"Sometimes I still feel like a monster." Elsa clasped a hand over her mouth in confusion. She had meant to say she was good as her sister had just asked how she was doing. It was a lie though. Today was September 17th, the anniversary of their parent's deaths.

Anna stared at her a moment before responding. "I know you do, though I didn't expect you to say it." The girl stopped, looking puzzled. "That wasn't what I meant to say."

Elsa was almost afraid to open her mouth, worried something else would come out. "Why'd you ask then?" Okay, good, that was what she meant to say. If her sister didn't expect an honest answer, why had she asked?

The strawberry blonde avoided eye contact, seeming uncomfortable. "I know this day is hard for you and I want to be there for you if you want me to be." She smiled sincerely at her older sister, though she did still seem a bit confused. It was only breakfast time and something strange was already going on. Though that was hardly unexpected at Enchantment High.

This was a school for those with magical abilities to nurture their powers and learn how to properly use and control them. It was where Elsa learned about the link between her winter abilities and her emotions; her fear was destructive. The four years she had spent here hadn't been easy, though it was made easier when Anna joined two years ago. Her sister's spring abilities had come as a surprise but it turned out people get their abilities anywhere between the day one is born and their 13th birthday. Elsa supposed that was why people started at this school at age 14.

Elsa sighed slightly. "This day is hard for us." Anna had a habit of forgetting about herself, so lost in making others happy. "I don't want to dwell on it though. I'd prefer we distract ourselves."

"From what?" A boy's voice asked in confusion. Jack Frost was standing behind the two sisters, one eyebrow raised.

The girl immediately felt her mood lift. There was something about Jack that just made her happier, though she supposed that made sense with them being partners. Everyone at Enchantment High had a partner assigned to them in their first year. Partners had the same schedules and worked together to nurture their power. They were meant to be perfectly in sync.

It had taken a bit for the pair to find their rhythm but once they did, well, it was pure bliss. The blonde really had no other way to describe. Jack had the power of a thousand storms whereas Elsa had the patience and detail to turn that power into something. When they worked together they could feel each other's magic and there was something so intimate about that. It made the girl feel alive.

Therefore, the pair was close but not close enough for that. Elsa hated leaving herself in a vulnerable position so she had no choice but to lie about what was going on. "Today is the anniversary of our parent's death." The blonde jerked back in confusion, her eyes wide. What the heck was going on?

She glanced over at Jack who was rubbing his hand against the nape of his neck. "I assume you meant to lie." He gave Elsa a shy smile. "You can't lie right now. Someone found a way to get truth gas to spread throughout the entire school. Apparently, they broke in and used the supply in Headmaster North's office."

Anna laughed slightly before asking, "And how do you know this?"

For a moment Elsa wondered if Jack had played a part in it; he was known for his pranks after all. "I just got back from North's office. He thought I had something to do with it though it was easy to convince him I didn't. It's not like I can lie."

If what Jack was saying was true, she would be forced to be honest for god knows how long. It wasn't that Elsa liked to lie; there was just something so exposing about the truth. The good news was that all truth gas did was take away the ability of those breathing it to lie. If someone opened their mouth to lie, they ended up telling the truth. However, there was always the option to just keep one's mouth closed.

The blonde rubbed the temple of her forehead, resisting the urge to scream. "Of course this had to happen today of all days." Of all the days for Elsa not to be able to lie, it had to be on the day she least wanted to tell the truth. She had already told her sister she still felt like a monster, something she hated to burden Anna with.

Elsa just couldn't help it. There was beauty in her gift, she knew that. Not to mention, Jack had helped her realize that magic can feel so good. That didn't matter though. Elsa could hurt people if she wasn't careful; she could hurt Jack. It didn't matter if they had the same power. The girl knew she was dangerous.

Jack was giving her a sympathetic look. "Hey, I have an idea. You want a distraction, right? Let's play a game then." The boy smiled widely at the two girls and Elsa already knew she had no chance of resisting his offer. Anything Jack said was far too tempting when he smiled that widely. "Meet me in room 13D at 1. I'll gather some more people to play."

Elsa barely had a chance to nod before Jack walked away to get more people. This hardly seemed like a good idea now that she actually thought about it. Sure, she wanted to be distracted but today was an awful day to hang out with people. If Elsa was truly being forced to be honest then she wanted to spend the day alone.

Anna looked fondly in the direction Jack had left. "He really cares about you, doesn't he? He's obviously just doing this for you." The strawberry blonde turned to face her sister. "I know you're not one to act on your feelings but, sis, please date the poor boy already."

