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BGM: Have a Nice Talk (Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story plus Bowser Jr's Journey)

"And that is how I know Damian." Captain Slime said.

"Ouch… that's harsh." Captain Goomba said. "Once great friends, but the pride and power got to his head."

"And now he wants to have my head as a trophy… wonderful." Marnie sighed.

"Hmm…" Sora had his arms folded, leaning on a tree. "Isn't there something we could do to knock him down a few pegs?"

"Like humiliating him again? Because I'm all for that!" Bowser smirked.

Sora sweatdropped. "I was thinking of something less destructive."

"Like what? Humble pie? As if!" Bowser scoffed.

Sora rolled his eyes. "Oh brother…"

"I mean, to be fair, this is the guy that turned Marnie here into a cyborg, so I say humilating him is the way to go!" Mythra grinned.

Marnie sweatdropped. "I'm like… ten percent, not like, ninety percent or something."

"I'm just sayin'! Dude needs to be knocked off his high horse… or in this case, his throne." Mythra chuckled.

"Okay… I'm curious. How did Damian cut off your arm and eyes?" Piers asked. "Because your answer will determine his fate by yours truly."

"Well, during our first encounter, I beat the living crap out of him. Sure he got in a hit and cut open my stomach but that was patched up fast."

"Uh-huh…" Piers strummed his guitar.

"Then he put his foot on my chest in the second encounter and threw me into the lava-"

"Keep goin'."

"Then our third encounter… Sonia here humiliated him after we fought and he didn't take it too well. He's so obsessed with me that he threw in some pot shots, but I was blocking with my claws… until he pinned me to a wall and shattered my Orichalchum Claws-"

"HE SHATTERED OUR LADY'S CLAWS?!" The male and female Yell members yelled.

"And then in my surprise, he took the opportunity to cut my eyes out."

"Then I jumped in to protect her… but Marnie jumped in to protect me, with no eyesight, I might add… and sliced off her entire arm." Junior explained.

"My word! He doesn't know the meaning of honor anymore!" Captain Slime said in horror.

Piers stopped strumming his guitar. "Okay. One bashing his skull in with my guitar coming right up."

"That's a bit dark." Aoi sweatdropped.

"Hey, I'm her older brother, excuse me for being overly protective of my little punk." Piers said.

"That's… fair."

"…Speaking of being protective." Bowsette mumbled, and then smacked her brother upside the head.

"Ooof!" Bowser grunted and turned to her. "What the hell was that for!"

"That was for dropping an explosive airship on my wife and kids."

"Huh?! What the devil are you talking about?"

"Oh, don't give me that! You were giant and were fighting your own damn castle… and then suddenly, you drop a flaming airship that could have seriously hurt my family!"

"An airship?" Bowser blinked as he and Sora started sweating, the latter whistling casually.

"I… uh… I don't know what you're talking about." Sora said.

"Could've been another giant fighting another castle!" Bowser pointed out.

"Ooooh, I know what you're talking about!" Pyra said, pounding her fist into her palm.


"Bowser got bigger after he got crushed and he and Sora beat the living heck out of it. They even threw a giant airship to finish it off in style!"

A fiery aura surrounded Bowsette, cracking her knuckles. "COME HERE YOU!" She yelled, bringing the two into a fighting dust cloud.

"Hahaha! Nice one, girl!" Mythra laughed.

"Oops… sorry!" Pyra sweatdropped.

"Yeesh… I'd hate to be them." Terry winced.

"Oh! Oooooh!" Donald and Goofy winced as Bowsette then dusted her hands off as stars circled around the two with goose eggs on their heads.

"Oooow… we're sorry…" Both of them groaned in unison.

"That's better." Bowsette said.

"That's a good look for the Koopa King." Ironwood chuckled as Bowser snapped out of it and looked at him.

"Who the devil are you?" He asked, picking himself up while Donald and Marnie poked a KO'd Sora with a stick.

"You don't remember me?"

Bowser narrowed his eyes. "That voice… tin man, is that you?"

"So you do remember."

Bowser let out a chuckle. "Well, I did tell you to grow a beard so I could take you more seriously, but I didn't think you'd actually go for it!"

"Perks of going on a vacation. Though I have heard something that caught my attention."

"And that is?"

Ironwood folded his arms, smirking at him. "I couldn't help but overhear that you didn't let everyone know I called off our little war. Is that true?"

Bowser smirked, folding his arms cockily. "Of course I did! Do I look like a moron to you?"


"Lord Bowser! He's back!" A Koopatrol said.

"I'll handle this." Bowser said as he walked to the front gate, looking directly at Ironwood. "What are you up to now?"

"I've come here to tell you that… I'm calling off the war."

"Heh! I knew you wouldn't last long."

Ironwood said nothing. "Tell your men that I immediately surrendered."

"Yeah yeah, whatever tin man. See ya later." Bowser said as he walked off, as did Ironwood.

"Hey papa!" Junior came running over. "Do you wanna play catch? I wanna practice my pitching for baseball!"

Bowser smiled. "Of course, son! I'd be more than happy to!"

End flashback

"Hmm…" Junior rubbed his chin in thought. "I do recall dad talking to someone at the gate, and then I asked him to play catch with me so I could practice my pitching for baseball…" He mused, causing Bowser to stiffen.

"Something tells me that you forgot the moment the general asked you to do it." Kamek said.

"That does sound like something he'd do." Marnie said with a nod.

"Yup. For shame." General Guy agreed.

"Alright, that's enough from the peanut gallery!" Bowser glared at them.

Ironwood let out a chuckle. "I had a feeling."

