Welcome everyone to a Harry Potter and Kamen Rider crossover. This is going to take place in an alternate version of reality. Two people will process magical Rider powers but will this be good or bad?

I don't own Kamen Rider, Harry Potter, Toei or any of their characters so I hope you enjoy it.


It was fifth year for the Golden Trio: Harry Potter, Ron Wealsey and Hermione Granger and they weren't looking forward to it as they heard the Ministry of Magic had sent one of their own to be the Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher.

"Dad said that this new teacher has a grudge against Harry," Ron told his friends as they headed to the Great Hall. "She thinks that he's lying about being the Chosen One or he survived You-Know-Who." Harry already hated the new teacher as she was calling him a liar but his anger faded away when he looked at the girl he had a huge crush: Hermione Jean Granger. Harry has had a huge crush on Hermione since second year but Harry never told her as he was afraid of losing Hermione.

"Harry, is everything alright?" Hermione asked which caught Harry off guard. He was just about to answer when he felt a headache come then the sound of a dragon roaring.

"What was that?" Harry mumbled so no one could hear him. He looked at Ron and Hermione just as Neville and Luna joined them. "Neville! Luna! It's great to see you two again!" Harry smiled then hugged both his friends and they returned the hug.

"Is everything okay, Harry?" Luna asked with a smile and Harry nodded. "It's just that your eyes are red and don't mean bloodshot." Luna told Harry then took out a small mirror from inside her bag, Harry then looked and noticed that his pupils were red!

"Bloody hell! Harry, go and see Madam Pomfrey!" Ron told him but Harry ran up the stairs and towards Dumbledore's office. "He's going the wrong way to the hospital wing!" Ron shouted as Luna and Neville ran after him while Hermione and Ron ran off to find either Madam Pomfrey or Professor McGonagall.


Harry was just outside the Headmaster's office when he collapsed whilst holding his chest, he was in pain for some reason and it had nothing to do with his scar this time. Down the hall, a dark figure saw Harry then ran over to him and helped him up. Harry was unconscious so he didn't know who the mystery person was, he did hear Dumbledore help Harry into the room but didn't hear the name of his helper.


After an hour, Harry woke up and found himself on a couch in Dumbledore's office. He looked next to him and saw the Headmaster along with Professor McGonagall, Ron and Hermione who looked worried.

"Harry, how are you feeling?" Dumbledore asked as Harry slowly sat up whilst holding his chest. The young man nodded as he looked at the Headmaster, he then realized that he wasn't wearing a shirt which surprised him. "Madam Pomfrey came and checked you over and found that…" Dumbledore froze which made Harry feel nervous. "The night when you and Tom fought, during the Triwizard Tournament, somehow created a creature inside you." Dumbledore explained which shocked Harry as he placed a hand on his chest.

"Harry, I did some research and that thing inside you could help," Harry turned around and looked at Hermione who was holding a book. "This creature, Drago, could help protect you from him. He's the most powerful magical creature. maybe even more powerful than him." Harry thought carefully then looked at Hermione and smiled.

"I trust you, Hermione." Harry smiled which made Hermione smile then she helped off the bed. Harry was about to put his shirt on when Dumbledore held on a silver object which had a black hand on with a gold outline of it.

"This is a magical belt which could help protect yourself and others from Tom and his followers." Dumbledore explained and Harry nodded as he accepted the belt but it attached itself to his trousers and changed into a normal belt buckle. "And there's theses: magic rings which work with the belt." Dumbledore explained which made both Harry and Hermione impressed then Hermione picked up a book next to the rings.

"Does this have everything to know about the rings?" Hermione asked the Headmaster as she was very curious. Dumbledore nodded so Harry and Hermione opened the door and started ringing the book. "Those orange rings are: Driver Ring, Connect Ring, Kick Strike Ring, Defend Ring and a DragoRise Ring!" Hermione exclaimed which made Harry smile then he looked at the four rings on the left: there was a red ring, blue ring, green ring and a yellow ring.

"And these rings are…" Harry paused as he and Hermione tried to find out what the other rings did. "Style Rings which contain different elemental powers: red is fire, blue is water, green is wind and yellow is earth." Harry read and both his and Hermione's eyes widened as they were even more impressed with Harry's new powers.

"Harry, be careful out there." Dumbledore warned and Harry nodded as he done up his shirt. "You three best get to the Great Hall to start the new year." Albus told the trio but instead of taking the door, Harry decided to test out of his new rings. He reached into his trouser pocket and took out the Connect Ring and placed it on his middle finger on his right hand.

"Time to see how good this is." Harry smiled as he held it up for Dumbledore to see. Harry then held his right hand over the belt buckle which caused a small red magic seal to appear over his belt buckle.

"Connect, Please!" The belt announced then a huge red magic seal appeared behind the trio. Harry nodded at Ron and Hermione then they walked through the seal, leaving Dumbledore smiling by his desk.

Great Hall:

Just outside the Great Hall, a red magic seal appeared and out stepped the Golden Trio. They walked towards the doors when Harry decided to remove the Connect Ring but forgot to remove the Flame Ring as they walked in and sat with Neville and Ginny.

"Harry, how are you feeling now?" Neville asked as Harry sat between him and Hermione while Ron sat next to Ginny on the other side of the table.

"Feeling a lot better, Neville." Harry smiled as Neville could see his friend's eyes were back to normal. Harry looked to his left to see Hermione drinking and for some reason, he smiled then he tapped Hermione on the arm. "Look at the Slytherin and watch Goyle." Harry whispered then he slowly slid the Connect Ring on his right hand and placed it over his belt.