Elsa could hardly be blamed for what she said next, especially since denying her feelings for Jack had become second nature. So, naturally, the girl had opened her mouth to do just that. Instead, what came out was "I wish I could date him." Elsa froze wondering how she had forgotten about the truth predicament so quickly. She had never admitted her feelings for Jack out loud.

"You can," Anna replied simply, not teasing her sister as Elsa had expected. What confused the blonde even more, though, was the fact Anna actually believed what she was saying.

The blonde was nibbling her lip nervously as she sat down in room 13D. It was supposed to be a study room, with several bean bag chairs and couches. However, it ended up being more of a hangout spot with the occasional person actually working on school.

Elsa had taken a seat next to her sister on a couch, a decision she came to regret when she realized Jack was sitting directly across from her on a bean bag chair. The girl wanted to groan in frustration, more than a little annoyed that it was impossibly hard not to stare at her partner. Though, honestly, wasn't it always hard not to. It was his fault for looking at that.

This time the blonde actually did groan. Truth gas made it impossible to lie, yes, but that wasn't all. It made it hard to even think of lies in the first place when inhaled this long. Her brain was being overwhelmed by the sudden truth of her feelings. Normally Elsa could push down her feelings enough to not doing anything stupid. This was bad, so bad.

Jack was just sitting and yet he looked like some kind of god. His snow-white hair was displayed messily on his head, a few strands falling into his eyes only to be brushed away by the boy. Elsa felt the urge to assist, to run her fingers through his hair. It looked so soft.

It wasn't just his hair that was annoyingly perfect. God, it was everything. Every inch of Jack was utterly perfect to the blonde. His lean yet still noticeably fit body. The way that body was exposed slightly when Jack stretched his arms, revealing annoyingly delicious-looking abs.

Delicious? Elsa felt she had no self-control over her thoughts, her mind wandering further than she had ever let it go before. The blonde had always found her partner attractive but this ridiculous. Every part of him seemed so tempting. His hair, his body, his lips. They looked even softer than his hair. What would it feel like to press her own against his?

"Whatcha thinking about?" Elsa blinked, remembering the existence of her sister. Her sister was staring at her with a knowing look on her face.

The blonde tried to force the blush off her cheeks. "Jack." The girl clapped a hand over her mouth. How did she keep forgetting? Was lying just second nature to her? Elsa had to admit, literally had to, that she had a habit of pushing her feelings down. The girl was realizing for the first time how dishonest she had been to everyone, even herself.

She knew she felt something for Jack. Even she couldn't ignore that. Still, it was suddenly abundantly clear that she had ignored something quite crucial. Elsa was in love with him.

The sound of the door snapped Elsa out of her thoughts and, thankfully, kept Anna from responding to the blonde's confession. Hiccup had walked into the room, taking a seat between Jack and Merida.

Jack suddenly stood up, catching everyone's attention. Though, in all honesty, he already had Elsa's attention. "That's everyone," he announced, unnecessarily. The door had vanished meaning everyone who was meant to be here was. It did that so students could focus. Once a student wished to leave the door would reappear.

"You probably already know each other but I'll introduce you anyways." He stuck out his finger to point at those around him. "Hiccup, Merida, Flynn, Anna, my partner Elsa, Rapunzel, and Kristoff."

His partner? Of course, Elsa was his partner but she was also the only one who Jack mentioned his relation to. That was strange, wasn't it? Truth gas, if breathed long enough, not only made one think the truth but also feel compelled to speak it. Elsa had to admit it was a bit of a stretch but there was the chance that Jack had had the urge to clarify that they were partners. After all, that was a rather special connection. One's partner was their perfect magical match.

"As you know," Jack continued, voice as husky as ever. "Truth gas has been released in the air. Therefore, I thought it would be a shame if we wasted this opportunity." Elsa didn't like where this was going even if Jack looked unfairly hot with the mischievous glint in his eye. "We are here to play truth or dare."

Of course, Elsa couldn't help but think. This had always been her least favorite game and before she had at least had the ability to lie. Now, Jack was right, an opportunity had presented itself; truths just got a little more honest.

Dares were hardly better though. The idea that she could be asked to do anything terrified the blonde like nothing else. Elsa loved control and picking dare gave it up. Truth or dare? Either way, she risked public humiliation and a loss of control. Today was turning out worse than she expected and her expectations had been very low.

