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It was the next morning, and also Friday at last, as Parznich looked in the mirror, and fixed herself up for the day, applying a careful amount of black eyeliner that was nothing like what she would typically wear when not at work. She finished her eyes off with mascara and looked at her reflection for a moment, running her fingers through her kinky emerald locks.

Sighing, she grabbed her bag, slinging it over her shoulder, then stopped at the laundry basket of clean clothes, the only folded item being the freshly washed jacket that belonged to President Briefs, her boss. Well, Trunks Briefs. But she still felt odd saying that, so in her mind he was still her boss, a well-mannered, kind, handsome, fit... abs perfect enough to lick cherry pop off them... boss.

I can't believe I did that yesterday... He probably was so freaked out by me he'll never want to be alone with me again...

Parznich shook her head; ignoring those silly insecure thoughts as she folded the jacket over her arm, and ran down the stairs; no more time to dawdle and reminisce about the things that happened last night in the break room. Today was a new day. He would go back to being nothing but the mysterious president she never saw, and she would return to being nothing but a cog in the great machine that was Capsule Corporations.

I have no time for fantasizing about a guy I could never have a chance with... She thought glumly, then slipped her feet easily into her worn old converse sneakers, not remembering how she had been reminded not to wear them; they were her only shoes at the moment, and she saw no other option. She headed down the stairs, and out the front door. The moment Parznich's sneakers hit the concrete; she was filled with some type of new, strangely happy anxiety, already smelling the diesel fuel of the bus stopped at the corner, through the intermingling of cool fall air, and smog.

Trunks fixed his tie in the reflection of his onyx black refrigerator, straightening it anxiously. The Keurig spat out a steaming hot stream of black coffee into his stainless steel travel mug with the CC label on it. He was fumbling with things more than he would have normally on any other day, finding his fingers simply didn't want to cooperate with him. He heard the hiss and sputter that told him his coffee was done, and went to grab it, before hearing the long, wheedling meow of Scratchy Claws running around his ankles. Trunks snapped out of his distracted fugue, and looked down to see the little cat looking up at him expectantly as she pawed at her empty dish, making it skitter across the high-gloss hardwood floor.

"Mrrooow.." She bemoaned him, sitting and licking her paw with an aloof attitude.

Feed me, slave.

"Shit–I'm sorry Claws, I'll feed you real quick, then I need to go!" Trunks said, hurrying to pour some food in her dish, accidentally spilling some kibbles on the floor. He didn't bother to clean them up; the maid would take care of it later when she came at her scheduled time. Trunks grabbed his coffee and his briefcase, and hurried out the door, snatching his keys off the hook, not thinking to grab Parzi's hoodie still hanging on the coat rack as he hurried out, clicking a button on his key fob. His silver Aston Martin convertible suddenly rumbled to life, as he hurried to get in; not bothering to call the limo service today, it would be much faster to just take his car.

There was something about him today that just felt overcharged, like too much static was in the air, or perhaps he needed to let off some steam. As he reached to shift into reverse, his fingertips were shocked slightly by static electricity, or maybe it was his ki... but either way, it excited him immensely. Trunks smirked deviously, peering over his shoulder as he backed out of the long driveway, then waited a hair's breadth of a second, before slamming on the gas, shifting into drive midway and peeling out of his driveway, chuckling deep in his chest as his lavender hair blew back from his face.

He ripped down the long, winding roads of the gated community, leaning back in his seat as he steered with one hand. The bronze-skinned hand gripping the shifter slid onto his lap and felt the silky material of his dark blue slacks under his hand, sensing the tension in his groin, and not hesitating to attend to it. Trunks bit his bottom lip, and gripped his hardened erection tightly, not knowing whether it was the enthusiastic roar of the engine vibrating the seat that had provoked this reaction, or... those pervasive thoughts of the demure, yet sassy Parznich invading his mind once again.

He switched hands quickly, shifting down into third gear, he turned on the cruise control and took his dick out of his open zipper, feeling deviant as it was exposed to the open road. He felt the silky skin of his length in his hand, and gripped himself vigorously as he returned his other hand to the steering wheel. Images of Parznich with those dark sapphire eyes looking up at him from on her knees, her tongue tracing circles on his abdomen as she loosened his belt, and freed his engorged cock from the confines of his boxers. Using both her hands, and her tongue and lips to pleasure him in the dim light of the breakroom.

Clean me, I order it. He said, as the girl knelt there, the spilled cherry pop can on its side on the floor, as he opened his pants, and freed his sopping wet phallus, the caramel colored liquid mixing in with his naturally dark violet curly hairs, as a bead of soda rolled down his swelling member, and the path split into a Y as it met with the head of his pendulous cock. He could only get to the part about him pushing down her head to envelop him in her mouth, imagining the girl drinking down the sweet juices as he bottomed out in her throat, before he was handling himself even more vigorously, sparks flying out around his hand.

Suck my cock, and you'd better swallow all of it. Fantasy Trunks said, then deliberately face-fucked Parznich as punishment, gripping her by the back of her kinky curls, and pounding her to the throat as she stared up at him, and moaned around his girth.

Trunks groaned through his teeth, and worked his cupped palm faster over his sheath, pre-cum oozing from his bulbous tip, and aiding his hand in pleasuring him. It didn't take him very long at all to climax, pulling the silk handkerchief from his pocket, and catching the hot ropes of semen spilling into the soft fabric. With the release of tension, he suddenly felt his head clear, and frantically began cleaning himself up as he slowed down, nearing the closer to the city. His nerves danced on edge as a car went by, quickly tucking himself back in his pants. Trunks tossed the silk napkin behind him, shaking his head once.

What the hell is my problem? I must be crazy. I've never gotten off that fast, let alone publicly in the car...

Trunks resolved to forget it even happened, besides, it helped relieve some of his stress, and the brief image of Parznich on her knees was only because of the incident in the break room the other day, nothing else.The brain is a strange thing, and people imagine whatever comes to them in the heat of the moment, he figured, and made the turn towards Capsule Corporations.

