The villagers were overjoyed to get a closer look at the disks.

"You're power rangers!" They said. "We'll call the Viceroy here, he'll send you to the historians corps!" so the viceroy was called, and Luke, Han, And Leia waited. There was plenty to do though. The Corp of Ranger History had a charter in the village. Two historians arrived within an hour to interview the three and look at the morphers. "I've never seen a morpher like this before." One said. "I don't think there's ever been morphers like these before." Said the second. Luke, Han, and Leia just looked at each other. They didn't know what these people were talking about.

Around mid-day, the provincial viceroy -Zacton- arrived to meet with Luke, Han, and Leia. A feast was prepared and the four sat down over it to discuss the situation. "You have no idea the honor you have bestowed upon this place." The viceroy said. "Your presence is sacred to this people."

'The Emperor has asked for a private audience?' Bail knew that couldn't be good.

Emperor Palpatine rarely asked to meet anyone in private since the end of the Clone Wars. Bail quickly recomposed himself before entering. The emperor was seated with his back turned when Bail entered. "Senator Organa." The emperor turned his chair to face Bail. "Please, sit. We've much to discuss on the topic of your daughter's disappearance." Bail inwardly cringed but complied. "All the Imperial Outposts are on high alert; I have over a thousand of my best pilots on alert." Palpatine smiled wickedly. "Don't worry, we'll find her."

Senator Organa had to swallow the rising sentiments of anger. Instead, he replied pleasantly. "Thank you, Emperor. I have placed much confidence in the precision of your storm troopers. I'm sure they'll find her."

Quira was starting to worry.

The moles placed on Corellia had not reported back on Han Solo's whereabouts for several weeks. Solo was the lunch pin in her plans. Maul would not be pleased to hear of this. She would have to comm him eventually. Meanwhile, the wheels in her head spun rapidly, working to amend her plans, calculate the cost, figure out how much of a set back this would end up being. Her preliminary assessments showed the situation to be a costly loss. Then, an idea came to her. How could she have missed it the first time? It was brilliant if she did say so herself.

She would have to find Solo. And if Maul objected, well she'd just go find him herself. So what if Maul dissented? She was a lynch pin in his own plans, just as Solo was the lynch pin in her own. If he wanted her, he'd just have to wait.

Ben Kenobi kneeled back in a meditation position for his Jedi days. He had a call to make.

He slowly and carefully keyed in all the digits and waited patiently for the line to pick up, for someone on the other side of the call to respond. With a low click and an automated whir, the holo-projector came fully to life, and in front of him in miniature likeness were two people he had not seen in many years. Ashoka Tano and Captain Rex, two comrades from the time of the Clone War. "Master," Ashoka 'So grown up, and regal' Kenobi thought. "It's been a while. Why have you called? Are you alright?"

Kenobi sighed. "Luke is gone." Both Rex and Ashoka were shocked, but in a muted way. Of the two, Rex was most shocked, not even knowing who Luke was. Ashoka vaguely knew and frowned. "That is not all. Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan is also missing."

After the Viceroy left, Luke, Han, and Leia were given a change of clothes.

No one truly appreciated the color coding. Luke had been given a red shirt and khaki colored pants with knee high, slim black boots. Leia had been give then same fatigues but with a yellow shirt, and Han received a blue shirt with his. Han grumbled the most, but all three were silently grateful they didn't have to go traipsing around in their soiled, sweaty night cloths. If they were honest, none of them had expected to be running around a tropical jungle planet in their pj's. Leia had even said something about how she could 'work with it.'

Shortly there after a small convoy of vehicles arrived to take the three "Rangers" as they had been called to meet with the Director of the Corp of Ranger History. So, the three went, though hesitantly. Han especially didn't trust them yet, and neither did Leia, they'd seen too much.