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There comes a time when a person body just takes over.

Marge Simpson had just picked up Maggie Simpsons from the nursery and was driving home.

However, when she saw that house, something in her just snapped and she found herself driving passed it, she found herself turning off her phone, she found herself going shopping and staying at a motel.

As time went by, she kept thinking about her two kids coming home and seeing nobody, she kept thinking about her husband coming home for dinner or coming home drunk.

For some reason, she didn't leave the room.

Instead, she called her personal therapist to book an appointment.

She knew Maggie was worried about her, she can see it in her cute little eyes, but something in her just stopped her from driving back home and seeing everybody again.

And to her shock, when she wasn't thinking about her family, it was pretty nice in the morning.

No yelling that breakfast was ready, she opened the fridge and the food was still there, there was no huge noise or having to undress Homer.

She took Maggie to the nursery early and the niceness of the day continued, she picked Maggie up and bonded with her and then she slept in a bed that actually had space.

The next day after dropping Maggie off and hearing from a worker that her husband was looking for her, she went into the therapist office and just unloaded what happened to him.

The man was silent the whole time and then she said. "I don't know what's wrong with me. I feel like I'm avoiding my own family, I took Maggie with me and I'm okay."

And now the man could speak, he said. "Okay, let's talk about you living with just Maggie. How is it?"

Marge thought and said. "Honestly, it's pretty nice. Maggie is just a baby and its so easy to keep her smiling and happy. I like focusing on her and its so quiet. No ruckus around the house, no huge cleanup. When I open the fridge, I actually see the food is exactly where I left it. I even have a nice comfortable bed"

The man said. "So it's nice being with just Maggie then?"

"Well...yes," said Marge, after a long pause.

The man said. "Interesting. So let's move on to youngest Lisa. You previously described her as bright, smart, a fighter, a nice person and musically talented. She sounds like a wonderful girl but let's age her up a bit, and have you both be in college. Let's just say, neither of you is related in any way and you can choose to have her as a Roommate or Maggie. Who would you choose?"

"We're not related?" Margie said.

"Completely not related, you eve take different classes so you barely see each other and her name is not even Lisa. It's Gorgia" said the man.

Margie said. "Well...Maggie, I guess. Gorgia would come off as a snob to me who always has to be right or always has to make you feel bad because you don't like something she likes. That Saxophone...I would go crazy especially if I have to study or sleep because some snob wants to force everybody to hear an instrument they don't find appealing."

And then Margie said. "And what makes it worse is that that's the kind of roommate who disregards anybody not as smart as her and then has the nerve to cry to you about nobody liking her and then you have to be the person to cheer her up instead of telling her exactly why nobody likes her, so you have to take out your frustration by sabotaging her vegetarian meal with meat juice every night and making sure any clothes you buy for her, animals have been slaughtered in the process"

Marge's eyes widened at the confession.

The man said, calmly not judging. "Marge, has it ever crossed your mind, that the reason you can't seem to go back is because your body has finally had enough and has decided to save you from your family. Those three in particular"

Marge sat up and said, offended. "That's ridiculous, I love my family."

The man said. "Marge, let's review what you've told me. Besides Lisa, there is your son Bart. Bart has two of the biggest criminal cabinets in the city just for his criminal record alone. No matter what you say or do, Bart always goes back to Pranking and these aren't Pranks. Pranks are supposed to be funny for both parties. How many of Barts pranks has actually made the victim laugh, instead of people laughing at them? If the state itself has attached a criminal record to your son who calls what he's doing 'Pranks' their not pranks. Marge your son is notorious in this town, you are lucky that your family isn't drowning in lawsuits for what your son has been doing."

Marge was silent.

The man said. "Marge, no matter how many times you say your son has a little bit of heart. It doesn't change the fact, that he's a bully. He is feared by everybody in town and right now, you have been apologising for him for years while your husband has been encouraging it. No matter what you say, punish him or getting him into counselling, you will still see adults flinch hearing his name, you will still see the way he smiles when he realises he's feared. Marge, you have been fighting a losing battle for years and your son knows no matter how bad he is, there will never be a consequence bad enough to change his attitude. Your husband rewarded him with a top of the line gaming computer for being bad. He doesn't have to learn anything. Why do you think it's not working?"