Parznich swiveled her head, looking all around at the woman crowding the elevator up to the top office, begging for the doorman to let them in, they tugged on his tie and bathed his grinning cheeks in kisses. He was paid well to not let anyone pass except for on business–not that he could revel in the attention of the female employees who so desperately pleaded to get past, presumably to try and catch the attention of President Briefs. She scoffed, clutching his jacket to her chest, and made her way to the stairwell, which was virtually empty as she hurried her way up it, clenching her teeth as she looked up, and saw three flights of stairs waiting for her.

This better be worth it! Hey, maybe he'll give me a raise, wouldn't that be crazy? Parznich thought to herself, and pushed herself to go faster, her thighs stinging as she conquered the stairs. She was at the last level when she could finally see the large windows of his office peeking over the plush carpeting. At last she made it, standing up straight, she buried her face in the jacket one last time and sniffed it deeply, even though it had been recently washed it still held some remnant of his pleasing scent.

"Are you here to see President Briefs?" A voice startled her, and Parznich took her face out of the jacket, nodding. A man gestured to her, and asked to see her work ID, and she provided it for him. There were so many employees at CC, this was the best way to keep track of them.

"Ok, Parznich, is it? Just try and make it a brief visit." He said, and went to take the jacket. Parznich stepped back, clutching it. "Don't–this is his!" She said quickly, and saw how his eyes suddenly widened.

"I-it's not like that! Um-!" She stuttered, and the man slightly laughed, nodding at her as if not believing.

"Suuure, and he pays my salary so I can arrange his favorite secretaries all by cup size." He said very lowly, so softly that Parznich almost didn't hear him, but she still snapped her face at him suspiciously.

"Just show me to the door!" She hissed, and he nodded, typing a keycode into the intercom panel, using his other hand to shield her sight from it.

"Mr. Briefs, you have a visitor."

"Yes, who is it?" An intercom buzzed on the door, and the man pressed it.

"Miss Parznich Son, from sector 3, Mr. Briefs."

"Let her in, I've been expecting her." He said quickly, and Parznich smiled slightly, relieved that he remembered her. There was a beep as Trunks pressed a button on his desk and unlocked the door. The doorman glanced at her quickly, noticing her nicely shaped bottom filling out the back of her black slacks perfectly.

"Have a good time." He scowled, and Parznich huffed, What's his deal? She quickly became distracted though, as the door swung open, and she was treated to the full sight of Trunks' spectacular office, right before her face. The door closed behind her, and she heard it lock, thinking it odd; but secretly pleased by the discretion.

Parznich walked up to Trunks' desk, watching as he sipped from a mug of black coffee, reading '#1 Boss'. He set it down and smiled warmly at her, leaning back in his upholstered office chair.

"Good morning, Mr. Briefs. I'm sorry to intrude–woah, you have a killer office..." Parznich gasped, looking all around, dazzled by the high-class look of it.

"Morning! Hmm, you think so?" Trunks said, and shrugged, standing up from his chair, and strolling over to pull a blind shut, blocking out the rays of sunlight that were making a glare on his computer monitor.

"I washed your jacket." Parznich said, and went to set it on his desk, before noticing how messy it was. Papers were scattered all about in piles, old coffee cups and litter mixed in with his work documents. Parznich frowned, and instead, looked over, and set it on the leather armchair that was kitty corner to the desk, perhaps for visiting guests.

"Thanks... Say, Parznich. Didn't you hear what I said last night?" Trunks said in a gravelly tone, showing his slight annoyance as she perked up, cocking her head.

"Hm? You mean, about...work?" She fumbled, her cheeks flaring as she realized she couldn't for the life of her remember what he'd told her. Trunks chuckled huskily and ran one hand through his hair, crossing one ankle over the other, his finely tailored blue suit complimenting his shiny black dress shoes. She gulped.

"CC policy. No sneakers on the floor unless you're a factory worker. You work in sector three, organizing parts. Mainly, writing lists and remembering where things go, right?" Trunks smirked, and Parznich's jaw tightened, her teeth gritting with irritation, as she realized he was nagging her about her freaking shoes again!

"Yes... It's not bad work, not at all... My main issue is, I don't make enough to buy a pair of fancy dress shoes...if you want me to wear them so goddamn bad, why don't YOU buy them?!" She growled suddenly, then flung her hand over her mouth quickly, in shock of what she'd just said!

Trunks only tossed his head back and laughed, his arms crossed, showing the bulges of his muscle even through the silky fabric of his white undershirt.

"Wow, you've got some nerve! You know, you could get in alot of trouble for speaking that way to me. I may have to think up some type of... punishment for you.." He chuckled darkly, but it was the way he spoke those words with warm amusement instead of animosity; his sky blue eyes meeting hers that she gasped sharply, her knees weakening from his words.

"What would you have me d-do...Mister Briefs?" Parznich shivered, her cheeks feeling red hot, as she could barely even speak, the utterance of his title sparking something in her that made her belly flutter with warmth. He seemed to be taking in her heated reaction, his eyes flying open with his pleased surprise. Trunks' hair stood up on the back of his neck; what was this feeling coming over him...? Then, with a sense of invigorating power rushing through his chest, he spoke his first command.

"First, take off those filthy sneakers. You'll get them back by the end of the day." He said with a snap of his fingers and a beckoning motion with his hand. Parznich blinked; disbelief clear in her eyes, she scoffed at him.

"What!? That's ridiculous!" She exclaimed, but he wasn't backing down. Trunks held out one hand, and lowered his brows, the thick, silky lilac hairs meeting over his pointed nose in an angered expression that was deadly serious, even the lines below his eyes tightened, and his nose crinkled up at the sides in a way that intimidated, yet also deeply thrilled her to the core as she was immobilized by the weight of his influence, which seemed to be heavily radiating through the air.