"You okay, Els?" Jack was suddenly looking at her, concern evident on his face.

For once, the girl remembered she didn't have the ability to mutter a simple "I'm fine" and be done with it. Therefore, Elsa nodded. At least she could still manage that.

Jack smiled though Elsa could see she hadn't convinced him. "The rules are simple. Pick truth and you must answer one question honestly. Pick dare and you must complete one task of the other person's choosing. Refuse and you must remove one piece of clothing."

Flynn whistled at this. "Oh, we're making this a stripping game." The boy laughed, eyeing Rapunzel suggestively. "There are some people who I wouldn't mind seeing strip." It was clear Flynn had wished to stop his statement there but, well, the truth was a pesky thing. "Though I don't want anyone else to be able to see her."

The sudden possessiveness surprised everyone, Flynn included. Rapunzel, who at first had looked annoyed, flushed slightly as a small smile slipped on her face. The truth may have worked in Flynn's favor. Jealousy could be hot. Elsa could only dream of Jack being like that regarding her.

"Well, anyway," Jack smirked slightly at Flynn. "That's all there is to it. Who would like to go first?"

Of course, Elsa's sister immediately raised her hand. "Me!" Jack nodded and, to no one's surprise, Anna turned to Elsa. "Truth or dare, sis?"

Exams last year had been rough, yet, somehow, Elsa had never been asked a harder question. Anna would exploit it either way. Truth and she could be forced to admit her feelings towards Jack were far from platonic. However, a dare could lead to her kissing Jack.

"Dare," her traitorous mouth all but shouted. Stupid truth gas! The truth felt so addictive and, well, the truth was that the idea of kissing Jack was tempting. She could see if his lips felt as perfect as she imagined they were.

Anna smirked. "Since it's the first round I'll be nice." The girl's face suggested what she was about to say was far from nice though the fact she couldn't lie calmed Elsa. "I dare you to share a beanbag with Jack for the rest of the game."

Share a beanbag? They were rather small so the blonde didn't really see a good way to share one. She and Jack were both on the thinner side and she still doubted they would fit. Jack alone took up all the room the tiny chair had to offer.

However, when Elsa met Jack's eyes, her mouth fell open in shock. There was something in his eyes, something playful. The blue orbs were sparkling so much it was as if they were dancing. What really shocked the girl though was the fact that Jack was sitting there gesturing to his lap.

Of course, Jack probably only did that because no other way seemed to exist. She had to cuddle with him, at least somewhat. Still, Jack seemed so willing and that made Elsa's heart flutter slightly, butterflies swarming into her stomach.

"Okay." The blonde wasn't sure she said the word loud enough for anyone to hear. Still, she got up, heading to the boy.

Jack moved his hands out of the way, opening his lap up to Elsa. Slowly, and quite hesitantly, she lowered her body onto his. They fumbled around a bit, trying desperately to get into a good position. They ended up with Jack's legs wrapped around Elsa as she sat in between them with her back pressed firmly against Jack's chest. However, considering the beanbag offered little back support, it was more like the blonde was laying on his chest.

Elsa was surprised to realize Jack's heart was beating violently, the fast pace thumping onto Elsa's back. She supposed moving around could have caused that. Still, she kind of hoped it was something else.

"Okay, your turn, Els." Jack's lips were so close to her ear, his breath sending shivers throughout her body. Having him so close was nicer than she would normally admit. The girl wanted to memorize the feeling of their bodies pressed together, the way she could feel his heartbeat.

The blonde had to force herself to focus again on the game. "Flynn, truth or dare?"

The boy smirked slightly. "Dare of course. Truths are too-" Flynn forced his hand over his mouth, clearly struggling to fight the urge to speak. Truth gas wasn't meant to be inhaled this long. "I pick dare."

The blonde smiled slightly. She had noticed the way the boy's eyes always followed Rapunzel, even though the girl herself didn't seem aware. However, that wasn't the only thing Elsa had noticed. Thankfully, it seemed that Flynn had his laptop on him. "Read us your poem: Fear of Love."

Elsa had been in the library and caught Flynn Rider, hardcore bad boy until the end, writing poetry of all things. The girl had only managed to read a few lines but that was enough to pique her interest. Could it be that the boy was secretly a hopeless romantic?

Flynn immediately turned red, his eyes widening. "Poetry? I-" He groaned, clearly unable to pretend he didn't have a poem. "I wrote a poem with that name, yes, but how do you know that?"