Marge continued to be silent.

The man said. "Now let's talk about the man, you say you love but you do nothing but complain about. You need to ask yourself, are you married to a man or are you his slave?"

Marge was stunned.

The man said. "Your husband is an alcoholic. You know it, I know it, the whole town, unfortunately, knows it. No matter what you do or how many kids you have, your husband does not care enough to find the strength to not get drunk and humiliate himself and those around him. He has an expanding waistline that has gotten so bad, that you have to go shopping 3 times a week. A normal family no matter what size should be going shopping once a week. If you have to go almost 200 times a year, because of your husband mouth then you have no right to complain about your children low-grade school when everybody with eyes can see where that money went."

Marge was silent.

He said. "And then your husband has an issue with your nice neighbour, in which he constantly calls names and yet has no problem stealing his stuff. Your husband is a bully and he rewards your bully of a son. To top it off, he strangles your son every chance he gets"

He leaned forward and said. "Marge, I see a beautiful woman who has been conditioned to accept mediocrity. You see your husband running one day for 5 minutes, only for you to find out he was chasing after an ice cream truck. But instead of calling him out on it, you are just happy because he at least ran. You are so used to having Homer lead you by the collar, that you turned on your own son when it was your husband who stole money from his commercial days. Any good parent would have kicked your husband out of the house and wouldn't have let him back in until he paid your eldest in full. There are times, you should have left, but your husband managed to sweet talk you back in. He knows how you work, he knows where you were before you met him, he reminded you where you came from. Your idea of what a mother and wife should be is so warped that you don't even realise your, your husbands caretaker and a bad mother to your kids"

He saw her eyes start to tear up but somebody had to tell her.

He said. "I know this is harsh but sometimes you have to tell somebody the truth. Marge, I have seen you on and off for years, every time it's either your kids or your husband. At this point, you're just wasting money. You always go back to that relationship. You always go back to the people who make you cry on the inside. Watching you is like a switch, one moment I think you're finally going to stand up for yourself and find happiness. You even come in all smiles. Then the next, that switch has been turned off and Homer is even worse than before. Marge, therapy is for people who want to actually change their lives for the better, it's not for people to complain and enabling the ones your complaining about behaviour."

He finished and said. "You at a crossroad, with not just your body but me as well. If you go back to that house, and you think Homer not drinking in the house but still drinking at Moes every day is progress then I will direct you to a phone line where for a few cents a minute, somebody will hear you complain and do nothing but agree with you because you clearly don't want therapy. You don't want to help yourself, you just want to complain and get sympathy points. Your children will grow up to become unhappy adults in unhappy relationships, just like the ones your in because they learned from you its okay to stick with the worst."

And Marge burst out into tears and he handed her tissue.

He said. "If you actually want advice. Divorce Homer, take Maggie, be a mother to her and find out who you actually are. It will sting for your other children and you sure, but it will also force them to wonder why you didn't take them, it would force them to see two sides of you and Homer Parenting under your terms. If Bart destroys property, then send him back to his father's place, so that his dad can reward him and he can enjoy living with a slob who can only fry, grill things and heat up frozen food. Don't apologize. If Lisa does something illegal or refuses to listen to you, send her back to her dad's place. Show them, you're not going to put up with their nonsense under your roof. Tell your son every time that it's okay to call the police if his father strangles him because it's not okay. But don't say yes to taking him in unless he does a serious attitude adjustment. Constantly remind them that you a woman, a mother, not a slave, if they don't like it, make sure they see you calling your cigarette smoking sisters to take them in and go through with it."

And then the timer beeped and he said. "And that ends our session. Marge, if you're not going to change then this is the last time we will be seeing each other unless we see each other around town. Please, Marge, do not be a complete waste of my time. You have far more power then you think but if you like your abusive lifestyle, then I will be forwarding you that number soon"

And then Marge left.