"You seriously want me to take off my shoes?!" She responded, feeling offended by the way he beckoned her like a dog.

"Yep. Come on, it's not so bad. These carpets aren't cheap, and if you can't wear better shoes, then you'll wear none at all in my office." He added, and Parznich rolled her eyes, and slipped them off her feet, then tossed them to him. Trunks caught them easily by the shoe laces, and smirked, opening the bottom drawer of his desk and dropping them in, then locking it. Parznich wiggled her toes on the plush carpet, looking down at her plain black socks sheepishly like a kid having their toy taken away by the teacher. She didn't know why, but the action made her feel much more submissive than what was typical, and without her sneakers, she felt like the only place she could stay was here, in his office.

"Next order of business, begin cleaning my desk." He said gruffly, clearing his throat.

"To-today...?" Parznich peeped, mouse-like, her huge rush of bravery now deflated by the intense glare he was giving her that could melt ice. "Wait, I can't do it today! I have so much work-" She blurted out, but he interjected abruptly.

"It has to be today. I can get one of the other girls that have been slacking all week to do your work. Ever since you started here, I swear more orders have been getting filled than there has been in months, and I knew it couldn't be the regulars because they never had that sort of initiative before..." He mused, and picked up the phone buried in trash on his desk. He motioned with his hand for her to sit in the arm chair, and she did, moving the jacket and putting it on the arm rest as she observed Trunks tapping numbers into the dial pad, then heard the familiar ring down below on the loudspeakers.

It was picked up quickly, and an employee downstairs answered.

"..Hello, I'm calling to let you know that Miss Son won't be coming in today, she's excused from her responsibilities for the day, but log in her typical hours as paid time off..." Trunks said smoothly, crossing his legs over the desk, and rolling one ankle, causing his thickly muscled thigh to flex, as he looked at her from his peripheral and winked. Parznich stiffened, straining her ears to hear what her supervisor was saying back.

"Don't you dare!" She hissed, and Trunks nodded, smirking.

"Great. Oh, and actually, what I really would like to ask is that you have those three girls you notified me about the other day... Yes, those three, have them take on her tasks as well, can you do that? ...No excuses or they're fired. Thank you." He said calmly, then hung up the phone. Parznich jumped as he slammed the receiver into the cradle with unexpected force, adding to the multiple cracks in the black plastic where it looked like it had already been taped back together.

Parznich stood up immediately, her fists clenched to her sides.

"Please don't do this! It's not necessary, and if those girls find out that it was my fault they had to do my work they'll–"

"They'll be fired. I'm your boss, got that? That means you, them, and everyone in this building has to listen to me. I don't want to hear another word about petty drama, I know from having a snotty sister that all that is just for show..."

Parznich nodded; remembering seeing the beautiful, yet icy cold bitch Bulla Briefs that was like an even cuter, younger twin of their famous mother Bulma before in the tabloids. Thinking of how beautiful, and smart young Bulla was, and how she herself could never live up to that standard. Trunks sighed heavily, and continued talking.

"..They act tough when they're pushing you around, but really, the second I call them up to my office, they're a blubbering mess. I bet they would get down on their knees in a second to take their punishment, but I don't allow that, got it?" Trunks said quickly and with command, Parznich's eyes widening as she caught on to what he was implying.

Do girls offer to do that... often? And he refuses them all!

"I get it... so you're the big boss man, then. What am I?" Parznich answered back, crossing her arms over her chest. Trunks seemed baffled a moment, blinking.

"Here, you are my valued employee, Miss Parznich, and all I'm asking is for you to do this one little task, and once it's done you can be on your way. If you really find having the day off so distasteful, I can send you back downstairs." He said, then gathered up his laptop, coffee, and a stack of papers, walking over to the large, brown leather sofa with a coffee table beside it, and taking a seat. Parznich looked at him, then down at the desk. In a way, she was free. All she needed to do was clean his desk, away from those ungrateful bitches, and the unyielding gaze of her supervisor.

"Okay..." Parznich nodded, and Trunks smiled from over the monitor, waving one hand at her to hurry along and get to it.

"You have all day. So, make sure you don't miss anything. Oh, and don't throw any paperwork away unless it's been stamped and turned back. Now, I really have to get started, so just try to be quiet, please." He said, and Parznich nodded, that was simple enough. She looked around, seeing a trash can, and began picking up the dirty napkins, and tossing them in, along with the wadded up papers that were clearly trash. She didn't really enjoy cleaning all that much, but when this was all she had to do, and still got paid, she supposed she wouldn't complain.

Parznich busied herself as Trunks tapped away at his keyboard, clearly deep into his work. She collected the numerous mugs, and even forks and spoons she found buried in the garbage, and went over to the small attached kitchen, and got to work washing the dishes. Once done, she returned, and began sorting through his papers. She separated the ones that had a large blue seal stamped across them, reading Trunks Briefs CEO Approved and the documents he hadn't yet read through, organizing them by oldest to newest, the most urgent papers on the top. She found two empty baskets, and put the two piles in separate places, one reading 'Out' the other 'In'. The latter she brought over to him, and sat on the coffee table, and the outgoing papers he told her to slide in the deposit box by the door for an outside employee to take.

Then, she fetched a wet washcloth from the kitchen, and cleaned the last remaining dust from the surface, then walked away, thinking she was finished for the time being.

"Ah, Parznich..." Trunks murmured, lowering his glasses. She perked up from where she was squeezing out the rag, and he gestured towards a cupboard under the sink. "Yes?" She asked, feeling flustered by the smart look of him with his tortoiseshell horn rimmed glasses on.

"Don't leave the wood wet like that, it's bad for it! Make sure you use the furniture polish under there!" He said, pointing aggressively to the cupboard. Seemingly, he knew more about cleaning than she did, as Parznich huffed slightly to herself, opening the cupboard, and finding an array of cleaning supplies.