The girl couldn't resist a smile. "Use a smaller font size if you don't want people to see what you're working on."

Jack laughed suddenly, the sound echoing in Elsa's ears. This was heaven; the girl was sure of it. Not only was Jack's joy so easy to hear but she could actually feel it. His body shook slightly and caused Elsa to do the same. The girl resisted the urge to sigh happily.

Flynn, meanwhile, seemed far less happy, giving Rapunzel a look of insecurity before opening his laptop. "I've never shared any of my poems," he admitted and Elsa was unsure whether it was a forced confession. "Just-" he sighed. "Just don't judge."

"We won't," Rapunzel assured. Her gaze was soft as she stared at him and it seemed nothing in the world could get the girl to look away.

The boy returned her gaze before sighing slightly. "Okay, here goes nothing. Fear of Love: Have you ever loved someone so much that fear takes control of every emotion? Fear of loving. Fear of losing that feeling of floating on air. Fear of one day hearing the words…goodbye…How can love and fear be twisted in one so that you can't even tell them apart. Maybe, loving means risking everything for that one person who makes you feel larger than life."

The boy's eyes were fixed only on his laptop, though Elsa had a sneaking suspicion he had the words memorized. "I feel that with you, fear. Fear of feelings I promised myself I would not feel again. Fear of giving myself to be hurt again. Fear of saying goodbye and never loving again. Where do I go from here? Do I let my fear of not being enough drive me away? Do I let go now and let fear win? Do I hold on and allow fear to drive you away? Or do I hold on and shut fear out and know that real love will win?"

Elsa gasped slightly as she felt Jack's lips brush against her ear. "I know the feeling," he whispered softly. The girl felt her eyes widened and she resisted the urge to turn around and kiss him senseless. He could be talking about anyone. Still, the blonde's face was heating at the idea that it could be her.

"Whatever path our love leads us down one thing I know is true," Flynn continued. "Your love has made me realize what it is to love so much that fear takes control. Whether that is good or bad remains to be seen. Love knows no time, no place, and no fear. We do that on our own. We try to reason something, love, that had no reasoning about it. Always from afar, I saw you."

Flynn's gaze had betrayed him, glancing at Rapunzel before he abruptly forced his gaze back on the screen. "Until one day you were there with warmth in your face, I could not refuse. Now you are the woman I dream of. A fear I never expected when I looked at you. A love that lit like a candle in a dark still room. In one flash you lit my heart with warmth and fear."

The boy paused for the first time, taking a deep breath. "I do not know if fear of losing you will win. Or if I have the strength to hold on and wait for our love to flourish into a lifetime of security and happiness. The one thing I do know is that my fear of losing you is my heart admitting that there is a part of you I hold dear. And that is the love I feel for you growing each day."

Elsa smiled. The poem itself was lovely, of course. There was more to it though. "How much do you know about truth gas?" She asked Jack.

The boy shrugged slightly. "Enough. It makes you tell the truth, think the truth, and even makes you want to be honest if you are exposed long enough."

That was all most students knew. The blonde, however, had done research on it before and had a bit more information. It had always fascinated her even if she hadn't wished to be under its effect. "You can't lie at all under it." Jack gave her a confused look, clearly thinking this was obvious. "No, I mean at all. You can't even read something you don't think is true or that isn't true for you."

Jack's eyes widened. "That means Flynn-" Jack laughed quietly, shaking his head. "He meant every word of that, huh?"

Elsa nodded, focusing again on Flynn. He looked bashful, awkwardly rubbing the nape of his neck. He also kept glancing at Rapunzel, clearly only interested in her reaction.

"That was so beautiful!" Anna gushed before turning Rapunzel. It was clear both sisters had caught on to the chemistry between Flynn and Rapunzel. "Right, Punzie?"

The blonde in question barely even acknowledged Anna, staring at Flynn as if she had never seen him before. "That was-" She smiled at him before finishing with the word "raw." Rapunzel laughed lightly. "I knew you had feelings, but, wow, that was even better than I could have imagined. You're very talented, Flynn."

Elsa noticed the boy's cheeks flushing as he coughed awkwardly. "Er, thanks." He abruptly forced his gaze onto Jack. "Truth or dare?"

"Well, no one has chosen truth yet," Jack commented and the blonde could practically feel his smirk as he said, "truth." At least there was one person in the room not afraid to be honest.

Flynn smiled deviously. "Okay then, I'll make it simple." He gave the boy a knowing look. "Comfy?" He asked, gesturing to the way Elsa and Jack were positioned on the beanbag.

