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Marge, drove back to Maggie, with her mind in the clouds.

"If you actually want advice. Divorce Homer, take Maggie, be a mother to her and find out who you actually are."

Her therapist's voice was in her head and she sat down with her youngest.

She should be proving him wrong, how dare he speak that way.

She would go back and show him that things can change, that he was wrong and she was happy with family.

But something in her head whispered.

Here we go again.

How many times has Homer promised her things that he never stuck with?

How many times, has she been disappointed?

How many times, has she cried or felt like crying?

How many times, did she feel shame, just to be seen with Homer in public?

How many late nights, has Homer missed because he was getting drunk at Moe's?

How many times, has her own kids looked at her with eyes that said 'Why are you still with him?'

How many times did she go out of her way to make her daughter Lisa happy?

Did she want to go through this again?

She told that voice to can it.

She took Maggie and drove to the house, but as the purple house approached, her heart started pounding in her ears and her foot unconsciously stepped on the accelerator and she drove past it.

She couldn't do it.

But maybe she can do it tomorrow?

She was tired.

Yes, Tomorrow.

But when Tomorrow came, she was overcome by how nice it was, to just live with Maggie.

Maggie was so little work, she just drove to Maggie nursery and that was it.

She never got a call from the nursery that Maggie was misbehaving.

She came back for Maggie and there was no drama with her, the baby greeted her with a cute smile.

There was no complaining with her, Maggie didn't drop her things and ignore her for half a day.

Maggie didn't make her feel like a failure of a mother.

The quiet atmosphere in the place they were in was divine.

No Saxophone playing, no hearing Homer laugh too loudly to the TV, no reason to clean up after anybody.

It was like she was on a family vacation but the person she took with her was well behaved.

Before she knew it, the sun had gone down.

Oh, well, she will go back tomorrow.

And tomorrow, came and she saw a new 'Job Wanted' sign on a window for a Pancake restaurant after she had dropped Maggie off.

It smelled of Homer inside but the employees were then, but they were paying wonderfully by the day.

She found out that the job required her to get used to seeing people have an unhealthy relationship with food.

No problem, she had slept somebody like that for two decades.

She also had to go through, touching people sweaty and most of the time sticky syrup covered hands if they decide to tip.

She could handle it.

The next day, she dropped Maggie off and went to Work.

She treated the obese people of Springfield with a motherly smile and not judging eyes.

Just like with Homer.

And that is why she became so popular with them.

No matter what they did, this beautiful woman wouldn't judge them.

And in return, she discovered what it was like to be paid to be around a Homer and still be able to escape from them.

When money started coming in, she went shopping for Maggie and her.

For the first time in 20 years, it was short.

Something washed over her when she realised she didn't have to buy the usual items for the rest of her family.

She came to the expensive baby section for the first time and she actually stopped.

Her hands reached out hesitantly for the products.

She touched one and it just felt so damn good, as if she was plunking from a forbidden tree.

To be able to wash, feed and cloth Maggie in nice clothes.

She felt like she had succeeded as a Mother.

This life, of feeling like a winner...

She didn't want it to end.

For the first time, she thought she can truly breathe again, she can go out with family and not feel ashamed.

She can go cycling with Maggie and not hear a word of complaint.

She could go out and not hear that a family member had done something.

She lived with things that were not stolen from her next-door neighbour.

Each day, she saw what the Therapist meant by living with just her and Maggie and it crushed her that it felt so good to live without the rest of her family.

It crushed her that it felt so good, cooking so little.

It crushed her that she liked being able to look her best every day and know that so many in shape guys still desired her.

She liked coming home and not smelling alcohol.

She liked looking through the elementary school catalogue and realising, that she can afford to send Maggie to these places when shes older.

It crushed her that, she loved not seeing any of them.

This life was too nice, she couldn't go back.

She won't go back.

But the only way to never go back was...


Marge saved up money for that Divorce Lawyer and then she took Maggie to see that Lawyer.

And the moment she stepped in, it was like the building had been waiting for her arrival for years.

Everybody Tom, Harry and Joe stuck their heads out to offer her assistance.

However, she didn't go to the family usual Lawyer because he wasn't very good, even though he won a few cases for them.

She went to an actual professional this time and it showed.

The office was much nicer.

She talked to the woman and said. "I don't need Homer money. I don't need any of his assets. I don't want to go after him for child support. I just want Maggie."

The woman said. "Miss Simpsons, I can tell it has taken a massive amount of courage for you to come here and admit you wasted 20 years of your life. So I will do everything I can to get you those papers but you must understand, your husband has to be aware of this. You're going to have to face him"

She was silent.

Yeah, she know.

She said. "Yes, I know. I'm going to have to confront him one day. My children deserve to know what is going on. It's been 20 years of my trying and I just don't have it in me to go for another year"

The woman put her hand on her shoulder.