She found what he was asking for, and made sure to read the directions before drying off the wood, then applying the lemon scented spray all over the mahogany. Trunks stood, and went over to the window, sliding it open so that the breeze could come in. He almost looked ready to leap out for a moment, taking a deep breath of the fresh air, then smiling back at her.

"We don't need to be getting light headed, now do we, Parznich?" He said innocently, then strolled over and leaned against the wall a moment, as she nodded, then saw his eyes widen. The furniture polish was dripping down the desk legs, and would quickly land onto the white carpeting if she didn't clean it up quickly.

"Oops! I'll get it!" She said hurriedly, and bent down to wipe the dripping liquids up quickly, running the dry rag across the round table leg quickly, as she bent down at the waist, her backside moving as she scrubbed it thoroughly. Trunks gulped, noticing how her butt was moving up and down, and tugged at his tie nervously. He knew he shouldn't be looking, but he couldn't help it. His pupil expanded until they were nearly completely black, just a thin ring of blue around the edges.

Fuck. She has a great ass. He caught himself thinking, and blinked, watching as Parznich attended to the other table leg, stroking the cloth down the cylindrical wood slowly. As he watched, he began feeling the unmistakable sensation of his blood rushing down to his abdomen, and thickening the girth of him which had been at rest, the tip poking out the bottom of his boxer shorts.

Shit! I'm doing it again! He realized, and hurried back to the couch, putting the laptop on his lap quickly before anything could spring to life. Parznich noticed his quick movement, and looked back, seeing how he ducked his head down, and realizing she was in a very provocative position. Something in her grew excited; wondering if he had a positive reaction, and perhaps that's why he moved away so fast. She smirked devilishly for just a second, then thought of a terrible idea.

"...Mr. Briefs? How does it look to you from over there? Is this what you wanted?" She asked, not moving from her bent over position, as she moved the rag down the leg once more, and he looked up, flustered. His cheeks flared bright red, and he nodded.

"Yes, it looks great to me from here. But I want that table to shine like glass. Why don't you put a little elbow grease into it?" He said, slowly smirking. Parznich looked back, deliberately rubbing the wood harder. He slowly stood up, and sauntered over to her, crystal blue eyes glinting brightly in the sunlight, pupils narrowing like a jaguar focusing in on its prey. Parznich looked back at her work quickly, rubbing the rag on the top of the desk.

"No, not like that. Here, let me show you." He said, and came up behind her to her surprise. Trunks placed one hand on hers, and showed her the proper way to move the rag, interlacing their fingers together and making circular motions. Parznich watched how his large, tanned hand enveloped hers, and how large veins beneath the skin crawled across the muscles that were twitching with his vigorous motions.

He leaned down closer so that his hot breath was brushing past her neck, and chuckled when he noticed how bright she was blushing from his closeness.

"You have to really get in there, and stroke it hard like this," He grunted, and began moving their hands together faster, Parznich gasping as the motion made his hips move with it, and rub against her bent over bottom. She held her breath as she felt a firmness grind against her, and gasped upon realizing what it must have been.

"Can you feel what I'm showing you, Parznich?" He questioned roughly, and she nodded quickly, gulping.

"Oh, yes...I can feel it, Mr. President …" She said breathlessly, her eyes widening as his other hand landed on her hip, and he moved between her legs, the large bulge in his pants snugly fitting there as she looked down to see that there was a rounded tip there between her thighs, and gasped, suddenly gripping the edge of the table as if to escape. Oh God, I can feel his dick between my legs…Fuck, its so hard…

"Parznich, you seem distracted. Why don't you try it now," He purred lowly into her throat, his hand trailing up her body, and capturing her throat. Her eyes widened and she nodded quickly. She'd been warned about this, how Trunks' primal instincts would take him over in her presence, and make her the perfect prey. They had never said that she would be willing prey, but her rational mind was foggy now, as her half-saiyan nature hungered for this.

"Ok.." She breathed, her belly doing flops as Trunks turned his face to slightly eye her from his peripheral. Parznich felt weak in the knees, like a newborn calf, and in her weakness she found she was eagerly desiring his touch, and moaning softly, as she could feel the delicious friction of his groin rubbing up against her. Trunks leaned down with her, and cupped her face, his hot hand under her neck, gently squeezing as he turned her head.

"Pay attention." He demanded, and she nodded quickly, his mouth falling open, watching as her eyelids grew heavy, and his motions became more deliberate, the heat and friction between them becoming more intense as she felt his now fully encouraged hardness press between her legs, and whimpered, squeezing them together, making the small gap between her legs tighter, filled with her own boss's hard thickness.

Parznich took control, and began moving their hands together like he'd shown her, her hips moving, thighs tightly together now surrounding his long appendage and working it against her own heat, making him a snug little crook in her thick thighs to masturbate him with. Parznich whimpered as the tangible ridge of his cock grazed against her clit in her tight slacks, rubbing the crotch of the fabric up farther into her core with their motions and making wetness seep through it.

"That's it, Parznich, good girl," He growled against her throat and nipped her with his teeth, moving his hips aggressively to match her pace. My wife, must mate. Parznich found herself spreading her legs and hooking her ankles around his, splaying herself so that he could better reach her crevices, so they could spread and feel everything he was doing through the annoying layers of clothing, his cock instinctively spearing up and hitting her entrance like a battering ram, systematically thrusting as if it were determined to rip through the fabric, and slide inside of her.

"Trunks, wait!" She panted, and found they had both abandoned the rag now instead in desperation to reach their mutual goal, Trunks not answering her now as he forced her onto the desk, and pushed her down so her breasts were crushed against it, holding her thighs together so that they made a plush cradle for his erection, his blue eyes lost to his lust as with a few more aggressive pumps, he came undone against her and Parznich moaned as she felt her climax crashing unexpectedly through her, so hard and fast that her mind felt weak, and she found herself wishing that their clothes weren't restraining them so he could blow his load inside of her, instead of spending all his virile semen on his expensive silk boxers.

