Summary- Harry after the war thought he would finally get his happy ever after that he had been fighting for. Only to find out that, that really didn't seem to be in the cards for him. At least not in the wizarding world that is. What happens when Harry finds himself running into a certain old Mirror and finds himself being pulled into the Twisted Wonderland? Will he find his happily ever after there? This is a Harry Potter/ Disney Twisted Wonderland crossover.

Disclaimer- I do not own Harry Potter or Disney twisted wonderland nor do I make any profit off of either one of them.

A.N- This is another one of my stories that has heavily been inspired by chu1luc. Who is an amazing writer and has several brilliant stories both on Wattpad and more recently one AO3.

Chapter Three

Harry honestly felt like just ripping his hair out and start screaming at the top of his lungs. If only to help get the current feeling he was feeling out of him. All because what had been and still was playing out in front of him. Worse yet despite the fact that Harry was sure he was only mere seconds from literally collapsing on his feet, he still hadn't managed to get it any sleep.

This was because Crowley, who Harry was starting to get the feeling was going to be a headache inducing Headmaster on a similar but completely different way that Dumbledore had been, was rambling on. On what Harry wasn't completely listening to, only really taking in the key points that he could hear being said. As that was all he really could bring himself to do at the moment.

Though honestly the Headmaster in question was lucky Harry could even do that, considering how Harry was sure his mind was about to shut down from just how drained he was. Hell, Harry felt he was now experiencing the world through an almost cotton like fog.

But what he had managed to boil down of what the Headmaster was saying, and what he was almost automatically responding to, was that one the headmaster was impressed with what Harry had done with the former broken down Dorm.

But after that it went downhill, or in Harry's opinion it did. As after mentioning that Crowley had brought full attention to the fact that Grim was in the dorm. The headmaster had automatically assumed that Harry had decided to make the creature in question his Familiar and no matter how much Grim or him tried to protest this the Headmaster didn't seem to hear it.

Though Harry did note with some irritation that Grim seemed to stop protesting it so much when he realized by agreeing with what the Headmaster was saying meant that he got to stay in the school.

Which Harry, after seeing the pleading look Grim shot at him, he too stopped protesting the fact that Grim was now his familiar. And if it was because he had a soft spot for most animals well no one but him would know that anyway.

However, it seemed that by not protesting it Harry had somehow agreed to housing Grim, paying for his food, and having to be the one who supervise the creature as well. Something that had Harry inwardly groaning as he got the very strong feeling that Grim was going to be someone who was going to cause him a lor of trouble in the future.

But at the moment Harry couldn't exactly bring himself to care as he just agreed. Which was how Harry found himself not only the caretaker of Grim, who was apparently okay with posing as Harry's familiar as long as he got to stay in the collage, but also somehow becoming the perfect of the Ramshackle dorm.

Again, something that Harry knew when he was no longer in the utter exhausted state, he was currently in he would be cursing about. Just like he would several other things that were happening and that he apparently agreed to when all he wanted to do was finally get some sleep.

But for now, he didn't care, all he wanted to do was finally just pass out. Something the Headmaster seemed to finally notice as he gave them a cheerful sound goodbye before leaving. Harry seeing this looked toward Grim and in a tone that said don't argue managed to mutter out.

"Like I said earlier go find a room to call your own. Stay out of mine, we'll go over everything when I don't feel like my body is seconds from collapsing on me."

Harry after saying this and seeing the fact that Grim seemed to take this as a hint to go in the opposite direction. Finally went up the stairs into where the bedrooms were. At the same time, he only had the strength to almost literally drag himself to his room and throw himself down on the bed he had fixed and shifted earlier. Honestly, when he looked back on it, Harry wasn't completely sure he wasn't asleep before he hit the bed.

Reluctantly Harry found himself being woken up, this time by the screams of Grim, apparently it was now morning. Meaning the first day of school was starting, meaning that despite how much he didn't want to Harry had to drag his now protesting still exhausted body out of the warm cocoon that was his bed.

Truthfully, Harry wasn't sure he could do that, as just as he had thought earlier, the day before, his body was protesting worse than it had been before he had gone to sleep; something Harry hadn't been sure was possible before now. Why was the second day always worse than the first?

Harry as he thought this couldn't help but ask himself, was skipping the first day that bad a thing? Would he really be missing that much? Apparently, it was because Harry soon found the Ghost form before as well as Grim outside his door screaming. No, no way he'd be able to get back to sleep.

Or at least that is what Harry was thinking before everything that had happened made its way through his fog filed mind and he realized that there was a lot of things he wanted to at least get started before he had to once more go to class.

