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"First of all, call me Izuku, you've definitely worthy of calling me by my first name. Second, can you keep a secret Uraraka-san?" He asked, leaning in and whispering.

"Call me Ochako: it's only fair. Yeah I can keep a secret Izuku." She replied, a giddy smile illuminating her face.

"When people I consider uncles are capable of destroying Earth, and you fight alongside them and against villains strong enough to fight them, you have to find a way to even the playing field. Considering all that, Bakugo and even All Might tend to pale in comparison. Now, shall we head to dinner?" Izuku whispered, holding his arm out for her.

Taking his arm, a speechless Ochako allowed Izuku to guide her along, a blush across her face as she internally gushed over his muscular arm, semi-lewd thoughts running around in her mind.

Unknown to them, Inko was around the corner, her eyes wide at the bombshell her son just dropped.

Roughly One Week Later- Outskirts of Dagoba Municipal Beach

"You almost had me there, Ochako-chan."

"A little lower next time: never go for the head unless it's certain."

"Ow! Nice hit! A little to the left and a bit more force would really hurt someone."

Izuku and Ochako were definitely a strange sight as they walked to Dagobah Municipal Dump- I mean Beach, the hot blazing sun beating down on them from the sky. Both of them clad in simple workout clothes and a backpack on his back, Izuku was fiddling with one of his gauntlets, 98% oblivious to the outside world. The remaining 2% he was using to dodge Ochako's strikes, the upbeat brunette taking his lessons to heart and was quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with.

She was leagues behind over 99% of the powerless fighters Izuku knew, he'll admit, but she was definitely ahead of most the non hero individuals of this world and was catching up quickly.

After a while the duo made it: what was once a beautiful beach, complete with white sand and crystal clear waters, now was a horrific landfill littered with garbage, old furniture and the like.

"IS THAT A FUCKING FRIDGE!? Izuku bellowed, pure disbelief on his face, ignoring the stares he was getting.

Indeed, a fridge was sticking out of the sand, along with an old truck, a mannequin, and a few other ridiculous pieces of garbage.

Pinching the bridge of his nose, both in annoyance and to block the smell of hot garbage, Izuku gave a deep sigh of resignation. Taking his backpack off, Izuku started digging inside, pulling out water bottles for Ochako and himself, Izuku pulled out a small, hand held device reminiscent of a tape recorder from the Pre-Quirk.

Original Creation: Trash Nullifier

At the request of many of Earth's smartest minds, Reed Richards along with Thor and other intergalactic minds reverse engineered The Ultimate Nullifier: creating much more manageable machines designed for more mundane tasks, such as removing garbage, and only removing garbage.

Aiming the device at an exceptionally large mountain of trash, Izuku gained a maniacal grin as the tons of trash violated the laws of conservation and mass and disappeared completely, leaving behind only items of various value. Chuckling in a villain like manner, Izuku began rapid firing the Trash Nullifier, running around with stars in his eyes, unknowing of the tall girl with black hair in a ponytail watching him go nuts.


Momo Yaoyorozu was usually a calm and collected girl: growing up and living in high society tends to stomp out one's actual personality in favor of what was expected. When she hit puberty things just got worse as her body quickly blossomed into one of incredible beauty, gaining an hourglass-like figure that left her feeling like an object as various boys her age and even some girls shamelessly stared at her. Between the constant suitors, parties and just acting like a robot, Momo very rarely had a chance to be herself and geek out. So when she saw literal mountains of trash vanish before her eyes, her curiosity and inner repressed childhood was going into overdrive.

"Zap." Izuku drawled.

Izuku was starting to get bored of this, just walking around zapping garbage out of existence for the past 5 minutes. Despite the fact over half the garbage was gone, he was honestly getting sick of it really quickly.

He lived for excitement and adrenaline god damnit, he couldn't live like this! Lazily pointing at another trash pile, Izuku was just about to fire another shot when a voice sounded right behind him.

"Can I perhaps try?"

Turning around fast enough he swore he got whiplash, Izuku came face to face- well, face to breast- with a taller girl with long black hair tied up in a spiky ponytail and eyes. As he gazed at her admittedly attractive face, determining whether or not to let her use it, he pondered. As he pondered his peripheral vision took in her physical appearance and silently admitted she was fucking hot. Taller than him by a few inches, the mysterious girl had a curvaceous figure most women in Japan would kill for, with F, bordering G-Cup breasts, a semi-thin waist, and a wide pair of hips and if he was to take a guess, a large, round and soft ass. Clasping her hands together in front of her in a sort of prayer, she unintentionally made her large breasts bigger than they were.

"Eh what the hell, here ya go Ms.?" Izuku questioned, handing the device over to the girl, catching the childish gleam in her eyes.

"Oh, I'm Yaoyorozu Momo. So how does this work exactly?" Momo bowed, an eyebrow raised in speculation.

"I honestly have no idea. All I know is that it removes garbage and ONLY garbage from existence. Just aim at some trash and press the button. Oh, I'm Midoriya-Stark Izuku and my friend over there is Uraraka Ochako, but you can call me Izuku." Izuku sheepishly replied, a cheeky grin on his face that made Ochako and Momo's mind go blank for a second.

"So pure!" They internally squealed, light blushes on their faces.