"Tch! Whatever… let's just go find the second Star Cure." Bowser said.

"Did you say Star Cure?" A voice asked as they turned to see Private Goomp approaching them.

"Private Goomp! Where have you been all this time?" Captain Goomba asked.

"Well, we were with Lord Bowser and his friends but him going giant on us kinda scattered us around."

Kyoko raised an eyebrow. "And yet, we were perfectly fine."

"We Goombas are very light, ma'am. Shy Guys and Paratroopas too."

"Huh? We're not that light." Captain Shy Guy said.

"Indeed!" General Guy nodded.

"I somehow feel insulted." Captain Goomba mumbled.

"In any case, I got lost with my troops… but I couldn't help but overhear about the Star Cure." Goomp said. "I know where it's at… it's in the secret vault in the castle."

Roman raised an eyebrow. "And how do you know where it's at?"

["Yeah… that's totally not suspicious at all…"] Neo narrowed her eyes.

"Ah, it's because Lord Bowser was at Kuzzle's just last week and he got frustrated with a puzzle… so he nabbed the Star Cure, left, and then put it in the vault for safe keeping."

"Huh? I don't recall going there at all until like… earlier today." Bowser said.

"To be fair, Your Nastiness, you tend to forget mundane boring things."

"Definitely sounds like me." Bowser mumbled.

"So you admit my surrender was mundane?" Ironwood smirked.

"…Now's not the time, tin man! The Star Cure is at my castle!" Bowser said.

Sora sprang up. "Yeah, let's go!"

"Hmm… something's fishy here…" Kyoko folded her arms, glancing at everyone else who was getting the same idea.

"Sire, do you think it would be wise to trust Private Goomp?" Kamek asked. "He mysteriously disappears with Paraplonk and Sergeant Guy, and then he conveniently shows up when you mention the Star Cure?"

"Yeah, I'm getting red flags here." Marnie said.

"Totally suspicious!" Team Yell exclaimed.

"Hmm… on any other day, it would be suspicious… but since we're dealing with Bean Man, desperate times call for desperate measures!" Bowser said.

"…I've a feeling you're going to eat those words." Sonia said.

"I'm gonna have to smack some sense into these morons again, aren't I?" Captain Goomba mumbled, looking at Goomp suspiciously.

"Now then! Let's head to my castle!" He said. "…If I can just figure out where to go."

"Not to worry. I got a mini map in my eyes." Marnie said.

"Oh that's wonderful! …WAIT WHAT?" Bowser looked at her in surprise.

"You can thank Kamek for that." Marnie said as she casually walked off with her hands behind her head. "What, you thought he would just give me plain ol' cybernetics?"

Bowser, his team, Piers, Captain Slime, Neo and Roman stared at Kamek. "What? Never seen a prepared Magikoopa before?" Kamek chuckled as he walked off.

"Kamek. You scare me." Captain Slime said.

"Get in line." Captain Boo and General Guy said in unison as they walked off as the others followed off, while Neo and Roman went back into Bowser's wand.


BGM: Let's Meet in the Mysterious Forest (Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story plus Bowser Jr's Journey)

"What are we doing in this forest again, anyway?" Terry wondered.

"It's a shortcut, according to my-… hang on." Marnie spoke up, widening her map up so it's in full view of her eyes. "I'm picking up on some friendlies nearby."

"Where at?" Bowsette asked.

"This way!" Marnie ran off as the others followed her where they would take out a few Treevils and Sockops that were in their way, then Marnie slid to a halt. "Found 'em." She said, seeing they were at the bottom of a cliffside, then dismissed her map as she saw statues of Mercury and Emerald.

"Mercury and Emerald? I wondered where those two ran off…" Kamek mused.

"Judging by Mercury's foot, he was in the middle of kicking something." General Guy said as Bowser walked over and touched the bases of the statues where Mercury and Emerald nearly fell over.

"Nnngh… that could've gone better." Mercury mumbled.

"Hmm? Oh hey guys…" Emerald said, rubbing her head.

"In you go!" Bowser said, aiming his wand at the two and sucked them up.

"Aaah! What the hell?!" Mercury yelled as he was sucked in.

"Waaaah!" Emerald yelped as she went in as well

"Huh, so that's how it works…" Marnie said.

"Neat!" Captain Boo grinned.

"…Just don't point that thing at me." Ironwood said.


"Checkmate." Dark Samus said.

"Consarn it!" Dedede complained, flipping the chess board over. "You cheated!"

"Hmph. Did I now? If I cheated, then show me a sign that I did." She chuckled… and then Mercury landed on top of her. "MMMPH!" She grunted as Emerald landed nearby, landing on her feet.

"There's my sign. Aheheheheh!" Dedede chuckled.

"Oh hey you two." Roman said, leaning on Broggy's body before pulling his hat down to resume his nap.

"So this is the bad guy hang out? Heh, mind if we crash it?" Mercury smirked.

"Do I have a target on my back?" Dark Samus grumbled.


"Just to let ya know, it wasn't my idea that turned it into a summoning wand. It was all Fawful who decided to stick Neo and Roman in it." Bowser said.

Kamek sweatdropped. "Of course it was his idea." He mumbled. "Mess with my creations… of course he would do something like that."

"Well, if you ever see him again, give him a good walloping for me." Marnie said as she walked off. "Come on, the castle's this way." She said as they kept walking until they got out of the forest where they would walk through a path before eventually going into the Monster Community.


"Damn… this place is a wreck…" Bowsette said.

