After Nash had sacrificed himself and Barry got his speed back his focus was now all on getting his sister, friend, and former boss out of the MirrorVerse. Barry who has delt with so much loss since becoming The Flash had to add another uniform once again to the Star Labs memorial. Barry just looked upon Nash's memorial and felt so much guilt that someone once again sacrificed their life for him Eddie, Ronnie, HR and now Nash it just really got to him. Joe noticed and tried to give him some words of encouragement.

Joe - "Barr, I know what you're doing. Don't blame yourself.

Barry – "My emotions seem to be my enemies' greatest weapon. How man I suppose to be a hero when the people I care most about end up hurt or worse?

Joe – Best thing I can tell you son is have faith. Have I ever been wrong?

Barry smiles and shakes his head as everyone but him leaves the memorial site to get to work on a portal to the MirrorVerse.

Barry walks into the cortex after getting off the phone with Carla his mother-in-law she had told him that Cait was returning to Central City. Barry was so happy that not only was he getting the love of his life back but also his partner out in the field, Frost. Barry noticed a couple of weird looking pillars and a confused Cisco; he walks over and puts a hand on his shoulder.

Barry – Hey man, what is this? Is this supposed to open a portal to the MirrorVerse?

Cisco – "Yeah, big emphasizes on the supposed to. I thought I could use Atlantean Tech to tackle the perpetual motion, one of sciences greatest problems, but guess what I found waiting for me?" Cisco tried to turn on the portal, but it doesn't do anything. "more problems. This thing's a dud and I don't know what to do. I lost my friend. My girlfriend is trapped in another dimension, and nothing my brain comes up with seems to get me closer to saving her."

Barry understands what Cisco is saying, he went over to him and put a hand on his shoulder trying to comfort him.

Barry – "I promise you; we will get them all back. Kamilla, Iris, Singh. The universe is with us I can feel it."

Cisco – "Yeah, Okay. Refocusing. So, Chester's away at Grandma Runk's, but luck for us, he's been science-ing in between bingo rounds, and he seems to think there are two problems we need to solve if we want to open our portal. Problem 1"

Before he could say another word Barry had a vision of everything Cisco was going to write and say. Then suddenly it was like it never happened, but Barry knew the answer.

Barry – "You haven't found the method to reconfiguring the molecular stability of the dimensional barrier that damages organic matter."

Cisco's jaw dropped almost to the floor, he thought to himself "how could he know that I didn't even start mt sentence yet, did he already talk to Chester or something."

Cisco – "Yeah. Yeah, that's right. How did you know that?

Barry who looked as confused as Cisco said "I saw you write it.

Cisco – "No, you didn't"

Barry – "I thought I did."

Cisco – "I was about to. But you guessed right. Eva used Ramsey's blood to tackle the problem and open her portal. Unfortunately for us, without a replacement for Ramsey's evil sentient goo, we're kind of up a creek. With that we move on to problem two."

Once again before he could speak or write Barry saw the problem like a vision. He didn't understand what was happening but didn't question it.

Barry – "Quantum entanglement from reversed Higgs boson particles disrupts the geospatial algorithm, preventing us from locating people in the MirrorVerse, meaning we having to know Kamilla, Singh, and Iris's location in order to pull them out."

(Author's note: I was so confused when writing this part lol I had to look over the script to make sure I spelled everything correctly.)

Cisco once again couldn't believe what he was hearing, Barry again was able to understand the problem before he could do anything. He was speechless.

Cisco – "You freaky."

Allegra ran into the cortex with Iris's laptop almost out of breath.

Allegra – "I know where they'll be. Iris sent a message to Kamilla and Singh in the MirrorVerse telling them to meet in the Speed Lab tonight. Don't ask me how I got it, cause I have to idea."

Barry now for the third time without needing to think was able to answer Allegra's question.

Barry – "Iris's neural pathways have likely achieved an equilibrium with harmonic frequency contained within the fractalized dimensional plane."

