Hello, Sekklon with Hakiii here and I'm back from my health issue, before you all asked what happened please don't. My body has limits and this chapter was supposed to be posted in April 13 which was my birthday and it was also the day, I was sent to the Hospital but enough of that. This is a lemon chapter just a writing what i was supposed to and If you think my character choices for lemon is somewhat random, well it's not so. Hope you enjoy and peace..

Naruto looks at the two busty woman with confusion on his face, wondering who were they are. "Umm..Hello." He said, waiving his hand to the two women. "Umm..Kaa-chan who are they?" He asked his mother looking at her for an answer, taking a seat next to his sister and the unknown blonde woman. "Those are some big breast."

The blonde woman quickly hugs his head to her breast, trapping his head on her big orbs on her chest. "Oh..Naru-kun, I'm so glad to finally meet my cute little brother!" She said, happily hugging his head on her chest giving him a blush from the soft ball of flesh trapping his face in and shock from the hug he unintentionally biting down on her nipple. She moaned from the bite and pulled him closer to her. "Ohh..Otouto-kun! Already making some bonding time eh, don't worry I will let you touch these anytime you want!" She said, still holding his face on her chest and pulling her zipper down and pushing his face on her unclothed breast..

Issai, Mamako and the other Woman giggled, watching with amusement on their faces at male getting trapped and now having a hard time getting air. "Chisato-chan, even though I don't mind you doing that but you need to contain yourself for now and introduce yourself." Mamako said, getting the blonde woman's attention and removing his face from her breast..

Chisato Hyoudou, A beautiful woman with blonde hair that reaches downher butt and brown eyes, wearing a light blue tight sleeveless collared sweater with a zipper that somehow manage to fit her G-Cup breast in them, holding them tight and high without wearing a bra. A skirt that only goes her knees hugging her big ass on hold. "I'm sorry Okaa-san, I'm just so happy to finally meet my cute siblings."

Naruto looks at the his mother with a blush on her face. "T-Thank you Kaa-chan." He said to her, thanking her for stopping the woman from suffocating him in slow and pleasurable death. "Umm..Glad to meet you too?" He said to the blonde, trying to stop a hard-on from coming to him..

Mamako clapped her hand getting the attention of all of them, noticing the people near the door. "Seems you bought some guest huh Sochi-kun, can you get them so they can sit." She said to her beloved son, who nodded and stands up leaving the room and returning with Four people behind him. "Good Evening to you four, Sochi-kun mind introducing us to your friends."

"Good Evening, Naruto-kun's mother" Lala happily with a smile greeting the woman, who smiled at her when she noticed the innocent like aura on the bubbly girl..

"Good Evening to you too." Mamako greeted back at Pink haired girl, liking her because she reminds her of someone special to her. "Maybe I should call her..It's been so long since we seen each other."

"Good Evening to you too Mrs. Hyodou." The Deviluke Siblings and Suzaku said, bowing to the woman before taking a seat on the empty coach. "Ohh..His family is busty and sexy..I wonder if he's fucking them..maybe we can join in too." One of the pink haired siblings thought in her head while giggling..

Naruto nodded. "Hai, everyone this is Lala and her siblings Momo and Nana." He said, pointing to the people when he said their names. "And that is Suzaku, she is a member of our club." He points to Suzaku who nodded at what he said. "I invited them dinner Kaa-chan, I hope you don't mind." He asked his mother, who shooks her head not minding them as long as they are friends with her son..

Mamako smiles at her son. "No Naruto-kun, I don't mind actually this is kind of good because I made a dinner big enough for all of us." She said, scratching her head at the coincidence that happened. "Ohh..Yeah This is your Older Sister, Sochi-kun this is Chisato." She said pointing to the blonde beside him. "And this is Wiz, they are staying here so we can be a whole family." She said happily with a true happy smile on her face..

"Hello Naruto-kun." Wiz a beautiful woman with brown eyes and matching brown hair, wearing a violet long sleeve shirt that holds her E-Cup breast and black pants that hugs her big ass in them. She waives at the boy with a smile that makes him blush. "It's nice to meet you, Chisato and I were very excited to join you in the family again after getting separated years ago."

Naruto smiles at her nodding. "Nice to meet you too Wiz-chan, Can you tell me later on why we didn't I meet you and her in my younger years?" He asked her, curious to why didn't they just live here in the first place and what made them separate years ago. He looks at Issai who didn't talk and felt like there's something wrong, he will not asked her today and maybe tommorow because something bothered her from her contracts..

"Well Everyone, follow me and lets eat our dinner before it get's cold." Mamako said standing up with everyone following her to the table, sitting down on a chair with everyone before picking up her chopsticks and saying Itadakimasu with everything following on and started digging in the food..

After eating dinner with Suzaku, Deviluke siblings and new family members. Talking to each other telling them the reason they are away from them, Chisato, Issai and Naruto having fun exchanging words with their sibling but after an hour the Devilukes phone rang and had to go home, saying goodbye and thanks to the family before going home. Then Naruto and Issai went to sleep early cuddling to each other, content on each other's arms before going to sleep and Suzaku joining them afterwards..

~In Naruto's Dream and Mind~~

A Forest...That was what Naruto is seeing in his dream right now, before he was turned into devil. Every now and then he always got dreams of random things he never understood. Naruto looked around and saw the beautiful trees and flowers on the field, with different kinds of animals playing and sleeping on the grasslands while one orange-colored kitsune noticed him and run towards his feet all the while yipping happily. He looked down and smiled, seeing the cute animal yipping around he kneeled down to one knee and started petting it. "Why hello there little guy. Do you know why i'm here?" Scratching the kitsune behind the ear, making it purr at his hand. Of course asking the kitsune, it won't answer him but atleast he got someone to talk to while he's here..

To his suprise after a few more petting and ear scratching, the little fox nodded at him. Running and moving into a secluded area before returning to look at him with a tilted head, probably confused on why he didn't follow. Naruto suprise at how it can understand him and seeing that the little kitsune knows what is going on, decided to follow it to see where it leads him to..

A few turns and steps. Naruto now found himself infront of a big house with woman, sitting on a chair on the lawn looking at him once she noticed him. "Umm..Hello?" He waived at the woman sitting and seeing the little fox walking towards her, he followed it and he blushed once he got a closer look on the woman. She has red slitted crimson eyes, along with matching crimson red hair that flows behind her back. Fox ears two fluffy oranged fox ears on top of her head with three similar whisker marks on her cheeks, that only makes her beautiful on his opinion. The fox woman is wearing a white colored kimono with a drawing of a fox and other eight animals on it with the Kimono, not able to hold her High D-cup breast in and the top portion of her breast spilling out like, lastly Nine fluffy tails behind her swaying everywhere making her look more beautiful to him. "Hello." Naruto blushed and felt like he knows her somehow but doesn't know where..

