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Summer sat down on the couch, her hands under her chin and was deep in thought. She closed her eyes and pictured Raven chatting with Qrow after the universe had fallen apart. She had taken her mind off things like with helping Ruby with her silver eyes and going to Galar to help out Weiss and Blake, but all of those distractions weren't enough to have her mind wander back to Raven. She let out a sigh as she walked through the house and pulled out a piece of paper and a pencil as she walked back to the couch, placed the piece of paper on the coffee table and started writing.

"Tai, I've gone on an errand. I'll be back soon. - Summer"

She heard a little whine as she turned her head and saw Zwei looking at her. She smiled and kissed him on the head. "Daddy will be back soon, okay?" She smiled as Zwei nodded happily. She ruffled his head and then walked out the door, grabbing her cloak in the process, putting it on and walked out the door, closing it behind her and she walked off.

"You're actually going through with it, huh?" A voice asked, causing Summer to jump in surprise and turned around to see Qrow leaning on a tree. "Heh, didn't think ghosts could get so jumpy."

Summer rolled her eyes. "Yeah, I'm actually going through with it."

"Well, allow me to accompany you." He said, walking to her. "I know you talked about it with me just the other day. I was actually surprised that you saw the both of us."

"I just need to ask her something… because the more people we have against Dark Ruby, the better."

"I suppose so." Qrow chuckled. "You did talk to Tai about this, right?"

"I have, but he's resigned himself from not even thinking about Raven anymore. Can't blame him… she left all of us."

Qrow let out a chuckle. "Fear does things to your head…" He said.

"Right…" Summer let out a sigh.

"You sure you want to go through with it? You don't have to push yourself."

"You know how I am, Qrow. Once my mind is made up-"

"Yeah, I know." Qrow patted her on the shoulder. "Welp, let's get this over with then. You want me to guide or do you know the way?"

"I know the way… after all, my kids and Tai aren't the only ones I look after from the great beyond."

"Pffft, I had a feeling you were a stalker." He teased, causing Summer to giggle as the two walked off together. "Let's just hope she's in a good mood…"

Meanwhile, in Toad Town

BGM: Tough Guy Alert! (Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story plus Bowser Jr's Journey)

Esdeath stood in the middle of the road, watching Yang slowly rise up as she squared up again with a smirk. Esdeath's eyes shifted to both sides, seeing Weiss on her right and Blake on her left. She knew very well that Ruby was gearing up behind her. "Tell me… is this all that Team RWBY can muster?"

"We're just getting started, ice queen!" Yang said, jumping forward as Blake and Weiss rushed at her and Ruby used her semblance as they all attacked her at once. Esdeath smirked and leapt into the air, leaving behind an ice wall as all four of them attacked the ice wall. Esdeath would then front flip and then axe kicked Yang to the ground.

"Ooooh!" The audience winced at this.

Esdeath hopped off of Yang as the firecracker jumped back up. "HADOKEN!" She yelled, but Esdeath formed an ice mirror as it bounced off and slammed into Yang. "Gah!" She yelped, falling to the ground as Esdeath would shoot out ice from her hand, freezing her back to the ground and getting her stuck. "Nnngh!"

Esdeath heard footsteps running close to her as she pulled out her rapier and then swiftly blocked an attack from Weiss as she counter attacked and knocked Weiss away. Weiss would recover and then rushed at Esdeath, both of them clashing and parrying each other.

In a brief moment, Blake would quickly run around Esdeath and tied her up with her Shadow Whip. Esdeath let out a chuckle and closed her eyes, where she would encase herself in ice and shattered, causing Blake to gasp as a small iceberg emerged from the ground, and then Esdeath slid down the iceberg and then jumped off. She would see Ruby grabbing Weiss with her semblance as they would rush over at Esdeath to do a team attack and slashed Esdeath down. Esdeath would flip over and landed on her feet as Weiss and Ruby came down and slashed her, but Esdeath conjured up a longsword and blocked their attacks as she countered and knocked them both to the ground.

Blake rushed over at Esdeath, her Belladonna Claws at the ready but Esdeath turned around and froze her legs and gluing them to the ground. She would then do the same with her arms to prevent her from shooting at her. "Crap…" She said as Esdeath would walk over to RW as the two rushed at her with Ruby using her semblance to get around her and then slashed her from behind, but Esdeath swiftly put both arms out and shot out a small blizzard to freeze the both of them up, and caused Ruby to fall to the ground.

"Mmph!" Ruby groaned.


Esdeath let out a chuckle. "I have to say, that was rather impressive." She said, snapping her fingers and thawing everyone out. "Your skills are clearly in a league of their own." She turned to Yang. "Your newfound power was clearly a force to be reckoned with, same with your sister. I can say the same for Weiss and Blake. I am rather pleased with these results in our little spar." She let out a chuckle. "To think I was going easy on you too."'

"You were going EASY on us?!" Ruby said in shock.

