The first appearance of the "Primary Colored StormTroopers" was on Dantooine. The three people, one in red, blue, and yellow, appeared, aided a farmer who was being attacked, then disappeared as suddenly as they had disappeared.

Sidious was having a field day trying to figure out who these people were. Obviously, beings, sentient ones at that. And probably human. They had a human build to them. One of them looked female, but he wasn't sure.

This was going to be hell on wheels. Sidious, however, was not aware of that fact just then. He simply alerted a couple of Inquisitors and told them to be on the lookout for suspicious multi colored pesks.

Old Ben Kenobi didn't like what he was seeing. There was a bounty of about 10,000 credits out on three Colorful Stormtroopers. He assumed they were some sort of special stormtrooper force that went rouge, and continued on with his day.

Once he got home from his errands, he started a light meditation. That turned into a deep meditation and then that turned into a deep, day long meditation session that only ended after he nearly had a heart attack in the middle of that meditation.

The force was absolutely screaming about those three people. He had a name for them, he didn't know how, but he had a name for them. Rangers. Power Rangers. Either way, the force was screaming and he wasn't sure that was such a good thing.

Bail Organa and Mon Mothma have no idea where these three color people came from, but they were beyond grateful. They weren't exactly sure if they'd known what they were doing, but those three people had freed several captured rebel spies.

Had said spies spilled their guts, the rebellion would have been done for. Toast. Fin. Adios. Gone. Destroyed. Now, the spies had been freed, returned, and isolated, to avoid them being found again.

Mon and Bail both sat in silence for a long time, trying to put into words exactly what they needed to do. They needed to find these troopers. They needed to figure out what their endgame was. They needed to get them on their side.

Half a galaxy away, Quira was thinking the same thing. She'd run the plan by some of the other Crimson Dawn higher ups. They'd liked it alright, but she still had to convince Maul that it was a plan worth investing in.

"We approach them, recruit them, and get them to work for us." She said, her eyes glued to the holocam. "We both have a common enemy. We should be able to convince them that we are in the right and that they will be helping the galaxy by helping us."

Maul asked what would happen if they didn't agree. "We force them." Quira said. "They must have family, friends, something that makes them tick. We find that and turn it on them. And if they don't come then… we can dispose of them. Then no one else can have them."

Luke was still riding the adrenaline rush two days later. His skin buzzed with the energy, he couldn't calm down. Their ship seemed too tiny for him. It was too cramped. He had to get out there and take down some more troopers.

Han was liking being in control of his own destiny again. He was at the stick, his feet propped against the control panel. Leia sat next to him, chatting up a storm about their attack on the Imperial outpost. He liked the kid.

Leia had never felt more alive. Finally, she could actually do something, instead of sitting around in a stuffy senate pod, she could go out and fight for what she knew needed to get done. Their work was only beginning. She would route the imperials if it killed her.