The Fox woman looks directly at Naruto with her crimson eyes, boring onto him making him flinch when he looks at her. She grabs the tiny kitsune and smiles when it contently purrs on her hand each time she pet it, putting her attention back to the human. "Hello to you to Naruto-kun." She greeted him, her heart feeling warm atlast she saw her beloved again. "Your probably wondering who I am and what are you doing here right?"

Naruto nodded, curious to know the dreams he kept having especially with this fox woman here. "H-Hai, do you know why I'm here Red-chan.." He said looking at the woman infront of him with a blush, before slapping his hand on his mouth after he realize what he said. He look at her to see her reaction and blink when she giggled..

The Fox Woman blinked when she heard him give her a nickname, she gave a loud and heartening laugh when she instantly remembered when she first showed the old 19-year old Naruto her human form. She remembered him blushing and stuttering like a child when she first turned and calling her Red-chan each time they met. Ahhh memories how she miss the old him but now after giving another chance by 5 goddess of this world. She is now reunited with her beloved even if he doesn't know her and that's okay with her. "It's okay Naruto-kun, you can call me Red-chan or Kurumi-chan but i want you to choose either Red-chan or Rumi-chan for now."

Naruto blinked and nodded. "Okay Rumi-chan." Of course Red-chan is a quicker and meaningful name because of her style and appearance but he got a feeling that latter is somehow part of her name. "Do you know why I'm here Rumi-chan?"

Kurumi nodded smiling at him making him blush. "Hai, I think i know why you're here. Follow me inside Naruto-kun, so we can talk better." She said, holding the now sleeping kitsune in her hand, sleeping contenly on her hands. She entered the house with Naruto following behind her with his eyes trying to not stare at her amazing butt, giggling when she felt his eyes remembering the old times they fucked around. She licks her lips knowing she will get her chance with him again in the future, sitting down on a chair facing him with her arms on the armrest and her right leg on top of her left in a rather sexy way. "Tell me Naruto-kun, did you dream about being with a monstrous form and one glowing eye?"

"Hai, I did dream about that. What was that thing Rumi-chan?" Naruto asked, of course he forgets what was in that dream but he could never forget what that being is. Recalling the dream he remembered a voiced that shouted at him. "Wait! There was a voiced there, that help me woke up from that nightmare..was that you?"

Kurumi nodded at him with a smile, happy to see that he remembered her shouting at him at the dream. "Congratulations Naruto-kun, you remembered what woke you up." She said, giggling at his pouting face before she gained a angry look on her face. "Now jokes aside. Naruto-kun that being is named the Jū-bi no Kemono.It's something that we don't want to across to, it's something that can instantly kill everything insight if he noticed you. I am giving you a warning Naruto-kun, if you dream about it again wake up immeadiately alright?"

"Okay Rumichan. I guess I'll do that." Naruto said, scratching his head a bit at what she said. "But why is it here Rumi-chan, why is it in my dreams? Do i have something to do with it?" He asked the Fox Woman, confused on why that being is in his dreams..

Kurumi nodded. "Hai it has everything to do with you, tell me Naruto-kun when you activated your Sacred Gear did you feel something inside you opened up?" She asked the boy after getting a shooked head she continued. "Okay I'll get straight to the point. You have Chakra Naruto-kun, Chakra is very important it is something we use to live and use to help us fight. We can use it to the add power to our bodies or create/use techniques you can train to use. Chakra has two combined energy the Spiritual energy and Physical energy that shows the emotion and personality of the person with potential power of said person that can get stronger with the right training. In our body there are energy lines spread throughout body in the same way the circulatory system does. There are five basic nature energy that the Chakra user can use Fire, Water, Wind, Earth and Lightning, we can even combined them to form new techniques and different element chakra. Did you get all that Naruto-kun?"

Naruto nodded at her, trying to understand and remember the importance of her explanation of Chakra. "Hai Rumi-chan. I understand how chakra can be use but how do i use it?" He asked, now understanding how Chakra can be reliable in fighting and surviving. "And can you help me train to use it?"

"Hai I will help you train in how to use Chakra Naruto-kun. Since we got reincarnated and they are fortunate enough to give you a dense energy and large Chakra, it's going to be easy. Butwe will do it here because I don' t want anyone seeing you doing things with it, don't worry everything you do here affects your real body outside so it's safe in here." She said as she stands up and walks behind him, hugging his head to her breast..

Naruto blush feeling the soft pillows behind his head. "Rumi-chan, what are you doing?"

"Nothing Naruto-kun. I'm just showing my affection in the form a hug." Kurumi answered, removing his head from her breast and started to walking only to sit on his lap making him blush and hard at her body humping him. "You know Naruto-kun. It's been too long since i've have somebody to talk to." She said, her big breast right infront of his face as she puts her face near his. "Naruto-kun everything you do and see. I also see it, sometimes i even watch to see something entertaining. But color me suprise when I saw you fucking your own Mother and sister on the same day." She started to lick his right cheek, licking his whisker marks sending waves of pleasure to him. "I'm sure you're not gonna decline aren't you Naruto-kun~"

Before Naruto could response, Kurumi grabs his face and kisses him deeply arring her tongue to the kiss. With all the recent hard-on and teasing from the other girls, he decided to give in the temptation and grabs her huge butt. His hands grabbing firmly on the ass and started to grope her while she puts her body more onto him, with her huge breast on his chest and her wet and moist panty-covered lower lips rubbing on the hard clothed appendage making them both moan in the kiss with the arousal rising. "Rumi-chaahhh!" He shouted, suprising Kurumi wondering why he shouted before seeing him grab the right side of his neck, she began to wonder she hasn't given him that yet so why was that there before seeing him slowly fade before disappearing completely.

Kurumi blinked before shouting angrily and after a few seconds for her to calm down, she gets up from the chair and notices her juices dripping from her soaked underwear onto the chair. Sighing to herself she removes her underwear throwing the piece of clothing away and laying down on her couch with her legs apart from each other and began to touch herself, moaning at the pleasure coming to her. Snapping her fingers she made a large flat screen TV appear on her table, so she watch some old memories of them fucking with other girls, she has endless memories of him making love to his lovers. Kurumi smiles and moaned as she saw a familiar Redhead milf riding the blonde while moaning loudly, she started using two of her tails to go deeper in her snatch as she goes to a dog position to make use of her other tails going towards her other hole while watching the scene infront of her, so yeah she definetely won't get bored..

