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Hulk held a PLANET together + held up the weight of a star aka Octillions of tons

Thor destroyed a PLANET with one blow

Superman held a BLACK HOLE in his hands

Shazam two-shot Superman, the guy who held a black hole, with Zeus enhanced attacks

And there are a good chunk of characters, hero and villain that have beaten these characters

By these feats alone they outclass the two strongest known MHA characters, because think about it, before All Might and AFO injured each other, their fight must have been something fierce, yet nobody knew it was going on save a VERY select few individuals, yet when Hulk, Thor and other hard hitters fight, its felt for miles around. Heck, if I recall correctly, World Breaker Hulk took one step and the entire US East Coast experienced earthquakes.

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He's called the World Breaker for a reason.

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Also, for the sizes of the girls breasts, I used the following website, just get rid of the spaces: m. imgur gallery /8TbJfxN

And, because I'm a shameless pervert, all the girls WILL be curvier. Be it a larger bust, wider hips, rounder butt, etc.



In a nicely furnished master bedroom, the rising sun peaking through the sliding glass door, two individuals of significant height difference slept in their bed; the blonde haired husband acting as the big spoon as he hugged his green haired wife. As the married couple cuddled together, their alarm clock went off, signaling the start of their day and routine. Drowsy, the woman heaved herself out of bed.

Standing at 5'7, Inko Midoriya AKA the Pro Hero 'Magnetic', clad in black bra and panties, which contained her D-Cup breasts, Inko raised her arms above her head, thrusting her large and perfectly round breasts forward, making them seem slightly bigger than they already were as she felt her body loosen up. Resting her arms against her curvaceous side, Inko spread her thick legs and thighs as far as she could and stretched downwards in an effort to touch her toes, bringing out the full effect of her perfectly round bum, each soft, perfectly round cheek noticeably larger than her head.

Hearing her husband entering his own bathroom to prepare for the day, Inko quickly walked to her bathroom with ease. Closing the door behind her, Inko took in her bathroom; complete with a large tub built into the ground, more than large enough for her, a walk in shower, a sink, a few cabinets and drawers filled with various commodities, and a full body mirror; one that she was now looking into.

Performing a few sexy poses, some that emphasized her extra thicc body, as the kids called it, Inko stared back at herself, happier than she was seven years ago, but still incomplete, not since she lost her darling son Izuku. Just thinking about her long lost child brought the pro heroine down memory lane.

Even though it has been over a month since Izuku vanished off the face of the Earth, Inko still couldn't bring herself to do anything but eat junk food all day.

Despite the life insurance payout guaranteeing she'd never have to work again, Inko wanted nothing to do but eat her troubles away, what with Izuku gone and Hisashi, who despite loving her, divorced her due to his job and sending her money and allowing her to remarry, Inko couldn't care anymore.

Uncaring of the gained pounds and oblivious to the outside world, Inko for a time lost herself.

Ochako Uraraka. Izuku's first true friend and her parents moved into Inkos apartment building a few years later, the saving of many many checks allowing the girl and her parents to move to a relatively cheaper area, making it easier for the family.

Although they moved to a cheaper area and could afford a slightly better life, Ochako unfortunately had to attend Aldera Junior High, where Katsuki Bakugo, without his usual victim/punching bag, decided to attempt and make Ochako his new one.

Fortunately, Ochako wasn't a pushover and fought back hard. Even though she lost every time, that didn't deter her from defending herself.

Inko, after four years of her Hikikomori lifestyle and a few dozen pounds heavier, finally decided to venture outside, ordering a new wardrobe online weeks earlier. A few minutes after going outside, Inko saw a tall, muscular blonde haired man with blue eyes crossing the road, unaware of the speeding truck heading his way.

Without even thinking, Inko attempted to use her Quirk- Attract Small Objects- on him, knowing it wouldn't work but she had to try. To her surprise and the man's silent pleasure, he flew towards her almost instantly and impacted against her, his head cradled in her breasts momentarily. Just in time as a second later the truck sped past where he just was, which would have surely killed him.

After making sure he was alright, not noticing his red face and small nosebleed, Inko was caught off guard when the man, Toshinori Yagi, asked her if he could at least take her to lunch or dinner to thank her for saving his life.

Taking a chance, Inko agreed and they hit it off. A year later and over a dozen dates and meals, Inko and Toshinori got married in private, with Toshinori's closest friends in attendance. Imagine Inko's shock when Toshinori turned into All Might as the man's friends, including Present Mic, Nezu, Gran Torino, Midnight, alongside a few others who cheered as they kissed.

After a few months of training, lost weight, and with All Mights and Nezu's connections, Inko became a pro hero, specialising in rescuing people who were in hostage situations, stuck, etc, although she was capable of holding her own in a fight.

Not wanting to leave any remnants of her son behind, Toshinori moved into her apartment wholeheartedly. Hell, he bought the whole damn building.

Inko was brought out of memory lane by a heavenly decent wafting throughout the apartment home along with her stomach growling.

Quickly bathing, Inko dried herself off and threw on her hero outfit: a simple green jumpsuit that hugged her figure and accuented her curves, along with white gloves, boots, belt and black shoulder guards. Going downstairs, she was welcomed by an American themed breakfast, complete with eggs, toast, bacon and pancakes. Sitting right across from her breakfast was her husband, his large muscular body clad in a yellow suit. Pulling up a chair, Inko and Toshinori promptly began eating their matching breakfasts at a polite pace.

Finished, the couple quickly washed their dishes and brushed their teeth (got to have a white smile when saving lives). Leaving their apartment, Toshinori was just about to lock the door when they heard a loud crash inside. Quickly rushing back in, Inko gasped as she brought her hands to her mouth in shock while Toshinori's jaw dropped in disbelief.

Dragging himself out of their destroyed couch and onto his shaky feet, Izuku put his hands on his knees to steady himself, taking a few deep breaths.


Izuku's head shot up when he heard a voice he'd thought he'd never hear again, but there she was, right in front of him, albeit a little curvier. Not even thinking he dashed forward and hugged his mom tightly, a few tears of happiness rolling down his cheeks. Inko hugged back as well, rivers of tears escaping her eyes as she embraced her long lost son.

"I missed you Izuku."

"I missed you too Mom."

Mother and son pulled away from each, content staying silent as to not ruin the moment, although the two of them let a small laugh every so often, completely and utterly ignorant of Toshinori nearby, who despite practically feeling the love a few feet away, was getting nervous as they were supposed to be at the agency in a few minutes.

"Inko, I know how much you've missed Izuku but we're running late. Do you need me to call the agency and tell them that you can't make it?"

"Yes Toshi-dear, please call them I won't make it this week."

Izuku's mind went blank and his pupils dilating in terror at the word 'agency', his heart racing as his breathing started becoming erratic, mumbling in English all the while.

"Nononono, this can't be happening, why me?"

Inko quickly grabbed Izuku's face and held it still, trying to make eye contact.

"Izuku honey what's wrong? IZUKU?"

Izuku's body quickly went limp in a dead faint, whispering one word before falling unconscious again.


AN: Oh boy, Izuku's back, and even though he is beyond happy to see his mother again, all good things come at a price. Yes, I had Hisashi divorce Inko, out of love, he's never home, and remarry with Toshinori. Honestly, I love the ship, it's cute. Don't worry, he'll back soon.

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