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Naruto was having a happy dream, he is happily eating a bowl of ramen in his home with his family, when suddenly the room got engulfed in white light and everything turns in white, making him close his eyes and slowly opening them, his eyes widen in amazement at seeing a big beautiful village with a mountain with faces on them, "Where am I, This place looks amazing" He thought in his mind, before closing his eyes again seeing the white light and opening them he see's a bridge..

Walking towards it he looks at him seeing the good work on it and spotting a name on it , "What!? I have my name on a bridge!? Hewas feeling excited about that, feeling good and felt like he was here before but shrugs it off because he doesn't remember where, as he see's places like a village, mountain with six heads on it and a house and all of them with some people making him look at them before closing his eyes, "Where am I off to now?, maybe another cool place or something!" , He opens his eyes and all the excitement went down seeing something so wrong and scary, countless bodies everywhere blood flowing out of them and all of them having fatal wound, "W-What happened h-here!" He heard a voiced but it was cut off by a loud rumbling behind him and turning around his heart stop seeing the being infront of him..

A monstrous being taller than anything he has ever seen, White razor sharp teeth that can chew and destroy anything, A blood red eye with many tomoes on them and Ten tails swinging around behind it, looking directly at him with bloodlust and anger before charging towards him making him run in fear..

"Wake up." Naruto heard a voiced tell him something, "Wake up Naruto!" He look around while running and saw a orange reddish light and white light beside it, he look behind hearing the rumbling stop and steps back in fear the monster's red eye close to him and it smirk before spreading its mouth showing it's razor sharp teeth and takes a bite wanting to kill him, "WAKE UP!"

Naruto wokes up his eyes widen and his body sweating from the dream he felt like so real and not just a dream, he look around with the curtains open the ray of sunlight bringing light to his room, he relax seeing the normal bedroom he own in his house, he felt something snuggling beside him and so sitting up taking off the cover he saw his sister naked hugging him and sleeping peacefully making his eyes twitched at this..

Issai Hyodou is a young brown haired girl that reaches to her back with beautiful brown eyes, her body having C-cup breast and bubbly ass, she open her eyes and stared at her brother's ocean blues, "Good Morning Little Brother." sitting up and and streched her arms letting his eyes stare at her body, "What happened Otouto your face is sweaty." She crawls to him and sits on his lap making his boxer formed a tent..

"N-Nothing Onee-chan, just a bad dream." Naruto blushed feeling his sister's assets on his body, her cute face near his face and her breast and ass rubbing on his body, "We should wash up and get breakfast Onee-chan." As he tries to pushed his sister's growing body off of him, as he couldn't help but to admire how beautiful her face and body is..

"That or I can have my breakfast right here~." Issai hotly whispered on his ear, grinding her body on his, her hand trailing down his stomach to his hardening appendage, she felt him pushed her to the bed grabbing his pants and shirt and walks downstairs making her giggle, "Just you wait Otouto, I'll have your virginity." She said in her mind and getting up putting her clothes on and following him..

Naruto still blushing is walking downstairs after putting his pants and shirt on, getting his hard on down, he walks in the bedroom and the sight made him hard again his aunt wearing a bra and tight yoga pants, she is currently bend over in downward dog position making her ass streched and letting him see her pantyless crotch, she notice him and calls out to him..

"Oh..Hey Naruto can you be a dear and help me." Cana A woman with brown hair and black eyes always wearing a bra and pants that always somehow holds her D-cup breast and big ass, on her stomach a tatoo of a symbol, "Push my butt a little will you." She told him straightening her back and ass towards him..

Naruto blushing after a moment of thinking nodded and walks behind her, putting his hands on her rump and pushing it lightly admiring how soft and big it is, "Like this Oba-chan?" Naruto pushing her ass and struggling to not pull her pants down and smack her ass..

"Yeah, like that and push your hands harder ." Cana said trying not to smile and moan at his hands gripping her ass, "Do it, so we can finished and eat breakfast." She told him and feels his hands pushing and moments later she decided to finished, "Okay that's enough, help me up."

Naruto grabs her hands and pulls her up, but she quickly turns around and puts his arm around her, rubbing her rump against his growing erection, "So you like my body huh, If you want I can give you a few pointers to pleasure a woman~." He heard her say making him blush and quickly removing her from him as he heard her giggle and walking towards the kitchen to faced another problem and a pervert's dream in his everyday life..

"Ohh Sochi-kun, sit down and I'll give you your breakfast." A woman said putting a newly made breakfast on the table, she is Mamako a beautiful mother with long wavy brown hair that is braided around her head and tied with a blue and red bow around the back, her hourglass body and only wearing a apron and nothing else showing her big breast and big smackable ass to him, "Sochi-kun, here's your breakfast enjoy." She puts the food on his plate and went behind him kissing his cheek and hugging his head to her breast, "Is your sister coming down?"

"Good morning Kaa-chan." Naruto greeted her trying to focus and to not just grab her breast, "Hai, Onee-chan will be down in a minute." He answer her focusing on eating his breakfast and to trying to hide his erection from her..

