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Chapter 08: In the End

The world continued in peace, the Witch Realm and DWMA finished their peace talks thanks to Liz and Patty, girls who could stand both sides. DWMA would hunt down the kishin, and the witches would help them fight those witches that were too dangerous. On a case-by-case basis, they would decide what should be done to them.

There might never be another death scythe; well, there would be one more at least. Maka and Soul killed Medusa and were allowed to use her soul to make Soul into a death scythe when the time was right. Soul still needed another few more kishin souls to finish. But one day soon.

Liz teased him that when he did become a death scythe, he should take a page from her book.

Eruka found herself working for DWMA, a few witches were interested in becoming meister, and she was there to help them.

Soul was cooking something in their kitchen as Maka read a book while a purple cat slept on her lap.

"Hey, Soul?" Maka asked.

"Yeah, Maka,"

"I've been thinking, Liz and Kid both liked each other, and they didn't think the other person liked them. I can't help but think how strange that is. Like they lived with each other, they risked their lives together. How couldn't they see it? How couldn't they trust each other? Fear? Like anyone with that strong of a relationship should never have anything to fear by admitting their feelings. I don't understand it. How can something like that happened."

"Uh, y-yeah," Soul's voice cracked. "I don't know."

Soul grumbled; he was sure that cat was now awake and laughing to herself.

Maka sighed, "I'm not the most romantic person, but if someone liked me, I would hope they would have the courage to say something."

"What would you tell them?" Soul couldn't help but ask.

"I don't know; it depends on the person who said."

"Hey Maka,"

"Yes, Soul?"

"…come here and help me cook; we are cooking dinner for your mom."

"Sure, mom is bringing a guest, so let's make sure we make enough."


Eruka was walking down the halls of the school.

"So, I think you should ask her out." Eruka heard Patty speak, "Look, a fox to a wolf, let me tell you are her type. Eruka likes big men with muscles, and that's you."

Eruka peeked around the corner to see Patty talking to Free.

Eruka pulled back to hide.

"Look, if I can help a witch get with a reaper, I can find anyone love," Patty continued.

Now blushing wildly, Eruka pulled her hat over her face, "That girl is going to be the death of me. Ribbit."


Sid woke up in a hospital bed with Nygus sitting beside him, "You know, Stein does much better stitching."

Nygus huffed, "Well, he was busy keeping you alive. Next, if you want, I can try trading place."

"No, no, I'll learn to deal with the scars."

"You'd better; it looked like you were about to die. Stein was saying he was ready to turn you into a zombie."

Sid chuckled, "That will be the day; you know I'm not going to leave you; I'm not that kind of man."


Black Star himself didn't care if they turned Tsubaki into a death scythe. Tsubaki had only joined the school to help track down her brother and stayed because of Black Star.

Black Star would always work to grow stronger.

He found someone that could help with that; he found a sparring partner, a samurai called Mifune. Fighting him with the enchanted sword pushed him and his skills.

A small witch cheered them on as they spared, "Go get him, Mifune!"

The samurai had found the witch and protected her by himself against gangsters, kishin, and even Arachnophobia. The witches at the school, Aria and Lisa, were now helping her develop her powers.


In the Death Room, both Mabaa and Lord Death were being scolded.

"You are idiots!" Kami yelled at them, "I'm half considering killing both of you and doing your kids a favor."

"That's a dark joke," Mabaa pointed out.

"I wasn't joking,"

"I don't think I can die." Lord Death added.

"I can try."

Both of them looked at each other, not wanting to push Kami anymore.

Kami snarled at them, actually growled; she had been looking at their previous agreement to see what they would carry over. "I can't believe you thought this was a good idea,"

Mabaa explained, "It's a tradition to solidify power between two sides."

"You arranged a marriage to Kid and the Thompson sisters."