Her eyes flew open and she was stunned by what they were doing and what she had just been thinking, and realized that this was very real now. Trunks was still quivering behind her as wetness soaked her pants, both of them breathing heavily.

"...Trunks..?" She questioned softly, and he growled at her. "Don't talk now." He said gruffly, and pushed against her once more, then caressed her ass. "Well, that was pleasantly unexpected.." He purred, then slapped it hard. Parznich cried out, and pushed up on her arms, attempting to refuse the pleasure rushing through her where the flesh tingled from the crack on her flesh.

He took her hand and whirled her around quickly, Parznich staring at him with a wide-eyed gaze, like a deer in the headlights.

"Why don't we take this to the couch, I want to feel your skin on mine as you're fully exposed for me on the leather." He said smoothly, and smiled, Parznich gasping as she saw how the line of his perfectly straight teeth was now broken by jagged canines. She pushed against him and shook her head in refusal, even though what he said had her heated canal weeping moisture into her panties, begging for more as images of them rutting flesh, to raw, naked flesh rushing through her mind.

"No, Trunks. We can't let our instincts control us. This is why we couldn't play together anymore, you turn into an animal!" She suddenly cried out, and his pupils shrunk back from how they had been nearly eclipsed by black like a true saiyan, the reversal making his sky blue eyes more intense.

"Just me…Oh, right. You never teased me, did you? Little Parznich never provoked a damn thing…" He said ruggedly, his eyes trailing up and down her body as he recalled the words her enraged father had spat to his, before splitting their families, deciding to keep both teens away from each other until their heat spells were over.

"I...I didn't mean to. I don't know what… came over me, Trunks." She apologized in a tiny voice. His canines receded and he took a sharp breath, raking his hand through his hair in a panicked way.

"Fuck, you're right, Parznich. Can you please forgive this indiscretion? I promise, it won't happen again." He said with conviction, looking ashamed of himself. Parznich rubbed her hands on her shaking arms and nodded, forgiving him. After all, she had provoked him. "I forgive you… can we just.. forget this happened?' She asked softly, and he nodded. "Of course. If you want to." He said, and she looked into his eyes and felt that part of her weakening. No, I don't want to forget it happened… But I have to. Parznich nodded.

"Yeah." There was an awkward silence, and he turned away from her, heading towards the office bathroom to clean himself up and change his pants with the spare ones he always kept in the case he spilled coffee on them.

Trunks walked away, gulping. How could he forget, he just dry humped the girl, for fuck's sake! Clearly, they both participated in the encounter, and let it happen on purpose. But, ok... two could play that game.

Parznich stood there for a moment in stunned silence, then rearranged her clothes where they'd been rumpled and wedged, feeling wetness between her legs. She walked towards the kitchen, furrowing her brow in determination, but there was no ignoring the squish she felt each time her legs made a pass. Parznich gulped down a cup of water, cooling her dry throat. Damn, was she thirsty.

Her primal instincts would have her making a mad dash for the bathroom to take her chances, and catch him with his pants down. She would yank down his shorts and show him just how hot he'd made her–Parzi shook her head. Bad thoughts, very bad. She thought, and sighed.

A few moments later Trunks came out of the bathroom with dry pants on. Parznich turned her head quickly, wishing she had dry pants too, but this was her fault for teasing her. It wasn't the first time he'd gotten her like this, after all, but as teens they weren't quite so aggressive. Play wrestling, and tickle fights were much different than what they'd been doing. There was no way to turn it around, what they had been doing was dry humping, though she didn't know why it was called dry, she certainly wasn't.

"Would you mind making me a fresh pot of coffee?" Trunks asked, leaning back to inspect the desk, cracking his back. He looked at the clock, and his thick lavender brows rose, seeing how much time had flown by. The stack of papers she'd given him was half completed though, so they were doing great on time. A little break to... discuss things would be fine.

"Sure." She responded, and avoided his gaze. She went to empty out the coffee pot, noticing it was ringed with brown coffee stains, she quickly washed it with soap before filling it, and getting the grounds ready. She readied two mugs for them, putting the cleaned dishes away now that they were dry.

"Hmm, this looks like it's going to get sticky if I don't rub off the excess soon... don't worry about it, I'll get it." Trunks said from behind her, and Parznich glanced back to see him taking off his blazer and tossing it on a chair, then rolling up the sleeves of his white work shirt. He took a silk handkerchief from his pocket, and began rubbing down the wood vigorously. The coffee maker behind her puffed and hissed, the sound of coffee dribbling reminding them both of mornings at home, with the rich aroma filling the air. Parznich glanced back over her shoulder shyly, and saw that he had taken over for her, perhaps feeling guilty he hadn't even let her finish what she was doing before attacking her.

Trunks was bathed in the warm sunlight; the glow enhanced his golden skin, and made his lavender hair shine even brighter as he made quick motions with the rag. He went to work removing the excess polish, until the desk truly did shine like glass. He then stood back, admiring his work, and tossed the cloth in the trash.

"There, now it's waterproof." He said, and smirked as Parznich toted the coffee cups back to him. He took his mug, their fingers just barely touching, as he took a seat at the desk, and she at the armchair beside it.

"Waterproof? When would you ever need that?" Parznich said dubiously, and watched as Trunks shrugged, sipping his coffee.

"I don't know, in case it got wet." He said with a smug smirk, but she didn't take the bait.

"Of course, you'd need that." She sneered, and Trunks ignored her quip.

"This coffee is great, Parznich. Wow, how'd you fix it?" He said, taking another sip. Parznich was puzzled, looking down into her cup.

"Oh, I dunno.. I added some cinnamon and a tiny pinch of salt. It takes away the bitterness." She said, not seeming to get his fascination.