Ironwood grimaced. "That's unfortunate…"

"Definitely a fixer upper by the looks of things." Iggy mused.

"Indeed." Ludwig nodded.

"Ya know, we should probably check in on Bookwyrm." Junior suggested. "He's probably worried about us since he's all alone."

"Well, he has Serpentina keeping him company." Marnie said.

"…Serpenwho now?" Captain Slime wondered as they walked into the community… and then they saw Bookwyrm standing there, sweeping the ground.

"Hey, egghead!" Bowser waved him over.

Bookwyrm turned around, giving them all a look before tossing his broom to the side and getting in a fighting stance. "Begone." He said in a distorted voice.

"Huh?" Bowser wondered.

"Something's off…" Kyoko said as a dark aura overtook him. "…And it has to do with that!"

"Oh no, they got to him with the Malatone!" Captain Goomba exclaimed.

"That ain't good!" General Guy said.

"I'm not sure what this Malatone is… but I've a feeling it's bad!" Bowser said as they got in a fighting stance. "Alright, let's knock him out of it!"

"No." Junior said as he turned to his father. "We'll handle it. You guys go to the castle and get that Star Cure!"

Bowser looked down at his son before smirking. "Make me proud, son." He said, pulling his fist up.

"You know it!" Junior said, fist bumping his father.

"Minions, let's move!" Bowser said as he and his team ran off.

"Alright, Junior Squad! Let's knock him down!" Junior said, readying his paintbrush.

"Well, this should be easy." Umber said, readying his staff. "He's just a frail ol' Professauru-" Suddenly, due to the Malatone's power, Bookwyrm let out a roar and suddenly got jacked up muscles. "-Or not!"

BGM: Boss Prelude (Kirby's Return to Dreamland)

"Yeesh… and this is why I don't do steroids." Piers said.

"Bro, you're fine. You don't even work out." Marnie said, readying the blade in her arm.

"Exactly!" Piers said, strumming his guitar.

Sonia readied her rapier. "I would say go easy, but I've a feeling he's got a few tricks up his sleeve."

"Best to be prepared." Ludwig said.

"Let's knock him out! Bahahaha!" Iggy laughed.


BGM: Endless Battle (Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age)

Jacked Up Professaurus - Bookwyrm

"He's probably just a glass cannon!" Larry said as Sonia ran up to him and slashed him, but he caught the rapier easily. Sonia would attempt to knee him in the gut, but to her surprise, he didn't keel over as she thought he would as she then jumped back right when he attempted to punch her.

"No he isn't!" Sonia responded as Larry would throw a few fireballs and Ironwood would shoot at him, but Bookwyrm would dodge the fireballs and caught the dust bullets between his fingers and then formed a Kacrackle iceberg in his hands and threw it on the ground, forming a trail of ice spikes that headed straight for Junior and Bowsette, forcing the two to dodge as the latter rushed toward Bookwyrm.

Fire emerged from Bowsette's hand as she fire punched Bookwyrm where he would punch her back, their fists connecting with each other as there was an explosion that knocked Bowsette back. "Heh… explosive punches, huh?" She smirked as Bookwyrm rushed over at Bowsette as he attempted to Kaboomle Punch her again, but she breathed fire at him to knock him back a bit as she then jumped and spun, hitting his face with her tail and knocked him back.

He then snarled as she charged at him and delivered swift fire punches as he dodged the attacks before catching one with his palm as he lifted up his leg and kicked her with a Kaswooshle Kick, sending her flying into a building.

"Have some of this! Hah!" Piers yelled, strumming his guitar as electricity was shot out and struck Bookwyrm, but he let out a small chuckle as he clapped his hands together to hit him and the Captains with a Kazapple Shockwave, then knocked the Captains away with his tail while Piers shook it off and jumped back a tail swipe.

"So is this what it's like for you to be in the thick of it?" Piers asked as Marnie shot off some ice attacks from her Ice staff.

"Pretty much."

Piers smirked. "Heh, who knew it'd be so much fun." He said as Junior swung paint at Bookwyrm, but the latter would jump over and attempted to attack Junior with his tail, but he got out of the way as he pulled up a blue bandana to become Shadow Mario as he quickly twirled his brush around and swung it into his gut before backflipping to avoid a punch.

"Lord Junior, have some of this!" Kamek said, aiming his wand at him and strengthening him, Umber and Captain Slime up with added strength… but a Disruptor Wave cancelled it out. "He got rid of my buffs?!"

"Ah, who needs 'em!" Umber said as he rushed ahead, quickly stabbing him with his spear and whacking him, but Bookwyrm would Kaboomle Punch him… only he shattered on impact as the real Umber would Electro Punch him from behind. "Arceus, I love these mirrors." He grinned as he saw Sonia delivering a solid punch to punch him away at the same time as Captain Slime doing a Kasizzle Slash to send him back, then got hit with a few arrows from Tech.

Marnie rushed over to him, extending her Fire Claws and slashing him but he would block and then he headbutted her, resulting in a darkness explosion that sent Marnie flying. "A Kazammle headbutt?!" General Guy yelled after firing a few Bullet Bills as Marnie landed on her back near him but she bounced back up. "You alright?" He asked.

"Yeah… just got the wind knocked out of me but I'm alright." She said, shaking it off while Iggy threw out a few Zappa Mechakoopas and Lemmy threw a few bouncing balls his way but Bookwyrm batted them away before he got into a stance and put his hands to the side.

"This is the end!" He said, charging up an attack.

"…He's using an attack with that stance?" Captain Boo asked. "Remind me why people want that spiky haired dork in Smash again?"