~~Outside the Dream/Mind~~

Naruto groaned, opening his eyes and moaned a little when he felt someone kept licking and sucking on his neck with another person sleeping on top of him and more bodies next to them. He looks at the one who kept sucking his neck and gently push her head away noticing that it is his sister when she said this. "Otouto-kun keep fucking me~". Naruto gained a red hue when he felt her mouth catch his fingers and started to sexually suck with her moaning all the while. He removes his fingers from her mouth making her pout in her sleep, before she gained a smile on her face from her dream. "Okay..There's Onee-chan..so who's on top of me?" He couldn't see the person but he could feel person's bust on his face, so that's a good thing. He grabs onto the person's back but accidentally grabbing her round butt making her moan in delight and started to shift forward on him, making him moan when he felt his hard dick under her butt and keeps brushing on her lower lips. Naruto grabs her left leg while holding her butt and gently lift her up so he can get free, he gulped when he tried to sat to get to the side while holding her body she shifted again and stopping her body. Their bodies almost connected to each other, he sighed in relief. "Why is she on top of me anyway..G-God-ahhhh!" He flinched in pain, that made him grab his head and her whole body fall on his. Her soft lips making contact on his and to make things worst she began to moan, adding her tongue in the kiss making Naruto licked the person's tongue before he quickly separates himself from her and gets out of bed. Now noticing the two more bodies on his bed, sighing he puts their bodies together so they can sleep well and went downstairs to if Mamako was up so he can remove some frustation..

Walking down the stairs with his hard-on standing tall, he started to walk to the kitchen and noticing that the lights are on meaning that his mother is awake. He hope that she's awake so he can let out the sexual frustration from yesterday's teasing from Suzaku and today's wakeup scene. Once he arrived at the kitchen his eyes immediately locks on the brown haired milf's naked body with her big butt shooking while she wipes the table and now acting with lust on him, he went behind her and presses his dick between her giant butt while grabbing her doughy breast and started groping..

The Brunette gasped at the groping of her chedt and the hard appendage on her butt constantly brushing on her anal hole, she puts her hand to cover her mouth trying to stop a moan from coming out her mouth. She silently moan when he goes to his knees parting her lower lips and his tongue quickly entered her, with her getting arouse at this her pussy getting wet and he began licking away juices. "God why is he so good at this." She said in her mind, feeling herself now enjoying this especially when she remembered a conversatiom from yesterday from one of her family. She started to grope her breast as her arousal grew when she felt his tongue expertly lick inside and outside of her pussy...

Naruto still licking her, grabs onto her big butt and began to grope, rub and spread them. Licking his lips at the sight of her glistening pussy and cute twitching anal hole both look ready to get fucked hard. "Your pussy still taste great Kaa-chan." He said to her, pushing his mouth on her pussy as he began to make out with it, kissing and licking deep inside her while adding a finger inside her making the woman shake with pleasure..

The woman has flushed face on her, her breating turn heavy as her body began to react to his tongue. Her head went over her shoulders as her moans came out from her mouth, losing her footing accidentally falling onto him with her face near his thighs and her butt covering his whole face but that didn't stop him from licking away at her. She licks her lips when she noticed the hard appendage pointing up near her face. "Ahhh Might as well." She said in her mind, grabbing the red, hard appendage infront of her she began to lick it making the boy moan in pleasure and approval. Her tongue licking the bottom of the shaft before going up and started to suck on head. "Taste good." Enjoying the taste of precum with her hand stroking the bottom part of his cock..

Naruto moaned while continuing licking her wet snatch, enjoying the her sweet juices falling on his mouth and his hands not letting go of her big soft ass, even though he noticed the softness seemed off, he was too horny to care. "Kaa-chan your mouth is so good at taking my dick!" He said, when she felt her take his dick inside her mouth without gagging and began bobbing her head adding more pleasure to him, seeing that she is focus on his dick. Naruto started to lick deeper inside her before gently biting and sucking on her clit while using his hand to smack her ass hard making her moan and finally reaching her point, she gasped and twitched as her orgasm came her cum falling onto his mouth. "Kaa-chan your cum is sweet and tasty." Licking the rest of the cum from her sensitive pussy making her moan. "But now I think it's my turn to cum ne Kaa-chan."

The Brunette made her bobbing faster now adding her breast, rubbing them on his dick while sucking on his head making moan in pleasure. Her rubbing and sucking growing faster by the second and now feeling his hot appendage twitch on her mouth and breast, only a few more seconds she took the dick in her mouth again but with her mouth now getting filled with the blonde's hot semen. "So much! It's filing my mouth so much!" She removes her mouth and gulps down the cum in her mouth, enjoying the taste of young teen's hot semen, she gasped and moaned when she felt him enter his cock inside her and started fucking her. "Fuck he's gonna rip me apart!"

Naruto groaned in pleasure after letting out his frustation in the form of his cum in the woman, still horny and hard he looks towards her licking his lips admiring the big and tight ass infront of him. Getting up behind her while she's trying to gulp down the cum, he grabs her waist putting her into doggy position while pointing his cock at her red puffy pussy lips, before thrusting his hips and pushing his cock inside her making them moaned in pleasure. "Kaa-chan your so damn tight, It's like i never fucked you!" He said, grabbing onto the big orbs on her chest while thrusting his hips onto her ass making the room filled with sounds of flesh hitting flesh. "So tight and wet, your pussy is so good!"

"Fuck..It's so good!" The Brunette said in her mind, blushing when she heard his complement. "Okay..this is probably not the best time to tell who I am ahh but fuck it..." She said in her mind, she moaned when she felt his fingers started to pinch and twist her right tit making her moan. She bends her body making them both moan and look at each other. "I'm not gonna stop..It's been so long since i had a dick inside me"

Naruto didn't stop his thrusting even though he noticed that this isn't his mother he's fucking. "W-Wiz-hmmp." He didn't get to say her same when she grabs his face and proceeds to kissed him deeply while staring at his blue eyes with her brown eyes filled with lust, he wanted to stop thrusting but his body didn't want to..

"Keep fucking me Naruto-kun! Fuck this naughty woman with your dick!" Wiz shouted to male, seeing his body not stopping she returned to their original position and began thrusting her ass back to him, moaning all the while at his cock hitting her walls. "Your so big Naruto-kun!" Her right hand groping her breast adding more pleasure to her body..

Naruto nodded not gonna try to stop fucking her, he grabs onto her ass firmly and began to smack it liking the ripple her butt made from the contact. "Wiz-chan did you plan to do this? Not saying anything when you suck my dick and now with your tight wet pussy!" He said, thrusting deeper into her with his dick hitting walls and her womb, his hand smacking harder on her red ass making her moaned in pleasure..