Elsa felt the boy tense beneath her before, thankfully, relaxing slightly. He wrapped her arms around the girl, resting his hands on her stomach. "Very comfy." The girl would have thought the confession was easy for Jack, considering how unaffected and confident his voice sounded, but his heart rate had sped up again.

Jack clearly wasn't going to allow time for people to comment, though Anna was sending suggestive glances their way. "Okay, um, Hiccup, truth or dare?"

The boy seemed to be thinking for a moment, clearly weighing the options. "Truth?" His hesitance was obvious but, regardless, he didn't take it back.

"Okay, since I've noticed everyone seems in a romantic mood I'll stick with the theme." Did that mean Jack considered Flynn's question romantic? Friends could platonically cuddle but it seemed Jack thought Flynn was going after something else. "Who do you like?"

"I li-" Hiccup closed his eyes shut, clearly willing his mouth to stop. Honestly, Elsa was impressed; it was difficult to avoid saying the truth once someone had already started talking. "I don't want to answer." The boy took off one of his socks, setting it beside him.

"That tells me just as much as an actual answer would", Jack whispered into Elsa's ear. And, for the first time, the girl noticed the way Hiccup's eyes always found Merida. This really was going to be a romance-centered game.

After a full two hours of playing, Elsa was about ready to demand they stop. No one was supposed to breathe in truth gas for more than about ten minutes. It was meant for simple confessions and, unlike truth serum, was considered legal since those affected could keep their mouth shut. It wasn't meant to force people to speak.

However, after about one-hour truth gas got dangerous. Well, as dangerous as the truth is. Those affected would begin to struggle to control their thoughts, being flooded with the truth. Another hour and thinking a lie became impossible. This Elsa had already felt since the start of the game, her thoughts about Jack becoming more and more overwhelming and honest.

There was more to it though. Elsa estimated that they had been under the truth serum for about 5 or 6 hours. Now something the blonde only briefly studied was becoming reality. The truth gas was acting like truth serum. The difference between the two was that truth serum didn't let one hold back. When someone asked them a question they would answer it fully, leaving out no details that crossed their mind. It was more than just thinking the truth or losing the ability to lie. The students of Enchantment High were being controlled by the truth.

"What's wrong?" Jack whispered in Elsa's ear as Rapunzel completed her dare of doing a handstand for a minute.

This was the problem. Not only could Elsa not lie, but the truth desperately wanted out. It burned to hold the answers to herself, enough that the blonde actually winced as she tried to. "I can't hold back the truth anymore and that terrifies me." The girl blurted, thankful she was at least quiet enough that only Jack heard.

The boy had snaked his head around so that he could look Elsa in the eye. "You know more about truth gas than me," Jack admitted. "But it seems like being under its effect so long has made it more like-"

"Truth serum," Elsa couldn't help but finish. That was true, of course, and everyone was beginning to see it. People were blurting out the most random things, randomly saying their nose was itching or that they hoped their turn wouldn't come. It was getting harder and harder for them to keep their thoughts to themselves, something Elsa thought was quite serious.

At first, people had been losing clothing but no one had lost any in the last thirty minutes. It was nearly impossible to resist answering a truth question and people didn't seem to be struggling much with dares. Well, with the exception of Flynn who had ended up reading more poems. For some reason, he didn't seem to realize the lovestruck look on Rapunzel's face as he read them. Elsa had to literally bite her tongue to avoid blurting out her observations.

"Elsa, truth or dare?" Rapunzel asked, causing the girl to shift her attention away from Jack. Rapunzel and Anna were sharing a knowing look making Elsa sure that truth was a bad idea.


That stumped Rapunzel for only a second. "I dare you to answer this question: who would you pair everyone in this room with romantically and why?"

That explained why Rapunzel and Anna had been whispering so much. This was the question they wanted to ask her. A bold move for them both considering Elsa would include them in her pairings. She figured that was what they wanted though. After two hours of tiptoeing around everyone's feelings, they, unlike Elsa, seemed to be dying for the truth to fully come out. Additionally, it was quite clear to the blonde that Jack had picked the most perfect combination of people to play this game.

"Rapunzel and Flynn," Elsa began, her mouth opening before she had a chance to stop it. "I've been sure he had a crush on her for a while now but the poems today confirmed it. Not to mention, Rapunzel's reaction proved the reverse was true as well."