"I think I've seen people wanting another rematch with him against that red caped crusader… Superboy, I think." Captain Shy Guy said, pulling out a turnip and throwing it at him, but it wasn't enough to knock him out of his focus as he unleashed a Kamehameha-styled Kafrizzle at Captain Goomba but Marnie used Farore's Wind to teleport behind Captain Goomba and placed her hand on his head, where a Nayru's Love would surround him and reflected it back at Bookwyrm, hitting him with a fiery explosion.

"Did I do that? Holy cow, I did do that!" Captain Goomba said.

"You're welcome." Marnie said as Bookwyrm shook it off and let out a snarl, kicking Captain Koopa away before the shell would hit him. Captain Boo would slap him from behind and disappeared before Bookwyrm would turn his head.

"If we don't do something soon, this could be the end of Bookwyrm." Captain Slime. "Lady Marnie, I think you oughta bring in her."

"Right." Marnie nodded, whistling to catch her Vampire Succubat's attention.

"Yes, Lady Marnie?" She asked as Marnie whispered in her ear. "I won't let you down!" She saluted and flew over to Bookwyrm.

"Hmph! A Succubat? What good will this do?"

"This, big boy~" She smirked, doing a fabulous pose and flaunting her stuff in front of him.

"Ooooh!" Bookwyrm exclaimed, hearts forming in his eyes as steam shot out of his snout.

"…What. In the world?" Sonia said in surprise.

"It's called Puff-Puff… as dumb as it sounds." Marnie said.

"Why is she flaunting her stuff so ero-oooooh…" Umber nodded in understanding.

"Now then… I'm gonna make this qui-"


Suddenly, a cannonball struck Bookwyrm on the head, knocking him silly and launched him into a building to KO him.


"What the…?" Marnie blinked as she turned to Junior.

"Wasn't me!" He said as they turned to Captain Slime's tank.

"He did it!" The Yell Girl said.

"No no no, it was all her!" The Yell Boy said, both of them pointing at each other.

Manie shook her head. "Oh, you guys… what are we gonna do with you?" She chuckled.

"Alright, let's use the Renewaleaf on him." Junior said, turning back to normal and pulled it out. "…Though would we have enough for Morton?"

"Allow me." Kamek said, using a duplication spell on it. "There. Now we have plenty."

"Had I known we'd run into a possessed Professaurus, I would've grabbed a few extra…" Ludwig said, rubbing his cheek sheepishly.

"Uuungh…" A voice groaned as they saw Bowsette walking over to them, holding on to her head.

"You alright?" Ironwood asked.

"No. I'm assuming you never got kicked into a building. Hurts like hell…" She said, wincing. "So what'd I miss?"

"Marnie's Succubat lewded our way into victory." Captain Shy Guy said. "…Huh, such an odd thing to say."

"Oh? Huh, well that's cute." Bowsette said with a chuckle.

"Alright, he's recovering but he's still KO'd." Captain Slime said, watching the dark aura dissipate. "Do we know a spot where he can have a more comfortable recovery?"

"Hmm…" Marnie turned her head, glancing over at what was left in her apartment. "I have an idea."

Meanwhile, at Bowser's Castle…

BGM: Stolen Koopa Castle (Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story plus Bowser Jr's Journey)

"Alright, back in this place again." Bowser chuckled as they started walking in where they would see the place would be deserted.

"Yeesh… kinda eerie with no one here." Sora said.

"You get used to it." Bowser said as they walked through.

"Hold it right there." A voice said as Dieter appeared in front of them.

"Who are you?" Bowser asked.

"I am Dieter, a member of the Brute Force Federation. We are changing this castle to BFF castle because Fawful and Midbus are taking over Peach's Castle. You would do well to leave before you suffer the consequences."

This scrawny guy took over my castle? PffftBowser thought. "Hey look, a walking and talking door mat." Bowser said.

"Huh? What exactly do you-" Bowser pushed the scrawny guy down and walked all over him… as did the others.


"A scrawny guy took over my castle? Pffft, he did such a good job with it." Bowser said sarcastically as they kept going, leaving the mangled Dieter alone, as he was covered in shoe prints… and webbed feet in Donald's case.

"Oooogh… don't mind me… just… bleeding internally…! Oooow…"

"Okay, so… where exactly is that safe?" Mythra asked.

"I do know a shortcut." Bowser spoke up as he guided them around the castle, opening up a few doors and heading downstairs, but when they got closer to the spot, Bowser would see that it was sealed up. "Gah! Who sealed this up?!" He yelled. "This was a shortcut to the safe!"

"I got it." Terry said. "POWER DUNK!" He yelled, hitting the seal… but it did nothing. "POWER GEYSER!" Still nothing, but it did leave a small dent.

"I could try to melt it, but considering Terry only just left a small dent… it would take a while." Pyra mused.

Kyoko rubbed her chin in thought. "So… here's an idea. What if we dropped something from up high? Something big and heavy."

"That could work!" Bowser nodded.

"Great! Now we just need to find a big enough object." Aoi said.

"Shouldn't be too hard." Bowser said as they walked ahead, but were suddenly greeted by Jailgoons holding Goombas and Bob-ombs.

"Lord Bowser! Help us!" A Goomba pleaded.

"Agh! What are these morons doing with MY men?!" He snarled.

"Hang on, I got just the thing." Kyoko said, aiming her Megaphone gun at one. "Link!" She yelled, shooting at a Jailgoon as it slumped over for a bit before standing straight as it turned around and clobbered the other Jailgoon, where it would turn around and clobber it back in kind until both were reduced to rubble and the Goomba and the Bob-omb were unharmed.

