"There is no money. The Iranian was working with the FBI. So I killed him." Donald Ressler said to Dechambou. She gasped and said in a troubled voice," I've known Soroush for years."

"Well if he didn't set me up, that leaves one other person... you."

"And I ever trusted him,'' Dechambou fought, "that's why I employed you. The bastard screwed us both here."

"Your NSA geek is where you left him last night," Ressler said while turing to walk away.

"Wait. How do I know it's really you?" Right as she said that, Ressler's heart started to pound with anxiety. "They say you cant feel pain, prove it."

Ressler could hear Keen give orders on the com. He took a deep breath and turned to Dechambou. Slowly walking towards her, he saw a glass on the counter, which he broke. Slowly drawing the glass into his arm he said, "Is this what you need to see? You want to watch me bleed, and see if I react? I've already lost the only thing in this world I've ever loved. This job is all I have." Somewhere in those words, Ressler couldn't help but feel his words were true. He had lost Audrey, the person he loved, because of Reddington. And now that he's working with Reddington, the job is everything he has.

"Impressive," Dechambou said, nodding her head in approval. "Except for one mistake. If the Iranian is dead, the real Courier would have killed me too. Which makes me wonder... who the hell are you."

Ressler's blood froze as he got ready to run. He could hear orders being shouted over the com, Keen telling him to get out. He attacked the guards, and quickly pushed his way out of the club, Dechambou and her men following. He made it to the van where Keen and Malik were. He sat down while Malik went to assist with Dechambou and Keen called a medic. He was starting to feel lightheaded, as his arm was still freely bleeding. The medic had finally arrived and pushed Keen away so he could give Ressler stitches.

Ressler walked up to Keen and said, "You saved that kids life Keen. Good job." But as he looked at her, he could tell she had something else on her mind.

"That story, you told Dechambou about... your job being the only thing left... that was..."

"I was undercover." Ressler interrupted, "I said what I had to sat to sell it."