"Good Morning Kaa-chan." Issai greeted them seeing her mother wearing an apron and hugging his brother, she sits down to eat her own breakfast and to get clean to go to their school, after eating her breakfast she cleans up and went to the bathroom to shower..

Naruto also finishing his breakfast went to another bathroom and took a cold shower to calm his raging erection down and goes to his room to get ready to attend their school in Kuoh Academy, looking at the mirror he always wondered how he has blond hair, blue eyes and whisker marks, with the rest of them having brown hair and eyes, he asked his mother when he was little and she said that he got it from his father saying he looks like a splitting image of him, he went down and saying goodbye to them and walks to Kuoh with Issai beside him..

As they walk through he talks to his friends a bit and see's that they are late Naruto and Issai ran to they classroom and in a building he saw two girls with beautiful crimson hair watching them before turning around and disappearing in the room, he shrugs and went to each others classroom hoping to not get late and not get detention from his teacher..

~ORC Clubroom~

"Rias-chan, did you notice the Hyoudou siblings having dragon's scent on them?" A beautiful young girl with crimson hair that reaches her upper butt, wearing the Girl's Uniform that struggle to hold her High D-cup breast and skirt that reaches to thigh due to her big ass hitching it up when she bends or move, she asked another girl beside her asking about something..

"Hai, Koneko-chan told me about it." Rias answered her, she is a beautiful young girl with crimson red hair that reaches her back and blue green eyes, she is wearing the Kuoh Girl's Uniform but without the cape, showing her D-cup breast and great ass in the uniform, "What about your Bishop did she tell you anything?"..

"Yes, Kuroka felt a dragon's aura around Hyoudou-kun a Sacred Gear and she felt something more." Mio answered her friend, telling her about her bishops information about him, she always like the blond Hyodou and now with him having a Sacred Gear she can have add him in her peerage, "I want him in my peerage Rias-chan."

Rias nodded, "That's okay, I have my sights on his sister." Rias replied to her friend, "I have Koneko put our contracts on them incase of something bad happens to them, she said she saw Fallen Angels watching them." She informs her long time friend about the recent activites of the Fallen Angels, "Those two must have some strong Sacred Gear to make spy on them."

Mio nodded, "Kuroka said she felt Hyoudou-kun having sources of chakra, did Koneko sense it?" She asked the Gremory heir, who looked shocked about a human having chakra in them, she looks at the male Hyoudou, adding them will surely boost her power in dealing with future Rating games and enemies with his Chakra and Sacred Gear, with the right training will guaranteed her with wins..

"No, Koneko-chan didn't any chakra in them." Rias answered her, knowing Koneko's sister having a much stronger scent and being able to use senjutsu, she can feel them even if they are in another town or city..

~Back to Naruto~ Time Skip

The last class ended and Naruto is looking around trying to find his sister, upon finding them she saw his sister with a girl and thinking that's she's a friend he walks home and meets a beautiful blue haired woman looking around looking confused and lost and spotted, she walks towards him and ask him for directions to a park..

"Hi..Can you please help me?" The woman with navy blue hair that reaches her to her butt with some bangs covering her right eyes, wearing a red dress that shows a big part of her cleavage and only reaching to her upper thigh, she asked him walking towards him and seeing him nod, she smiles making him blush, "Do you know where the park is?, My name is Kana by the way." She gives him her name..

"H-Hai, My name is Naruto and the park is that way." Naruto answered her pointing to the direction of the park, which is on the northern side of Kuoh..

"Would you mind accompanying me do you?" 'Kana' asked him and smiled seeing his blush and nodded his head, "Well them let's go." She said hugging his arm and following closely to him and making it to the park at sundown, "Thank you for walking me here Naruto-kun."

Naruto nodded, "It was nothing, I'm glad to help you out Kana-chan." Naruto replied to her, he see's her walking towards him and kissing his cheek making him blush a little from the kiss..

"That is my thanks to you." 'Kana' taking a step back and looking a him, "I'm sorry" she said to him making him confused by what she said, before he could ask a light comes onto her hand and forms into a yellow spear and throws it at him, he quickly dodges by jumping to the side and running to the trees..

Naruto runs for his life trying to get away from her, his eyes widen and gasped feeling something on his chest and looking at it he saw her spear in his chest, "W-Why?" He managed to say using a tree as assistance to stand up and turning around to face her, feeling intense fear and pain from seeing her and what she can do..

"I'm really sorry Naruto-kun." 'Kana' walking towards him, hugging his body and taking her spear from his body making him grunt in pain, "If you didn't have a Sacred gear, then maybe I could have dated you.", She let's go of his body and let it fall to the ground, "My name is Kalawarner atleast you know who killed you." bending slightly and kissing him one last time before wings come out of her back and fly away..

"P-please don't let me die, I still wish to be with Issai and Kaa-chan." Naruto thought in his head, his body falling to the ground and looking up to the sky, wishing to be with his family and not die, he see's a red and grey markings appearing beside him making him closed his eyes and open them seeing a redheaded woman appear..