(Author's Note: Once again my brain hurts so much after reading this lol)

Allegra had no idea what Barry was talking about looking over to Cisco trying to maybe understand what he was saying. Cisco looked over to her and back to Barry and said. "He Freaky."

Cisco wanted to understand why Barry was suddenly able to think so fast. He and Allegra took Barry to the Speed Lab and hooked up the device they used on Julian to talk to Savitar. Cisco couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Allegra – "So he's, what, a genius now?"

Cisco – "No, I'm a genius. My guys on a whole other level. His neurons are firing at super speed. Synaptic connections are off the charts. The quantum computers can't keep up processing his results.

Barry – "The Artificial Speed Force."

Cisco – "The Artificial Fracking Speed Force. It didn't just five you your old powers back, it gave you a new one. Enhanced cognition by the way of a Speed Force booster shot!"

Allegra looked more confused than ever! Cisco noticed this and put it into simpler terms.

Cisco – "Barry can think fast now."

Allegra – "Cool, how fast?"

Cisco – "Let's find out, shall we? Lady and gentleman, this is a Quantum Ball. Trademark pending. Ever heard of it? Of course, you haven't, but you will. Mark my words, one day, Quantum Ball, trademark pending, will be the world's next great sporting event. You see, this little sphere amplifies kinetic energy, firing in directions that can only be described as "unpredictable," but not for you. Your enhanced cognition should let you analyze ever variable in every scenario. And predict the unpredictable. Barry Allen. Places, please. Call it.

Allegra wanted to make sure he couldn't cheat.

Allegra – "Eh, no cheating. Turn around."

Cisco asked Barry if he was ready and after closing his eyes, he called it out and Cisco threw the ball.

Barry – "Wall, lamp, pipe, conduit, duck. Now!

Barry then caught the Quantum Ball and realized something.

Barry – "I have speed thinking. I know how to open a portal to the MirrorVerse."

He heads back up to the Cortex with Allegra and Cisco right on his heels. Very confused Allegra asked, "Uh What?" then Cisco added "Yes please repeat that, for Allegra." Allegra gave him a WTF look. Barry noticing their confusing speed wrote on the board and tried to explain it that way.

Barry – "Okay, Ramsey's unique cells created a polar covalent bond with the molecules in Eva's portal. That's why she needed his blood."

Cisco – "Right, it formed, like, a bio-friendly skin on the interdimensional barrier."

Allegra – "So we need Ramsey's blood. We knew that."

Barry – No, we don't need it. His blood would have bonded with the electronegative particles and become dark matter photons. Those particles wouldn't just stay on the mirror portal."

Cisco – "No, they wouldn't. They'd attach themselves to Eva. Those photons are still on her. If we could collect them, we could open our portal. But it would take, like, years to develop a prototype that could do that.

Barry realizing, he needed to make another point, but his board was full, so he speeds away and grabbed a new board and instantly filled it up.

Barry – "Not if we integrate the neural net in the Thinker's chair, synced to the nanite bridge, fed into the Tachyon Enhancer's non-reductive loop.

Cisco was now back to being confused again was trying to process what Barry was telling him.

Cisco – "N… no, but wait, wouldn't… Well… well, yeah, I guess… I guess that could work.

Allegra – "But isn't Eva still holed up behind McCulloch Tech's force field? We'll never get close to her."

Barry was going to say something, but Allegra cut him off "You're going to bring out another board? Barry didn't say anything he just speeds away and grabbed a third board.

Barry – "Factoring in geographical analytics, concealment probability, these are the remaining Black Hole stash houses. There's a 97.6% chance Eva's hitting this one next."

Cisco again processing the information once again was finally able to speak.

Cisco – Right. Right. So that's where we go. And That's what we do. Just wish I could have seen it earlier."

Barry – "This isn't on you. We wouldn't be in this mess if I'd seen through Iris's mirror duplicate sooner. Wally warned me that our sister was acting differently but I chose not to investigate it. Eva's not the first to use my family against me. Let's make sure she's the last."