Something Harry had honestly thought he had been done with. But he guessed the Mirror that pulled him to this place in the first place didn't think so. At the same time, he was now rather curious as to what type of magic this place had.

Would it be the same as what he had learned in Hogwarts or was it more advance? Considering this place was supposed to be a collage of some sort he figured it had to be more advance. Or at least completely different from what he had been learning before.

More so consider for the last year or so Harry really hadn't been learning any magic that wasn't fit for being used in war after all. Well, that at quite a bit on healing others, something Harry had done on the side and unknown to anyone else.

As his thoughts back then had been that he wasn't going to let anyone that he considered his be hurt if he could help it. Which considering what had happened shortly after the war, made all those lessons, as well as the blood and sweat he had poured into said lesson, become pretty much a waste; as he no longer had anyone that was his.

Something that made his Animagus, which like Harry noted last night before the instincts were stronger than ever even in what was supposed to be his human form, whimper slightly at both the betray as well as the loss.

This reminded Harry about the fact that he really needed to see what else had changed, and he needed to really do it before anything else could surprise him. Not only that but as he thought about it, Harry knew that he also still needed to unpack, and change into some cleaner clothes while he was at it.

Clothes that weren't either covered in his own blood or grim or weren't then entrance welcome robe. Which now that he thought about, he also needed to spell clean from any of the blood that may have gotten on it as well. Not to mention he would also need to clean the bed he was in as he had fallen asleep still wearing the clothes, he had been wearing the night before; was still wearing for that matter.

Thinking on this, Harry winced he really hadn't been asleep that long, and he wasn't sure if his magic had been able to recover enough for all the spells he was now wanting to do. Or at least this is what he was feeling, until Harry realized that the state of his magic was oddly enough a lot fuller than it would have been otherwise.

Making Harry wonder if it was perhaps something that had changed about him like his hair or if not that, as his mind recalled what had happened when he had been repairing the dorm he was in, if he was in a highly magical started place similar to Hogwarts and that had helped his magic recover more than it was. Oddly enough Harry got the feeling it was a mix of the two options.

Sighing at this, Harry decided to take his mind off of that for now, or at least until he could get more answers, and instead start with some of the things he had been wanting to do the night before. Starting first with burning his old robes as they had been completely soaked in his own blood, both old as well as new and were in a bad enough state that there was no point in trying to spell them clean.

Next, he Magically cleaned the welcoming robes he had been wearing. Before doing the same to the bed he had been laying in. As neither one of them was in a bad enough state that they actually needed to be burned to get rid of the blood on them.

After doing this and feeling a bit better that the robes were taken care of, Harry brought out a pair of old pants and grey shirt before throwing them on. So, he actually had some clothes on before doing a quick spell to see just what time it was, and how long he had before he had to go to his class. Only to bit back a grown when he saw that he still had over two hours before school actually started. He could have seriously gotten more sleep like he really needed.

Gritting his teeth and knowing that he wouldn't be able to go back to sleep, even if he wanted to, Harry decided that he was going to do more of the stuff he wanted to done yesterday. Besides, he also needed to clean up, get some food in him, check the state of his injuries and get some real clothes on as well. So, it'd be best to get started, after all with everything he wanted to get done Harry got the feeling these two hours would fly past faster than he thought they would.

That in mind Harry decided that first he was going to find out just what had changed about him, as well as find out if the injuries were as bad as he feared they maybe. At the same time, he knew to do that he needed to get in front of a Mirror. Luckily Harry knew there was on in his room, something that would also give Harry a lot more privacy than he would have gotten otherwise.

That in mind, Harry took off the long grey shirt he had put on to cover himself and began to examine his own reflections. Starting with the first change he had noticed and moving on from there. After all the bright snow-white hair really was attention grabbing when you considered Harry had a black hair mixed with dark red highlights before.

As he did this Harry noticed that his hair really did look like his Animagus forms fur, if only longer as it did fall below shoulder length. As he thought this and as he ran his fingers through his hair Harry couldn't help but think of his Animagus form in more detail.

His form was that of an artic Kitsune. He was currently a five tailed kitsune who form could change depending on the situation he was in. He had a small form that looked utterly harmless and was no bigger than a kitten. It was a form that was good for being underestimated as well as sneaking into places despite the color of his fur.

Then there was his true Animagus form the one that was larger than a horse and was a five tailed foxlike form that looked deadly yet beautiful at the same time. Harry could honestly say he loved his form and everything that came with it. As he was thinking on this Harry continued to stare into the mirror in front of him.

Only to jump back from said mirror when his reflection changed right in front of him. As while he was thinking on his Animagus form, but not trying to actually change into it, Harry found that the ears and tails of said from had appeared on his human from.