"Hi my name is Mio and I'm here to grant your wish." Mio introduce herself but blinks at her surroundings and seeing one of the Hyoudou siblings with a fatal wound on his chest, "Ohh, Hyoudou-kun so you summoned me." She walks to him puts his head on her lap, playing with his hair lovingly, "So what is your wish?" She asked him while continuing to play with hair and putting her hand on his cheek rubbing his whisker marks lightly..

"I-I w-wish to n-not die." Naruto said with some blood coming out of his mouth, the pain from the wound increasing with every move or breath he take, "P-please don't l-let me d-die." He pleeded, his ocean blue eyes begging Mio to help him in any way..

Mio giggle and smiles at him, "Well then, I shall grant you your wish." She stand up and uses a spell marker and taking out a chess piece, "I Mio Gremory, Grant you your life back as my new pawn."she puts the mutated chess piece on his chest and smiles seeing it work, she grabs her new peerage member and activates her power teleporting them to his house..

~Same thing to Issai~

Issai after agreeing to go on a date with a girl name Yuma, they went to the mall and the arcade winning and giving Yuma a stuffed toy bear, who gives her a kiss and hugs her bear in her chest, seeing that it's almost sundown the two walks to the park..

Yuma stops walking and steps forward a little, "Issai-chan, I'm sorry." She turns around to face Issai with tears going down her cheeks, "I'm sorry for what I have to do." Before Issai can asked her she saw Yuma's hand glow and forms a spear, throwing it at her and hitting her bottom chest..

Issai gasped her eyes widen at the sudden change of 'Yuma' she couldn't move from shock and fear from what she saw, she gritted her teeth in pain when she felt 'Yuma' grabs her spear and yanks it out of her, "W-Why?!" She shouted at him coughing up blood..

"You know what's funny, I was tasked to kill you." 'Yuma' grabs Issai's head and puts it on her lap, "When we dated moments ago, I felt like a normal girl wanting to love from someone like you.", 'Yuma' kisses her lips and breaks away in tears, "My name is Raynare, I love you and Good bye." As wings come out of her back and flew away..

"Please don't let me die, I still want to be with Naruto-kun and Kaa-chan." Issai thought in her mind praying for a miracle to happen and she saw marking appear next to her, A redheaded woman comes out of it wearing the Kuoh Uniform..

"Hello Issai Hyoudou, I'm here to grant your wish." Rias greeted her seeing the wound in her stomach meaning that the fallen attacked her and left her here, "What is your wish?" She asked the brunette who look shocked but manage to answer..

"P-please don't l-let me d-die." Issai coughing up blood when she talked, the pain from the wound increasing..

"Alright then, I will grant your wish!" Rias took something from her pocket skirt and took out chess pawn pieces, "I Rias Gremory, Grant you your life back as my new pawn." She puts the about three pawns onto but didn't work, she sighed putting five pawn in her and still didn't work, "Maybe all of my pawn pieces, Hmmmm..She better we worth it." She puts all of her pawn pieces smiling when seeing it work and having a new peerage member, "Well better get you home" she said in her mind grabbing her and teleporting to Issai's home..

~Hyoudou Residence~

Mio and Rias teleported at the same time to the Hyoudou sibling home and blink when they saw each other holding one of the siblings, "So..She got attacked too huh?" Mio asked her fellow devil who is holding the older sibling..

Rias nodded, "Hai I'm guessing he got attacked too." She asked her getting a nod, "Well we should heal them now." She puts Issai on the bed and starts to take off her clothes to transfer their energy to them and heal them..

Mio nodded and also putting Naruto next to her sister, taking off her clothes and giggling when she saw Issai turned snuggling her breast and head on Naruto's left arm, "Good Night Rias-chan." She crawls to the bed and hugs his right arm, closing her eyes and hugs his right arm..

"Good Night Mio-chan." Rias crawling to next to Issai's back and hugging her, her breast on Issai's back and her leg close to Issai's ass, closing her eyes after getting comfortable and went to sleep..

~Time skip~ Morning

Naruto woke up feeling something soft on his arms, he sits up rubbing his eyes and his right hand grabbing something soft and heard a moan, he looks over and saw his hand on Mio Gremory One of the Popular Girls of Kuoh breasts, he removes his hand and got out of bed but somehow manage to grab Rias's ass making her moan in her sleep..

Issai opens her eyes after hearing moan near her, looking over she see's her little brother's hand on Rias's ass, she notices that she wasn't the only girl sleeping on his bed naked and saw the Kuoh's Onee-sama naked with them, she sits up and covers her assets, Issai and Naruto heard the door opened and saw their mother come inside eyes widen..