"Oh! Well… what do you know, that worked!" The Goomba said.

"Yup!" The Bob-omb nodded as they ran off.

"What was that?" Bowser asked.

"It's called Link. It lets me take control of a mechanical unit. However, the bigger they are, the more likely they'll break free." Kyoko explained.

"Hoo, nice!" Bowser smirked as they kept on going until they found a few more Jailgoons wandering around, where they would turn and fire cannonballs at them.

"Alright, can ya clobber these things too?" Mythra suggested.

"Actually, I got a better idea." Sora said, summoning the Kingdom Key. "I'll show you why this is called a Keyblade."

"Why, because it's a key sword?" Mythra folded her arms with a chuckle, then noticed him fire a beam of light at a Jailgoon at the lock, where it'd unlock and the gate open.

"Oh wow!" The jailed Goomba said and hopped out, causing the Jailgoon to flail around in a panic as Sora was quick on the draw with the other Jailgoons, freeing the imprisoned minions.

"HUH?!" Mythra said in surprise.

"Oh wow!" Pyra said in awe.

Sora rested his Keyblade on his shoulder. "I could've used my other Keyblades, but… eh, felt a bit nostalgic."

Bowser whistled. "Nice!"

"Well, I'll be darned." Kyoko said with a chuckle. "That weapon continues to impress me." She said as they continued to walk around until they found a ramp where they would walk up the ramp until they found themselves in the throne room.

"Ah, the throne room." Bowser said. "Home sweet ho-…" His eyebrows furrowed, letting out a low growl.

"What's up?" Terry asked.

"What is HE doing in my throne room?" Bowser snarled, seeing Ganondorf examine a barrel.

"Ganondorf? Huh… so he's been skulking about your castle, huh?" Mythra said.

Bowser clenched his fists, remembering how Ganondorf betrayed him in the Subspace Emissay incident… even though it was Twilight who did it. "I don't care if it's a different incarnation… he's probably planting something to humiliate me. HE'S GOING DOWN!" He roared and rushed off.

"Bowser, wait!" Aoi exclaimed.

"Hmph… he's not hiding in here." Ganondorf said, hearing heavy footsteps approach him as he turned around and saw Bowser leaping into the air and punching him, but Ganondorf jumped back as Bower punched the ground.

Pause BGM

BGM: Face It! (Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories)

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" He snarled.

"Ah, Bowser. I assure you, I'm not shaped like a bean." Ganondorf said with a nonchalant chuckle.

"Zip it, Gerudo Dork!" Bowser yelled. "I'm not sure what you're doing in my throne room, but I'm not gonna let you ruin anything that would humiliate me! Not like last time!"

Ganondorf folded his arms, letting out a laugh. "Bowser, you seem to always forget that that was my Twilight incarnation." He said. "Do I have to beat it into you?" He smirked. "Because I will."

Bowser smirked. "I'm going to enjoy this." He said, cracking his knuckles.

Ganondorf let out a chuckle. "Just try and stop me, Koopa King."


BGM: Ganondorf Battle Second Half (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)

The Gerudo King - Ganondorf

"So are we going to help him or…?" Mythra wondered, as Ganondorf snapped his fingers as Stalfos and Stalbokoblins rose from the ground.

"Nope, looks like we're fighting these guys!" Sora said.

Bowser and Ganondorf rushed over toward each other, both of them punching each other as they were knocked back as Ganondorf rose up from the ground and conjured up a ball of electricity as he threw it at Bowser, to which he swatted it away. "Dead man's volley? Is that the best you can-" Ganondorf grabbed the ball of lightning and threw it straight down to the ground below him… where an electric ring would circle around the Koopa King as electricity shot up from below him.


Ganondorf teleported away, delivering a Warlock Punch from behind to send him flying toward the throne as Bowser crashed into it as Ganondorf would teleport in front of him and grabbed him by the throat. Bowser smirked, breathing fire at him head on and forcing Ganondorf to back up, releasing the Koopa King.

Bowser then grabbed him and spun him around, throwing him into a wall as he then spat out fireballs but Ganondorf batted them away as he floated up in the air as he aimed his hand up in the air, conjuring up lightning in his hands and threw it down on him, but Bowser rolled out of the way and spun into him, making him crash into the wall where Ganondorf would bounce off and then Bowser would body slam on top of him.

Ganondorf smirked, grabbing Bowser's tail and pushed him off as he pulled out his sword and swung it down, but Bowser clasped his hands to block the sword. "I know your tricks!" Bowser smirked, pulling it away and tossing the sword to the side as he punched him in his stomach before inhaling deeply before letting out a massive firebreath at the Gerudo King, engulfing him in flames.

"Heh." Bowser smirked.

"Hahahaha… HAHAHAHAHA!" Ganondorf laughed, dismissing the flames… and Bowser would notice that he was holding a trident. "Not all my tricks, Koopa!"

"Where did you…?!" Bowser wondered as Ganondorf twirled it around before zapping Bowser with electricity. "GAAARGH!" He grunted as Ganondorf would quickly stab him a few times with his trident before stabbing his arm and zapping him with electricty with it before disappearing… and then reappeared next to him and threw down purple flames from his trident, knocking the Koopa King back.

Ganondorf then smirked, the Triforce of Power glowing as he transformed into his Demon King form and towered before the Koopa King as he swung his two swords hard enough for the Koopa King to slam into a wall, falling over on his stomach as Ganon planted his foot on top of him, letting out a cocky chuckle before turning back to his human self.


"Looks like I'm the one victorious here."

