Hi, I am Robin Hawk Carson.

Oh you know that Silver eyed, Auburn Haired, Most handsome boy? Yup, that's me.

I am a Child of the Hunt along with my twin sister Marion. You must be wondering, hey that's not possible! But kiddos it actually is. Our Mother is Artemis, and our dad, Harvey Carson.

Our dad was a demigod himself, a Child of Athena, as I have been told. And that, well it supposedly makes me and Mar, really strong demigods.

A pointer here- Never be that clever (WHOA RHYMING, Uncle Apollo was right, I am too cool!) to call Annabeth my aunty. She's stubborn that way.

Here is my profile

To make you smile

Because of such grace

I am going to keep it a small phrase.

NAME: Robin Hawk Carson

AGE: 14


BEST FRIEND: Percy Jackson


MY INSPIRATION: Annabeth Chase (Don't tell her that)

BRAVEST PERSON: Marion Luna Carson

CRUSH: Hey you made me blush! Don't be sad, you gonna know

SKILLS: Archery, changing of my hands, into any animal's hands, singing, poetry, I CAN DO ANYTHING, NAME IT!

Okay I have calmed down now.

So well, today Marion and I were gonna go with Percy, Thalia and Annabeth to take to demigods to the camp.

And well, this turned out to be the most regretful day of my life.