Mamako wearing her usually clothing a apron and nothing else she is cooking breakfast for her daughter and beloved son, when she noticed that they didn't go downstair yet thinking that they are still sleeping, she went to Issai's room and saw no one there but her plushy with Naruto's face on it, shaking her head she went to her son's room and opens the door, "Maybe he's still sleeping, I can kiss his cute face." She entered and her eyes widen, shock at what she saw her son with three girls naked and his hand on one of the girl's ass, she was so shocked she couldn't speak a word..

"Kaa-chan!" Naruto shouted quickly removing his hand from Rias ass, shock at seeing his mother enter his room and seeing them, to make matters worse their Aunt Cana enters the room..

Cana who was watching some show with only a bra and panty on heard her Nephew shout from upstairs, dying to see what happened she quickly runs to the stairs and goes to inside his room and seeing what made him shout but her eyes travelled down, "Oh..I can see why you have those girls Ruto-kun." She said licking her lips at her Nephew's package..

Momoka felt and heard her sister, looking down she blushed and licked her lips, her eyes eyeing and not looking away at her son's gifted appendage..

"Kaa-chan!, Auntie!" Naruto shouted covering his hardening dick from anyone's view, "P-please Get Out!" He shouted again at them making the two adult leave the room and decided to wait for them in the kitchen..

"Mou..Why are you so loud?" Rias groaned sitting up after getting woken by the shouting and streching her arms, letting them see her breast jiggle, "Ohh..I see your healed." She smiles and looking at her sleeping friend she starts to wake her up..

"Arghhh..Okay, Okay I'm up." Mio yawning and sitting up, streching her arms looking bored before sighting the only male in the room, seeing the confused face of the siblings she informs them, "Your probably wondering why were here right?" Seeing them nod she continue, "Don't worry we will tell you everything later, right now we should get breakfast." She said standing and putting her clothes on with the rest of them following..

Naruto, Issai, Rias and Mio sits on the chairs and on the other side is Mamako and Cana, eating their breakfast but feeling the tense atmosphere, with everyone not talking and not having stoic expressions, "Umm..The food is really great Mrs. Hyoudou." Rias decided to talk to make it less tense but sweatdrop when she saw the woman just puff her cheeks and look away making a rather cute face..

After they finished their breakfast they cleaned up and went to Kuoh Academy, entering the gate and walking with each other, "Naruto-kun and Issai-chan, I will send someone to get you later." Rias said looking at the Hyoudou siblings and smiling at them, "You will follow her to my clubroom." looking around seeing the students staring at them, she said goodbye and went to her class..

"See you later~." Mio following Rias to their class and Hyoudou siblings look at each other and nodded before going to their own classes, waiting for the person that Rias sent..

~Time Skip~

Naruto now patiently waited at his classroom after the class ended, he talked to his friend a bit before they kiss his cheek and went to do their things, he saw the door opened and a beautiful blond girl entered, "She looks so beautiful." She was looking around before spotting him..

"Hyoudou-san?" Yumi asked him and seeing him nod she continued, "Please follow me." She turns around and walks out the room, Naruto quickly stands up and follow her, Many people in the class heard them and seeing that Naruto the only male in Kuoh walking with Mio and Rias and now with Yumi they thought about some things that made them blush..

"So..Rias-chan sent you?" Naruto asked her, following behind her and not able to stop his eyes from trailing down to her skirt..

"Hai Rias-sama sent me, Ohh my name is Yumi by the way." Yumi is a beautiful and cute girl with blond hair that went to her mid back and light blue eyes, wearing the Girl's Uniform that showed her C-cup breast and soft ass, "Your sister is already there." She said to him making him nod..

"My name is Naruto Hyoudou, Yumi-chan" Naruto introduce himself, he saw her look when he added the suffix but smiles making him blush and moments later he notice the abandoned building behind the school, "Is this the clubroom?" He asked her again and seeing her nod and opens the door, entering inside he saw many beautiful and sexy women talking to each other, they notice him and smiled at him some winking, he saw his sister and sits next to her..

"Rias-sama Mio-sama, Naruto-kun and Issai-san is here." Yumi called to her King and taking a sit next to a girl..

"Thank you Yumi." Rias's voiced rang out making the two noticed the shower in the room and two women in it, Rias and Mio grabs a towel after finishing a long and warm shower, "Now Naruto-kun Issai-chan, what do you know about the supernatural?" She asked them, both sitting on a table..

"Umm..like angels and devils." Issai answered her, she was sure the beautiful redhead knows was she was talking about..

Rias nodded, "To make this quick, we are devils." As she lets her devil wings out with everyone else in the room, "And so are you." She points at the two, her and Mio's towel getting tear and ripped into shreads after they let their wings out, letting them see their nude forms..

"W-What?!" Naruto and Issai yelled out in shock at seeing the people near them having wings, "W-What do you mean were devils?!" Issai shouted/asked Rias, hugging her brother close to her making the people around her giggle, "W-We have wings too!" Issai shouted noticing that she and her brother has wings from their back..

"Umm..well you two died, summoned us and wish for another life, we made you our pawns." Rias gently like it's that simple, "Well we haven't introduce ourselves, My name is Rias Gremory and I'm a King." She grabs a cup of tea from Akeno and drinks it the tasty and good tea, "And my peerage members will introduce themselves."