"Bowser!" Kyoko called out as his "minions" would rush over to him to aid him as Donald and Sora would be using Curaga on him while Pyra and Mythra would glare at Ganondorf.

"You done having your fun?" Mythra glared.

"He needed to be put in his place." Ganondorf smirked.

"Hang on, big guy." Aoi said, reaching in her pocket. "I actually have a drumstick in my pocket… I thought it would've been wise if I saved it for later." She said as Bowser ate the drumstick, feeling a lot better with the help of Sora and Donald.

"Now, if you would just listen." Ganondorf said. "I was not interested in your things, Bowser. I was looking for Fawful. He decided to lock me in this castle, but I busted out on my own. I can imagine he did the same with our fellow villains."

"Rrrgh… yeah… and I got most of 'em. In here." Bowser said, showing off the wand.

"Oh, is that right?" Ganondorf smirked. "Locked up in there, only to be used as summons. Pitiful."

"You're going in there too." Bowser said.

"Hmph, very well. I will lend you my power. However, know this. The moment I catch wind that we are near Fawful, I will get out of that wand… and I will have his head on a platter."

"Fine by me." Bowser rolled his eyes, aiming his wand at him and sucked him in.

Inside the wand

Ganondorf landed on the ground. "Greetings."

"Oh joy, it's Mr. Doom and Gloom." Wario mumbled.

"I see all of you are prisoners inside this wand."

"What are you talking about, bonehead! You're a prisoner too!" K. Rool said.

Ganondorf smirked. "Temporarily."


"Well, that guy's all sunshine, isn't he?" Sora sarcastically asked.

"Pretty much." Pyra nodded as Bowser got up and rolled his shoulders.

"Alright, let's go." Bowser said as they walked out of the throne room where they would be on a walkway with a very huge Fawful statue. "Bah! A Fawful Statue… it's tacky!" He growled. "I'm gonna knock it down!"

"Hang on!" Kyoko said as she looked down. "Yup, just as I thought. We're up above the spot where we need to go." She said as Bowser took a look.

"Well, I'll be damned!" He said.

"So… if we were to push that Fawful statue…"

Bowser smirked. "We open it up!"


Bowser rushed ahead and went in front of the Fawful statue. "This is gonna be a piece of cake!" He said, as he started pushing it.

"Come on, let's help him!" Terry said as they started to push the statue together… and right on cue, a possessed Morton showed up.

"HMM? MORTON STOP LORD BOWSER." He yelled in a distorted voice as he pushed it back, which was enough to stop the gang from going forward.

"Huh?" Donald wondered.

"Why did we stop?" Goofy asked.

Pyra looked to the side. "I think I've a good idea why…" She said as Mythra took a look.

"Agh! Morton!" Mythra exclaimed.

"Morton?! Why are you doing this! Hnnngh!" Bowser grunted, trying to push back.


"Lord Bowser… Lord Fawful… gah, make up your mind, ya moron!" Bowser said, letting out a grunt. "I would knock some sense into you but I'd rather not face the wrath of your mother again!"

How many kids does Bowsette have? Sora thought.


"Rrrrgh! Where's Rei when you need her!" Bowser complained. "Hey! You down there! I need a jolt in my legs! Pronto!"


"A jolt?" Nora grinned. "Coming right up!" She said as she took off running where she would do the same thing as last time with her Electric Pokemon.


Immediately, Bowser's legs started getting tingly as the statue started moving again. "Hrrrgh! Come on, Morton! Is this the best you can do!" He said.


"FEEL THE BURN!" Nora yelled, decked out in a track outfit again as she and her Alolan Raichu did a few flips.

"Hrrrrgh!" Bowser said as Kyoko would look behind.

"We're closing in on it… but if we don't do something about Morton, he's gonna get crushed!"

"I got it!" Mythra said, releasing her grip as she rushed ahead and tackled Morton to the ground and rolled into the throne room.

"BIG LADY GET OFF OF MORTON. MORTON STOP LORD BOWSER." He said, as he kicked her off and attempted to run back but Mythra quickly grabbed his arms to stop him.

"Sorry, big guy." She said, back handing his nape… but it didn't KO him. "Huh?! Damn your muscles!" She complained.

"I got it!" Sora said, jumping in and using Sleepga on him.




"Thanks." Mythra said with Sora giving her a thumbs up with a grin, and then they noticed them pushing the Fawful statue off the balcony… and it destroyed the seal and continued to fall into the abyss before slamming into the ground, and then Bowser landed right on top of it to make it crumble to dust. He also gave Kyoko and Aoi a ride down.

"Okay… let's not do that again." Kyoko said, her hair sticking up from the free falling.

"Bowser, I'm an ultimate swimmer… not an ultimate skydiver!" Aoi said as the others landed near him with Sora using Aeroga to cushion the landing for everyone as Kyoko and Aoi hopped off, but their legs were immediately jelly.

"Mmph… g-give us a minute…" Kyoko winced.

"Okay… hoo… hoo boy…" Aoi said. "Get the feeling back in those legs… woo!"

A few minutes later

Resume Stolen Koopa Castle BGM

"Okay, we should be good." Kyoko said, still feeling a bit wobbly as they continued on through where they would see Sniffle Thwomps lying around.

"Ack! Why do my Thwomps have a cold?!" Bowser yelled.

"They need help. Do you got anything that'll help them out?" Aoi asked.

"There's a medical bay not far from here. They should have what we need." Bowser said and would give Aoi directions on where to go

"Medical bay… got it!" Aoi nodded, turning around and running off.

