Ressler was trying his best not to shake as he was negotiating with the pharmacist.

"I'm sorry, this is a controlled class medication. I cant refill this without a prescription."

"And I told you, you're... you're not refilling it... you're replacing it. Look, the pills were stolen from my car."

"Did you file a police report?" The pharmacist asked.

"Yeah. Of course." Ressler lied, "Look, I'll get in touch with my doctor."

"Next." The pharmacist said with an exasperated air, signaling to the next person in line. As Ressler was walking away, he couldn't help but think to himself, When did it get so hard to get these? Damn my stomach hurts. What lie can I give my doctor this time?

Ressler entered the blacksite with a airy "sorry" to Cooper. He barely listened when they were talking about a... cartel? Mob? To Ressler it didn't matter what. He just wanted his pills. When Keen asked him what was wrong he said, "Missed my train." Right as he had said that, he mentally kicked himself. Idiot! She knows you don't take a train! He thought to himself. But the explanation seemed good enough to Keen, who said she had a call from Reddington she had to take.

Ressler narrowed his eyes when he saw Lee Chung, getting into his car. Ressler's stomach was cramping, and his head was pounding. He pulled to the curb and winced at the screeching sound the tires made. Chug turned around and asked, "Who are you? Why you do this?"

Keen pulled out her badge and said, "FBI. We were wondering if you wouldn't mind assisting us in an investigation we're conducting."

"What kind of investigation?" Chung sneered.

Ressler reached his end of patience ad walked up in Chung's face saying, "The kind of investigation where, if you don't help us out, I just yell, "gun!" And we beat your ass to the curb."

"I'm unarmed," Chug said slowly.

Ressler knew he was going to far, but he didn't care. "You gonna cooperate? Please say no."

Chung took his toothpick out, and went with the other government agents. Ressler turned around to see a slightly startled and uneasy look on Keen's face.

"What?" He snapped.

"Nothing." She continued, "You were late to work again. You seem a little edgy."

"I'm fine. Thanks mom." Ressler said; then realized he once again had lied.

"What about Chung?" Keen asked Cooper back at the blacksite.

"Cut him loose. Put a tail on him and see where he leads us." Cooper turned to Ressler and said, "Ressler get packed. I want you in Sitka for face- time with anyone Samar turns up."

Ressler immediately left, actually feeling happy. Not for the fact that they could close a cartel, but because they probably have his pain pills there.

Ressler parked a few streets away from the drugstore in Sitka, Alaska. He took a few deep breaths, and got out of the car. He lined his finger up with the car door, and slammed the door on his finger. "Aah!" Ressler exclaimed before quickly calming down and sticking to panting from the pain. He quickly got in his car and drove to the drugstore. They gave him a finger brace and the medication he had been waiting for. Thanking them, he got into his car and opened the pill bottle, taking two out. He swallowed them dry, and leaned back relishing their flavor. He only got a few moments of peace before his phone started ringing. Picking it up, it was Keen. Rolling his eyes he determined it was time to get back to work.

Ressler was sitting in the back of an ambulance. The medics had gotten that hideous chip out of his ear. He was shivering from the cold, and his pills. Chung had told them that they were taken. Ressler was hoping no one saw them. He looked up as Keen approached him, a sympathetic look on her face.

"You ok?" She asked. Ressler nodded ad pointedly looked away. Keen sighed and took her hand out from behind her back. Ressler paled at what she had. He reached out and took his pill bottle from her. Keen sat down next to him, and put her arm around his shoulders. Overwhelmed by his emotions, Ressler hid his face in his hands and started to quietly cry. Keen whispered soothing words to him, and reached out to take the pills from him. Ressler protectively pulled them away from her. She sighed and sat back, watching him. Ressler was suddenly hit with a strong feeling of tiredness. He leaned against Keen, ready to sleep, when she shook him and said, "Hey. You've got to stay awake. I'll tell you when you can sleep. Ok?" Ressler was to tired to argue with her, and just nodded. The next hour went by in a blur. Ressler sighed in relief when they made it to the airfield, and a plane was waiting to take him, Samar, and Keen back to DC. Ressler sat on a heated seat and looked up at Keen whispering to Samar. Samar nodded, and sat in the back, out of eyesight from Keen and Ressler. Keen sat next to him and asked, "How long have you been using for?

"After Audrey."

"And the reasons you've been late?"

"When I run out I have to go to the pharmacy with a doctors note. Sometimes those people take forever."

They were silent for a minute before Ressler said in a small voice, "Keen? You aren't going to tell anyone? Are you?"

Keen looked in thought for a minute before saying, "Can you beat this addiction on your own?"

Ressler shrugged. He actually hadn't thought about that. "I don't know."

"I don't think you can. Ressler, you broke your own thumb to get more pills. If you let me help you, then I wont tell anyone. If not, I'm just going to have to tell Cooper."

"Keen, I don't know you that well. Why do you want to help me?"

"You're my partner, and I care about you. Will you let me help?"

Ressler sighed and nodded. Keen smiled and hugged him. Right as she put her arm around his shoulders, he leaned against her and fell asleep.