"Plus I washed out the pot. You have to clean it as well, or else it'll taste like crap. Don't you know that?" She said, snorting a little as Trunks took off his glasses, tucking them in his pocket. This is stupid. Talking about banal bullshit as if you didn't just get your rocks off in your boxers. She scowled at him, and he practically snarled back.

"Yes, I knew that, but I just don't have the time to clean it." He said, with a deep frown. Parznich glared him down, crossing her legs. "Well, maybe you should have a secretary...You know all those girls in sector 3 would love to assume the position." She sneered, and Trunks burst out with laughter, startling her, as he slapped his hand on the table and a tiny bit of coffee splashed.

"Bahahaha! I'm sure they would, if they could!" He commented, and Parznich joined him in laughing dryly for a second, but she didn't feel as enthusiastic. Especially after hearing what his man servant had said, about arranging them all by cup sizes.

"Well, they're all ready to take the position, I guess all that's left is to take their cup sizes." Parznich grumbled, standing up quickly, she went to the sink and fetched a sponge, then came back and angrily wiped up where Trunks had spilled coffee on the clean desk as he leaned back, and went to put his feet on it. Parznich huffed, turning away, and going to refill their mugs.

"Actually, I'd prefer they didn't. Honestly, I don't like girls with huge breasts." He said softly, then cleared his throat. Parznich glanced back, her cheeks reddening, as she turned and walked back, setting down the cups.

Trunks blinked back at her naïvely, having just blatantly stated how he felt, without an ounce of embarrassment. He really didn't like huge breasts being waved in his face, all it did was remind him of his mom and grandmother, who were well-endowed, and enjoyed showing off their ample cleavage so much that he had over time grown accustomed to thinking of them as gross.

"I don't think that's very professional. I don't care what type of... chest you like, Mr. Briefs." Parznich said with slight embarrassment, clearing her throat.

"You're probably right. Professionalism aside, I just wish I could have a secretary that wasn't always shaking those things around trying to catch my attention, you know?" He said, using both hands in an exaggerated motion to show his face between two large boobs. Parznich snickered, after all she supposed she could get it, her Gran was like that too, but she was more like Launch, and had a medium sized chest; not too large, and not too small.

"Forgive me for my blasé attitude...I just don't want my secretary to always be in my office, trying to flirt with me while I'm working. It's very distracting, and I'm not going to have a personal relationship during company time..." He said, Parznich looking down at the mug of coffee in her lap abashedly as he went on.

"So, if those girls want to waste their lives, prancing around trying to get my attention, it's going to be a long time before I can ever find a girlfriend who's actually worth my time, and appreciates me as a person." He said, his voice almost turning into a growl. Parznich looked down at herself, and sighed. Her chest wasn't that big, but she never even wore a bra, so she wasn't sure what her cup size was. Maybe she should think about wearing one, she didn't want to be a distraction.

"I think you're right... you know, they only like you because of how you look, but it's not all about that. I bet if they got to know a guy before going after them, they wouldn't get their hearts broken so often." She said, thinking of how she'd heard the gossip downstairs.

"Well, there aren't many girls like that in the world, I'm afraid. All I am is money signs in their eyes, and they just can't wait to trap me between their thighs." Trunks sighed, setting down his empty cup, and stretching out his arms behind his head. Parznich twitched her face at him quickly, catching his sly wording. He licked his lips slowly and smiled warmly at her as their eyes met. Parznich's chest hitched just a fraction faster as she watched how his massive biceps tightened the fabric of his shirt, and shook her head.

"Just..a bunch of gold-diggers." Parznich added, and he nodded. It would be nice to have a rich husband, though... especially one so handsome...so, she couldn't entirely blame them for their interest in him.

"...Do you remember when we were kids, and you proposed to me with a candy ring-pop?" She said with a small smile, tapping the tips of her index fingers together shyly, as Trunks watched her with a sparkle in his eyes; noticing how cute her gestures were, and how attractive the rosy aspect of her cheeks was. He remembered the time in his mind vividly, though it made him feel embarrassed just thinking about it.

Bulma and Vegeta had come to visit Raditz and Launch's ranch house, where they had acres of property, plenty for two kids to run, and fly around. Trunks' parents liked to bring him there to get his energy out, he could fly and practice with ki to his heart's desire with her older brother Saavoy, and Parzi was the little sister of his friend. Though he was a boy, and wasn't interested in playing with most girls, he found out Parznich was a tomboy and didn't mind getting dirty. They became close and he ended up playing with her, and Saavoy with Goten when her cousin came to visit.

One day, Trunks overheard their mothers talking about the two getting married, and he had the wild idea to do it. He took Parznich with him, holding her hand and refused to tell her where they were going until they were all the way at the back of the property in a beaten up old car, and he popped the question by saying 'will you be my wife forever?' and Parznich had nodded happily and took the ring, sealing the deal with a kiss on his cheek.

"Hehe…Yeah, I remember that…It was one of those rings with the big, red candy diamond. We were such weird kids, why'd we ever do that stuff?" He said, blushing and looking away. "...Our folks were always saying we'd be perfect together because we're both half-saiyans." She snorted, and they both laughed together; Parznich feeling much less embarrassed, and Trunks feeling like he could just be himself with her now.

"Well... I suppose that'd be only the logical way to go...but, we're not kids anymore. Time to get back to work." Trunks said, standing up, and returning to his place on the couch. Parznich hesitated a moment, then turned and eyed the desk once again, resolving that she should probably begin emptying out the drawers one by one.


A few hours had passed, and Parznich had nearly finished cleaning out the desk. Each drawer had taken her at least an hour, and there were six of them. Each one was cram packed with miscellaneous items, papers and junk that she had to sort through one by one, showing Trunks the items and asking if he wanted to keep them, or throw them away. They did this for a bit, as he nodded and finished up the paperwork he was doing. The only drawer she didn't get to, was the one her shoes were in. She had just finished putting everything back in it's own new, neat place, when she heard a knock at the door, and a woman with a rolling cart was let in.

