After their daughter is finally napping, Rapunzel looks for Eugene for some quality time. Based on a tik-tok.

4. Spa Day

Rapunzel sighed in relief when her 9-month-old daughter finally went down for her nap. The past half hour or so, baby Eleanor refused to go down and Rapunzel did everything that she could to have her fall asleep.

It took two burpings, a diaper change, three lullabies and extra feeding time, but it worked out in the end.

Carefully, Rapunzel placed Luna down on her new crib and turned on her music box before quietly exiting the nursery. Before she could close the door all the way, Maximus, the Fitzherbert's Great Pyrenees, made his way into the nursery and laid down before the crib. Ever since Luna came home from the hospital, Max grew very protective of the baby and never left her side. Especially during nap time, which meant that he could also nap.

"Sweet dreams, Max," Rapunzel giggled, but nonetheless, she still took the baby monitor with her.

It was almost two in the afternoon and since Eugene doesn't work Saturdays, Rapunzel figured they could hang out together and come up with dinner plans of sorts.

Except, she couldn't find him anywhere. His car was still in the driveway, so she knew he was still somewhere in the house.

Rapunzel was about to head to the backyard to see if he was in the garden when she heard some classical music coming from the guest bedroom downstairs.

"Not again." She crept into the bedroom.

Upon entering, Rapunzel came across a shirtless Eugene under a random bed sheet and cucumbers over his eyes. Next to him, her purring cat, Pascal, was also under some bedding with his own cucumbers over his eye and his tail happily moving. Between the duo, one of Rapunzel's indoor plants was placed. The humidifier was on the side table along with their Alexa device.

"Oh my— Alexa, stop music."

The classical music stopped and Eugene took one of the cucumbers off.

"What are you doing?"

"What am I doing?" She repeated and pointed to Pascal, "What are you doing?"

"It's Spa Day." He replied nonchalant, but frowned when she took the plant and placed it on the side table.

"Spa Day?" Rapunzel resisted the urge to roll her eyes, "Nope, no. Not this time. You can't just take Pascal and do this to him. Come on Pascal."

She took his cucumbers off and began to grab Pascal, but instead, he hissed at her.


Never in the few months that they brought Pascal home, has he ever hissed at Rapunzel. Eugene, he does it all the time. But never Rapunzel or Luna.

"You broke my cat!"

"I told you it was Spa Day." Before he could go back to his spa, Eugene noticed Rapunzel lacking someone, "Where's Luna?"

"She finally fell asleep," she sighed, "I wanted to see what you wanted to do for dinner, but I see you're a little too busy for me."

Before she could get up and leave the boys to their own thing, Eugene grabbed Rapunzel's wrist and pulled her into bed.

"Since Luna is finally asleep," he murmured against her neck, "Come join me for a nap."

"I thought it was Spa Day," she frowned, but nonetheless took one of his cucumbers and popped it in her mouth, "Blegh. I don't know why I did that."

He chuckled and took the other cucumber off before embracing her into a spooning position.

"A nap with you sounds much better," he kissed her.

"Make sure the monitor's volume is up." She reached over and pulled Pascal into her own arms.

After doing so, Eugene snuggled against his wife and instantly felt the relaxation he's been waiting for.



"You do realize we have our own bedroom, right?"