"Yes keep smacking my ass Naruto-kun! Your mother said your good and wanted to try you myself!" Wiz moaned louder, when she felt his dick trying to break her womb from his hard thrusts. "Your hitting my womb Naruto-kun! Don't stop thrusting and don't stop smacking my butt! She moaned again, her hands groping and rubbing her breast with her fingers twisting her nipples..

"I'm wanna cum inside you Wiz-chan! I will cum and filled you with my cum!" Naruto shouted, thrusting harder and deeper inside her with his hand firmly on her ass griping tightly. "Your pussy is getting tighter! Your gonna cum again aren't you Wiz-chan!" He said speeding up his thrusting enjoying the tightness of her pussy..

"Yes Naruto-kun! I'm gonna cum because of your amazing cock! I'm gonna cum soon!" Wiz shouted, her breast and ass jiggling with how fast their movements are now. "Cumming!" She shouted cumming hard on his dick making him stop so she can catch her breath, before continuing his thrusting making her moan louder from his cock entering inside her sensitive pussy..

"Me too Wiz-chan I'm gonna cum inside you! I'm cumming!" Naruto shouted, cumming inside her filling her insides with his semen making her scream loud. "That feels so good." He said his body on hers, his cock twitching inside her pussy making her moaned. "Did you feel good Wiz-chan? How does my cum feel inside you?" He asked her, not planning to separate from her with his hand grabbing her right breast and began to grope it..

Wiz blushed and nodded. "Your filing me up so much Naruto-kun and I like it." She said to him before she gasp when she felt his dick throbbed inside her. "Your still hard!?"

"Yeah I'm still hard Wiz-chan, do you wanna do it again?" Naruto asked sheepishly, when he felt his dick still hard in her hot and tight walls. "Do you mind if i fuck you one more time so i can be fully satisfied?"

Wiz shooks her head and smiles at him, she removes herself from him liking the cum inside her. "Go sit on the couch and relax Naruto-kun" She said walking to the couch and letting him sit on it, she turned around and spreads asscheeks letting him see her puckered asshole and cum filled pussy with his cum spilling out of her pussy onto the floor. "Which hole do you want to enter Naruto-kun, my tight asshole or do you want to feel me up again?"

Naruto licks his lips, his eyes locked on her puckered hole. "Come here Wiz-chan, I want to get a closer look on your ass." He said to her, his dick standing up again. He grabs her big ass when she got close to him and his hands sinking on the doughy flesh of her ass while spreading them, his eyes not removing it's gaze from her pink hole. "Say do you clean yourself back here."

Wiz smirks at him. "Why don't you find out Naruto-kun." She answered him bending her body to him and moaning when she felt him tongue tenderly lick the outside of her hole. She moaned louder liking the wet tongue rimming her before the tongue started to enter her ass making her gasp. "Keep licking my backdoor Naruto-kun!"

Naruto kept licking her anal hole, grabbing her asscheeks and burying his face on them as he use his tongue to deeper inside her ass before removing himself. "I think that's good enough Wiz-chan." He said, sitting straight on the couch making her nod as she stands on the couch and squats on him, holding the cock on her hand to point it to her puckered hole before moving her body down and letting the mushroom head enter her ass. "Ohh..Wiz-chan your asshole feels so good."

Wiz gave out loud moans of pleasure and pain as it's been years since he has taken some cock inside her ass. "Yes! Your cock is spreading my asshole!" She screamed and moaned as her body tries goes down trying to put the cock's last 6 inches inside her, after a few seconds she groaned as she felt his cock now inside her twitching at the her tightness. "Well Naruto-kun, I want this to be rough alright? Fuck my ass hard and rough and don't stop even if i have tears in my eyes." She said kissing his lips. "Let's do this now shall we." She said putting her arms on his neck and thrusting her ass up and down on his dick..

"Wiz-chan, your ass is trapping my cock inside you!" Naruto moaned, grabbing her legs and spreading letting her ass fall to his lap resulting in his dick hit her rectum hard and making her scream. He grabs her ass firmly to pull her ass down as he thrust upwards with hard thrusts. "Your ass feels so tight, It won't let my cock go!"

Wiz moaned louder, bouncing her ass on his lap enjoying the sensation on her ass. "Your cock is streching my asshole so much!" She moaned again when she felt his lips latched onto her right breast, sucking and biting on her nipple adding more waves of pleasure to her. "Suck my tits Naruto-kun, my body is yours to use!" She screamed hugging his head closer to her breast with her hand down her body and fingering herself making her moan loud..

Naruto groaned and moaned, when he felt her asshole getting tighter by the second. "Wiz-chan your getting so tight! Are you gonna cum again!?" He said before his mouth latches on her left nipple, sucking on it like he's trying to get milk from her. "And your breast feels so soft on my head."

"Yes Naruto-kun I'm gonna cum soon from your cock pounding my ass!" Wiz screamed as his hand slaps her ass hard with her orgasm coming up. "Slap my ass again Naruto-kun, Keep slapping it!" She moaned again, her ass turning red from the hand and hips smacking on it. "Your gonna cum too Naruto-kun, Cum inside my ass!" She screamed at him feeling his dick hottening and twitching inside her hole..

"I'll cum inside you again Wiz-chan, this time in your big ass!" Naruto moaned, feeling his release coming real soon. His thrusting, groping and sucking getting faster, with just a few more second past his release came. "Cumming!" He said to her, slamming her ass down putting all of his dick inside her with his cum filling her asshole. He grabs her ass and proceeds to give a few more thrust..

"Cumming!" Wiz screamed when she felt him slam her ass down on his dick and came inside her ass, her own release came hard. "Y-You're filling my asshole with your cum so much." She moaned with her tongue out before she took hold of his head and kisses him deeply as she follow his thrusting before both of them stop. She stops the kiss as she latches on his neck. "I feel so full Naruto-kun, Your cum feels so warm inside me." Wiz answered him, with a pink cue at her face feeling the cum slush inside her. "I can see why Mamako-chan told me to take it in the ass." She said liking the warmness of his semen inside ass and the cum in her pussy falling onto Naruto's thighs..

Naruto sheepishly nodded. "Yeah that too, we should probably get clean before the others come down." He said, removing his dick from her pussy and watching a big goo of cum oozed out of her gaping asshole and onto the floor before returning back onto it's tight position, Separating away from with a trail of saliva from them, they suddenly heard a moan behind them making them look behind. They saw Mio, Rias, Cana, Mamako, Suzaku, his sisters Chisato and Issai naked with some of them openly masturbating with dark red blushes on their face..

