I wrote this in March and April of 2018. This has multiple chapters, so it'll take me a bit to upload them all... Also the very last chapter of this won't be quite the same story, but it takes place in the same universe. So rather than post it separately, I might as well include it here. This is essentially a putting GX characters into Arc V story, but also, at the same time, there's a lot of focus into how Arc V turns people into cards, and how they might be turned back. I don't go much into the actual science itself, but it's discussed a lot. There is some dueling, though. While this mainly focuses on GX characters, there are a few Arc V characters here, too. I'll include at least some of the original author's notes where I can and feel they fit here. Starting below.

Hello! This has been a month long labor of inspiration and love, made longer in part by many, many real life commitments, but we are finally here and this is finally done and ready to post and I'm really glad! I really like Yugioh GX, I really like Yugioh Arc V, and I'm really glad I could combine them like this, into this final product. This was inspired a lot by my friend, without whom this probably wouldn't exist, and I'm eternally grateful that my friends are willing to put up with my shit, at least for now.

Some notes, before getting into it:

-everyone uses their dub names except for Serena/Celine, because I really like Serena and the change was unnecessary. she's only vaguely mentioned a few times anyway, i apologize if it gets confusing regardless.

-tag duels go vaguely by tcg rules rather than ocg rules (or, if you rather, not the usual rules in japan but the usual rules outside that area). i went over them and interpreted them to the best of my ability. there may be some inconsistencies and some inaccuracies on that. i apologize. dueling is a big part of this fic because this is well, arc v's fusion dimension, but it's not the main focus. if you see these possible inaccuracies, please quietly forgive me.

-not a lot of characters are using their actual anime decks. a lot of these are actually based off of, well, some decks i've been running/ran in duel links, so they aren't great. Jaden runs his anime (not including Neos nor Neo-Spacians) deck with some additions, Alexis is implied to run her anime deck, and arc v characters run their anime decks. anyone else is probably at least partially based off the anime but definitely some noticeable differences. (for example, not to say that Chazz definitely doesn't have the Ojamas, but you won't see him use them here.)

Something major was shifting in Duel Academy. It was obvious something was changing. But to an outside perspective, it was hard to say what that was, or how it was happening.

Seemingly overnight, Duel Academy changed from a school that helped its students become better duelists to a school that prepared its students for war.

The student body itself became very different, of course. Many prospective students changed their minds on attendance. The Academy began to attract some who had had no interest before, as well as repel some of the students who had been the most excited to attend.

("Well, shoot," Jesse mumbled. "I guess the real question is...can we trust Jaden? I mean, I'm surprised you're still here and well, honestly, if all that's true. If he just loses control...")

Something major was shifting in Duel Academy. It was obvious something was changing. But to an outside perspective, it was hard to say what that was, or how it was happening.

Seemingly overnight, Duel Academy changed from a school that helped its students become better duelists to a school that prepared its students for war.

This wasn't a horrible thing. No, it was a noble war, a great cause. The world everyone lived in had been split into four pieces; they weren't supposed to be apart, separate dimensions. The world was broken, sick, and Duel Academy was going to return it to the way it was supposed to be. Of course they would spearhead this change, since theirs was the most powerful of all the dimensions. And if the other dimensions didn't agree...that's why they had to be prepared for war. The others just didn't understand.

Duel Academy no longer just trained the mind, but the body and emotions as well. The curriculum was drastically altered, and the attitudes of staff and students changed with it. And at the front of it all was the main Professor, Leo Akaba.

The student body itself became very different, of course. Many prospective students changed their minds on attendance. The Academy began to attract some who had had no interest before, as well as repel some of the students who had been the most excited to attend. This was no matter, as long as everyone remained loyal to the cause. Direct participation didn't have to be mandatory.

Out of the expected crowd...

Some went to the Academy regardless. Aster Phoenix and Alexis Rhodes, of course. Zane Truesdale refused to be deterred. Chazz Princeton, at the insistence and demands of his family, attended as well. Not least of all, Axel Brodie was present.

Some stayed far away after this change. Zane refused to let his brother Syrus get involved, and Syrus had no arguments. Chumley Huffington opted out as quickly as possible. Jim Cook began to pursue his other interests instead. Jesse Anderson, never meeting the family he should have been destined to find, lost interest in dueling and the Academy altogether. Later, Jesse would become a not unsmall name in founding the resistance in the Fusion Dimension.

