When I said that I was taking the deal; I at least hoped that it wouldn't be twisted. Boy was I wrong.

Now, Mom and Annabeth were still in the lair, locked up but it was better than lifting the weight of the sky.

On the other hand, I had a dagger pointed over my head wherever I was standing, walking, or even eating yeah. Four guards stood on the ground floor, above the floor, and on the sides when I went to the washroom. Luke was certainly rehearsed I would say. And yeah it was very embarrassing.

Task number 1

Luke and the other evil leader wanted me to lure Marion out here so that they could make her talk to other Monsters and other creatures with whom they could not communicate. Well, Luke was the one who discovered Marion's power so yeah he did know about it.

"I want to talk to Luke alone once," I told Atlas.

"It's fine lord."

Atlas went away to check on Annabeth and Artemis.

"Luke, you shouldn't bring Marion into this."

"I will do whatever I need to."

"Luke, I never liked you. Since the day I met you."

"You do realize that it is not a secret."

"But- Marion never disliked you. Never. She believes in you. She hated you for poisoning me. But she doesn't think you are a bad person."


"Just tell me this once Luke. Did you have feelings for Marion in real life?"

"I did."

"Luke, we'll defeat Atlas. You shouldn't give up on that."

"Do you know what I have been through Robin? My dad abandoned my Mom and me in a really bad state. He got my Mom mental. I was scared of my own mother. I lost my best friend. I killed monsters, I didn't know whatever they were then. It was like killing people. It haunted me every day. Did you ever lose sleep, Robin? I never slept."

"Luke, that's the thing I admire about you. But this act of yours is a disgrace to the brave Luke some part of me thinks of you as."

"I want Olympus to pay for all of the things it has. There is not only me who is going through that. Dozens of demigods have gone through it, Robin. Dozens. I may not be doing whatever you think is right. But I am not doing something wrong, believe me."

"Luke, I have been very lucky in my life, I know that. I can never complain about my past. You came stronger through it all Luke. You will come back the strongest this time."

"No. I will not hear more of it, Carson."

"Luke, don't do this to Mar."

"I would never let her be hurt."

"I know. It's not good for her, Luke. Talking to other creatures takes away her strength. Don't do this to her"

"I will ensure that she is safe and sound. And this is the end of this conversation."

"Are you just doing this to see her?" Luke turned

"Thalia is back, Luke. Marion is here, it's not a game. If you hurt either of my girls, I will ensure that I slit your mouth open and cut your tongue"

"I won't hurt them"

And then I had to think of a plan. Well, that was yeah what Marion dreamt. And I hoped real bad that Mar got my message.

That night, I saw Luke sitting beside a tree looking at his sword, Backbiter.

I approached him.

"Luke I am in your custody, for now, ask Brian to run away with his dagger now, it's giving me a headache."

Luke, fortunately, did that.

"Luke, how can I help you?"

"What do you mean?"

"How can I help you to take down Olympus"

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