"We'll remain here by the Thwomps!" Mythra called out, and then right on cue, more Heartless popped up.

"Heartless!" Pyra exclaimed.

"Man, these guys just don't know when to quit, do they?" Mythra said, readying her sword as the Heartless consisted of Defenders, Wizards and Lance Soldiers… along with some new ones.

One was a feminine looking Heartless, having golden armor and a helmet, wearing a white skirt and carying a white shield. This is the Valkyrie.

Another had its head and upper body in a purple ice-like appearance with the emblem on the upper body. It's lower body was a purple and black whirlwind. It's right hand was dark purple flames and light purple lightning for its other arm. It's name is Dark Dust.

The last one is a straight up pegasus with a gray nose, black hooves, the mane was white and also had wings. The right side was angelic like and the left side was demonic. The eyes were yellow and swirly and it also had a red horn. The name of this majestic yet horrifying creature? Dark Stallion.

With Aoi...

Aoi found a Warp Pipe, quickly going in as she emerged on the upper portion of the castle and ran past a few brainwashed minions.

"Who was that?" A Shy Guy wondered.

"Beats me." A Spike shrugged as Aoi made a right turn and ran down the hall.

"Medical bay, medical bay... AHA!" She exclaimed, seeing a red cross on top of a door as she opened the door, seeing a bunch of hospital beds.

"Perfect." She said as she spotted a cabinet and opened it up, seeing a bunch of megavitamins in front of her.

"Pfft, those are nutrient supplements. We don't need that." She said as she continued to look around before spotting Refreshing Herbs.

"For status ailments like burning, paralysis, petrification, poison, drowsiness, frostbite, despair, third degree burns... sickness! Perfect!" She grabbed several of them and stuffed them in her pockets and then took off running.

With the others...

BGM: Shrouding Dark Cloud (Kingdom Hearts III)

The Dark Stallion whinnied as Mythra got on top of him, trying to buck her off, but she held on while she attempted to slash it's head. The Dark Stallion attempted a Lightning Strike to try to shock Mythra off of it. "Nice try, big guy! It'll take more than that to take me down!" She smirked, ramming into a Lance Soldier hard enough to push it into the lava.

Sora and Pyra slashed at two Valkyries, as they would return the attacks in kind as they would clash, but then Pyra parried and then used a Smash Flare to easily destroy it while the other Valkyrie would block with it's shield and shield bashed Sora, pushing the Wielder back but then he would use Ars Arcanum to destroy it.

"Nice one!" Pyra praised, high fiving the Wielder.

"Excuse me, coming through!" Mythra said as she and the Dark Stallion rushed near them while Donald was have a one on one battle with a Wizard, their magic spells slamming into each other to cancel each other out.

A Gordo slammed into a Defender's shield, but it deflected it back. "This thing's a tricky one!" Dedede said, having been summoned by Bowser.

"You complainin'?" Wolf asked, shooting a Lance Soldier before quickly destroying it with his claws.

"You got any better ideas?" Bowser asked.

An idea popped into Dedede's head. "Actually, yes!" He said, sucking Bowser up and then spat him out where he would go into his shell and bounced into the Defender's shield, making it stumble as Dedede activated his Jet Hammer and swung it hard where Bowser would slam into it to destroy it as another Defender would parry and send Bowser back, however Wolf jumped in and used his reflector to bounce Bowser back and sent him and the Defender into the lava, then Bowser jumped out with a smirk.

"Nnngh!" Kyoko winced, getting hit by a lightning attack from the Dark Dust before she shot it back, then Terry would jump up and Power Dunked it to the ground where he would use a Power Wave right after, then kicked it away.

The Dark Dust got back up as it attempted to use a Whirlwind attack...


...Until a healthy Thwomp crushed the Heartless.

"Huh?" Kyoko wondered and looked to see Aoi giving the sick Thwomps the Refreshing Herbs where the Thwomps would rise up and start crushing the Heartless, as Goofy did a Goofy Tornado into a Valkyrie to push it under a Thwomp where he crushed it.

"Just in time!" Aoi smiled as a Thwomp got underneath a Defender and tried to crush it, but it would try to hold it up with it's shield, attempting to keep it at bay.

Dedede smirked, pulling out a feather and tickled it's face. "Goochie goochie goochie!" He said, as it cringed and let out a silent sneeze... which was enough for the Thwomp to crush it.

"Whooooa!" Mythra said, causing the Dark Stallion to stop as Mythra jumped off as it turned around and glared at the Blade, flicking it's hoof on the ground and rushed at Mythra.


"Nyeeeeh!" Mythra stuck her tongue out with a chuckle.


The Thwomps all rose up from the ground and then floated away to their usual posts.

"Best way to take out a Heartless." Sora chuckled, putting his Keyblade away while Dedede and Wolf disappeared back into the wand.

"Let's go, it should be close." Bowser said as they walked around the area until they found some caged Bob-ombs. "Ah!" He smirked and then broke the cage to free them.

"WE'RE FREEEEE!" The Bob-ombs yelled happily.

"In you go!" Bowser said, sucking them all in.



"Hmm?" K. Rool looked up, seeing a lot of Bob-ombs land in. "Oh boy."

Emerald paled a little. "Um... no one has any fire on them right?"

"Hmph. I will be alright, the rest of you... not so much." Ganondorf smirked.

"Lovely..." Roman groaned.


"Now that that's taken care of..." Bowser turned around and walked off with the others, until they reached a pathway. "This is it."

"This is the spot?" Kyoko asked.

"Yeah." Bowser nodded as he walked through with the others following.