The two people in question flushed slightly but Rapunzel still managed a smile. Elsa was confident that the girl would make the most of the situation. The pair would probably be a couple by the end of the day.

"Anna and Kristoff," Elsa continued, feeling slightly bad about this one. She reminded herself that it seemed her sister had helped Rapunzel with this question. She wouldn't mind the truth being revealed, right? "Anna told me about her feelings for him a couple of months ago and it's more than just obvious he feels the same."

Kristoff looked puzzled. "It is?" He glanced at Anna. "Wait, you like me too?"

Elsa desperately wanted to stop talking and let the pair go ahead and define their relationship. She couldn't though, not when her entire body felt like it was burning. This brought a whole new meaning to the phrase 'the truth hurts'. It did hurt, far more than Elsa had ever imagined.

"Also, Hiccup and Merida. I could tell early on that Jack seemed to think Hiccup had feelings for her and, well, I can't help but agree. Not to mention, as expected, she seems to feel the same."

Elsa pressed her hand to her mouth, willing her body to let her stop there. Her skin was turning red as she continued holding the rest inside, her insides feeling like they were being burned. Every nerve in Elsa's entire body was shooting blaring pain through her.

The boy below her suddenly jumped, practically shoving Elsa away. He turned back in concern, a look the rest of the group seemed to be sharing. "Elsa? You're burning up!" He grabbed a book, trying desperately to fan her before seeming to remember he possessed winter magic. He created a piece of ice, beginning to rub it on Elsa's body.

"We need to get her to the hospital wing!" Jack was attempting to keep rubbing ice on Elsa while carrying her away. However, every time he touched the girl's skin he flinched away. The boy's concern seemed to grow and he began shooting snow at her, coating her skin.

"She's withholding the truth," Anna suddenly stated. "Elsa and I studied truth gas together. It isn't supposed to be inhaled this long because if someone tries to resist the truth it will consume them, essentially burning them alive."

Jack's eyes widened at this. "Els, finish the dare!"

The girl didn't want to but it was clear that it was the only option. When studying truth gas she hadn't realized how awful this would feel, how truly impossible it would be to keep the answers to oneself. "Me and Jack." The words felt like she was breathing out the heat, easing her bodies' pain slightly.

"We connect perfectly. Obviously, since we are partners. It's more than that though. I'm in love with him and I wouldn't have it in me to pair him with anyone else." Her skin began cooling down, losing the redness. She could suddenly feel the snow Jack had coated her with and used her own hand to evaporate it. The truth sets you free but at what cost. "It isn't the same as the other pairings though," the girl couldn't stop herself from saying. "He could never love a monster like me." Elsa gasped, her eyes widening as the realization of what she had confessed. She was a monster and now they all knew.

The blonde couldn't get herself to look at anyone, especially not Jack. She just grabbed the door handle that had reappeared and sprinted down the halls. She wasn't sure where to go, what to do. The truth had caught up with her and there was no escaping that.

Pathetic sobs began escaping the girl, nearly causing her to fall to the floor. She hurried into a nearby classroom, curling up against the wall. Burning alive would have hurt, it did hurt. This was worse. She should have kept the truth in even if it killed her. External pain Elsa could handle but not internal. Maybe she deserved it though.

That thought caused her to sob even harder, thoughts of her parents flooding her mind now that she didn't have the game to distract her. She had killed them and yet she still acted as though she deserved someone as pure as Jack. Someone who seemed to make it his goal to help everyone smile. He was a gift while she was a curse. She wanted to forget the past and the fear it brought her but Elsa saw now there was no moving on.

Her mind was being flooded with the truth and the truth was no matter how much control she gained it would never matter. It would never undo her mistakes or take away the looks of fear her parents had given her. It shouldn't have been her parents who died in that car crash; it should have been Elsa.

The girl sobbed and then sobbed some more. The blonde had no idea how much time had passed but she didn't care. Elsa felt like never leaving this classroom, never facing any of them again. She hoped her sister would be okay; Elsa was the only family Anna had left.

The door creaked open, a shadow appearing on the floor near Elsa. "Els?" Horror flooded Elsa as she recognized the voice: Jack Frost.

It didn't take him long to see her and his eyes widened at the sight. "Els," Jack's voice was gentle as he spoke to her. He gently wrapped her arms around the girl, trapping her in a hug. She wanted to protest, to push him off. She couldn't find the strength though.