Only to quickly disappear when Harry thought they shouldn't be there. Seeing this Harry blinked for a bit and thought of them reappearing and sure enough they did. Then the same thing happened when he wished for them to disappear.

Seeing this Harry swore he would never show anyone what he could now apparently do, as he didn't want to see their reactions to the multiple tails. Even though he did recall the lion eared and tailed teen he had talked to briefly earlier; Leona if Harry remembered correctly.

Thinking on this Harry couldn't help but wonder if this Leona had been able to tell if Harry's scent had changed to be more like a fox or Kitsune? For that matter Harry had been sure that Leona had smelled the blood on Harry, so he wondered just what else he had smelled on top of that.

Or Harry was thinking on this for a moment before decided that right now that didn't really matter as it had already happened and there wasn't much, he could do about it. He needed to focus one what he could do, and one of those was find out if he could now use his more kitsune like magic easier in his human form because Harry really loved those ice powers. Or maybe even call his claws out while still in his human form, he could call out the ears and tails, he even had the more animalistic instincts, so why not the claws as well?

Harry thinking on this, decided that he is going to try and test this out to see if he could freely call on his Animagus forms magic while still in human form; something he hadn't been able to full do before. Though on the more basics as he knew there was a lot he still needed to do.

That in mind Harry recalled out his ears and tails before focusing on his hand where he could see the nails sharping and reaching into a point. Not only that he could see a bit of frost building up in his now clawed hand letting Harry know that yes not only could he get claws in his human form, but he could also call on his ice magic. And he could call on that ice magic really easily at that.

As he did this, Harry found himself once more looking at his full reflection and had to sit back a bit of a wince. Mainly because currently, he was looking, even with the now half heal injuries he could see on his chest back and side, like what he had heard a lot of people thought Kitsunes looked like in stories.

Or at least what people thought their human forms looked like. Hell, if Harry remembered correctly from what he had heard from some of the Muggleborn in Hogwarts Harry currently really looked like how an Anime kitsune looked. And considering the squeals and shrieks that earned Harry felt the foxlike ears go flat on his head. Yeah, he was going to make sure no one saw this. If only to avoid the hands he knew would try to grab either his five fluffy tails or his ears.

That in mind Harry called back all the more animal like features he had called up and sighed slightly when he found that no matter how hard he tried he couldn't get the white hair he now had to turn back to what it had been. It stubbornly remained pure snow white and fell softly like silk below his shoulders, with the only good thing about it currently in Harry's mind being while it still looked wild it was at least a controllable wild instead of the bird nest it had been before.

Trying to get his mind off of this, Harry decided that he currently found enough about his self and he could see that the injuries he had were a lot better and weren't likely going to reopen anytime soon. As they were all over halfway healed and while he may get slight aches and pains from them it, they wouldn't be bad enough he couldn't ignore them.

Seeing this Harry decided he was going to do something to get his mind off what he had just found out. He was going to make some breakfast, for himself and Grimm; who Harry could now hear clearer than ever complaining downstairs. As apparently the ghost weren't letting him go back to sleep.

Hearing this, Harry gave a slight snigger thinking that if he couldn't sleep, as Grim himself had been the one to wake him up with his screaming, that it was good Grim couldn't sleep either. Say what you will, but exhaustion often made Harry rather spiteful at times.

Something that really showed a bit when Harry once he was downstairs and could see Grimm a bit better the first thing out of his mouth was.

"I have to apologize; you are right you aren't a flaming racoon. No, now that I get a better look at you, you really look like a cat."

This earned Harry some laughs from the ghost who had been flying around Grim before they disappeared. Grimm seeing this and hearing what Harry had just said turned to face Harry before shouting out.

"I am not a cat, or any kind of pet! I am the Great Grim!" before launching himself at Harry managing to land in his arms and calming down when Harry actually petted him once he was in his arms; contradicting what he had just said. Something that was even further contradicted when Harry now in a calmer mood told Grim.

"Well, you might think you are the great Grimm, but considering what you did yesterday you're going to have to keep playing my familiar if you want to continue to stay here. But don't worry I'll make sure your taken care of. Plenty of food and such, besides it's better than being here along either way."

What Harry didn't say was that he was rather happy Grim was here as it meant that he could question Grim more about this place, this school, and of course about Grim himself. No instead Harry placed a rather quite Grimm down and began to make some breakfast; using some of the food he had stored on him to do so.

Humming slightly and enjoying to cooking he was currently doing Harry decided to make some omelets as it was an easy meal to make; while still being filling. Not to mention it was something that didn't take long to make.