Others still, once in the Academy, soon left. Many of those in this crowd that were were in the first group found themselves defecting to the reistance at one point or another. Soon after Leo's rise to power, one Dr. Crowler found himself resigning from the school's staff. He had never signed up to teach students about all this. By this point, unfortunately, his famous Ancient Gear deck had become a staple of the school staff, and soon, it would be for the students as well.

But for some, the line between direct involvement and uninvolvement in Duel Academy couldn't be so clearly defined.

When Leo heard about a child whose dueling sent his opponents into comas, he had been intrigued. This was a child with lots of power, who could surely be trained to becomd one of the Fusion Dimension's greatest assets. So when the Professor located and recruited Serena and Yuri, he sought out this child, Jaden Yuki, as well. And so the three children began to learn as well as train.

Yuri and Serena excelled, as to be expected. And Jaden was great at first. But the school was taking a big toll on him, physically, mentally, emotionally. Soon, Leo was witness to Jaden's abilities and powers as the Supreme King, controlling and corrupting his usual nature. It was a darkness and power that rivaled Zarc's. And where Yuri was easy to keep in check and control as only a fourth of that monster, Jaden couldn't be used so easily. It was simply unsafe for allies and opponents alike.

With Jaden unusable and dangerous, Duel Academy couldn't afford to lose Jaden to the resistance. So instead he became something of an unofficial prisoner.

Though, perhaps that wasn't the best term for it. 'Prisoner' would imply that Jaden was in opposition to Duel Academy, and wasn't aligned with its goals. Jaden was simply too young and inexperienced to be able to really process it all. He didn't have any sort of opinion on that which he didn't understand. He stayed with Duel Academy, got a private area to himself (mostly), and no longer had to attend classes at all. He even was able to keep his duel disk, along with most of his cards.

It was a safety precaution more than anything. In that state, when the Supreme King's powers were loose, Jaden had very little control. That darkness had nearly lashed out and try to turn against the Academy once without any intent from Jaden to do so. The Academy was safer this way. And if some enemy were to invade and took a wrong turn, well, it'd work out all the better.

It was out of sight and out of mind, for Jaden and the Supreme King. Jaden was left to his own devices most of the time.

The worst damage, however, had already been done.

The Supreme King had been unleashed through extreme stress and pressure. And once it had been, it was hard to keep in check. Even with most of the original stressors removed, Jaden simply...wasn't himself much of the time. He became a being of corrupted darkness, a shell of his regular self. Isolation brought on its own stress, too, which didn't help matters. He was convinced he'd done something wrong, but wasn't sure what that was, or how to fix it.

This was the state Jaden Yuki was in when he reached the age of most of Duel Academy's freshmen.

This was the state Jaden Yuki was in when Bastion Misawa began to decide on his own future.

Bastion was a duelist more by hobby than anything. A good duel could be a good way to pass the time, and he enjoyed all the possible strategies the game afforded him. The strategies, the deck building, was almost more fun than the game itself. That's what he dueled for. He dueled for fun. Not for power, or war, or whatever the Duel Academy's Professor was after. So when the time came to consider enrolling at Duel Academy, Bastion had to pass it up.

His real passions were in science. Often, he liked to look into the sciences of dueling itself, especially duel energy. It was a combination of two of his favorite things, after all.

So Bastion threw himself into studying science. He bounced between a few different fields of science, doing well at all of them, not that there was any doubt. His main studies were in physics and chemistry, two of his best and favorite subjects within science. He picked up duel science more as a minor; it wasn't as big of a field, and jobs within it were harder to come by. It was more out of interest than anything. Still, in everything he did, colleagues and professors alike were impressed. He soared ahead in his classes, in his grades, and he was even set to graduate early. His name began to carry a bit of a reputation with it. By the time Bastion earned the two doctorates he pursued, he was fairly accomplished. He'd written a few published works that were gaining him more and more attention.

When Leo heard about this doctor who held a lot of fame for hos young age, he was impressed. When Leo learned about the doctor's interest in dueling science, he was interested.

When Leo read this doctor's paper on theories that humans could become duel monster cards, it changed everything.

This paper was far from the first theory Bastion had written about that he had no wish to see become a reality. He was well aware he was playing with fire, here. Once the theories were out, it was only a matter of time before attempts at implementing them were made. Yet, his morbid curiosity got the better of him. This particular paper had been inspired by a passing comment from one of his colleagues, the comment itself long forgotten by now. Someone else had insisted he publish the paper. He expected nothing to come out of it. It was a niche interest. The paper would go out, and he would return to the most recent project he'd found himself on: permanent pathways between dimensions.