"I'm an awful person," he blurted randomly and the blonde almost laughed at the ridiculous statement. Then she realized he thought that was the truth and she forced her eyes to meet his own, trying to understand how he could be so wrong. "I thought this game would help distract you but I made it so much worse. I should have thought it through more and realized I was being selfish. It would have been better if we had just binged watch some show."

"Selfish?" How was Jack possibly being selfish? He had just admitted to planning the entire game for her sake. That was anything but selfish. "You are far from selfish. You're the most kindhearted person I know."

Jack smiled awkwardly, one of his arms still resting on the girl. "I, uh, I was hoping to use the game to learn more in-depth things about you." The boy flushed slightly, averting his eyes. "When we combine our magic it's so intimate and I just wanted to know more about you. I'm lucky to be as close to you as I am but, well, I just wanted more. It was selfish for me to propose this game though; I know how reserved you are."

It was weird to Elsa that she couldn't even doubt his words. He was telling the truth and that meant he had really proposed this game just to get to know more about her. "I'm sure you found out more than you wanted," her mouth decided to say. "I don't deserve to be your partner, not when I ruin everything I touch."

To her surprise, Jack gasped. He audibly gasped, clutching his heart like wounded. "Els, no, no, no." He laughed, the sound slightly bitter. "My magic was nothing before you. I could create blizzards but that's all it ever was: power. You gave me depth, detail. You showed me the beauty in my own gift. With my power and your concentration, we could do anything."

Again, Elsa's first instinct was to say he didn't mean that. He had to though; Jack literally had to. He actually thought they were better together, a feeling Elsa thought she alone felt. There was something beautiful about the way they came together.

"And you more than deserve me. Els, I can feel you." The boy shook his head, groaning slightly. "That sounds creepy but I don't mean it like that. It's, well, it's just that magic is vulnerable, arguably the most vulnerable aspect of us. And when we connect our magic I can feel you, your heart, your soul. I knew something was burdening your heart; I could feel the weight on your chest."

Elsa felt more pain sweeping across her. She should have known he had always been able to feel her past considering she could feel his. She could feel the loneliness that used to corrupt him. The blonde knew that his heart wanted nothing more than to keep other people from feeling that way.

The girl wasn't like him though. She wasn't good enough and now that he knew what the burden was he would never want to do magic with her again. "I'm a monster." Even if she was forced to speak, her voice was still soft, afraid. "I killed my parents."

The girl was impressed to see Jack didn't even look shocked. Or maybe that was worse because he already knew she was capable of this. "No you didn't, at least not on purpose." Jack grabbed the girl, turning so they were facing each other. He placed his hands on her shoulders. "Els, you're pure, everything about your heart is innocent. You wouldn't hurt anyone, not on purpose."

Elsa's eyes betrayed her, more tears falling from her eyes. Jack actually believed that and now once he knew the truth he would be even more disappointed in her just like Anna should be. Everyone should be. "They were scared of me, of the power I couldn't control."

They would stare at her with wide eyes as frost spread across any room Elsa entered. She couldn't stop it, it fact trying made it worse. The power had surged out of her violently, destructively. Her parents tried to contain it, thought that gloves could protect them. Nothing stopped the storm inside their young child.

"Someone heard of my condition, someone who knew about this school. They were going to meet that person, hoping I could receive tutoring to help me control my power since I wasn't 14 yet." The girl stopped, gasping for breaths as tears flooded her face. Jack had reached up and began gently stroking them away like she deserved it, like it was safe to touch her. "They got in a crash on the way there, a place they were only going to try and fix me."

She dared herself to look at Jack but his expression was unreadable. "This is what was missing," he declared finally. Confusion swept over Elsa. "This secret was what was keeping us from fully connecting." The boy grabbed her hands, pulling her upwards. "I want to try something. Close your eyes."

They were standing across from each other, Jack still holding her hands. The girl was waiting for him to pull away, to realize she had ruined her own family. He didn't though. Elsa felt the gentle tingle of magic forming in her hand.

He wasn't trying to make something. No, Jack had made it where their hands were pressed flat against each other, magic on magic. He was sending something into her, some warm, happy feeling. They always connected, always felt each other's presence, but this was something different.

Jack had said that Elsa's secret was hindering them and the girl supposed she did hold back. Right now though, she could feel the truth and it didn't hurt. It was warm, and light, and happy. Jack's magic felt like it was caressing Elsa's soul, gently brushing against the pain that consumed her.