Nervously, Momo pointed the device at a pile of trash, unsure of whether she wanted to do this. Shaking her head, she steeled her nerves- she was going to be a hero damnit! She couldn't be scared of this device. Pressing the button, her jaw went slack as the device did what it was supposed to do: vanishing garbage from existence. Not really paying attention, Momo walked around aimlessly, zapping garbage as Izuku and Ochako walked alongside her.

"So Yaoyorozu-san, what brings you to this soon to be former dump?" Izuku inquired, easily blocking a strike from Ochako.

"Considering I'm entering my last year of middle school, and in order to appease my parents-

Izuku's eyes narrowed slightly in concern.

-I'm enrolling in UA when I'm old enough, as being a hero is something I've wanted to do for years. As I am more than likely going to be accepted upon applying, I've elected to survey the surrounding area and learn about it for when I move down here. What about you two?"

Izuku took a sip of water, easily ducking under a kick from Ochako.

"As of right now, we're training for when the Entrance Exam takes place, you can never start too early you know. Along with that, we're just doing community service as you can see." Izuku lazily replied.

"Very true." Momo agreed. Feeling her phone vibrate, Momo pulled it out, only to be saddened by the message she received.

"Unfortunately I must get going as the train will be leaving soon. However I did enjoy our conversation, regardless of how brief it was. Might we exchange numbers so we may continue?" Momo requested, a disappointed tone coating her words as she handed back the Trash Nullifier.

"Of course!" The duo answered. Pulling out their phones, the three teens quickly exchanged their numbers before Momo walked off the beach and towards the train station. As the two watched Momo vanish into the distance, Ochako turned to her best friend.

"She seems nice, I like her."

"Indeed she does seem nice, albeit a tad awkward, but I bet we can do something about that. Alright now, since a majority of the beach has been cleared up, we have enough space to start our training regiment. First thing we're going to do is jog until we drop." Izuku agreed before his voice took on a tone similar to that of a drill sergeant.

Deep within Ochako's subconscious, a tiny bit of her worried about what she got herself into but that part was immediately squashed out as she saw Izuku stretching, a sliver of his abs were peeking out from underneath his shirt.

Meanwhile on the train, Momo was beginning to doze off, hours of public transport taking its toll on her body. Feeling her phone buzz once more, Momo lazily pulled it out. Struggling to read her text, it did bring to her face when she did manage to read.

Izuku & Ochako: We really enjoyed our brief conversation today. We wish you luck and we'll talk to you next time.

Elated, she quickly texted back.

Momo: I enjoyed it as well. I'll text you next time I get to.

Text sent, Momo hugged her phone against her breasts in joy the device nearly vanishing within her massive mammaries. Putting the phone back in her pocket, she finally fell asleep for the remainder of her trip home, dreaming of fun times with her hopeful friends.

Back in Dagobah

Izuku was currently carrying an exhausted Ochako on his back, the sun leaving the sky, creating a gorgeous scenery as the beach was completely spotless. Trying not to blush as he felt her breasts pressing against his back, Izuku trudged forward, the apartment complex right up ahead. Expertly opening the door with his fingers, Izuku quietly walked up a few flights of stairs before reaching Ochako's apartment. Lightly kicking the door a few times, it was soon opened by the imposing form of her father.

Having a silent conversation with their eyes, Izuku wordlessly handed Ochako over to Yamato, to which the older man gave him a nod of gratitude, one that Izuku returned. Walking up another flight, Izuku walked in only to come face to face with someone he barely saw a week ago.

"Who the hell are you supposed to be?" Izuku remarked, crossing his arms across his chest impatiently.

Standing a few feet away from him was a tall, muscular, blonde haired man with blue eyes. Suppressing a yawn, the older man turned back to Izuku, eyes widening in surprise.

"Oh boy." The blonde man muttered.

AN: And we're back in business. I've implemented some backstory for Momo which will be expanded upon later, shown how far ahead Izuku is compared to his peers, and he scored some points with Ochako's dad and Momo herself. Wink, wink.

Next chapter, the Sludge Villain, All Might, and Izuku being an adorable, buff, confident and attractive cinnamon roll.

Potential Preview:

"With a Quirk like yours, I can stand up to All Might himself!"

As the sludge villain was focusing on forcing himself down Katsuki's throat, he didn't notice Izuku run right up to him and start singing, his melodic voice permeating the air and drawing attention to himself.

"Ooh child things are gonna get easier, things are gonna get brighter."

The sludge villain, Katsuki, and everyone else watching stopped what they were doing and stared at the green haired teen in front of the villain, the apparently suicidal teen staring the villain dead in the eyes as his body moved to an unheard rhythm, tapping his foot and snapping his fingers.

"Listen to these words, ooh child things are gonna get easier, things are gonna get brighter."

Seemingly forgetting where he was, Izuku began dancing in place, his incredible moves both infuriating the villain and sparking jealousy from most of the onlookers.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" The villain bellowed, the surface of his body rippling in agitation.

"I'm distracting you ya big turd blossom." Izuku replied, quickly spinning around to the other direction.

The villain barely had time to react before he was blown apart by an incredible wind pressure, the mountainous form of All Might standing behind where he was, fist extended.

Izuku's Stats

Strength- D (B with Armor.)

Durability- D (B with Armor.)

Agility- D ( A With Armor.)

Versatility- C (S+ with Armor.)

Charisma- S+

Intelligence- S++ with an IQ of 260( Bordering S+++)(When you live and interact with some of the smartest beings in the known universe, you pick up a few things.)