Mamako was the first who noticed them focus their attention on them. "Well Sochi-kun..now that you're finished with your morning problem, how about everyone freshen up while I'll make breakfast alright." She said with a clap of her own cum-coated hands as she walks toward the sink but not before giving her beloved son a deep kiss. "You too Sochi-kun, even though I won't mind you giving our room a smell with your exotic scent you need to wash too." She continued walking with Wiz going with her to the kitchen. "We need to clean that couch.."

Now everyone went to the two bathrooms at the top floor and Naruto went to the bathroom near the living room, only took him 15 minutes to washed up and put on his uniform along with the others who was waiting on him on while eating their breakfast silently. Greeting them with a blush on his face who greeted back at him, his blush growing dark when he face his mother and Wiz sitting together with no clothes on and still has cum on her..

"So..Naruto-kun mind introducing us to your beautiful friends here?" Wiz said, trying to break the silent in the room. "I'm Wiz and I am her mother." She said, pointing to Mamako who nodded at what she said.

The devils and Naruto looked at her with shock eyes, this woman have given birth to two daughters and not even looked like she's past her 30's yet. "Really Hyoudou-san but you look so young!" Mio said wondering how she could look so young. "Ohh...I'm Mio Gremory Hyoudou-san, I'm Naruto-kun's club president?" Looking at Rias while saying the last part, her mind thinking on if she is a club president or not..

"Ohh..Just call me Wiz, I'm not the one for honorifics anyway same with the rest of them." She said, looking at the beautiful young girl with a smile..

"Hello Wiz-san, I'm Rias Gremory it's nice to meet you and I'm Issai's club president." Rias said, introducing herself to the busty nude woman sitting infront of them. "And this is Suzaku Himejima." Pointing to her right. "Umm..Are you comfortable just being naked infront of us?" She couldn't help but asked, wondering why this family like to get naked, of course she couldn't talk considering she also goes naked when sleeping or with her friends but just asking why..

"Were just really comfortable i guess." Wiz shrugs her shoulders, getting them to sweatdrop at her. "We don't really who saw us as long their family it's alright." She said to Rias, who nodded at her accepting the older woman's weird answer..

Suzaku nodded. "It's nice to meet you too Wiz-san." She said waiving her hand before she gained a smile. "Can i asked a question to Issai-san, Mamako-san and you?" She asked them, getting a nod from them and a confused look from the rest. "Did you all feel full or content with Naruto-kun's cum filling your insides up?" That question made everyone blush. "Or how his big dick keeps pounding your holes when he's fucking your ass or your pussy?" She asked them with a smirk on her face..

Mamako returned with a healthy blush putting the final food on the table, remembering her time with her son. "W-Well why don't you and your friends try it Suzaku-san" She answered her, making them look at her. "I'm pretty sure my son will get you satisfied and full." She said to them with a wink making them blush. "We can talk later about that but for now everyone eat up."

"Itakadamasu." Everyone all said before digging onto their breakfast and went to do their things with Naruto and the ORC club members going to the Academy and Mamako, Wiz and Chisato staying in the house doing with chores and errands around the household. Naruto and the other started talking to each other while walking to past the time, he looks towards his sister trying to ask what was wrong with her from yesterday and the answer he got was she will tell at the clubroom. Entering the hallway each of them went towards their classes after informing them to go to the clubroom after their classes or if they don't have any, opening the door he went straight to his chair and greeting some of his classmates along the way, only waiting a few minutes before the Teacher came in and started to teach the class..

~Time Skip~

Naruto sighs as he stands up from his seat with the rest of his classmates when they noticed that they didn't have afternoon classes today. He walks out of the room and heads towards the roof to before going to the clubroom, arriving on the roof he sat on one of the benches there while enjoying the view. "Why hello there Naruto-kun." He heard someone talk, making him look towards the direction of the voice and recognizing her. "Hello Irene-Sensei." He said greeting back at the Devil Teacher. "Um..How are you Irene-Sensei?"

Irene smiles at the blonde after noticing him coming to the rooftop, he would have noticed her if he weren't busy looking at the view from the view. "Hello to you too Naruto-kun. I'm doing fine right now and what about you?" She asked the lone male on the roof, walking towards him and sitting near him while holding a plate in hand. "Just call me Irene or Irene-chan but i would prefer the latter~"

Naruto looks at the sexy and busty teacher. "I-I'm also fine Irene-chan." Answered to the sexy redhead beside him. "Did you also come here to take a break?" He asked her, curious to know what the Redhead Milf would be doing here. "Also is anyone at the clubroom right now?"

The Redhead smiled at him. "Nope, I'm just here to eat while enjoying the view and no there's no one at the club right now. Here's some pie if you want, you look hungry." She answered him, giving him some of her strawberry lattice pie with her eyes looking at the view before turning on him. "I'm guessing that you don't have classes anymore right?" She asked she got a nod as an answer. "You can stay at the clubroom for the meantime while we finish our work." She said to him, sitting closer to him her. "Anything happening since you became a devil Naruto-kun?"

"Thank you Irene-chan, this is one of my favorites. Nothing much just met some new friends on one of my contracts." Naruto answered her while staring at her before his eyes turned down to her chest, quickly removing his gaze. "Rias-chan said today they will explain what our Sacred Gears." His eyes now looking back at the roofside view. "So..How long have you been a devil Irene-chan?"

"Hmm..About 10 years ago i think." Irene puts her hand on her face, trying to remember when she got reincarnated as a devil. "It's been a long time i guess, you couldn't really tell how much time passes when your a devil. She pulls his arm close to her chest. "I've heard from Mio-chan that your carrying a big package under there. I wouldn't mind getting a good and better look at it." Naruto's arm on the middle of the valley of her breast with her hand slowly moving to his thigh rubbing it making him blush at her actions. "I'm one of the Teachers here Ruto-kun. I can use my authority to search you to see if your hiring anything like for instance something that explode." Her head close to his and her mouth started nibbling at his ear..

Naruto gained a red cue at his face. "T-There's people here and someone will caught us if you continue to do this." He said, as he heard many people talking near the stairs and saw people on a near areas that has can get a look at the rooftop. "Stop Irene-chan!" He said, in a whisper after he felt her body grinding onto his making him hard and blush red..

Irene giggled having fun teasing him. "Oh..Don't worry, I'm not gonna make you go at it with that early." She stops her grinding and looks at the tent at his crotch, smirking lightly at him. "But if you want to do me, you have to do my daughters first! Especially Erza-chan she never tried to talk or date someone, always serious and eating her favorite food cheesecake like that will get her stronger." She said, irritated at not seeing her youngest not interested at dating someone human or not, even if they will eventually die atleast she tried..

