A/N Strong Language. Adult scenes.

A/N - To all the mma fans that are harrasing Sterling...How dare you blame Sterling for a problem that Yan created? You break the rules, you lose your belt, that's it!

I agree with Chael Sonnen [for once] A hundred percent.


He dives for a takedown, and sure, he's weak, on wobbly legs. He's been running around the Octagon, tagging Yan for Three rounds. Winning Three rounds. All he needs to do is take the Russian down for ground and pound. Like the sons of Anarchy gang would say, "He's got this!" He moans as Yan grabs him by the arms. He picks him up by the underarms and scoops him into a painful headlock. To stop him from kneeing his brains out, Aljamain gets on the floor.

He puts one knee on the floor and his palm. This will save him. His legs, his hand on the cage floor makes him immune. He's definately out of harms way, and needs to wrestle himself out of Yan's grip.

"Pinat!" They heard his coaches yell in Russian.

With fury, Petr charges his knee into Aljamain's forehead. He topples onto his side. His body shut down, the championship lights in his mind go out. When he comes to, he's getting frowned at by the referee Mark Smith, and one of the doctors. "Mr Sterling, can you see us?" The doctors asks.

He can, as they blur together, the lights of the octagon turning multi-coloured and suddenly flashing. "Uhhh...everything's...blurring into one..." He tries to lean up, he tries to steady himself to get up, but he can't. The referee is slowly telling him not to move. Patting him on the shoulder. The ref Mark, then walks into a corner with the doctor. He's trying to be private, but Aljo can hear everything.

"They need to call this off!" Joe Rogan is saying.

"What's taking the Ref so long!" Cormier huffs.

"Stay down! You're gonna be okay Aljo!" Ray shouts,

Aljo nods weakly and carries on listening to the Referee. "Can you check him for cognitive skills? I told him the fighter was down. This is clearly illegal" The referee is whispering. They walk over to him again. Ask him if he can get up, can he move can he see? He does what he can, but for the doctors it's not good enough. Mark waves the fight off in the middle of round four.

"Due to an intentional foul by Petr Yan, the winner, by disqualification AND...NEW UFC BANTAMWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD ALJAMAIN "THE FUNK MASTER STERLING!" Bruce announces.

Aljamain looks at him in disbelief. The belt is put across his waist, but seconds later he takes it off and drops in on the floor. He himself falls to the floor and cries in angst. He feels like all his training has gone down the drain. He can't hide from it. Yan was catching him in the third and owning him in the fourth. Hell, if he hadn't have thrown that knee, the russian could have dragged him up and knocked him clean...

"Hey...don't cry buddy...he's the one in the wrong son. Not you!" Ray says, pulling him up with care and walking him out of the octagon.

"I need to get out of here guys, a bar? A club? I need a drink!" Aljo sighs,

"You need a fucking doctor! Let's get you outta here!" Matt chuckles.

He's too concussed to take part in the UFC post show interview. He gets checked out by the doctor. He'll get sent to the hospital in the morning. Believe it or not, Aljamain Sterling was the official UFC Champion! To celebrate, Matt, Ray and Iquinta took him out to a nearby club for just one drink.

"Don't! Don't beat yourself up Al!" Iaquinta asked.

"Look, it was Peter's fucking fault!" Matt said.

"I think his name is Piotr..."

"Whatever the fuck his name is! Ray shrugs, pointing at him. "Aljo he knew you were on the fucking floor. He gave you that belt!"

"Maybe I can take it from you!" They all look to the right to see the former, flyweight and Bantamweight, champ, Henry Cejudo. He smiles and hands the new Bantamweight champ a large Vodka and juice.

"I can't drink!"

"Go on Champ! Just the one! No-one's looking!" Henry prods.

"That's right! You're the fucking Champ now!" Matt Serra nods in pride.

With a smile, he downs the drink. His friends, family and team-mates cheers. How he finds himself in his hotel with Henry, alone just hanging out? God only knows. They're watching the fight together and decide to face off for Twitter.

"Flex! Come on show me those guns!" Cejudo chuckles.

"My arms are spaghetti and I'm still concussed!"

"Yeah right! Come on, stare me down!" Henry challenges. They stare down, take a few pictures together. A few snaps later, it's on Twitter, the guys facing off, also standing side by side. Aljo slides his arm around his shoulders, the Olympian smirks as he grabs his ass.


"Aljo, relax, it's not like Your fiancé, or your concussion js real? Your hotel or mine?" He stares at him intently. Nodding with confidence, as shown by his hand still on his ass.

"I'm a little tired, but you can stay, there's no crime in..." He reaches for his phone as they both hear the knock on the door. "I'll get rid of them" Aljo sighs as Henry makes himself comfortable on the sofa. He opens the door and laughs as he sees his opponent tonight. Petr "No mercy" Yan. Dressed in a blue a black tracksuit. He smelled great.



"My English, isn't...but you...you forgot belt" Petr mutters thrusting the new belt in his face.

"Thanks, I mean, I don't feel like a real champion...but..."

"That's because you're not" He replies.

Ajlo squints before reaching and taking it from his pale fingers. "Great, have a nice night..."

"Wait, Hen...henry!" Petr barks leaning into the doorframe.

"No-one's here"

"Yeah?" Henry calls out from the couch.

Petr smiles at the confirmation, he pushes his way past the new champion to get a better view.

"Hey, you can't just walk in here!" Aljo groans.

"I can, Henry, get out, I wanna talk to Aljo. You know, private" The Russian orders.

"Henry, don't listen to this, okay, stay!"

"Oh Ally I'm not going anywhere" Henry rises from the couch. "You think I'm gonna let a midget like you, boss me around, you're sadly fucking mistaken!" He gives him the finger as Aljo tries to usher him out. But in lightning speed Petr runs through the doorframe and gets in the olympian's face.

"Look I know you're bitter about losing bro, but this was all YOUR fault" Henry smirks.

"Yeah? So is this!" Petr said sharply elbowing Henry in the ribs. As the shorter man gasps for air, the russian grabs him by the back of the head. He charges him towards the door and pushes him out of the hotel room. "Night night Henry!" Petr teased before slamming the door.

"You're fucking out of order!" Aljo shouts,

"So are you. We need to talk" The former champ asks.


"About why you're a massive fake" Petr smiles. "Sit! Let's watch our fight together" Petr challenges as the new champion stares at the beginning of UFC Two fifty nine on his television screen.