"Hello Mr. President, I have lunch ready just like you ordered–Ooh, is this your new secretary?~" The older woman asked, tittering into her hand as she noticed Parznich's disheveled appearance.

"Ah, I'm afraid not. She's just visiting. Thanks for lunch, Mrs. Marion." He said, and the lunch woman nodded, headed back out the door down to the café where most employees took their lunch. Trunks stood up and loosened his tie, then flung it off, sighing in relief as he undid a few buttons.

"You have a...lunch lady?" She questioned, avoiding staring too hard as she was able to see the black tank top he wore underneath.

"Sure I do. She's the only female employee with clearance to be on the top floor. Well, her and you." He said, walking over and taking off the silver lid keeping things warm to reveal two black styrofoam boxes.

"Seriously?" Parznich was bug-eyed, gawking at him. She almost wanted to break out in a shit-eating smile, and brag about it to all the girls downstairs, but she held her tongue.

"Yup. Now, let's have lunch together. I know a place that's really calm, and nobody will bother us." He said with a smile, taking the boxes, and the two drinks, and turning around briskly, then stepping his foot right out the window.

"Trunks!" Parznich shouted, in a panic, and ran towards the window. She was anticipating to hear him scream as he fell down to a painful death, but there was nothing.

"Over here!" He said, and she looked over, seeing that he had simply walked onto the flat roof connected to the window.

"Oh. You could have warned me first!" She shouted, then swung her leg over, and hopped onto the roof with her bare feet, looking around to see him sitting on a ledge, their lunch next to him.

"Why? We can fly." He chuckled, and she rolled her eyes. "Well, yeah but… It's not like I fly every day." Parznich walked over carefully, feeling wary, but they were nowhere near the ledge, and there was also a fence blocking it off.

She came and sat down, and was handed her lunch. When she opened the box, she was slightly surprised to see that it wasn't just the meal of the day that all the employees had, but instead, something different. It smelled divine.

"Have you ever had the West City special? It's my favorite. They always have the best food on Friday." He said, and nudged her gently with his elbow to try it. Parznich smiled, and thanked him.

"Thanks, you didn't have to order anything for me," She said humbly, picking up her fork, and eyeing the curly sweet potato fries with some type of cream dressing. There was also a grilled chicken sandwich with artesian bread, and plenty of fresh veggies on the sandwich, along with avocado, hummus and a few crispy slices of bacon.

Parznich picked one of the fries up, and munched on it, pleasantly surprised. It was delicious, but healthy. They ate together in companionable silence as they could see all of the industrial side of West City rushing around them, with hover planes, bullet trains flying through the clear tunnels that made loops around the skinny, oval topped buildings with many windows, and different additions going in many directions. It was very 'Jetsons' looking, and yet there was still plenty of lush, lovely greenery below. Maple trees lined the sidewalks, and the noise of traffic was mixed with the sounds of nature, as they watched wistfully, seeing the squirrels, as well as birds flying around, enjoying the water fountain and the small bird bath around it, surrounded by bright flowers.

"This is nice, huh?" Trunks mused, opening his hot spiced chai tea latte, and taking a long drink. Parznich did the same, finished with her lunch. Trunks set his down, and walked over to lean against the fence, pulling a red and white pack of cigarettes out of his pocket, and lighting one. Parznich stood and leaned up against the white brick wall, crossing his arms as she stood not too far across from him, watching with her emerald green hair fluttering past her eyes as he took a drag, and exhaled, the smoke carried on the gentle fall wind that sent leaves scattering across the rooftop. Parznich swallowed down her anxiety thickly, and cleared her throat.

"You know, about earlier..." She began, him raising one brow as he puckered his lips slightly to take a drag.

"Oh...?" He murmured, seeming like he was ready to entertain what she had to say, but his eyes told a different story as they slowly traveled down her body discreetly.

"That wasn't me…Y'know, I typically don't even kiss guys, let alone…"

"Dry hump them?" Trunks snorted, and she clenched her hands into fists.

"I'm serious, Trunks… if our families find out…I don't know how my dad would react, I can't imagine it would go over with Vegeta well either." She said with a snort, and Trunks let out a long sigh, the smoke drifting.

"And, how old are we now?"

"Well, I'm 23... I'm guessing you're like...22?"

"And you're scared of our parents?"


"Listen. I've dated a few girls, I honestly don't really have a type. I just know, when you like someone, you like them. I'm not going to tell you to go against your folk's wishes, or give you any ideas about us. I'm a busy guy. And sometimes, I just wanna be dirty with someone who's pretty."

"But, Trunks, we shouldn't-"

He walked towards her quickly then, and pressed one hand against the wall, her heart beating frantically in her chest.

"We're both half-saiyan. I see you, and I think you're attractive. I'm a male, you're a female. Primal instincts, or just fucking pent-up lust, whatever. Maybe we got a little carried away, with the excitement, and taboo of a boss and employee relationship being... dangerous." He said lowly, leaning towards her.

"It's against the code of conduct to have interpersonal relationships within the workplace." She said in a small voice, and Trunks nodded, his face inching close to hers.

"Yes, it is.. and you're... very bad. I could think of more punishments...But, honestly? I think you like them too much." He purred, then pulled back, watching with amusement as she became heated, her cheeks reddening as she shook her head vigorously.

"No! I don't like it! I-I don't want to be punished!" She panted, and he dragged his hand down the wall, and placed it on the small of her back, right above the sensitive spot where her tail had been.

"Ok then. I'll remember that for later." He said, then moved his face down to nuzzle her neck; for once feeling that odd, aggressive thing his father liked to call primal instinct, as he traced his lips down her neck, then kissed it. She gasped as she felt the dangerous graze of his flat, yet sharp teeth just barely nip her as the air around them ruffled, and they were flying incredibly fast.

"Where are we going?" She asked into his ear as he breathed in the pheromones from her neck, and chuckled.