Cisco and Barry were now in the Black Hole's facility hiding behind some boxes trying to not be seen. Eva shot at the guards protecting the weapon and now she was all alone.

Cisco – "you might have your speed back and this new power, but I wish we were not short staffed."

Barry – "Actually, we're good, some extra muscle is about to arrive."

Frost – "Sup, nice outfit, by the way."

Eva – "Why are you here?"

Frost – "Oh you know, for funsies."

Frost shoots an ice blast and Eva shoots her weapon their powers collided, but nothing happened.

Cisco – "Looks like someone's back to 100%. Long live the Ice Queen."

Barry – Eva's faster than me, Frost is going to distract her while I run by with the Tachyon Enhancer and collect the particles we need."

Cisco – "We might only get one shot at this. Let's make it count."

Frost nodded at Barry and shot a single ice blast her way, when Eva dodged it particles were in the air, Barry quickly ran around Eva and collected all her particles and ran back to Cisco. Frost ran behind some boxes and when Eva figured out what was going on, she shot a blast at the boxes Frost was hiding behind. Causing her to be sent flying.

'Frost" Cisco yelled. Barry was about to go help her when suddenly, he stopped. Cisco not understanding why Barry wouldn't help his wife. "Barry what are you doing? Help her." But Barry didn't move it was like he was paralyzed or something. Eva pointed her gun at Frost and shot her again this time square in the chest. Cisco now angry ran from behind cover and started shooting randomly at Eva. Eva turned around and escaped through a mirror. He turned to Barry "you let her get hit."

Back at Star Labs Cisco was trying to figure out how to help Frost while Barry just stood there.

Cisco – "Whatever Eva hit Frost with, it's light-based. Her healing's trying to compensate, but it's not enough. I can't fix it without Caitlin."

Barry hearing enough of this Speeding through Cait's lab getting everything he needed to help his wife. He finally stopped with a syringe in his arm about to put it into her tube when Cisco questioned him.

Cisco – "What is that?"

Barry – "A cure."

Cisco – "Has it been tested?"

Barry – "I ran 2,371 tests in my mind. We're good"

Barry put the syringe into her tube with Cisco still barking at him. "Barry, that is not a…" but Barry had already administered the needle. "What are you doing?" A few seconds later Frost instantly woke up and looked around confused.

Frost – "What happened?"

Barry – "You took the brunt of Eva's laser blast to help us. I just returned the favor with a cryogenically-fortified paracetamol cocktail."

Frost – "That fortified my cellular walls. Yep, that'll do it. That wasn't the welcome I was expecting from my husband, but I'll take what I can get."

Cisco – Of course, you wouldn't have had to take the brunt of the blast if Barry hadn't let you get hit in the first place.

Barry – "Cisco, let me explain."

Cisco – "Barry, what were you thinking? I saw you. You had the time to run her out of the way, and you just stood there like you wanted her to get hit. That is your wife, why would you let her get hit like that?"

Barry – There was a 0.0002% chance of the Tachyon Enhancer getting damaged in that scenario. I couldn't risk that. I also knew I could reverse any ill effects she received from Eva's blast. I mean do you really think I would let my wife get seriously hurt?"

Cisco – "These aren't ill effects! This was a light wound, like the kind that almost killed her, and we just got her back!"

Frost – Cisco, it's okay. I'm fine, and now we have a chance to save our friends. I'd take a hit for that any day. Plus I trust Barry more than anything in the world I know he would never let me die."

Cisco – "You got lucky with that cocktail."

Barry – "Luck had nothing to do with it."

Frost – "So superspeed thinking, huh? What's that like?

Barry – "Sometimes it's like a barrage of images flying at me. Others, it's like a scene playing out in my head.?"

Cisco – "So what does your speed brain say our next move is?"

Barry – "You saw Iris's message. "Eva is watching." She would no doubt see our attempt to open a portal to the MirrorVerse and stop us. I need to find a solution. You should recuperate for 14.2 minutes, then help Cisco gather our McCulloch intel so I can cross-reference it with our Eva data. I need to aggregate."