It was a shock when Bastion learned his research into turning people into cards was being funded. Someone was interested in his duel theories after all.

His next paper was something of an atonement for the previous one: turning cards back into people, given the cards had been people once before. His funding continued. Somehow, he found himself delving deeper into the subject. He was writing equations, making hypotheses, researching specialized scenarios. If someone was turned into a card, then that card was ripped in half, could it still turn into a person again? He looked a bit into some technology aspects of it all as well. Yet, he never tried to make something that could accomplish all this, and put his science into actual science. How could he? What kind of person truly wanted that ability?

Before too long, he had an answer. Leo Akaba of Duel Academy. Bastion now knew the source of his funding, knew he'd basically been working for the Academy for awhile now. The Academy was looking to put his science into use, and they still wanted his help. They wanted him to actually implement all these findings.

With the illusion gone, this wasn't the only project put Bastion Misawa on. There was another project attempting to merge dimensions together, and he was to help on that one as well. That project had him feeling equally uneasy, and almost queasy. This was never what Bastion wanted. The only reason his name was on these projects now, that he was physically in the Academy itself, was because he was never really asked at any point if he wanted any part of this step. Bastion was almost at a loss of words for that. What was he supposed to do about it?

Leo Akaba was terrifying, one of the most terrifying people Bastion had ever been in the presence of. Bastion had a feelimg quitting wasn't an option, or at least not the best option. He stuck to the shadows, secetly sabotaging the projects he could never see come to life. If he was careful, maybe it could work out.

Still, Leo was one of the most terrifying people Bastion knew. Bastion was found out sooner than he anticipated. He was branded a traitor. And so Bastion was escorted to the holding area, Duel Academy's version of 'jail', to stop and control dissenters.

Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise Bastion was caught this early. He could imagine that later on, once the experiments were finished, he would have been turned into a card for his actions instead.

As he was escorted to the holding area, Leo gave him a tight-lipped smile.

"Acts of betrayal seem to be on the rise lately," he informed Bastion. "We no longer have the room to hold one person per cell. And your cell-mate, I think you'll find, is quite interesting."

"Are they now?" Bastion replied. "What makes you say that?"

"He holds a strong power. The boy is controlled by darkness," Leo answered. "He was once going to be one of the strongest weapons I had at my disposal. I daresay he might be more powerful than the evil I intend to fight against. But it turns out, not even I can control him. His loyalties still lie with us, the Academy, the Fusion Dimension. But his darkness caused him to lash out against us once, and I cannot afford for it to happen again. I won't bore you with the details now, though. You'll have plenty of time to get to know The Supreme King of darkness personally."

The slight tremble in Leo's voice, that he was trying to hide, was not unnoticed. Bastion frowned. This...Supreme King, was possibly more powerful than the 'Zarc' that Leo had mentioned before, on more than once occasion. And this definitely wasn't a bluff, either. Leo was scared of this person, whoever he was, and Leo never showed fear to anyone. Many people, Bastion included, assumed it was just impossible to make Leo scared of anything.

This Supreme King put fear into the unscareable, and Bastion was going to be staying in a tiny room with him, for who knew how long. Well, Bastion supposed he was getting what he deserved in Leo's perspective on this one. He probably wouldn't last a week.

A door into a tiny room was opened. There wasn't much; the room contained a set of bunk beds in the corner, a chair and a desk, another door off to the side that probably lead to some kind of bathroom. This room didn't look like it was intended to be part of some kind of prison. (Bastion had his doubts than any part of the school was meant to be that way, but things change.)

And in this room was where Bastion met the so-called Supreme King for the first time.

It was obvious this person had to be the Supreme King, given no one else was even there. He was about the same age as Bastion, dressed in the red Academy uniform. His messy brown hair stuck out in a few places; it was probably worse in the back, though Bastion couldn't see from where he stood. He looked up as the door opened, staring back and forth between Bastion and Leo. He frowned. He'd been laying in the bottom bunk, shoes still on his feet despite being both indoors and on a bed. He sat up. He'd been shuffling a deck of cards when the door opened, but now he paused. A duel disk was lying on the floor next to him. It was an older model, made by a company that was mostly out of business. Bastion had his doubts that Solid Vision existed on it.

The Supreme King still had his cards and a duel disk. Bastion's main deck (the others left at home) and his duel disk, the newest model available given to him by the Academy, had been taken from him the moment he'd been found out.

'His loyalties still lie with us.'

Damn, this didn't bode well.