"Akeno Himejima, I'm Rias-sama's Queen." Akeno a young woman with long black hair into a ponytail ties to a orange ribbon with black eyes, wearing the uniform but without the cape, somehow holding her huge breast and ass, she has a nice and flirty smiled on her face directed at him before looking at her King and talking to another black haired girl..

"Koneko Toujou, Rias-sama's Rook." Koneko a young looking girl that has white hair with a cat clip on her hair and yellow eyes, she is wearing standard uniform having normal sized breast unlike the rest of the girls here, she has a somewhat annoyed and happy look on her face when she looks at the girl beside her..

Yumi stands up, "Yumi Yuuto, I'm Rias-sama's Knight." She bowed and takes a sit, taking a cookie and eating it, having a delighted look after eating her cookie..

"And I'm Ultear Milkovich, Rias-sama's Bishop." Ultear a beautiful young woman with dark purple hair and red eyes, wearing her outfit consists of little more than a tabard-like garment that exposes her back. The attire shows her big breast and is open on both sides of her body except for a small attachment at her waist, and she dons long black boots that leave her upper thighs bare, she bows and sits on her chair with a bored look..

"I guess It's our turn now, I'm Mio Gremory and I'm also a King." Mio stands up and introduce herself making her breast jiggle, she sits down on the table not bothering to hide her naked body, she saw Naruto's eyes land on her smirking she spreads her legs liking the blush on his face went to full red..

"Well I'm next, I'm Irene Belserion and I am Mio-chan's Queen." Irene One of the teachers of Kuoh and mother of Erza and Knightwalker, she is a beautiful woman with thickly braided into bow-adorned scarlet hair, wearing a business suit that hugs her huge breast with pants that made her big ass stand out even more, she smiles at him before turning her attention to two women that look liked her..

"I'm Erza Scarlet and I'm one of Mio-sama's Knight." Erza a young woman with crimson hair that reaches her back with black eyes, wearing the girl's uniform that shows her voluptuous body, she stoically introduce herself, having a serious and cold face and attitude on with her arms crossed adding to the effect..

"Hello, My name is Erza Knightwalker but you just call me Knightwalker." Knightwalker she looks exactly like like her sister but with short crimson hair, "I'm also Mio-sama's Knights." She gave them a smile and a wave before looking at her mother and sister..

"Hi~ Nyaa, I'm Kuroka." Kuroka A young woman that has long black hair with yellow eyes wearing a loose black kimono that didn't cover her shoulders and part of her breast, "I'm Shirone's older sister and Mio-sama's Rook Nya~." She hugs her sister making the white haired girl blushed in embarrassment..

"Hello~, My name is Suzaku Himejima and I'm one of Mio-sama's Bishop." Suzuka cousin of Akeno, a beautiful woman with black hair tied into a ponytail, she looks exactly like Akeno but with a much bigger breast and ass, She gave Naruto and Issai a flirty smile and a lick of her lips..

"Hello, My name is Lavinia Reni and I'm also Mio-sama's Bishop." Lavinia a beautiful blond woman with a flower on her head and sky blue eyes, wearing a white dress with the top of her cleavage having a cut that shows her big breast and her ass if your eyes trailed down, she waves at them before putting her attention to her tea..

"Hello My name is Lefay Pendragon." Lefay a cute teenage girl with light blond hair and blue eyes, wearing a school's Uniform that hugs her developing breast and cute ass, she looks full of energy and points to the person next to her, "And this is my Sister Artoria Pendragon were pawns of Mio-sama!"..

Artoria sighed and nodded but smiled at her sister, she has light blond hair and light green eyes, wearing the Kuoh Uniform that hugs her huge breast and soft looking ass, "It' nice to meet you." She said in a calm voiced, she smiles at her younger sister who returned with a smile of delight and happiness..

"I-Its nice to meet you all too." Naruto not knowing what to say after, seeing that the supernatural is real, but he wonders to himself on why he felt like he already know about powers and supernatural things..

"Is there any privileges from this." Issai asked asked Rias since she is the one talking the most, calming she knows that once a devil you cannot escape it, "What do we get out of it."

Rias nodded at Issai's questions, "Yes if you get incarnated as a devil, you can use powers, wings and many more and if your rank is high enough you can become a king and have your own peerage." She stops and looks at the two noticing that one of them are interested about it and the other sad, "Umm..you also form harems and incest is not forbidden." She added sweatdropping when she saw the male Hyoudou blush and the female perk up and has a glazed look..

Mio noticed the time they took, "Well it's late now and your parent must be worried, you can go now, we can continue this tommorow." She informs them making them nod and exits the building, walking quickly to get home, "Well everyone clean up or do your contracts, while I talk with Rias." She said to them making them nod and move to do their things..