Sure, enough a couple of minutes later everything was done, and Harry was able to set two plates full of omelet in front of where he was going to sit and in front of Grim as well. Noting with some happiness how much Grim seemed to enjoy the omelet he had made after he had done so. Before settling down to ear his own breakfast.

After he had eaten all his food, Harry looked over to a nearby clock and noticed how the time had really seemed to fly by. Seeing this, Harry decided it was time to start getting ready for school, starting with taking a shower before getting dressed. This in mind Harry began to head up the stairs while reminding Grimm.

"Remember Grim when we leave here, you're supposed to act like you're my familiar so you're going to have to behave." That said ignoring the grumbling Grimm was doing he went of get read what was going to be his first day of school; yet again.

Harry, with ten minutes before his classes were about to start, came down the stairs ready to leave. He was clean, the injuries that he had were bandaged beneath his clothes as a just in case. He was wearing a pair of nice black jeans as well as a button up emerald green shirt with the sleeves rolled up, he had pulled his hair into a low ponytail and the bag he had before was transfigured into another large bag to use as his backpack.

Then with a sigh, Harry quickly picked up Grimm and began to walk over to where the school was; wondering just what he was really walking into as he did so. As he got the feeling this school was going to somehow be similar but totally different then Hogwarts had been and Hogwarts, despite what it had bragged, hadn't really been that peaceful of a school to begin with.

Harry reached what he assumed was the great hall and he sees the seven statues that were in it. Seeing these and feeling Grim start to struggle from within his arms, obviously wanted to be put down, Harry did just that. Before he went over to exam the statues in question, all of which looked oddly familiar giving Harry the feeling if he had a more normal childhood, he would know just who they were.

Instead, Harry decided to read the pledge that were under them to get the answers he wanted. Not really noticing the fact that a certain red hair had appeared nearby and was talking to Grim as he did so.

The first one Harry decided to look at was an angry larger looking woman who seemed to really like hearts and reminding Harry oddly of his uncle at the same time. The pledge below her read: Founded on the severity of the Queen of Hearts, Heartslabyul.

Next was the one that looked like a lion on top of what looked like a cliff of rocks. This one read: Founded on the stubbornness of the King of Beasts, Savanaclaw.

After that was one of what Harry figured was a larger mermaid with the end of an octopus instead of the tails they usually had. This one read: Founded on the mercy of the Sea Witch, Octavinelle.

Next was a sorcerer of some sort that was dressed similarly to some of the wizards Harry had seen working with Bill; or at least Harry had thought it was he wasn't completely sure. But the pledge still read: Founded on the careful planning of the Sorcerer of the Sand, Scarabia.

Next was a very lovely woman who had a rather cold look even in her statute state, and somehow sent a chill down Harry's spine because of this. She Pledge read: Founded on the strenuous efforts of the Beautiful Queen, Pomefiore.

After that there were only two remaining the one Harry read next was a statue of a tall rather inhuman looking man with hair that looked like flames. His pledge read: Founded on the perseverance of the King of the Underworld, Ignihyde.

And then lastly was someone Harry felt he could almost recognize, and was oddly reminded of a dragon, perhaps because of the horns the rather lovely woman had on her head? Still this pledge read: Founded on the elegance of the Witch of Thorns, Diasomnia.

Seeing all of these Harry could see that these statutes were the founders of the dorms like how Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, and Ravenclaw had been the founders of his school. They had to be important, and he was still rather curious over the fact he felt like he should really know who they were.

Suddenly Harry's attention was brought back to Grim, and the red-haired teen that had been talking to him when Grimm seemed to lose his temper with something the other teen had said before launching a fire ball at him. Seeing this and seeing the fight that broke out soon after Harry felt his eyebrow start to twitch.

A twitch that got even worse when he noticed both fighters weren't caring were their attacks really landed. Something that showed when one of Grimm's fire balls had been redirected to nearly hit him.

Having enough and getting the feeling that neither one was going to stop if her tried to break them up with words, Harry decided that honestly the two needed too cool off a little.

That in mind Harry called up his magic and let loose a freezing attack. One that literally froze the two in place; quite literally making almost ice sculptures of the two. Just in time to as Harry noticed that the fire attack, he had just snuffed out with his ice, had nearly hit the Heartslabyul statue.

Something Harry was sure wouldn't have gone over well with the Headmaster. Seeing as the Headmaster had appeared just after Harry had done this and had seen just where the fire ball had been about to hit before it had been stopped. Knowing this Harry waited for Crowley's reaction and sure enough not seconds after he had unleashed his magic Harry heard out the Headmaster scream out.

"What is going on here!?"