, two girls attacking and stealing from people, and they were both guns.

Marie frowned, "But this says they were transforming at a young age; I don't think I ever heard anyone transforming so young."

Mabaa told them, "At first, I came looking for them following the bloodline to see if there were any witches when I found them in an alley."

Marie blinked her remaining eye, "An alley?"

Kami sighed, pushing some police reports, "Their mother abandoned them some time ago and left them to fend for themselves, which is why they started stealing. I found their mother; two months after she left, she got into trouble with a gangster. And she's gone."

Mabaa added, "I would appreciate you not telling them that; I'm waiting until they're older when they can handle the news."

"Why did you bring them?" Spirit asked.

"That's my idea," Kami told them, "They are demon weapons; if things go well here, then some point in the future, we might consider letting them enter the school."

"Really?" Lord Death grew a bit tense at that.

"Children need to be around other children. That's why I suggested they meet with the kids if they can get along… well, if we don't make this work, maybe the next generation will have a better shot if we start them early."


None of the kids were precisely social butterflies, but they were at least trying to put their best foot forward. The only one that was a bit on edge was Liz; sure, the witches had given them a nice place to live and plenty of food and toys. Mabaa said she was even going to help them learn magic. Liz wasn't sure about that, but at least Patty was happy.

Both Liz and Patty wore nearly identical red and black dresses. Liz was at least happy that this was reasonably normal. Some of the witches' outfits were crazy.

"Come on! Let's do it!" Patty cheered.

"Fine," Liz grunted.

Patty climbed up on a chair and then jumped off mid-air; she turned into a gun which Liz caught. Liz jumped in the air, and in a flash of light, they traded spots.

"Ta-dah!" Patty smiled as she caught her sister in her gun form.

Maka and Kid both were amazed at the sight, they had grown up with the knowledge of weapons, but neither had ever seen anyone so young transform, much less so completely. Every once in a while, they'd see a child who could turn part of their body, maybe a finger into a dull blade or something, but never full transformation.

Maka applauded and just noticed Kid's wide eyes and a certain sparkle in his eyes. Liz transformed back into her human form. Liz wasn't one to show off; extra attention didn't suit her; she knew she was cute and everything but still.

Liz found Kid staring at her and her sister; his eyes were practically shining.

It was weird.

Before she could talk about it, some other people came into the room.

The first was the blonde lady that grandma called her tea buddy.

"Mama!" Maka ran to the woman's waiting arms.

Behind him came a tired-looking red-haired man. "Hey, Maka."

The young girl ignored the man and focused on the woman setting her back on the ground. "Mama, how did things go?"

"Hm, I think it's good. We're finishing up for the day."

Mabaa walked in behind her and turned to the weapon, "Hello, Darlings. I hope you had fun today."

"Yup! Yup!" Patty happily chirped.

Then to Liz's surprise, Death walked in, "Hello, Kiddo!"

"Hello, Father." Kid greeted him.

Liz stared dumbfounded; that little scrawny twerp was the son of Lord Death? Liz tried to wrap her mind around it but couldn't. Kid was a bit pale but otherwise seemed pretty normal.

Lord Death picked up Kid and turned to Mabaa, "Well, it was nice talking to you. I know things weren't great, but I think we made some good progress. I hope this is the first step on a lasting friendship."

Mabaa nodded, "I hope so too, until next time."

Death started to walk away, only pausing to wave at them. Patty waved back while Liz decided to duck behind the elderly witch.

Kid mimicked the action, Patty returned the gesture and then nudged Liz to do the same.

Mabaa was making sure the girls had everything as they prepared to leave.

Kami was talking to Maka, "You want to go out to eat tonight?"

"Yes! I'd love to."

Spirit gave her puppy dog eyes, "Can I come along too?"

Kami was about to say something but must have noticed something at the last second and grabbed Spirit to move him to block something shooting out of the air vent.

"Got you!"

A loud blue-haired kid had jumped out and tried to tackle Kami but collided with Spirit knocking them both down.

"Hey, Black Star," Kami greeted him; her tone was resigned.

"Hey, Missus Maka's mom." He greeted, his face still on the floor.

Black Star was determined to be the best, to the point of surpassing god, and he couldn't do that if he didn't beat one of the top meisters. He decided his best chance to win against her was to find an opportunity to surprise attack her. He tried to attack her any time he found out she was in town.

Black Star was covered in dust, and looking around dazed, Sid quickly grabbed him. "Not again,"

"You're never going to beat mama," Maka held her head high proudly.

Black Star struggled in Sid's arms, trying to take another shot.

"So, anywhere you want to go eat?" Kami began to lead her daughter away.

They left the unconscious Spirit on the floor.

"Come back, you coward! I will win!" Black Star continued to yell out.

Liz could only stare and say, "What a weird kid."