"Of course. Wouldn't want to accidentally hurt you." Esdeath said. "It appears that despite everything that was thrown at you… all of your struggles and traumatic experiences, you worked past it and got stronger as a result. I'm rather proud of you four, especially you Ruby. It sounds like you've endured the most of it."

"Well… just keep moving forward, ya know?" Ruby chuckled. "Byleth told me something the other day… it's that no matter what is thrown at me, no matter how much I feel anguished, I should push myself to move past it. Of course, I went to her after I had suddenly felt so miserable all of a sudden, like I was suddenly in anguish…" She closed her eyes. "I'm not sure how it happened, but being with Pit comforting me and Byleth encouraging me… I'm not going to let anything get to me." She opened her eyes and flashed a geniune toothy grin. "Because that's how I want to live my life, no matter what Dark Ruby throws at me. I'm not going to fall into despair like what she wants."

Esdeath let out a hearty chuckle. "That's great to hear, Ruby."

Rubyif only I had the courage like you… Weiss thought while Yang wrapped her arms around her sister with a massive grin on her face while Blake smiled at the both of them.

"Tell me something, Yang." Esdeath spoke up. "This new power that you have… it was far different than Weiss and Blake. Are you the only one who was taught that?"

Yang chuckled. "Nah, I wasn't alone!"

"Oh?" Esdeath looked intrigued, then spotted a young Toad. Hmm? Now where is that little boy running off to? She wondered.

"General Esdeath!" Lubbock came running to her.

"Hmm? What is it, Lubbock?"

"Some Atleasian soldiers… they… they…"

"What is it?" Esdeath asked as he would then whisper in her ear. "THEY'RE WHAT?!"

BGM: Toad Town (Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story)

The young Toad ran around freely around Toad Town, happy as can be before running inside of a house. "Mom! I'm home!"

"Hmm?" The mother turned around. "Oh! Sweetie, you're early! Did you have a fun time in school?"

"Eh, the teacher was blabbing on so I snuck out when her back was turned."

"Oh for goodness sake, child…" The mother shook her head. "What am I going to do with a naughty child like you?"

"Love and adore me~!"

She rolled her eyes. "Well, since you're here, why don't you go get your father and we'll have lunch together."

"Sure thing!" He said and then ran into the other room. "Oh daaaad! Lunch is… dad? DAD?! AAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

"Huh?" The Toad mother wondered as the young Toad came running in. "Sweetie, what's wrong? Where's your father?"


"H-h-h-he… he…!"


"What on earth?!" She yelled as she saw a massive blobbed Toad rolling into the kitchen becoming to a gentle stop. "Honey…? AAAAAAAAAH! HOOOOONEEEEEEEEEEY!"

BGM: News (Pokemon Colosseum)

"Breaking news! For whatever reason, there seems to be a massive outbreak spreading around the Mushroom Kingdom. Fear is spreading around everywhere, wondering if anyone could be next. They call this phenomenon… the Blorbs. Everyone is doing their best to try to not get infected by the Blorbs. Wait, what's that…? You're kidding! I've just received word that the world of Remnant has been affected by the Blorbs as well. Vacuo, Vale, Atlas, Mistral… and I've just received word that Leo Lionheart has been affected. Here are some witnesses detailing the horrors of the blorbs."

"I don't know what happened! I was chatting with a friend and suddenly… KABLOOEY! He became a gigantic… ball!"

"What should we do? Should we socially distance? Should we stay six feet apart? I DON'T KNOW WHO TO TRUST RIGHT NOW!"

"This came out of nowhere! I'm scared I could be next!"

"We're all doing our part to make sure we are not being affected by the blorbs. We're all in this together!"


"What does our butts have to do with inflating like a balloon?!"


"I saw Professor Lionheart inflating like a balloon! What's going on?!"

"Well, the good news is that the Grimm are also affected so we can freely run around in circles and panic!"

"WHAT?! THE GRIMM ARE AFFECTED?! …I'll be right back, I need to go paint a mustache on one of them. A pink one at that!"

"Whatever the case may be, we must all be cautious otherwise we all will get a bad case of the blorbs. I've just received intel that Princess Peach is holding a meeting in the castle. Here's hoping they know how to fix this. This is Lisa Lavender… signing off."


Meanwhile, at Bowser's Castle…

BGM: Stolen Koopa Castle (Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story)

"Hmm…" Bowser tapped his hand on his throne. "Seriously, where are those two? I haven't seen them in a while…" He said. "Roman, Neo… where could they have gone? Come to think of it, the villains at the mansion had all disappeared without a trace…"

"Maybe they went all on vacation." Bowsette said, leaning on a wall and filing her nails.

"Together? At the same time? They would've invited me too!"

"Eh, I wouldn't worry about it."

"YAAAAAAAAAGH!" A voice cried as Kamek and General Guy came in running.

"What's gotten you in such a panic?" Bowser asked.

"W-well… we want to inform you that we're about to have… shenanigans rolling in!" General Guy said.