"I forgot that she gave birth to twins." Naruto eyeing her sexy body, her daughters definitely got their looks and body from her. "I'm guessing your referring to Scarlet-san right Irene-chan?"

Irene nodded. "Yup that's the one. Erza-chan doesn't show much emotion outside but once you get to know her you will see it." She said answering him, using her fork to pick a big piece of pie..

Naruto nodded at answer, also taking a bite at his pie before asking her another question. "Umm..Why are Scarlet-san and Knightwalker-san has different last names from yours Irene-chan?" He was curious to asked on why they have different last names even though they look-a-like..

"That...I don't know, kinda pointless if you asked me. I mean everyone can see the similarity so don't know why." Irene shrugged her shoulders, munching on her favorite food. "They kinda picked up those names and kept them, it should be opposite due to Erza-chan's cold, knight like attitude and Erza-chan's slightly brighter color of red. So yeah that's why i think it's pointless."

Naruto continued eating the rest of the food with her before both of them heard the bell rang, meaning that Irene have to go back to her classes to teach. "Well looks like i have to go now. You can wait in the clubroom but you can get bored so entertain yourself alright?" Irene standing up and telling him to wait in the clubroom, seeing him nodding she suddenly kisses his cheek and winking at him before heading down with a sway of her hips..

The Blonde blushed also heading down to walk to the stairs, heading to the direction of the clubroom. He cursed himself once he saw his erection hard again, he was glad no one was on his path cause if they so that he would surely be called a pervert or one of the Student Council might call him because of that. Now that he arrived at his destination, infront of the amazingly made oakwood door, he opened the door and went inside the room. He looked around and spotted no one in the room not even the senior students or Peerage members of Mio, he lays down on one of the couches and after feeling sleepy he decided to sleep for a bit. Closing his eyes as sleep took him..

~Couple Minutes Past and Into the Dream~

Naruto blinked, already knowing this is related to his dream but he was expecting Rumi-chan and her house to show up and not this. A Passageway that leads to somewhere with symbols on walls, he looks at the walls wondering what those symbols meant and why is there a passageway in his dream. Sighing he began to walk while seeing more and more symbols on the wall, he looks ahead, seeing the end of passageway he walks faster and a spots a door, the only door he can enter. He pushed the door and a look of awe went to his face as he looks at what's infront of him..

A Gigantic White Chamber as big as a giant castle with White and Black colors on the interior of the walls and the four pillars with the symbols and pictures of different people standing tall with a White Dragon near them almost like it's the same Dragon in the pictures. He looked up and admired the beautiful mural on it. A Giant White Dragon with it's Head looking like it's righting something, snarling and looking angry. It's body having scales like armor connecting on it's wings light panel like feathers. Having no arms but has legs and a long tail that can smack you anywhere if hit. (I'm having problems describing it so just search Blue Eyes Shining Nova Dragon, you will see it.)..

The ground started to glow forming a cyan blue symbol of light going towards the pillars, suddenly everything started shaking making Naruto gasp and looks around to see what's happening before looking at the central of the glowing symbol, The pillars glowed and a beam of light shot of them onto the middle of the symbol as something began to formed on it. White and Cyan color began to combined to formed a giant glowing orb with links of chains trapping him..

"Hmmm..So time has come to meet my new Holder...huh little hatchling.." A deep voiced out in the room, Naruto looks around to see where the voiced came from and not seeing anyone, he turns his attention on the White Glowing Orb going with the idea that it talk. "So now that you use your time trying to find my voice." Naruto looks at it with a twitching eyebrow, annoyed at what the orb said. "It's nice to meet you little Hatchling.."

Naruto squints his eyes cause everytime the orb talks, it glows brightly with every word it makes. "I-It's nice to meet you too Orb-san." Covering his eyes from the brightness of the glowing orb..

"Hmm..Do not call me Orb-san, young hatchling.." The Glowing orb said to him with distaste on his voice, not liking the nickname he got. "You will refer to me as White..for now."

Naruto nodded, keeping in kind to call him that. "So what are you White-san and why am i here?" He asked the White, who was just glowing and doing nothing. "Can i also ask why you glow so much when you speak?"

White stared at him for a minute before talking. "I am your prisoner little hatchling and believe it or not. I am a Dragon, a powerful one of that." White boast himself to the human with pride in it's voice. "And why you are here..Is to finally meet your new partner..Hatchling and why I glow so much, because i want to.."

Naruto sweatdrops a little at that, he was gonna say it's lying but remembered that he met a Fox Woman in his mind so he didn't say that. "Okay..If your a Dragon and a powerful one. Are you stuck as a orb or did you just turn into a orb?"

"Yes I wanted to become an orb to glow because i like it." White answered him with sarcasm. "Of couse I'm stuck as an Orb you Idiot!" It shouted at him, annoyed at having to remind himself he's stuck in orb form, glowing brightly. "Your lucky these form and chains are keeping me locked, if not I would have eaten you.."

Naruto gulps and sheepishly grin. "W-Well can you tell me, why are you stuck as that and how does those chains hold you even if your in my mind?" He asked again, avoiding to anger him..

White glowed and let out a growl before finally talking again. "Fine I will tell you a short tale only because we are partners now. Many years ago there was two dragons fighting each other, battling and clashing each time they met together. Fighting to prove who has stronger and better until a party of different Kinds bond together killed them but not before turning the Dragons into what you call a Sacred Gear. Scarlet Red and Snowy White those are the colors that signifies their Might. Welsh Dragon and Vanishing Dragon names that represents their power and strength. Each of their new holders met they will fight until one has rised and one has fallen.." White finished with hint of annoyance and a little sadness. "Now that you heard that story little hatchling, answer me this who now holds the sealed Dragons and their fates?"

"It's Me and Issai-chan isn't it?" Naruto said with wide eyes, not believing that he and his sister will eventually fight to the death. "Issai-chan holds the Red one and I hold you right?"

White only hummed taking that as a nod. "You are right Little Hatchling, yes you hold me the Vanishing Dragon and your sister holds my rival the Welsh Dragon." It said to him. "Did you noticed your sister's glazed and worried expression yesterday?" After receiving a nod it continued. "Then Red one already met it's holder and told her the tale.."

"B-But can't we somehow in the future stop the fight?!" Naruto shouted at it with a face of worried. "There has to be a way to stop this cycle White-san. There has to be a way. I don't want to fight my sister and possibly one of us will die." He said with a hint of sadness and distress in his voice, asking if there's a possibility to not fight each other to death..