Barry was working in the Cortex when Caitlin who had taken back over control came up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist.

Caitlin – I've missed you so much Barry, the whole time I was away with my mom I was just counting down the days until I could return to you. She told me what happened to me I wanted to tell you in private. But I can't wait are you ready?"

Barry – "I figured it out."

Caitlin – "Excuse me?"

Barry – I figured out Eva's secret."

Caitlin – "Did you not hear what I just said?"

Barry – "This isn't her world. It never has been."

Barry speed typing on the keyboard turned into a live broadcast showing an interview Eva was doing with Rachel Maddow 2.0. Cisco came walking in wondering what was going on.

Caitlin – "Why are we watching this?"

Barry – At the stash house, Eva referred to herself as a phantom. It reminded me of Carver's dying words when Eva killed him… that she wasn't his wife. I've analyzed behavioral patterns, body language, even graphological handwriting. That… is not Eva McCulloch."

Cisco – "What? What do you mean? She's sitting right there doing the interview."

Barry – I've hung out with a mirror duplicate of Iris without knowing the difference. You slept in the same bed with a duplicate Kamilla. McCulloch's security database will show us."

Cisco – "Yeah, good luck. I tried hacking them a week ago."

Barry once again using his new powers and fast fingers typed away until he heard "Breaching Firewall Access Granted." Cisco couldn't believe it how as he able to hack it in seconds.

Cisco – "What? How… McCulloch's black box servers run in hybrid theorem-proving system with model checking."

Barry nods and Cisco turns to Caitlin. "His mind is getting faster." Caitlin not amused or happy with the fact Barry blew her off before this all happened. Barry looks up from his typing and replies "Yes, it is." Barry pulled up a video and from what thy saw it looked like Eva died the night of the Particle Accelerator. Cisco and Caitlin looked at Barry confused "Did she just die". Barry then took that footage and tried in the process is transmitting it to the live broadcast. Caitlin looks at Barry "What are you doing with that footage?" Barry replied, "Exposing the truth." They watched as the footage changed to the video, they watched was now being broadcasted live Eva not knowing what was happening freaked out when the reporter kept asking her questions, Eva then disappeared in a mirror. Barry seeming satisfied with what he did looked up to see his wife and best friend staring at him angerly.

Caitlin – "Why did you do that?"

Barry – "Eva would sense up opening a portal. Now she is too distracted to notice."

Caitlin – "And there couldn't be another way to distract her…"

Barry – "There was 141 ways. This was the most efficient."

Caitlin – "Uh, I'm not sure emotionally wrecking an already-whacked-out villain was "efficient."

Barry – "Historically speaking, when our enemies are upset, which is exactly what I accomplished, they make mistakes. We need to prep to prep the portal machine while Eva is on her heels and then retrieve our targets."

Cisco – "You mean our friends."

Barry – "One and the same"

Barry walked out of the Cortex making his way to the Speed Lab to talk with Gideon, Cisco looked at Caitlin and she told him "I know, Something's wrong with Barry."

Barry now in the Speed Lab puts the Gideon earpiece in ready to open the portal.

Gideon – "Greetings, Barry Allen. Your biological signals indicate a state of distress. May I assist you?"

Barry – "I need a second opinion, Gideon. I just ran the necessary calculations to operate Cisco's portal device. The results have me concerned."

Gideon – "Analyzing temporal-spatial data. Estimated time to complete quantum computations, 18.4 hours."

Barry – "Invert the Feynman shortcut and apply it to 1/2 mass times the velocity squared, compensating for tachyon decay."

Gideon – "Thank you for a more efficient method. Calculations complete."

Barry – "I was correct, we cannot save all of them. We have to choose."

Gideon – "Would you like me to inform the rest of the team?"