Right on cue, they heard rumbling as they turned their attention to see Junior rolling in on a boulder-like object. "Hahahahaha! This is so much fun!" Junior exclaimed, causing Kamek and General Guy to dive out of the way as Bowsette was ready to stop it, but Bowser simply stood up and punched the boulder away, leaving Junior up in the air. "Uh… waaaaah!" He fell, but Bowser caught him in his arms.

"I see you found a new toy to play with." He said.

"Yeah… found it in the courtyard!"

"Um… your ugliness?" Kamek took a good look at it. "I don't think this is a toy."

Bowsette took a closer look and nearly let out a gasp. "Bro! This… this is one of your minions!"

"What are you talking about?" Bowser took a good look. "WHAT THE?! WHAT HAPPENED TO ONE OF MY GOOMBAS?!"


"Alright, Goombas, report in!" A Goomba ordered.




"Mmmph… presh… ant…" Suddenly a blorbed Goomba landed right on top of him.



"Welp, they goes the neighborhood!"

"Gah! You guys are squishing me! I'm trying to watch a Koopa soap opera here! …Aaaand there goes the TV…"


Back in the throne room

"It appears that it's only affecting the Goombas… for now." Kamek said. "In any case, it seems that this is caused by "The blorbs", as they say. You bloat up like a balloon and you're nothing more than an orb. Fitting, no?"

"Eh… I guess." Bowser shrugged. "So how are we going to stop it?"

"Well, no matter how much magic I throw at them, it doesn't seem to "Un-blorb" them."

"Hmph, well this is a problem." Bowser said, and then suddenly, they heard a cry as they turned to see a Lunala flying in. "What in blazes?!" He said.

"Bowser!" A voice said as Umber hopped off of the Lunala.

"Eh? Who are you? …Wait, are you that kid from Delfino… Amber, was it?"

"Umber." He corrected. "I came to inform you that Princess Peach is holding a meeting at her castle. It seems that these blorbs are spreading everywhere in the Mushroom Kingdom."

"It's what?!" Bowser said. "Did she invite me?"

"No, but I'm inviting you. I figured you wanted a part of this."

"Damn right I do!" Bowser exclaimed. "They know how much I love a good continental breakfast! Kamek, General Guy, you're coming with me. Bowsette, you hold down the fort!"

"You got it, bro!"

"Let's move." Bowser said as they walked off as Umber hopped on Nebby.

"I figured it wouldn't take much to convince him. Now let's go to that meeting." He said with Nebby nodding and flew off.

Pause BGM

Meanwhile, at Peach's Castle…

"THIS WHOLE BLORB THING IS ATROCIOUS!" A Toad yelled, slamming his fist on the table in a conference room. "I'm not sure where it came from, but everyone is getting them faster than you can say Mario Kart!" He exclaimed.

"Yes! It just came out of nowhere, by boogity!" Toadbert said. "This was insane!"

"Well, can't we find a way to stop this?" Ruby asked. "I mean… this crisis just came out of left field!"

"Surely… there has to be some explanation…" Pyrrha mused, as she was sporting a new look. She had Hylian armor all over her body as it was painted in her colors, and even her chest was covered in armor as she had her own symbol on her chest. Jaune was wearing Zora armor minus the hat as it was colored yellow and white, while also having his symbol on his right arm. Nora was wearing chain mail Gerudo armor on her body, mostly in pink and white as her symbol was on her breast plate, and Ren was wearing Rito clothing in his color with the symbol on his chest.

"It happened in Sarasaland too." Daisy spoke up. "Some of my people were blorbed… and we had to get them into shade because, hello, we're a desert!"

"It affected Hyrule too…" A voice said as they turned to see Zelda, who was accompanied by Impa, Terrako, Young and Toon Link. "My father got it, some of the soldiers got it…" She looked away with her eyes closed. "Link… he… he got hit with it too. We decided to take them to the Mushroom Kingdom hospital because it's far more advanced than ours… but we could only manage to bring Link in because the hospital is filled to the brink…"

"So that's why these two are with you." Weiss said. "It's because Link got the blorbs?"

"Yes…" Zelda looked down sadly. "I wish there was something we could do to help him…"

"Our soldiers were hit too." Esdeath said. "The blorbs… I'm not sure what they are, but I want to get to the bottom of this." She said, as she was accompanied by the Winter-Ops.

"So do I…" A voice said as they turned to see Amelia Gadd in the room. "My husband… when he caught wind of some of the villains in the Smash Mansion disappeared, he decided to look into it… but he got hit with the blorbs too."

"Oh no… E. Gadd got hit too?!" Ruby said. "What about Jade?"

"She's currently vacationing with her team at Ice Cream Islands in Popstar, I didn't want her to worry so I told her everything's fine."

"Gaaaah!" Nora groaned. "Where did this even come from anyway!"

"Everyone, let's all just calm down." Toadsworth said. "Getting frustrated will get us nowhere."

"Agreed." Peach nodded. "We just need to figure out what's going on." She said as the doors opened up and saw the Mario Bros walking in.

"We're not too late, are we?" Mario asked.

Peach smiled. "No, you guys are right on time."

"More like fashionably late… per the norm with these two." Yang whispered, causing Ruby to snicker.