Lord Death objected, "One of them, probably, I was going to see if anything happened between them. Plus, it was going to be mostly ceremonial. I wasn't going to make them-"

"No, shut up. Arranged marriages, okay, have worked in some cultures, but not in the culture the ones kids grew up in. What you are doing is telling them you decided how they would live out the rest of their lives. Ugh!" Kami rubbed her neck, "Look, I get what you were trying to do, but this could have been greatly upsetting for them, alienating them badly. Okay, look, we are just not going to talk about this. Let things play out on their own. I swear, if Liz ever hears of this, she will do a lot worse, just the idea Patty might have married Kid."

Kami just shook her head.


Stein was reading a book at his desk; there was much to learn, they had gotten the journals left behind from the Gorgon sisters, and it could provide invaluable clues.

Marie was nearby and opened a window letting in both some fresh air and light. "I can't believe you hold yourself up here every day. The air is so stuffy, and you didn't even bother to open a window."

Stein smiled to himself; he had always found Marie's presence calming; it was nice to have her around. Marie didn't seem like she wanted to leave.

And he didn't see any reason to force her away.


Spirit was waiting by the nurse's office; Kami went in after her meeting to get the last of her stitches removed. He was sure this was the time; he was going to confess that he still loved her.

He heard them tell Kami that she was free to go, and he steeled himself.

Kami stepped out, "Spirit?"

"Kami," He looked her in the eyes, "there was something I wanted to tell you."

"Yeah, there is something I wanted to say too."

"Kami!" That redhead Nene walked down the hall and up to Kami. "Ready to go?" Nene leaned over, kissed Kami, and took her hand.

Spirit stared, blinking, confused.

"Oh! Your Spirit! Kami told me a lot about you; I think we've introduced each other. I'm Nene; I'm Kami's fiancé."

Spirit blinked, "Fiancé?"

"Yeah," Kami nodded.

"So you are…" Spirit looked at his ex,

"Pan, actually, something I learned about myself after we broke up. After all, it's the soul is all that matters." Kami squeezed Nene's hand and smiled. "And she's got a good soul, and well, I love her."

Nene blushed a little, "I love hearing you say that; I love you too."

"Great!" Spirit clapped his hands together, "Does Maka know?"

"Maka and Nene met a couple of years ago." Kami confirmed, "You're the last person we have to tell; some people thought you might not take it well. Stein asked me to allow him to be here when I told you. He even offered me money."

"Pfffft! No, I- I want you to be happy. It didn't work between us, but I do want happiness for you." Spirit smiled,

"Yeah, that's what I want for you too." Kami returned the smile.

"I got things to do, so goodbye." He walked away, he did want Kami happy, but it would take some time to accept there wasn't any hope for them anymore.

Nene raised an eyebrow, "Is he okay?"

Kami shrugged, "I don't know, I hope he will be. Anyway," Kami smiled, "let's head to Maka's. She and Soul wanted us over for dinner."

Kami sighed; she knew she'd have to refund Stein his money.


In Death Manor, Liz and Kid found themselves alone together; they held each other as they kissed. They loved Patty but were glad to get a chance to be alone together. They couldn't ask her for some alone time because she asked if they would do the deed.

And that sort of ruined the mood and the chance for any of that to happen.

So, in this brief window, they had to make the most of it.

Liz giggled a little as Kid finished kissing her on one side of her neck and started to show some love to the other side. If there was a hickey, he had to make sure it was symmetrical.

Maybe someday there would be a weapon/witch and reaper hybrid, not yet and not for YEARS. Eventually, she wouldn't mind, no Liz would love to have a baby together. She knew nothing would take them apart, so planning for the future just seemed right.

They leaned back onto the sofa, Liz sliding Kid's jacket as they continued to kiss.


"Hey! I'm home!" Patty kicked open the door.

Things came to a screeching halt when I noticed them making out on the couch. Patty stared at them, stuck in the same position the couple stared back.




Patty started to walk backward and close the door.

Patty then opened it slightly, "Hey, I'll be back in a couple of hours. You two have fun. And remember, Patty Jr. is a pretty name for a baby."

Patty closed the door and ran off.

Kid and Liz just stared before Kid said, "We have to start locking doors."

"No, she knows how to pick them."

Kid chuckled as he held Liz, as hectic as their lives could get for the moment everything seems perfect.

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