~Hyoudou Residence~

Naruto and Issai got home only to get glomped by a worried Mamako still wearing nothing, after telling her that they got distracted Mamako nodded and made them dinner and finishing their dinner, Issai went to her room to think and Naruto went to the bathroom to shower..

"This is so weird and awesome at the same time." Naruto thought in his mind, he is showering with warm water to clear his head, thinking about how supernatural beings are real, "I wonder what our lives will be." He honestly is scared and curios to what the future has but he knows he will do everything to protect his family and friends, he finished his shower and went downstairs..

Naruto went downstairs and sits on the couch, he felt someone hug him and see's Mamako hugging his right arm to her breast, "Please tell me if something is wrong Sochi-kun, I'm always here to talk with you and Issai." She said kissing his cheek and putting her hand on his thigh, "If you want something just ask me Sochi-kun." She got up and sits on his lap, her big soft breast near his face and her ass on his dick making it hard instantly, "C'mon Sochi-kun take me." She said in her mind as she started grinding her body on his..

Naruto feels her sexy naked body on him, he look up to her eyes with lust in them and putting his hands on her thighs, "Kaa-chan, I want you" He said pulling her close and kissing her lips, having enough from the teasing and grabbing her soft ass, groping them making her moan in the kiss, he pushes her off and removes his clothes letting her see his hardening appendage..

Mamako licked her lips at the sight infront of her, she went to her knees and grabs his 10 inch cock, "Sochi-kun, your cock is very big." She said as she started to stroke the member making her moan, "The smell of my Sochi's cock is making me wet." She puts her head closer and licks the head as precum comes out..

Naruto moaned putting his hand on his mother's head, "Kaa-chan, that feels so good." He said liking the pleasure he is getting from her mouth, "Kaa-chan use your tits." He said catching her attention and getting a nod, as she grabs her big breast and rubs them on his cock while continuing sucking on his cock making him moan louder..

Mamako smiles and looks at him while continuing her pleasurable work, "Your so big Sochi-kun." She fastens her rubbing and sucking making him moan louder, "Cum in my mouth Sochi-kun, Cum for me." She said as she felt his cock twitch inside her mouth...

Naruto grunted feeling his release coming, "Cumming." He said cumming inside his mother's mouth, filling her mouth with his cum and some of it spilling out and falling to her breast, "That felt great." He said in his mind after cumming inside her mouth, letting days and weeks of build up finally gone..

Mamako quickly drinks all of the cum in her mouth, enjoying the savory taste it had, "Well Sochi-kun since i tasted you." She got up and lays down on the couch, spreading her legs, "How about you taste me." She said her hand going down and spreading her lower lips for him to see..

Naruto wasted no time and putting her legs on his shoulders, admiring her pink wet glistening hole for a second and started licking it, tasting her and liking the taste her pusdy has, "Kaa-chan, your pussy taste so sweet." He said licking deeper inside her making moan out in pleasure...

Mamako moaned louder enjoying the feeling of his tongue inside her, "Yes...ah..Sochi-kun keep licking me." She moaned putting her hands on her breast and rubbing them around making her moan from the added pleasure, "Kami..keep licking there Sochi-kun!" She moaned louder when she felt him lick at a sensitive spot..

Naruto nodded licking deeper inside her making her moan again, he puts his hand near her upper pussy and his fingers finding her clit, he pinches it making her scream in pleasure, he removes his fingers from her clit and started pumping them inside her adding more pleasure to the woman, "Cumming." He heard her say as he taste a tangy and sweet fluid enter his mouth, licking all of it and going back to licking inside her to get some cum leftover..

Mamako panted a little after cumming to her beloved son's mouth, she looks towards him and notices that he's still hard so knowing what was going to happen next, she sits up from the couch and onto the floor to her knees, she smiled when she felt his eyes gaing to her naked rear, "C'mon Sochi-kun, I want you inside." She said shaking her big rear..

Naruto quickly goes behind her not taking his eyes of her jiggling ass, putting his hands on each cheek and admiring how soft and smackable they are, he points his cock at the entrance of her pussy and enters her, holding on her ass firmly he removes his cock and quickly enters her again as the two moan in pleasure, "Kaa-chan, your pussy's so tight and wet." He said thrusting into her tight walls..

"Sochi-kun..ahhh...Don't stop." Mamako moaned feeling her son's cock penetrating her pussy, "Don't stop fucking your mother!" She said thrusting her ass back to meet his hips, she puts her right hand to her right breast rubbing and pinching the nipple, adding tingling sensation of excitement and pleasure to her body...

Naruto grunted not slowing down his thrusting, "Your so tight and wet Kaa-chan." He grips her ass and began thrusting deeper inside her making her moan in pleasure, "I'm gonna reshape your wonderful pussy with my cock." He moaned his right hand groping her right asscheek, he smacks it making her moan in suprise and pleasure...