"Did anyone else get affected with the blorbs?" Mario asked as Luigi sat next to Daisy.

"Let's see…" Blake counted on her fingers. "Some of the Reds and Blues, some of the students in Beacon, including CRDL. Ryuji got hit with it so the Phantom Thieves are down one, the Toad Brigade… that's all I can remember on top of my head."

"Does anyone recall seeing anything… unusual?" Peach spoke up.

"Come to think of it… there was this new Mushroom that popped up…" A Toad spoke up.

"Pardon me!" A voice said as a yellow star sprite came flying in. "Sorry I'm late!"

"Who are you?" Ruby asked.

"Me? I'm a representative of the Star Sprites. I'm Starlow! HELLO YELLO!" She said happily and then looked around. "It seems like everyone is here… but I'm seeing two empty seats."

"These belonged to the representatives of the Future Foundation, but they seem to be running late." Peach said.

"Yeah, their names are Kyoko Kirigirl and… uh… how do you pronounce this first name? Ay-oi? Aw-yoi? Oy? Is the A silent… or is the I silent? Eye-Oh… or maybe the O is silent! Ai! Gaaah! I don't know how to pronounce this name! I'll just say Asahina to stop this headache that's forming!" A Toad grumbled.

"When they'll come… they'll come." Toadbert said as they saw Umber flying in and then hopped off of Nebby, putting her back in the ball. "Ah, Master Umber! Glad you could make it. Did your errand go well?"

"Yeah, it sure did." Umber grinned. "So, do we know anything about the blorbs?"

"Well… so far, there was a mushroom that popped out of nowhere." Toadbert said.

"Hmm… a new mysterious mushroom." Weiss folded her arms. "It appeared right around the same time as the villains ended up disappearing."

"How peculiar." Esdeath folded her arms. "This can't just be a coincidence."

"Well hey, look on the bright side!" Toadbert spoke up. "If the villains are gone, that means we don't have to worry about Bowser, by boogity!"


"…I had to say something…" Toadbert facepalmed as Bowser walked in with Kamek and General Guy.

"Bowser!" Toadsworth exclaimed. "What are you doing here?"

"In case if you hadn't noticed, Toadsworth… I run this kingdom too! So I should be part of this meeting as well."

"Why? You're just going to make a mess of things like usual." Impa said, reaching for her sword as Toon and Young Link reached for theirs.

"The young ninja is right! Why should we believe you?" A Toad asked.

"Guys! Hold it…" Peach said. "I trust Bowser has a good enough reason to be here."

"Darn right!" Bowser said. "Kamek." He cued as Kamek waved his wand and showed a picture of some blorbed Goombas.

"Blorbed Goombas?!" Ruby said in shock.

"Mama mia!" The Bros exclaimed.

"I thought it had just been a thing at my end, but apparently it's affecting everything!" Bowser said. "Umber can attest to that, he told me."

"And now you know my errand." Umber chuckled. "It would have been a shame if Bowser missed out."

"It would have." Peach nodded.

"Very well, Bowser… you may be in this meeting." Toadsworth said.

"Heh, glad I could reason with you." Bowser said as Kamek conjured up seats for the trio to sit down.

"Where's Roman and Neo?" Jaune asked.

"They up and disappeared. They went somewhere but never came back."

"Just like with the other villains…" Ruby folded her arms. "This can't be good."

Bowser glanced at Starlow. "Who's the fairy?"

"I'm a star sprite, for your information! Name's Starlow and don't you forget it."

"Heh, very well then."

Back at Bowser's Castle…

Resume Stolen Koopa Castle BGM

"Phew! That took a while." Roy said, dusting his hands.

"What'd you do with the Goombas?" Wendy asked.

"Stuffed them in a broom closet… I didn't know we even had so many brooms! And I'm not sure how much longer the broom closet is gonna hold out."

"Well… at least it's taken care of." Wendy said.


A Goomba went flying by as Junior started laughing. "Alright, I win again! That's eight more wins to go!"

"Wait wait WAIT! Why are you counting up?" Captain Goomba asked. "You should be counting down!"

"Bah! Less talking, more fighting!" He said, causing Captain Goomba to sweatdrop.

"Oi vey…"

"At least he's keeping busy." Wendy shrugged.

"Excuse us!" A voice caught their attention as three individuals came wandering in. One was a skinny man, one was… very beefy, and the other was a flying girl.


"Who the devil are these guys?" Roy wondered.

BGM: Have a Nice Talk (Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story)

"Hi there! My name's Kaley."

"I'm Dieter!"

"I'm Beef!"

"And we are… the Best Fitness Friends!"

"Best Fitness Friends? Never heard of ya." Roy said.

"Probably new competition for Wii Fit Trainer… not sure what happened to that Ring Fit girl…" Wendy said with a shrug.

"So, what's so special about you?" Roy asked.

Kaley grinned. "What's so special about us? Why… we're all about…"

"Health!" Beef flexed his muscles.

"Beauty!" Kaley posed.