"Connect, Please!" The belt read then Harry slid his hand into the red seal under the table. On the other end of the seal led to behind Goyle and without anyone noticing, Harry's hand gently grabbed Goyle's pants and yanked them hard then he quickly pulled his hand away. Everyone then watched the Slytherin table start arguing so Snape walked over to deal with the situation.

"Harry, that was cheeky of you." Hermione whispered then smiled which made Harry smile. They then turned and listened to Dumbledore speak while Harry was too busy thinking about Hermione then he was thinking about his new magic and what it could do.

Dark Arts:

Everyone had taken their seats and were waiting for the class to start. Harry was the last one to walk in as he had to talk to Dumbledore about his new magic: the Flame Rings along with the Water, Hurricane and Earth Rings were change Rings so he wasn't allowed to use them useless he was in trouble.

"Potter?" Harry looked behind him to see Draco walking towards him. "How are you feeling?" Draco asked which surprised Harry. "I was on my way to the Slytherin Common Room when I saw you on the floor so I took you to Dumbledore's office." Draco told him which surprised Harry then he looked down to see Draco holding his hand out. "Let's start over? A fresh slate for both of us." Draco suggested and Harry nodded, he then shook hands with Harry which made everyone's heads turn and whisper.

"Thank you, Draco." Harry thanked and Draco nodded. They then walked over to their desks: Draco took his seat next to Pansy Parkinson while Harry sat next to Hermione.

"What was that about?" Hermione whispered as she looked at Harry, he shrugged his shoulders then smiled.

"Draco was the one that helped me to Dumbledore's office." Harry whispered which surprised Hermione. "And he wants us to start over; be friends." Hermione couldn't believe what she was hearing then their conversation was cut short by the arrival of their new Dark Arts teacher: Dolores Umbridge from the Ministry Of Magic.

"Children, today we'll be getting you prepared for your O. ." Umbridge announced to her class which made all the students confused. They watched as Umbridge flicked her wand and several books were handed to them: they were titled "Dark Arts Defense: Basics For Beginners."

"There's nothing in this about using spells." Harry whispered to Hermione which confused the pair and everyone else in the room were wondering the same thing. Harry was about to raise his hand when he felt a pain in his chest again, he looked at Hermione and she nodded which meant one thing: his eyes were red again.

"What's wrong with Mister Potter?" Umbridge asked with a smile which angered Hermione. She stood up from her chair and looked directly at the teacher then looked at Harry.

"He's been feeling pains in his chest since we started term," Hermione told the teacher while Harry was trying to hide his eyes using his long fringe. "We need to take him to see Madam Pomfrey." Hermione told the Professor but she shook her head which angered everyone then they all got another surprise: Draco had gotten up then walked over to Harry and helped on to his feet.

"Mister Malfroy! What are you doing?" Umbridge screamed which scared everyone. Draco then helped Harry walk towards the door to the classroom but not before he turned around and looked at the teacher.

"Me and Potter may not get along but even I have the compassion to help him when he's in pain." Draco shouted then he helped Harry walk while Ron and Hermione grabbed their bags as well as Harry's and Draco's then ran off with them.

Dumbledore's office:

The teens had helped Harry to Dumbledore's office to see if the Headmaster could help. Harry was lying on the couch still in pain as he was sweating and moaning in pain while Hermione was sitting next to him, holding his hand.

"What's wrong with Harry?" Hermione asked the Headmaster who was looking through books to hopefully find an answer.

"Hermione…" Hermione looked down at Harry who was smiling at her. "Thank you… for always being by my side." Harry moaned then he felt a huge surge of energy through his body.

"Harry!" Ron shouted and before anyone could do anything, the four element rings floated around Harry and started glowing then Harry started to quiet down until he wasn't in any more pain. "Harry, are you okay?" Ron asked as Harry slowly sat up and looked down at the belt.

"I've never felt any better!" Harry exclaimed as he jumped up and looked at his hands as he was wearing the Driver Ring on his right hand and the Flame Ring on his left hand. "It's showtime." Harry smiled as he spun around to face everyone, Hermione noticed fire come off his robes but she was happy to see Harry up and smiling.


After everything that happened in Dumbledore's office and Umbridge's class, Harry was given a day off to recover. He was lying on the couch in the Gryffindor common room while looking at his left hand, he was looking at the Flame Ring and thinking about testing his new abilities.

"I was told NOT to use this power to joke about with. I wasn't told that I couldn't test them out." Harry whispered then he walked towards the entrance to the common room and left, he then headed towards the front courtyard as he wanted to try something out: he placed the Connect Ring on his right hand middle finger then hovered his hand over his belt.

"Connect, please!" A red portal opened then out rode a silver and gold bike a red gemstone just like the one on the Flame Ring.

"Let's take this for a spin!" Harry exclaimed as he climbed onto the bike and put on his helmet. He revved up the throttle then raced away as all four of his Element Rings started glowing. As Harry raced away from Hogwarts, he started thinking more about what he could with this new power and if it was enough to take down Voldemort.

This is the first chapter of my Harry Potter and Kamen Rider crossover. I've had this for ages and completely forgot about it then thought that there might be people that will like it. Hope you enjoyed it.

Did you like how I introduced Harry as Wizard? And this is a Harmione story too (hope that makes some Harmione shippers happy as I am one too). And before you ask, the transformation jingle will stay in Japanese as it makes more sense than it in English (plus it sounds far better than changing it).

Till next time!