Mamako with a blush on her face moaned louder, as she felt her release coming again, "I'm gonna cum Sochi-kun, don't stop." She said her hand onto her large bouncing breast groping them, she felt him stop his thrusting making her look at him, "Sochi?" She was gonna ask why he stop but that didn't matter, "Sochi's whole cock is inside me!" She screamed out in pleasure when she felt his whole cock enter her, somehow fitting all 10 inch inside and with each thrust hitting her womb, "Cumming!" She screamed again cumming on his cock, "Yes...ahhh..Sochi-kun!"..

Naruto felt her cum and that didn't stop him, as he keep thrusting inside her and now feeling his release coming, he grabs her breast and holds onto them using them to pull her body back as he thrust, "Kaa-chan, I'm gonna cum...I'm cumming inside you!" He said fastening his thrusting wanting to cum inside her..

"Cum in me Sochi-kun, Cum inside your Kaa-chan." Mamako said feeling her son's hard hot cock hitting her insides, "Cumming!" She heard him say as she panted and moaned when she felt the hot cum inside her , "Ohhh..Sochi-kun your filling my insides with your cum." As she felt him filling her with his cum and his body on hers..

The two stayed still for a couple of moments, As Naruto removes his cock from her and watches her cum-filled pussy leak out and falls to the floor forming a white puddle, as his eyes leered at the sight, his eyes focus on another hole and licking his lips he grabs her asscheeks and spreads them letting him see a dark pinkish hole that is her rosebud, "Kaa-chan Can I take this hole as well?"..

Mamako look behind her with a dark blush on her face, "Y-Yes you c-can Sochi-kun but be g-gentle, I n-never done this." She answered him feeling a little nervous and excited at him taking her anal virginity, Her eyes widened and she moaned when she felt a wet and slippery enter back hole, she looks back and to see his face looking at hers and his tongue the source, "Oh my God Sochi-kun's tongue is licking my asshole."

Naruto continued to do this for a few minutes before stopping and positioning himself behind her, he points the head at the unused hole and entered her gritting his teeth at the sheer tightness of her anal hole, "Kaa-chan your ass is so much tighter than your pussy." As he grips the side of her ass and began thrusting slowly inside her making her scream..

Mamako gritted her teeth as tears formed at her eyes at the pain from him entering but moaned in pleasure, feeling horny and wet at the thought of him pounding her big ass, "Start fucking my ass Sochi-kun." She said as she moaned louder when he started thursting fast and deep inside her rosebud..

Naruto nodded his hands gripping her doughy ass, he started thrusting his cock deeper into her and grunting at the walls trapping his cock, he began to fasten his movements as his cock hit her anal walls hardly, "Kaa-chan your ass is best!" He said as he moaned thrusting more inside her, enjoying the pleasure from her hot and much more tight hole..

Mamako moaned louder as she no longer feel the pain and now enjoying her ass getting stretch wider from each thrust, "Ohhh..Sochi-kun fuck me harder, destroy my ass and make me yours!" She said as her snakes it's way to her still wet and cum filled pussy rubbing her outer lips to add more pleasure to her body..

Naruto groaned his hips colliding with her jiggling ass, "So damn tight It's trapping my dick inside you." He said his right hand rubbing her asscheek before smacking it making her scream, He moaned again after he felt her asshole getting tighter as he keeps smacking her ass multiple times before stopping and putting both his hands on her breast groping to grope the two wonderful orbs..

"Sochi-kun I'm going to cum again!, keep destroying my ass I want your cum inside me!" Mamako screamed out in pleasure her release coming, her fingers now inside her pussy thrusting them inside her, she moaned again feeling his cock twitch inside her anal hole telling her that he's also about to cum soon..

Naruto didn't respond only focusing on the task in hand thrusting vigorously at her ass, both of them not stopping their movements, "Cumming!" The two screamed at the same time, as Naruto cums inside her and Mamako spraying her juices to the floor as they breath heavily not separating, couple minutes past Naruto catching his breath separated from her as her upper body falls and her ass high in the air, "Kaa-chan are you alright?"..

Mamako with a smile on her red sweaty face faces him and nodded, "I'm good Sochi-kun just a little sore." She answered him as she tries to move her body but failed, "Umm..Can you help me Sochi-kun?" She asked him with a cheeky smile making her look cute..

Naruto nodded walking near her putting his arms on her back and legs, carrying her to her room, reaching the door he opened it and puts her on the bed gently, as she falls asleep with a content smile he closes the door and went to his room, Naruto decided not to put on some clothes and went to his bed, he puts the covers on his body and feels his sister next to him still awake , "Can't sleep Onee-chan?" He looks at his sister and feels her snuggling closer to him..

"Did you have fun little brother?" Issai asked her brother, hugging his left arm to her breast, looking at her brother's ocean blue eyes, "Did you enjoy pounding Kaa-chan body?" She gave him a mild glare having woken up hearing them going at it like rabbits in heat..

"..." Silence was Naruto's only response looking away from her, on the corner of his eyes he saw her head go down he was about to say something but groaned when he felt her hand grabbing his dick and jacking it off trying to make it hard, "Nee-".. he shuts his mouth after he felt her squeeze his dick hard..