"And a personal enrichment system as Perfect You!" Dieter flexed a fabulous pose.

"Get bouncy and smooth hair!" Beef said.

"Teeth that don't fall out!" Kaley grinned.

"Muscles that quiver like whippets!" Dieter exclaimed.

"Whippets?" Wendy quietly mouthed, which had Roy shrug.

"That's right! You can have all these and more when you sign up with… the Best Fitness Friends!" All three of them exclaimed.

"Eh, pass." Roy waved it off.

"Yeah, we got more important things to worry about." Wendy said.

"Oh, such a shame." Kaley said as they started to wander off. "And to think we were going to demonstrate something that would instantly cure the blorbs."

"…Wait, what'd you say?!" Wendy spoke up.

"Tell us more about this!"


"And now… for our demonstration!" Dieter said. "This right here is known as Skeletone Formula D! Now watch… we apply this to the Goomba and…" They applied it to the Goomba, and right on cue, the Goomba turned back to normal. "Presto!"

"Holy smokes, that's awesome!" Roy exclaimed.

"Yeah, we'll take it all!" Wendy said.

"Ooooh, sorry, but this was just a demo." Kaley said. "But, you can buy our recipe for it!"

"Good enough for us! Let's get the others in on this."


Once the Koopalings were gathered

"Okay…" Ludwig folded his arms. "So the recipe calls for a piece of a Giga Carrot, an Omega-onion and Ever Ice."

"Sounds pretty good if you ask me." Larry said.

"Yup!" Roy nodded. "This is a pretty sweet deal."

"I don't know about this." A voice said as they turned to Bowsette leaning on a wall. "The blorbs suddenly start showing up, and these guys conveniently come out of nowhere to cure the blorbs? Something's not sitting well with me."

"Bah! Why should we listen to you?" Roy waved her off.

"Roy!" Wendy scolded.

"No no… she's got a point." Ludwig said. "Something is awfully too easy about this…" He mused as they heard the sound of a motorcycle getting closer as they looked up to see Marnie driving over and then parking her motorbike near them.

"Oh good, none of you are "blorbed" up." She said, taking off her helmet. "It's caused quite a ruckus over at the Monster Community. I came over to make sure you guys were alright."

"Yeah, we're fine… but the Goombas aren't." Larry said.

"Ugh, I was afraid of that…" Marnie shook her head.

"Glad to see you are okay as well." Ludwig said. "What about your friends?"

"Well, Gloria is busy trying out the different kinds of Power Ups in the Mushroom Kingdom, though she is being careful about mushrooms she doesn't really recognize."

"Her? Being careful? That's a first." Wendy snarked.

"Hop is busy researching the blorb situation with Professor Sonia, and Bede… is trying something new. He wouldn't say what it was." Marnie shrugged. "So, what's up?"

"We found a cure for the Blorbs already!" Lemmy grinned. "You see-"

Junior folded his arms. "Giga Carrot, Omega-Onion and Ever Ice… it's time to make my papa proud!" He said and took off running.

"Oh, there he goes." Iggy said. "Bahaha!"

"Huh? Whoa, wait a second!" Ludwig took off after him and stopped Junior from wandering off. "Where do you think you're going?"

"Going to help out and make my papa proud!"

"Love that spirit, but how's about we teach you something?"


BGM: Tutorial Time (Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story)

"You see, Junior… you gotta know how to form up a squad. All of us know how to. We Koopalings, Kamek, General Guy, Uncle Bowser, heck… even Marnie knows how to from a squad of her own. I think she calls it the Punk Squad… but in any case, I believe it's your turn."

"Okay, so how do I do that?"

Ludwig pulled out a 3DS and gave it to Junior. "Here's everything you need to know about it. You'll learn how to form up a squad in no time! There's even tutorials on how to fight different enemies with different abilities like flight, ranged and melee. Learn that and-"

"Eh, boring!" Junior said, tossing the 3DS behind him… aaaand it fell into the lava.



"Why do I need to learn this "How to Form Up a Squad 101" crap? I'll just learn how to do it blindly… that's the best experience!" Junior said. "…Why are you shaking?"

"That… that was Roy's…" Ludwig facepalmed.

"What was that splash I heard!" Roy called out, causing Ludwig to stiffen.

"Nothing! It was a really blorbed up Podoboo!" Ludwig lied.

"Man, even the fireballs? Yowch… no one's safe." Roy shook his head.

Ludwig breathed a sigh of relief. "You owe me…"

"This is awfully convenient…" Marnie said. "A little too convenient. This is suspicious."

"Hmm… we just have to be on our guard, just in case." Larry said and then noticed someone running up to them. "Hey, what's with that Killing Machine running towards us?" He wondered as the Killing Machine in question was different than the rest. Its shoulder pads and suction cup feet were red. It has a normal left arm, with the cross bow being a special attachment for the side of its arm. It had a metallic pocket protector on its right side of the body, where it keeps it calculator. The bag it has holds its sword and crossbow. It has a bow tie and has specialized glasses that stick onto its head.