"Hmm..In the past lives, this never happened before, We are never sealed in the body of siblings even if it's incest in your case.." White said to him. "In the future, I'll try to help you find a way but only if it will help us both out. But for now this is a fight, you both can't run away from.."

Naruto nodded at him. "Thank you White-san." He said to the orb who only glowed. "Wait you said a party of different kinds killed you. Why did they killed you?" He asked wondering why did that party killed them..

"The reason why they killed us is because I don't know.." White answered to him making him gained a sweatdrop. "I don't really remember why they killed us but i know we were in a war at that time, so that might be it." It said to the male with a nonchalant tone..

Before Naruto get to asked or say anything, everything becomes hazy signalling he's about to wake up and his body is now out of his mind. Leaving White alone glowing brightly with nothing to do. "So he woke up and not even saying goodbye. I guess I'll just sleep then."

Naruto opened his eyes to see a orange book, he felt his head on something soft and looking up closely he saw Mio reading her book with a blush, he also smelled something near him, something familiar but didn't mind it and puts his attention on her "M-Mio-chan?" He said out to her. "I've seen her read that book but what's with the blush from."

Mio giggled with a blush on her face, reading her favorite book. She went to the clubroom to read since her class is over and saw her favorite pawn sleeping peacefully, she puts his head on her lap to let him sleep more and giggle when he smiled enjoying her lap. With time passing by she decided to read her favorite book and blushed, reading the sexual lines in the book with her arousal rising before hearing her pawn spoke. "Hello Naruto-kun sleep well?" She asked him, closing her book and focusing on him..

"H-Hai Mio-chan. I slept well when did you get here Mio-chan?" Naruto asked her, sitting up and facing her beautiful blushing face. "Also what are you reading?"

"I got here when you were sleeping, you were sleeping so peacefully and I decided to put your head on my lap. You even smiled on your sleep Naru-kun." Mio answer him with smile. "And what was i reading? It's just my favorite book and maybe I'll let you read it sometime." She stands up, stretching her arms up while letting out a breath making her breast jiggle..

Naruto blushed, looking away from his King. "I've met my Sacred Gear today Mio-chan." He said, still not looking at her. "It told me something that I don't want to happen."

"So you know huh..Well don't worry about that for now, since Rias and I got something for all of us to know." Mio suddenly kisses his cheek earning her a red hue on his face. She walks towards her table to remove her top and bra making him gasp and blush harder..

"Mio-chan what are you doing?!" Naruto blushed trying to look away from his topless King who now removes her skirt and lace panty leaving her fully naked. "Why did you suddenly remove your clothes Mio-chan?"

Mio puts on a face of innocence. "I like to take a bath in when classes are over." She turns around and puts her clothes on the table. "You can join me if you want to Naruto-kun and we're both sweaty anyway, a nice bath won't do no harm." Mio finished with a sway of her hip, letting the curtains open as the warm water falls on her body. "Feel free to join, it can fit us together here."

Naruto looks at his clothes to confirm her statement and seeing the amount of sweat on them. He decided to the conclusion to join her, might as well eh as he removes his clothes putting them on the table and entering shower. Turning around to give her privacy even if he already seen her naked body, he sighed as the warm water falls on him. He felt Mio's hands and body behind him, pressing onto him with her breast on his back and her arms around his waist, her hands touching his stomach. "Mio-chan."

"Yes Naru-kun?" Mio innocently asked him as she puts her head on his shoulder, looking down and smiling when she saw his soft dick turning hard. "How's the water Naru-kun?"

"The water is good Mio-chan." Naruto answered her, as he felt his dick go hard when he felt her hand touch it and began rubbing it. "Mio-chan don't you think this is inappropriate, we're.." He was cut off as Mio spuns him around with annoyed look onher face..

"Tell me Naru-kun why are you acting like this hmm? You already fuck your mother, sister and your grandmother with all of them looking sexy and young. So what's wrong with you doing it with me huh?" Mio said clearly annoyed at his attitude, she was already horny in reading her book and now this incest fucker won't even give her that. "I don't care if your into incest but i've been horny since I saw you fucking your family, so be a man and fuck me!" She ended her rant with a kiss to the lips, adding her tongue in the process while pushing him to the wall and rubbing his dick..

Blue eyes widen from sudden movement and tried to stop her but remembered her rant, making him think why was he shy all of a sudden anyway and feeling the tongue touch his. He grabs her body and pushes her onto the wall, now kissing her back with his tongue dancing with hers licking and sucking, while his left hand grabs her head to push her head deeper into the kiss and his right hand grabs firmly on her right breast. "She looks so sexy." As he saw her face red and lust filled..

Breaking the kiss with a trail of saliva from their mouth. Mio moaned as Naruto went to her neck sucking on it hard enough to leave a hickey behind, she puts her arms behind his head as she felt his hand holds her right thigh close to his before his hand grab onto her butt firmly. "Naru-kun, I want you to taste me now" She said to him, who nodded and kisses her lips before trailing down to kiss each of her nipples. Mio moaned in pleasure as she felt him suck and lick her nipples before he gave a trail of kisses down her stomach making her giggle and once he got down her thighs..

He gave her clit a few long licks afterwards he gaze at her pink aroused pussy, putting his face closer as she puts her left leg on his shoulder. Naruto lick her labia lips before pushing his tongue inside her as Mio moaned and pushes his head closer to her pussy. "Naru-kun that's it, keep doing that." She lets out a loud moan as she enjoys the hot tongue inside her..

Pushing his tongue deeper, lapping his tongue at her wet walls and putting his hands on her ass. "She is really horny huh." Naruto not stopping his licking, giving pleasure to the his moaning King. His hands holding firmly on her ass groping and squeezing her rump, earning him a moan of approval and lust..

"Naru-kun your so good at this!" Mio moaned with her hands rubbing her breast together. "If you keep giving me this kind of pleasure. I might not let you leave here!" She moaned, pinching her right nipple sending a sparks of pain and pleasure to her body. Already feeling her orgasm even though it's only a short matter of time..

Naruto never stopping his lapping, he puts a finger inside her while he turns to give to attention to her clit. Licking and sucking on it sending vibrations of pleasure through her body, earning him loud moans of pleasure from the Heiress. After giving a few more attention to her clitoris, he gave a couple of long licks at her puffy lips before going deep inside her again getting another loud moan..