"Otouto-kun shut up and let me have my time with you." Issai said to him kissing his lips as her hand started stroking her little brother's manhood until it was hard enough, removing the covers on their body and laying her lower body on top of his face and putting her upper body near his thighs, her face infront of the hard staring at it for a moment before licking the tip and stroking it, "Taste good."

Naruto groaned as her wet tongue lick the tip and began taking it in her mouth, looking up he saw his sister's glistening pussy knowing that there's no stopping this, his fingers went to the lips and parted, he licked at her lips before putting his tongue inside her and began licking her insides making her moan, as his hands went to her bubble butt to grope them..

Issai moaned as her little brother's tongue goes deeper inside her, grabbing her perky bosom and smoothering her brother's dick even if it's not as big as her mother and aunt's but still can trap it in them, she takes the tip in her mouth and lowers her hear stopping when she felt 4 inches in her mouth and moving her breast to add more pleasure to him as their lust grow in every seconds that past, "Little Brother Cum for me I want to taste your cum." She said in her mind after feeling her brother's hot cock twitch inside her mouth..

Naruto groaned his hands now gripping her butt and pulling her ass down so he can lick her insides as much as possible, his right hand goes near her clit and pinches it making her scream turned to muffled as she still got his dick inside her, going deeper and licking outer and inner lips he felt her pussy getting hotter as her legs gave out a twitch making him known she's also cumming soon...

"Cumming." Issai said in her mind getting to get her release first as she came in her brother's mouth, she didn't stop her sucking and rubbing as she fastens it now wanting to have his cum and a few seconds past she felt his cock twitched and her eyes widened as cum enters her mouth, Issai began to swallowed the cum finding the taste a little salty she licked the tip wanting to find some more to eat before getting up and laying near her brother's body..

Naruto already licked all her sweet juices and looks at his sister's face, "Are you sure Onee-chan?" He asked her sitting up, grabbing her legs and spreading them letting her virgin pussy to him, positioning her on him with the head of his cock rubbing on her outer lips sending friction to her body, seeing her nod he gently pushes the head inside before pushing some inches in her making Issai grit her teeth as tears are on her eyes at the sheer pain of her hymen getting broken..

Issai felt her little brother stop his movements and looks at him watching his upper body come closer to her, lovingly kissing and sucking on her neck trying to put some hickeys on her tender neck making her moan in delight and arousal as pleasure replace the pain, minutes past she looks at him again with lust in her eyes, "Fuck me Naruto-kun." She said kissing his lips and putting her arms and legs around to trap him to her...

Naruto nodded as he started moving his hips making them moan in the kiss, groaning at the sheer tightness of his older sister's formerly virgin pussy he began to thrust deeper inside her stuffing more of his cock into her bloody wet vagina, she moaned again now breaking the kiss and letting go of his upper body as she lustfully looks at her lover..

Issai is now moaning loud from her little brother's cock entering in and out of her, "Naru-kun your big cock is inside me!" She moaned again loving the pleasure she's getting from her incest lover, "Go Faster! Fuck me More!" She shouted her arousal growing making her more wet and horny for her brother...

"Nee-chan your pussy feels so good so tight and wet." Naruto said thrusting his cock harder inside her making them both moan in pleasure, his hands grabbing her back to pull her closer to him and thrusting deep inside her putting all 10 inch inside her making her scream and him moan in pleasure..

Issai moaned again liking the feeling of her little brother's whole cock inside her, grabbing her breast she grope them adding more pleasure to her as she felt her orgasm coming and also felt her little brother's big hot cock twitching inside her while hitting her walls, "Naruto-kun I'm gonna cum make your Onee-chan cum and fill her insides with yours!"

"Me too Onee-chan I'm gonna cum inside you!" Naruto shouted thrusting faster and deeper inside her as he felt his orgasm coming to burst, he grabs her head and kisses her with their tongue licking and sucking on each other as his hands grabs her back and ass, "Cumming!" The two said in their mind as they both cum with Issai cumming on his cock and Naruto filling her up mixing their cum together as they hold each other..

"I love you Naruto-kun." Issai said breaking the kiss but not separating as she is content and happy on her brother's body, she blushed a little feeling the hot semen inside her still enter from her brother's cock, Issai smiled happilly after achieving her dream to finally be one with her beloved brother..

"I love you to Onee-chan, Issai-chan." Naruto said to her gaining her attention as he lies down on the bed with her on top, "Whatever happens we will go through whatever hardships and problems together, even in we are in the hardest times we will go fight through it together." He said kissing her one more time and putting his arms on her body, "Good Night Oneechan."

"Together." She always love hearing him say that, "Good night Otouto-kun." She kissed his cheek feeling happy for getting him as a family member, she moaned a little feeling his hand move to her ass and touch her pucker, she giggle thinking about him fucking her ass to his liking, she decided to do that for a later date as she closes her eyes and goes to sleep..

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Artoria Pendragon From Fate Night Series

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Mio From The Testament of Sister New Devil