"Made it!" He said. "Hello! I am Tech. Glad to meet you. Captain Slime requested that I keep an eye on Junior in case if Lord Bowser is away!"

"Well, that was kind of Captain Slime." Larry said.

"Indeed." He nodded and then turned around. "Lord Junior, I am going to accompany you."

"Yeah, whatever Dork Bot. I'm off to go make papa proud!" He said and then took off running.

"O-oh! Wait up!" Tech ran after him.

"…Should we, uh… keep an eye on 'em?" Wendy asked.

"MORTON GO WITH LORD JUNIOR." Morton yelled and took off running.

"That's a yes!" Ludwig said. "Marnie, you coming with?

"Eh, I have nothing better to do." Marnie said. "I'll take this back to my apartment and I'll meet up with you later."

"You got it!" Ludwig nodded and ran off.

"I should tell Bowser the good news!" Iggy said, texting Bowser and then took off running.

"I'll hold down the fort!" Lemmy said.

"By yourself?" Bowsette asked in surprise and then folded her arms. "Mmm… do I stay here or keep an eye on them…" She wondered and then an idea popped into her head. "Hey Rei! I need to ask you something!" She said, while the Captains looked on.

"…I feel like we're gonna miss out on some grand adventure." Captain Goomba said.

"So, you think we oughta go after them?" Captain Boo asked.

"I say it's a good idea." Captain Shy Guy said.

"Agreed!" Captain Koopa agreed.

"Great. Goomba Squad… MOVE OUT!" Captain Goomba exclaimed as they took off running.

Back at Peach's Castle…

"So far, none of my Shy Guys were hit, but I wouldn't be surprised!" General Guy said.

"Same with my fellow Magikoopas." Kamek nodded.

"This doesn't add up… where did this blasted mushroom come from?!" Yang exclaimed.

"I mean… was there any suspicious activity?" Zelda wondered.

"Not that we're aware of!" A Toad shrugged.

"Gah, we're getting nowhere with this!" Starlow complained.

"No, I think we're getting somewhere…" Daisy said, hearing snoring beside her as she turned around and saw Luigi snoozing away. "Well, most of us."

"Bwahaha! Ain't that cute…" Bowser taunted.

It was then that General Guy's phone started to vibrate as he pulled it out. "My word…!" General Guy mused and then nudged Bowser, to where he picked it up and read the text message.

Hey Lord Bowser, we found the cure for the blorbs. Meet us at Dimble Wood! - Iggy

Bowser's eyes widened as he gave it back to General Guy. "Hold that thought, guys… something came up!" Bowser said as he took off running with Kamek and General Guy behind him.

"Huh… weird." Starlow said.

I wonderUmber thought and decided to follow them.

"Looks like we found a breakthrough." Esdeath mused.

"Here's hoping…" Winter hoped.

At Dimble Wood

BGM: Dimble Wood (Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story)

The Koopa Clown Car landed in the forest as Bowser hopped out. "Okay, now where are those guys?"

"They should be around here somewhere." General Guy said.

"I suggest we go for a birds eye view, that way we can locate them quicker."

"Are you kidding? This forest is completely thick. I doubt you can find anything from up high." General Guy said.

"We're just gonna have to forge a path." Bowser said as he started swinging at rocks and burning down trees in his path.

"Okay, the rocks I get, but are the trees necessary?" Kamek asked.

"Not like Viridi is gonna miss a few." Bowser said, causing both of them to sweatdrop.

"We're doomed." General Guy groaned as they walked along the path that Bowser was creating.

"Oh! By the way." Kamek spoke up, catching the Koopa King's attention as he tossed a wand toward Bowser.

"What's this?"

"It's a wand for you to heal yourself up with. I grow weary of me having to heal you up all the time when I could use be using my magic for something else." He said.

"Ah, thank you, Kamek!" Bowser grinned and put it away… and then the Koopa King noticed a figure moving nearby.

"Hmm?" Bowser wondered as he walked after the figure, unaware of Umber landing somewhere else in Dimble Wood.

"Geez… this forest is too thick… let's hope we can find Bowser in this." He said, putting Nebby back in her ball and wandered around to find the Koopa King.


"Where are you…" Bowser wondered.


"Hmm?" Bowser turned his head to the source of the voice.

BGM: Fawful is There (Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story)

"A winner is me?" Bowser folded his arms.

"Yes! You are a winner!" A hooded figure exclaimed. "Here, you will be having this Lucky Mushroom!"

"Lucky Mushroom?" Bowser sounded intrigued. "What does it do?"

"Why, with the Mushroom's tastiness, you'll be having the luckiness in battles! You may even have luck on your side the next time you fight the Mario Bros and Team RWBY!"

"Hmm!" Bowser scratched his chin in thought. "Tempting… very tempting."

"Your Temptedness, I don't think this is a good idea." Kamek said.

"I agree, something's off… especially since we're dealing with the Blorbs." General Guy said.