"That's it Naru-kun, Maou-sama your tongue's good at licking!" Mio mewled out, continuing her breast rubbing while she looks at her cute pawn between her legs. Looking so cute eating her pink pussy with his skillful tongue, she moaned again feeling her orgasm coming as she watches the 1st year student eating her out. "Cumming!" She cried out after her eyes lock onto his beautiful ocean blue eyes, having an orgasm after seeing her kōhai's face and with that she came hard..

Naruto gulps down her sweet juices, licking all of her juices and liking the taste of her cum. He spreads her pussy lips and pushes his tongue deep inside her trying to get more of her cum to eat. "Your cum is tasty and sweet Mio-chan. It taste good." He said after removing his mouth from her red puffy lips and looking over to his red faced King..

Breathing hard with shaky legs from the hard orgasm she experienced. "That was a big orgasm." Mio with a red faced grabs her pawn's face and kisses him, licking his cum covered lips, tasting her cum from his mouth. "Thank you for that my cute pawn but now it's time for the main course." She turns off the shower as she grabs his hand and activating a little spell both of them are dry. "Now Naru-kun what do you want from me? Do you want to experience my lips or do you want to fuck my pussy now?" She gave him a poses that allured him especially her spreading her big ass and with that he made his decision..

Naruto went behind her and puts his dick on her doughy ass, enjoying the softness of them between his dick. He was gonna ram his dick inside her pussy but she move away and got onto the couch while doing a "come here." motion, not wasting time he got behind her again and spreads her asscheeks. Admiring the two holes that looks so tight to enter, he puts his fingers inside her wet pussy to lube on his dick. "Are you ready for this Mio-chan?" He asked her while rubbing the head of his cock outside her pussy. "Are you ready to take my cock inside you Mio-chan?"

"Yes Naruto-kun, shove your dick inside me and fuck me now!" Mio shouted at him with frustation building up from the tease. The Pawn nodded and holds firmly on butt before thrusting his hips forward, shoving a couple of inches inside of her getting the two let out a loud moan. She groaned as she felt the hard appendage entered her walls, streching her insides with each thrust he made..

"Your pussy is really tight Mio-chan." Naruto gritting his teeth at the tightness of her canal walls, holding firmly on her smooth butt, he thrust his hips back before shoving inside her again making her moan. "There's no barrier? Your not a virgin Mio-chan?" He asked her while thrusting his hips onto hers, not stopping and waiting for her answer..

Mio gave a loud moan. "Oh..You noticed huh, well a friend of mine and I were experimenting when we were younger and thus me getting deflowered." She said, recalling a memory of her and a certain friendly but arrogant friend of her back in her younger years. "I've lost a bet and now here we are." Mio let out moans of pleasure before talking again. "Don't worry about that love, just keep thrusting and fuck me harder!"

Naruto nodded making his thrust faster and harder, in his mind lingering at the thought of Mio's friend wondering who that was. Shrugging the thought away and focusing on the task at hand after feeling a little jealous at her unknown friend, he moaned loving the tight canal walls trapping his dick. "Your trapping my dick inside you Mio-chan!" His right hand groping her asscheek before slapping it..

The Heiress shouted in suprise and pleasure at she felt the slap on her butt. "Ohh..Naru-kun slap ass again!" Mio screamed liking the sensation of her ass getting slapped, she gave him a loud moan as she felt the stinged from the slaps. "This feels so good Naru-kun!"

Naruto after giving a few more slap to her butt, he ends his ass slapping as he saw the red hand imprint on her big ass. He stops his movement making Mio look at him, wondering why he stop before he grabs her thighs and took hold of her. Sitting and placing her body on his, pointing his cock at her slit before slamming her down earning a scream from his King. He looks up and gazes at her big bouncing breast before latching on her right tit, sucking on the erect nipple while thrusting his hips upwards..

"Don't stop Naru-kun! Keep sucking on my breast and keep thrusting your big dick inside me!" Mio screamed as the pleasure ran through her body, enjoying and loving the pleasure she's getting. "It feels so good Naru-kun!" She moaned aloud as she felt his dick hit a sensitive part inside her, sending more pleasure to her. "Keep hitting me there Naru-kun!"

Naruto didn't reply only focusing on thrusting and sucking on her body, latching on her left tit after giving some attention to her right. He groaned as he felt her walls tightening around his cock, making his thrust harder and faster while grabbing her big ass and shoving it down to his dick. "Your getting tighter Mio-chan! Are you gonna cum?"

Mio cried out in pleasure. "Your hitting my womb Naru-kun!" s she felt his dick constantly hitting her womb. "I'm gonna cum soon Naru-kun! I'm gonna cum because of your fat dick hitting my insides!" She screamed out, thrusting her ass down to his lap, her orgasm coming closer with her face red and her tongue out from the pleasure, she grabs his head burrying it on her bouncing breast. "Don't ever stop!"

"Your body feels amazing Mio-chan!" Naruto moaned, enjoying the feeling of his dick inside her hot walls as he also felt his orgasm coming too. "I'm gonna cum too Mio-chan!" He said, thrusting upwards and returning to suck on her breast while groping her ass making her moan..

"Cumming!" Mio screams out, having another orgasm cumming on her pawn's thrusting throbbing dick inside her. "Naru-kun!" She gave out a loud scream after having her orgasm, Naruto releases his orgasm with him cumming inside her, filing her insides with his hot seed. "Maou-sama your filling me up!" She moaned feeling the hot semen flowing inside her..

"T-That was a-amazing." Naruto said while taking a big breath as Mio's body falls onto his also panting. "M-Mio-chan y-you okay?" He asked his red faced King who nodded at him. "I-I'll get you off and let you rest on the couch alright?" He got a nod and grabbing her ass, he removes himself and gently lay her on the couch. As pool of their cum comes of her cum filled pussy and onto the couch..

"..So much.." Mio moaned with a smile on her blushing face. "You came in me so much." She said as she watches more cum coming out of her pussy. "Come here and kiss me Naru-kun." As Naruto kneels down to her face and kisses her lips deeply before separating from each other. "Well we should clean up before the others get here alright." She said standing up as she looks at the clock near the door and just blushes..

Naruto noticing her staring asked what's wrong. "Are you alright Mio-chan?" Not receiving a word and just a blush on her face, he turned around and also blush when he saw the Rias and Mio's Peerage Members standing there and watching them with blushes on their faces. "Well.."

And this is chapter 3 people, you might see this very different and the answer to that is chapter 4, everything is planned but my health became a problem. Well thank you for reading and i hope this chapter atleast gave you some details on things, i don't bother to double check as I am more focus on my something important to me right now. That is my health cause life in the pandemic ain't good but I hope you enjoyed the chapter please leave a review or something, I don't really care and I hope you enjoy your day..