It was letting her be free of the regret she carried with her. It was reminding her of the way her parents always told her they loved her and that her powers were a gift even if it didn't feel like it yet. She could see Anna's smile when she got her own power and the words the girl had said: I'm like you now! And Anna had seemed happy about that.

Jack was filling her with- the girl froze. Jack was filling her with love. Elsa couldn't resist a laugh as the joy corrupted her. She dared herself to push her own powers forward, touching at Jack's insecurities. With her eyes closed, it was like Elsa could see him more clearly, as strange as that sounded.

She wasn't seeing his appearance but his inner workings. She used her magic to gently love on the dark parts of Jack, to assure him that she would never leave him alone. Elsa was there for him, letting her magic touch every part of his soul, showing it the appreciation it deserved.

And then it wasn't just their magic touching but their lips. Their lips were rubbing against each other tenderly, nothing but love between them. The kiss wasn't deep, it didn't need to be, not when they were exploring each other's hearts.

Jack loved her.

Elsa's eyes shot open, panting as she drew her hands from Jack. She looked at the boy in front of her in amazement. He had seen the darkest parts of her and he still wanted to stay.

"Wait, shoot!" Jack suddenly lost the dazed look in his eye. "I was supposed to take you outside. Headmaster North has been looking for us."

Elsa frowned in confusion. "Why? We didn't do anything wrong."

Jack's sheepish smile suggested otherwise. "Well, when I picked 13D I wasn't thinking about how it disappeared when people were inside to help them concentrate. About the time we started playing the school was ordered to evacuate due to the dangers of being under truth gas too long. They didn't find us until you left and the door reappeared."

The blonde supposed it was naive of her to assume they would let the students inhale the truth gas as long as their group had. They had reached the point that trying to hold in the truth could actually kill one of the students. Headmaster North must have assumed they could fix the problem before it got this serious but evacuated the students when they couldn't.

Naturally, the pair headed to the door. "I wonder who did this all; did they realize it would be this hard to rid the school of it?" It had reached a dangerous point, hadn't it? If Elsa hadn't admitted she was in love with Jack then she might have died.

Elsa couldn't resist giggling slightly. That statement sounded like something an overdramatic teenager would say and yet it was the truth; it had to be.

"It was Pitch Black, that fifth-year who is always bullying people, especially the first years." Oh yes, Elsa had heard of him. He had the ability to see people's worse insecurities and make them into physical manifestations. He could make people believe their worst nightmares were coming true, leaving them too scared or hurt to fight back. Technically, he didn't actually do any physical damage but the psychological damage led to an increase in visits to the counseling center.

When the blonde had first heard of Pitch's power she had felt bad for him. She struggled enough with feeling like a monster and her power wasn't inheritably bad like his. Could that power even be used for good? Elsa had tried to befriend him only to realize Pitch was far from upset with his ability; he loved it. Possibly the only thing he loved.

Elsa's thoughts were forced aside as Jack grabbed her hand. He rubbed his thumb in small circles on her hand. "He's expelled now. I don't know why they ever tried to train him in the first place." The boy shook his head slightly. "I think North hoped to avoid the inevitable."
"Do you know why he did it?" The girl asked as they headed outside, students scattered all over the place. She looked for her friends but didn't see them.

"Pitch can't actually make our fears come true, just make people feel like they are." Jack glanced around at the students all around. "He wanted to finally make one of our fears come true. Pitch claims we are all terrified of the truth and he was forcing us to face it head-on."

Elsa pondered that. It was highly possible the truth was the thing she had been most afraid of. "That backfired. All he did was teach us how to rise above that fear." The girl had been completely honest for less than a day and yet that was more than enough time for her to realize how freeing it felt.

She still felt insecure in herself, afraid of the potential destruction she could cause. Still, looking around at the smiling students running around and chatting with their friends made her feel content. Not to mention, Jack's hand was still in hers.

Ignoring the fear still in her stomach, the girl voluntarily opened her mouth to speak. "I love you," she told him. The smile that lit up his face was more than worth the anxiety the words caused.

"I love you too." Jack grabbed her other hand, staring into her eyes.

The girl smiled blissfully. Elsa knew from now on she was going to be far more honest, especially with the boy in front of her. There was no reason to lie when the truth was this good. With that thought, Elsa leaned in to kiss him. She almost missed the sound of her sister's voice.


Author's note: I wrote this at like 2 am so it is possible that it doesn't make a lot of sense. Also, I could not write a poem to save my life so I used one by Misty Iacobucci titled "Fear of Love".