"Ah, what's the worst that can happen. About time I have a win against them!" He said, taking the Lucky Mushroom and stuffing it in his mouth. "Mmm… MMMPH?!" He grunted as he grabbed onto his neck. "MMMPH! MMMMMPH!"


"Your Nastiness! Are you alright?" General Guy asked.

"I warned you!" Kamek exclaimed and then turned around. "You! What did you give Lord Bowser!"

"NYAH HA HA HA HA HA!" The hooded figure revealed himself to be Fawful. "I HAVE CHORTLES!"

"Wait a minute… YOU!" General Guy exclaimed. "You're that guy from the Beanbean Kingdom!"

Kamek readied his wand. "You sniveling… what are you doing back here? I demand answers!"

"I'd be worried about your turtle friend if I were you! Now it is the time for the fleeing!" Fawful said and then took off.

"What exactly do you-"

"Kamek!" General Guy pointed to Bowser as he turned as Bowser finally gave in and opened his mouth with a roar, as he was suddenly sucking everything in!

BGM: Danger! (Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story)


"OH CRUD!" Kamek yelled, as he felt himself getting pulled in as he grabbed his broom, grabbed General Guy and started flying away, but as they started to fly to safety, Kamek would notice Junior hanging on for dear life as were the Koopalings, Bowsette, the Goomba Squad and Marnie. "Everyone?!" He said as he flew over toward them… and then the wind stopped.

"What the heck was that?!" Junior said in surprise.

At Toad Town

"Don't worry guys, I'll find Miss Sonia and bring her back or my name isn't Kazuichi Souda!" A man repeated. "Bah… how does one Novoselic princess disappear just like that…" He wondered, then glanced over at the Shy Guy Buffet where he would see TMC dragging Akame out of the building… and they even had help from Leone.

"No! I haven't even finished my meal yet!" Akame exclaimed.

"You've eaten nearly everything!" Mine complained. "Nnngh! Thanks for the help, Leone!"

"No prob!" Leone said.

"Weirdos…" Souda mumbled under his breath and suddenly the wind picked up. "What the hell?!" He yelled as he turned around and saw Bowser sucking everything in a panic… and accidentally sucked him in. "AAAAAAAH!" He yelled as he started sucking in ATMC and Leone as well.

"Aaaah! What's going on?!" Mine yelled as Tatsumi tried to hold on to her, but one by one, they were all sucked into Bowser's gullet… and he moved his way to Peach's Castle while the Toads were desperately hiding away from the Koopa King.

At Peach's Castle…

"I don't know about you, but I personally believe that if we find whoever is responsible for this… we'll make sure to bring him or her to justice." Esdeath said.

"Agreed." Peach nodded.

"Allow me to go get refreshments." Toadsworth said as he walked out. "Oh hello BowsEEEEEEEERAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

"Toadsworth?" Ruby wondered and then Bowser walked in in a zombie-like trance and started sucking everyone in. "WHAT THE?!" Ruby yelled as everyone tried to hang on, but one by one, everyone was sucked in as Toon Link stabbed his sword to the ground and held on to Young Link, but they were sucked in along with everyone else as they were all screaming as they were swallowed up.

"Zzzz… wha…?" Luigi wondered and realized he was being pulled in. "ACK! NO! NO NO NO NO NO NO! NOT LIKE THIS! NOT LIKE THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS!" He yelled, trying to swim for it but to no avail as he was swallowed up as well… and then Bowser stopped sucking in everything and collapsed.


"I HAVE THE SUCCESS!" Fawful cheered, unaware of two young women peeking into the room behind him. "Victory is mine! Now we proceed with phase three! Nya ha ha ha ha ha! …But first!" He turned around. "Midbus! Come help Fawful with this trash!"

"Yes, Lord Fawful."

"Quick, hide!"

Midbus came walking in and then started dragging Bowser away. "Muh muh muh muh…" Midbus chuckled.

"Now no one can stop us now~!" Fawful said in a sing songy voice. He stopped walking and turned around, but saw nothing. "Eh, must be Fawful's imagination." He said and walked off, as the two women emerged from their hiding spots. The lilac haired woman hid behind a door… and her sporty friend decided to hide behind a plant.

"Well, we came at a bad time, didn't we?"

"No… I say we came at the right time." The lilac haired woman turned to her friend. "Come, Asahina. We need to follow them."

"Right!" She nodded and then the two snuck off and followed Fawful and Midbus.

Back at Dimble Wood

"Is everyone alright?" Ludwig asked.

"Yeah, we're fine." Marnie nodded.

"I'm okay… what was that about?" Junior wondered.

"No idea." Roy said. "But in any case-"

"CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT THE HECK THAT WHIRLWIND WAS ABOUT?!" A voice yelled as they turned to see Umber approaching them, looking completely frazzled.

"That was Lord Bowser." Kamek said. "Aheheh… it appears that whatever he ate… caused him to do that."

"It's a good thing we escaped!" General Guy said.

"…I'm sure papa will be fine!" Junior said. "Now, let's get that stuff and make Papa proud!" He said and took off running.