The woman said. "I will be right here"

And they called the house.

However, it helped that Marge spoke to him on the phone first and then she saw the rest of her family in the space outside the office.

The moment they saw her, they looked so happy.

Lisa looked so tired.

She could imagine, that all the housework falling fell on her shoulders while she was gone.

She felt so guilty about what had to happen now.

She gave Maggie to Bart while she motioned for Homer to come with her, and then she went into the office, closed the door and sat down.

The moment those words from her Lawyer were utter she knew this was now real.

Homer yelled. "YOU WANT A DIVORCE!?"

Her kids didn't have to press their ears against the door, Homer yelled for them.

Yes, Divorce.

They were in a Divorce office.

Marge said. "That's the reason I didn't come home. I just can't do this anymore. I tried and I tried but it's been 20 miserable years. I just can't go back to the way we were. I was miserable"


Dead Silence.

Homer said, on his knees. "Marge. Please don't leave. I will change"

Marge said. "Honestly at this point. I don't believe you, Homer" she stunned him. "You told me, you will quit Beer and yet our house continues to reek of Beer till this day. I am tired of seeing you put in the bare minimum, while you expect me to look my best for you every single day and be a mother at the same time. I am tired of trying to do family things or simply going on a date with you and I end up looking like a caretaker instead of your wife. I am tired of seeing you act like a good father one minute and then the next, you act like you've never been a father a day in your life. I am tired of you lowering my standards for what a Husband should be"

Then she finally admitted. "Homer, these past few days without you have been amazing"

She shocked him.

She said. "I got a well-paying job. I feel like my opinion matters. Men go out of their way just to talk to me for a few minutes and they stick with it. They don't make me feel unwanted the very next day. Hell, I even brought Maggie the good baby stuff with the money, I wasn't spending on you."

She then said. "Homer, just agree to the Divorce. I'm am tired. I don't want the house or the money. I intend to return the car to you. I got my bank account now. I just want one thing from you and that is, Maggie"

And there she had said it and it felt like a weight had been lifted off her.

"Wait. What!?" Said Homer, as he listened to her. "Maggie? What about Lisa? I understand that you don't want the boy, but did you hit your head? You and Lisa click so well. She smart, cultured and independent. It doesn't make sense that she doesn't go with you"

She was silent before she said. "Homer, I can't tell you why I won't take Lisa. All you need to know is that I just can't. Maybe, we can work something out with the kids. I can take a weekend. I just can't take both of them on full time. So please Homer, sign it. I'm not even asking you for Child support. With both me and Maggie out of the house, you will have a lot more money to spend on yourself. Nobody to nag you, you can drink until dawn. Just please sign it"

Homer paused before saying. "Your really serious about this aren't you? Well, if this will make you happy. I will sign it." Before he said. "But I will try everything in my power to get you back"

And then he signed.

The female lawyer said. "And because you're so famously dysfunctioning. What will be weeks to months, will now most likely take only days. I now declare you separated until your legally divorced"

And then they both go out and when Marge opened the door, she wished she hadn't.

She saw the sight of Lisa crying.

The girl had heard it all.

Marge wished that she could hold her, tell her that she didn't really mean it.

However, how many times have they done this song and dance before?

Almost every day, Lisa came home crying about one thing or another and she was up there, being emotionally drained and abused by her, every day.

She had been her emotional punching bag for so long, that she had gotten to the point that she expressed her frustration by sabotaging her daughter secretly, where-ever she could.

This shouldn't have happened but she felt trapped in a role.

At that moment, she just felt numb.

She just didn't care anymore.

She said to Bart. "Bart, please give me Maggie"

They were all stunned.

However, Bart gave her Maggie.

She then turned to Homer and said. "I'm returning the car back to you and then I will give you my new address, once I and Maggie have settled in. Then we will talk about visitation"

She was just so cold... Thought the family.

This behaviour was more profound because the usual her would have hugged Lisa or gone to her right away.

It was like her heart had been frozen.

She ignored Lisa like she didn't exist.

And then Marge walked away, she didn't look at Lisa, she just walked away and went back to the purple car and drove back to the house.

Yes, for the first time in days, the actual house.

But it was just to drop the car off, so she managed to calm her heart down.

She and Maggie then hopped onto a bus back to the place they were staying at and she sat down on the bed.

She sat there until feeling came back to her like somebody had lit a fire under her.

She began to shake.

She began to cry.

But it was tears of happiness.

She was free.

Free to raise Maggie into a wonderful lady with a great start in life.

Free to have an evening just to herself.

Free to find a man who wouldn't disappoint her.

Meanwhile, she had left a question behind.

Why did the woman, who always showed love and compassion, just drop her middle child at a time, where everybody thought she would take her?

What about Lisa Simpson, made her own mother hate her?