"Shh. It's a secret. And you know what else?" He said seductively sweet, and turned her around to crush her against his chest. Parznich grabbed onto him, holding around his neck, and wrapping her legs around his waist.

"W-What? That I hate you?" She questioned, her voice raspy with intense feelings of her lust, rage, fear, and adrenaline coursing through her veins.

"Aww, babe. I hate you too. No, silly," He said sarcastically, pulling back from her a moment to smile warmly back at her, their eyes meeting, and hers widening as his grew dark, and his smile... so sinister, yet incredibly sexy as she bit her lip, staring up at him with intense yearning flooding through her veins.

"We're not on company property..." He said softly, and stole a kiss, taking away the breath she had been holding, and kissing her worries away, his soft and tender kisses covering her tight mouth, locked with her anxiety, as she whimpered against him, his tongue flicking at her lips, his playful nips at her lips and neck making heat blossom between her legs.

Parznich gasped, and opened her eyes to looked up at him, then did the unbelievable, and kissed him back with all the strength she could muster, intertwining her tongue with his in a delicious twist, her body pressed firmly against his, until they came apart with panting breaths, and she rested her head against him. Trunks held her safe and would never let her touch the ground.

"You're an eccentric dick, Trunks Briefs." She muttered flatly, then looked up at him and huffed.

"Why, thank you?" He responded, shrugging.

"Now. Fly me back to work before I show you the wrath of a Son woman." She growled with incredible venom, and he simply laughed, giggling almost like a naughty brat as she slapped him across the shoulder.

"Up, superman!" She snapped, and Trunks relented, flying them back up into the building.

Trunks walked over to his desk, tracing his hand over the clean, organized surface of it and pulled out a drawer, leaning over to open up his checkbook, clicking his pen.

"Let's see, so you want name brand? Of course you do, nothing cheap would do. How about a nice pair of kitten heels, you don't need stilettos, just red pumps will do, without looking silly with your work slacks." He rambled on to her, as she stared down in shock.

"Ok, I can do that.." She said, breathing shallowly at the close proximity of her chest to his elbow.

"Make sure you get the right size. Actually, maybe get yourself a few pairs. That way, you can rotate." Trunks said, smiling brightly at her, as he held out a check with an image of Capsule Corporations printed on it. Parznich was speechless, wordlessly looking at the check, gazing at the full figure number written in cursive ledger.

"That should be all you need, right? Well, the clock is ticking. Take my elevator." He said, and she snapped to attention.

"Oh, um..." Parznich looked all around, then saw the platinum elevator he was gesturing to for her to get it, showing her the face of his watch.

"9:00, on the dot. Time to clock out." He said, tapping it.

"Oh shit, I have to get down there!" She bumbled, and Trunks only laughed once again, reaching for her arm, and patting it to make sure she put the check in a safe place. His touch was electrifying, but also warm and comfortable as Parznich slipped it in the front pocket of her messenger bag, still not believing what she had read.

He walked her quickly to the elevator, his large hand still resting on her shoulder, as he pressed the button for the third floor. Parznich glanced at Trunks and smiled shyly at him, not sure what to say, just taking in the fresh scent of his aftershave. Is he going to kiss me? She wondered and her heart fluttered just slightly. Parznich had to lower her eyes from his lips, looking down at the floor for a moment.

"Thank you for everything... today, and yesterday." She said, and he nodded, his bright blue eyes turning upwards as he grinned back at her cheerily.

"Heh, don't mention it!" He said, as if embarrassed, just the tips of his ears going pink for just a split second, before the doors closed, and she was blocked off from seeing him.

They both seemed to move slightly to get one last glance at each other, before the doors closed tightly, and she was sent down. Trunks cleared his throat awkwardly, whirling around on the ball of his foot, and rushing back to his desk.

He was feeling a little odd about giving her the money, but that was just business, after all. He had never been one to take flattery well, so he covered it up by acting as casual as he could. After all, this was what he was used to, and it seemed pretty normal to him, but it always threw people for a spin when he took out his wallet. Women grew starry eyed, and men licked their lips eagerly, hands out to eagerly take his money. But, Parznich didn't seem to be flattered by his money alone, he thought maybe she felt that odd sexual tension again in the air too, and that's why she held her breath when he almost elbowed her in the chest.

Trunks smirked to himself and shook his head slightly, mildly amused by the girl's blatant obstinance; she was different, alright. Pretty too, with how her dark eyes lit up and sparkled like the night sky. He walked back to his desk and sat down, noticing the jacket she had left there, and picked it up, inspecting it to see that she had indeed gotten the stains out like he'd asked, without leaving unsightly bleach marks like he'd feared.

"Hmm," Trunks mused, and sniffed it. It smelled like fresh linen, a familiar and cozy scent. He appreciated it, even if it was just the simple task of doing laundry; which he would be hard pressed to admit, that he failed to do in his busy schedule. Well, now Parznich had the funds to replace her shoes, and that would be the last he saw of her.

But...that wouldn't be any fun. Because he did want to see her again. Not to mention, he had the perfect reason for her to come back.

Trunks smirked, twirling a set of keys around on one finger as he strolled over to his pristine desk, and unlocked the bottom drawer. Reaching inside, he chuckled, pulling up her sneakers by the laces. His dirty secret.

Was Trunks Briefs a bad man? Maybe...

Parznich screamed Trunks' name so loud that even from the ground, he could hear her on the top floor.

"Trunks Zorn Briefs, if it's the last thing on earth I do, I WILL KILL YOU!" Parznich screamed up into the rain, knowing well that he would hear her. She turned back around, and trudged back into the building in her soaking wet socks. She had completely forgotten she wasn't wearing shoes, and he knew it. It was HIS fault that she wasn't wearing them!

Trunks twirled the black pair of sneakers around his fingers by the shoelaces, whistling a jaunty tune as he waited for her return.