Barry ran a simulation in his head about how Gideon informed the team how it would go down. Basically, the longer someone stays in the MirrorVerse, the more dark matter photons are required to pull them out. With Singh and Kamilla being trapped for less time they can be pulled together but since Iris has been there longer it would take everything, they had to pull her out. When they went to vote everyone including his own wife voted to get Kamilla and Singh out. Barry pulled himself out of the simulation.

Gideon – "Are you all right, Barry Allen? You appear to be distracted."

Barry – "I just ran a simulation to see how this would play out."

Gideon – "Would you like me to inform the rest of the team of the development?"

Barry – "No. This is something I must do alone."

Gideon – "Are you sure that's the best…." Gideon was cut off by Barry taking out the earpiece. He was going to pull Iris out without telling them. He was going to save his sister and since she was there the longest, she would have the most intel.

Barry was working on getting Iris's location in the MirrorVerse and was about to start the process when Cisco walked in.

Cisco – "Hey. Talk for a sec?"

Barry – "Of course"

Cisco – "What's with the suit?"

Barry – "We are about to open a portal to the MirrorVerse. One must be prepared."

Cisco – "Right, about that. I looked over the schematics, and I think there might be something wrong with the Artificial Speed Force. You remember how Thawne used negative emotion to stabilize his Speed Force machine? Well, since we didn't want to make the same mistake, we used an inert substance, an argon-xenon hybrid that would generate no emotional fallout. But I think that was a mistake. Yes, the ASF gave you increased cognitive function, a thousand times over, but it's done the exact opposite to your emotional response."

Barry – "I am better this way. The team is safer this way. My wife is safer this way."

Cisco – "Look man. I know you think your heart has been used against you, but it's not a weakness. It's what makes you human. I mean, without it…" Cisco stopped when he realized Barry was about to launch a portal located to Iris.

Cisco – "Why is the portal target set to Iris? What about saving the others?

Barry – "We do not have enough dark matter photons to save all three of them."

Cisco – "So, instead of consulting your team, you just decided on your own?"

Barry – "I've already seen the outcome of this debate. You, Caitlin and Allegra all vote to save Kamilla and Singh."

Cisco – "Like Hell. I would never vote on something like that. If you had come to me, I would've told you we'll find another way. That's what we always do!"

Barry – "Your emotions are making you irrational."

Cisco – "And your lack of them is making you wrong! You cannot predict what I would've done because you cannot predict emotion."

At this time Caitlin came into the Speed Lab after hearing the whole conversation.

Caitlin – "Barry, I know you. I know your heart, and I know that you're doing this because you want your sister back."

Barry – "My feelings are irrelevant. Iris has knowledge of Eva, which could give us a tactical advantage. Therefore, Iris is the logical choice to liberate. The Fact is, Singh and Kamilla are expendable."

Cisco now beyond angry opened a drawer and pulled out a weapon. He points the gun at Barry ready to fire.

Cisco – "Expendable? Don't ever call her expendable again!"

Allegra enters the Speed Lab with Nash's equipment on ready to fight.

Cisco – "We're going to give you back your heart, Barry, and it's going to be by choice… Or by force."

Caitlin turning into Frost – "Barry, listen to me I love you more then anything in this world. I don't want to do this, but I need my Barry Allen back. The man that has so much love to give, the man who should be it was okay to show my emotions. That's the Barry Allen I fell in love with and married not this emotionless robot.

Her words even though sincere didn't matter because Barry's helmet was now on and he was ready to fight them, yes even his wife. Cisco pointed his gun at Barry but then aimed at the ASF, Barry realizing this ran as Cisco pulled the trigger with the blast hitting him instead of the ASF.

Cisco – "You've just been hit with Velocity-Zero charge. It temporarily dampens your speed. You're not the only one who can predict reactions."

Barry looks over at the fancy ball Cisco had created and comes up with a plan. He threw the ball at Cisco and then ran at full speed towards him and Allegra, the ball hitting Cisco making him change his aim and fire his gun. He was about able to knock Allegra and Cisco down but turned to see his wife was hit with Velocity X. Frost was glowing with light blue lighting around her along with her frost powers. Barry who didn't predict this went into FlashTime with her.