"Sigh, there he goes again…" Ludwig said, unaware of a portal opening up behind them.

"Uh… guys?" Marnie spoke up as they turned to her and then saw the portal.

"What the?" Bowsette wondered as a young woman that was wearing a military outfit walked out of the portal.

"Ah, that was so fun hanging out with Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers, my Halloween heroes!" She giggled and turned to the portal. "Sucks to be you, "Entity", but you can't break me with your fun and games and your generators!" She mocked as the portal closed. "Ah, that was fun~!" She said and turned around, then spotting the gang. "Oh? Who are you guys?"

One introduction later

"Pleased to meet you all! I am Princess Sonia Nevermind of Novoselic. I was dragged into a portal from Jabberwock Island to a real life version of a game I adore playing…"

"That game being?" Iggy curiously asked.

"Dead by Daylight."

"Oooooh! I heard good reviews on that!" Captain Boo said.

"…Wait, you said you're a princess? With that military garb of yours?" Ludwig asked.

"That is correct."

A lightbulb appeared above Ludwig's head. "Say… what say you that you help out our friend? He's, shall we say, new to all of this and we could use your expertise on militaristic advice."

"Oooh!" Sonia's eyes sparkled. "If it means helping me get back to Jabberwock Island, I'm in!" She said as she walked off.

"Well, that was easy." Wendy said as they started to walk off after them.

"…Wait a minute, didn't she say she was in that world…?" Captain Boo wondered as it quickly dawned on everyone but Marnie and Umber.

"How is she alive?" Everyone wondered, while Marnie and Umber looked at each other before shrugging.

Meanwhile, at Sunshine Airport

"Have you enjoyed your stay at Isle Delfino?"

"Yes, I have."

"You look more relaxed! Might I say, you're rocking that beard! Thank you for choosing Sunshine Airport, mister… uh…"

"Ironwood. James Ironwood."

"Hope you enjoyed the flight!"

With a nod, Ironwood walked out as not only was he rocking a beard, he was also wearing a Hawaiian T-short, blue shorts, flip flops and more importantly, a lei around his neck. "I wonder how Esdeath is doing." He wondered as he decided to walk to the Mushroom Kingdom, completely unaware of what was going on.

Finally, at the Smash Mansion

"Mmm…" Ryu folded his arms as he was sitting on the couch.

"Something the matter?" Cloud asked, sitting down in front of him as Aerith, Yuffie and Tifa decided to join him.

"Something troubles me." Ryu said. "First the villains disappear, and now we have a massive problem with the so-called "blorbs". And on top of that… I'm suddenly sensing a powerful darkness."


"Thankfully, no… but this darkness… I can feel it. It lurks deep under Toad Town… but I'm not sure what it is."

"A powerful darkness underneath Toad Town?" Cloud repeated and then folded his arms. "Mmm…"

"Cloud… are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Tifa asked.

"Yes." Cloud nodded.

"What are you thinking?" Ryu wondered.

Cloud let out a smirk. "We know a guy."

Meanwhile, just outside

"This doesn't make sense… this whole blorb thing is so out of proportion!" Ann exclaimed. "Ryuji got hit and I'm wondering if we could be next! What if all of Shibuya gets hit with it?!"

"That would be a problem…" Yusuke mused. "But I think we should be calm about this. Panic will get us nowhere."

"He's right." Makoto nodded. "If anything, we need to stay calm about this… yes, Ryuji got affected by the blorbs, but I know he'll get through this."

"Ryuji…" Ann teared up as Morgana put a comforting hand on her leg.

"He'll get through it, Lady Ann. He's been through a lot worse."

Ann sniffed. "Yeah." She nodded, when up above, a shooting star suddenly appeared in the sky… but it started zipping around as three voices suddenly started screaming.

"Do you hear that?" Morgana wondered as they looked up.

"Is that a shooting star… in broad daylight?" Haru wondered.

"Looks to be kinda drunk." Akira said as the shooting star got closer and closer as it looked like it was about to slam on top of Makoto, but with Akira's quick thinking, he tackled her to the ground


"You alright?" Akira asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Makoto nodded as they got up and turned to see the dust settling… and saw three figures KO'd on the ground.

"Oh my… are they dead?" Futaba wondered, poking them with a stick.

"That guy… why does he have spiky hair similar to Cloud's?" Ann wondered.

"What's going on here?" A voice asked as Cloud, his friends and Ryu walked out and saw the aftermath as Cloud's eyes widened.

"As I live and breathe…" Cloud said.

"Is that your guy?" Ryu wondered.

"Yup!" Yuffie nodded. "Oh, and he brought his duck and dog friends too!"

Cloud knelt down on the ground, looking directly at the spiky haired guy in front of him and let out a chuckle. "You sure know how to make an entrance… Sora."

Ah yes, the guy that I planned on bringing in since 2018! (Writing takes a while...) Heeeeeeere he is!

Also, thinking about how dark Super Paper RWBY turned out to be... it got me thinking. Is it truly my darkest story i've ever written of all time? I've set up a poll so y'all can check it out.