Back with Junior's Squad...

"Mmm..." Bookwyrm groaned as he came to, sitting up. He would look around and see that he was in an apartment. "This is... Marnie's."

"Hey, you're awake." A voice said as he looked up to see Marnie leaning in the doorway and turned her head toward what remained of the living room. "Hey guys, he's come around!" She said as everyone walked in.

"Hey, how ya feeling?" Junior asked.

"Mmm, I've been better." Bookwyrm said and then noticed Marnie's metal arm. "Marnie? Why is your arm silver?"

"Does the name Damian ring any bells?"

"DAMIAN?!" Bookwyrm yelled. "Be still, my heart... he's the most ruthless Loss Leader of all of Erdrea! I was hoping he wouldn't have come here..."

"Yeah, and now he serves the Dark One." Captain Slime said.

"Mmph... I was afraid of that." He grumbled.

"He became obsessed with Lady Marnie because she's the only human he came across that put up a fight... that's how I'm seeing it at least." Captain Goomba said.

"At least we finally got a confession out of her that she swore allegiance to the Koopa Troop." Captain Shy Guy.

"Hmm, didn't she already do that when she saved Lord Bowser?" Bookwyrm wondered.

"Apparently, I didn't get the memo." Marnie playfully rolled her eyes.

"So... what are we doing now?" Bookwyrm asked.

"Taking the castle back!" Junior said.

"Hmph. Allow me to accompany you." He said, getting up from the bed. "Those fools forced me to partake of that Malatone. I say I ought to have some revenge, no?"

"Uh, you sure about that?" Umber asked.

"My boy, I may look frail but i'm been a spry young fighter in my youth. I've got plenty of fight left in me before I croak."

"Fair enough." Umber chuckled.

"Let's go." Marnie said as they walked out.

"Oh, but before we go... allow me to go get Serpentina. I'm sure our Pink Liege Lizard wouldn't mind if she got involved."

"Pink Liege Lizard?" Captain Slime perked up. "The same one that saved me from that Orc Chieftain? Huh... so that's her name."

"I will be back momentarily." He said and walked off, all the while Marnie walked over to her garage and opened up the door, staring at her motorcycle.

"Thinking of bringing that out?" Kamek asked.

"Yeah." Marnie then turned to him. "Think we can give this bad boy some upgrades?"

Kamek chuckled. "I don't see why not."

Meanwhile, with Damian...

"How is this possible... Captain Slime couldn't be that strong...?!" He growled, still feeling a bit sore after his fight with Bowser. It was then that a Malicious Seer approached him.


"Calasmos, give me something that will eliminate the humans and their kingdom."


"The circumstances have changed. My tanks in my battalion have been wiped out by unforeseen circumstances. Apparently these creatures destroyed them easily... these so-called Pokemon have secretly destroyed them without my knowledge. I have but a few now. Give me that superweapon."


Damian smirked. "That's all I need. Those human nuisances will be gone forever. It is a shame those skulls will be ashes, but I am going to prove to Captain Slime that i am more powerful than him by any means necessary."

Back with Junior's Squad...

"How long does it take to make some upgrades?" Captain Goomba wondered, as Bookwyrm returned with Serpentina.

"Patience. Upgrades take time." Ironwood said.

"And yet, Marnie's surgery took like... seconds!" He pointed out as Kamek returned. "Ah, Kamek. How is she?"

"She said she wanted to do something after we upgraded her bike." Kamek said, and then they turned around to see Marnie approaching them.

"Sorry about that, I decided to redecorate my arm." Marnie said, showing off her metal arm that is now pink and black while holding a bottle of spray paint in the other.

"You painted your arm in the Team Yell colors?" Umber raised an eyebrow with an amused smirk.

"I told you silver ain't my color." Marnie smiled, putting the can away as she brought out her motorcycle. "Alright, shall we then?"

"Yes, let's go!" Sonia smiled. "Let us be-"


Sonia's eyes widened. "I know that voice!" She said, smiling widely as she looked up to see a familiar metal head coming in hot.

"Wait a second... Is that...?" Junior wondered.

"Oooh boy..." General Guy said.

Sonia grinned, opening her arms up. "Ibuki!" She called out as Ibuki got closer before diving off her board and tackling Sonia, which was enough to knock them both down, rolled around until Ibuki was on top of her.

Reunion (Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door)

"Hi hi hi!" Ibuki grinned like a madwoman.

Sonia laughed. "Oh, you and your entrances." She giggled as the two sat up.

"Oh, Ibuki's missed you so much!" She said. "She was looking for her princess everywhere!"

"I've heard that you were looking for me all over the place... even Hell itself."

"That's right! Ibuki went to hell to look for you. She even became best friends with Doom Slayer-chan! After that, she went to space, fought Bowser-chan with Hiyoko-chan and Rosie-chan, we died from this supermassive black hole but we survived just as Ibuki said, then she went back and-"

Sonia hugged her tightly. "You've been through so much just to find me..."

"Yup yup! And now that she has..." Ibuki started tearing up. "Oh gods, she promised herself she... she...!" She started crying into her shoulder.

"There there, let it out..." Sonia smiled, rubbing her back... and then Ibuki pulled away, wiping her tears away.

"Where have you been!"

"Ah, yes... you see, that's a long story." Sonia said.

"Ah, lay it on her! We got plenty of time!" Ibuki smiled.

"Well, it all started when I was taking a walk through the beach..."

"Might as well get comfy, we'll be here a while.' Marnie giggled as they started getting comfortable while Sonia would relay everything to Ibuki.

Ah, reunions!