Cait/Frost – "Barry, please stop this. I don't want to fight you! I promise you we will find a way to bring back Iris while also bringing back Kamilla and Singh."

Barry – "I'm sorry honey, I need to do this my way."

Cait/Frost – "Then you leave me no choice."

With that she took off as a speedster with Barry close behind as they ran throughout Central City. Cait running up buildings through Frost infused lighting at her husband trying to get him to stop. Cait eventually made an ice barrier in the middle of the street but Barry phased right through it. They continued to run along buildings and the Cait had an idea, she ran up a building and made a second ice barrier, but Barry punched through it sending her flying through the air and eventually landing on a car."

Barry – "Your defeat is inevitable. The Velocity-X in your system is nearly depleted. Your time as a speedster is coming an end."

Frost who was finally able to get to her feet and maintain her balanced now faced her husband.

Frost – "Maybe. But I'm not only a Speedster."

With that she jumped up like a ballerina using the last of her speed to through the biggest frost infused lighting she could while also hitting Barry sending him back. Allegra ran up before he could hit the ground and threw one on Nash's smoke bombs that transported him back to the Speed Lab. Cisco shot him once again with the Velocity-Zero Charge. Allegra and Cait/Frost came back to the Speed Lab again with a smoke bomb.

Cisco – "The Babel Protocols aren't just force fields and tech. It's us."

Cait who took back over – "Sorry for the tough love babe. But I need the real you back."

Cisco – Don't worry Barry. We're going to shut off the ASF and get your head straight."

Barry stood up with a weird and concerning smile on his face. He looks at his team.

Barry – "You lost this fight before it even began."

Allegra was the first to notice the sound of the ball coming back. She yelled for everyone to looking but the ball hit Cisco sending him into the monitors making him fire his gun at Allegra who was holding a red stone making her powers activate and attack her, she then accidently shot her wave energy at Caitlin making her fall unconscious while the ball hit a couple other things and back into Barry's hand.

He had done it he defeated his team and now could open the portal to get his sister out. Iris was in the MirrorVerse Speed Lab trying to help Kamilla and Singh when a portal opened in front of her.

Iris – "Barry, Oh, my god. Please tell me this isn't a trick."

Barry – "Your message to Kamilla and Singh led us here. I am ready to bring you home now."

Iris – "Okay. Um, I just need to get Singh and Kamilla through first. They're in really bad shape and will need Caitlin to look them over…"

Barry – "Not them. Just you. We cannot bring you all back. You have been there longer. You have more knowledge of Eva. Therefore, retrieving you is the logical choice."

Iris – "Did you hear what I just said? Barry, they could die. They need you and Caitlin to save them."

Barry - "This is not the outcome I predicted."

Iris – "What?"

Barry not understanding why his sister wasn't coming through figured he need to force her, so he activated the force pull feature which was now pulling Iris against her will to the other side, but Iris was resisting. Barry now more confused tried to get her to stop. "Iris, stop. Your resistance is destabilizing the portal's energy. That is dangerous."

Iris – "Barry, this isn't you please stop."

Barry didn't listen he put the portal to full power, and it sucked Iris through the other side. She then collapsed in front of Barry. He stood there and looked to his team his emotions finally coming back to him. He ran over to Caitlin begging her to come back to him. He realized the ASF caused this to happen. He angrily threw a lighting bolt at the ASF and in return his speed was taken away again. Barry still kneeled in front of his unconscious wife crying felt his phone buzz. He pulled out his phone to see it was Carla calling him.

Barry – "Carla, right now isn't the best time."

Carla – "I wont take up to much of your time, I just wanted to call you and congratulate you. You and Cait are going to be great parents."

Barry confused what she meant instantly realized what she was talking about. Caitlin was pregnant when she wrapped her arms around him in the Cortex was to tell him she was pregnant. He dropped the phone and collapsed himself.

Carla "Barry? You still there? Barry, Barry, Barry?

The End?

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