Supernatural : The light brought her By Princess of the Fae(V.M) Chapter 2.

"She's waiting for me , why?" ask Dean as he walk toward the bed containing the sleeping woman. " It's her soul Dean it's calling out to you, she is your soul mate."answered Cas looking at Dean's shocked expression. " How do you know?" asked Sam looking just as shocked. " It's something I learn from a cupid , each soul has a mark that only matches with the same mark her's matches yours Dean." answered Cas. " How do we wake her then , don't tell me I have to kiss her?" asked Dean

"Kiss me , soul mate?"Veronica thought as her heart speed up. " Don't be silly all you have to do hold her hand." answered Cas.

Dean walk up to the bed and held her hand, just as he thought it wasn't going to work her hand squeezed his hand back and opened her eyes (which were brown). "How did I get here?" Said Veronica who was still holding Dean's hand. " what do you remember?" asked Sam " I was coming home from a walk, then there was a light then I woke up here My Names Veronica Macfarlane by the way.". Answered Veronica as Dean let go of her hand. "I'm Sam , this is my Brother Dean and our friend Castiel." said Sam

" I know, I'm in the Men of letters bunker." Said Veronica

"How do you know us?" asked Cas "Remember when you and Dean were sent to a world where your lives are a TV show , well I'm from a world just like that one. " answered Veronica feeling a little bit nervous that they might not believe her. "Okay say we believe you can you proof it?" Asked white knuckling it while humming a Metallic song, you love pie, fried food, Asian porn and your car Baby. You also you have a crush on a Daphne From Scoobi doo. " answered Veronica as Dean blushed.

"Really Dean." Sam said with a laugh. "Shut up Sam."said Dean still blushing. Veronica laughed looking at Dean , when she noticed the Mark on Dean's arm. " What Year is it? " asked Veronica

" 2010 why? asked Dean who saw her looking at his arm . " It's 2020 where I'm from." answered Veronica. " That's the mark of Cain and I know how to remove it." Said Veronica " What ?!" asked Sam

" There is a book of spells called " The Book of the Dammed" it needs a powerful witch to perform the spell , But it is in the hands of a dangerous family the Stynes in Shorefront Lousina. "said Veronica " I'll go look them up." said Sam heading to the library .

" Did you go after Metatron yet Dean?" asked Veronica " No " answered Dean. " Good don't" said Veronica. " Why?" asked Cas " Because Crowley lied to you he is a demon after all , if Dean dies he becomes a demon." answered Veronica sadly. Dean and Cas were speechless. " Think about it having a Winchester under his control would make anyone under him fear him more."said Veronica

All Dean could said was" SON OF A BITCH!" and stromed off. Cas helped Veronica off thje bed and told her that her stuff was in a room here. To that all she could think was "What?"

" Let me show you the way. " said Cas as they went down the hall to a room marked 6.