The Technomage's Revenge
by Roff

Chapter One

Harry Potter wanted to die.

He could not take any more. He just wished he would die and it would all be over with. He wanted to be put out of his misery.

He was lying in a field in the middle of nowhere unable to walk or even crawl. His torturers had left him there so he would starve to death and suffer from exposure to the elements. Perhaps they were even hoping a wild animal would come and eat him in his defenseless state.

There was snow on the ground so it as very cold. Consequently, Harry was freezing. He had no clothes on since the Death Eaters and Voldemort had taken all of them to make his torture experience with them worse.

That's not all they took either.

They wanted to break him.

They wanted to make sure that even if he miraculously lived, like he seems to do no matter the odds, he would never be a threat to Voldemort or his followers ever again. Harry had been giving them fits since he went on the run. He had killed many of the Death Eaters in running battles over the past few months. His ability with a wand and his very powerful magic that was equal to Voldemort's was too much for the dark lord's followers.

They celebrated when the trap Voldemort set for him worked and Harry was captured.

After he was tortured for weeks on end with the Cruciatus curse, sometimes with multiple casters at the same time, and after they made small cuts all over his torso with a blade, the torturers were amazed that he still maintained his mind.

Snape was there giving him potions so he would recover faster. It was his job to make sure their entertainment remained alive so they could enjoy themselves for as long as possible. Snape of course snuck in extra potions to help him more but there was not much else he could do to help without being caught and killed himself. He was being watched carefully.

For the final, ultimate torture, Voldemort used strong cutting curses on Harry's legs and arms, removing them completely. He also used magic to gouge out Harry's eyes. The stubs on his legs and arms were then cauterized so he wouldn't bleed to death.

Harry was fully awake through all of it as he screamed in agony, but had finally passed out from all the pain and blood loss, becoming silent once again.

They tortured him some more anyway and made jokes about him. They would say things like if he were laying in front of a door his name would be Matt or if we was in the water his name would be Bob. They would then crack up laughing at their own cruel jokes.

Voldemort refused to put Harry out of his misery, even though Harry begged him to just kill him many times. Voldemort wanted him to suffer all the way up to his death. His torturers knew that on his own Harry would not last much longer. They had tortured and beat him for over a month and they hadn't fed him for two weeks or even given him water in days. That would quicken his demise as well.

They told him they were done with him and were going to let him go now. So Harry found himself lying somewhere that he couldn't see since he was blind due to no longer having eyes. He could smell the freshness of being outdoors and he thought he felt grass under the snow beneath his back. He wasn't sure though. He was in too much pain to feel much else.

He discovered they did something to his left ear too. He noticed all the sounds he was picking up only came into his right ear. They must have made him deaf in that left ear while he was passed out since he didn't recall when that was done.

He was wishing stronger than ever that he could just die. That's all he wanted. He had suffered enough. He was the only one he knew of that was actually doing anything to fight back against Voldemort. None of his friends had joined him. They were too busy keeping their heads down.

Hermione had joined with her parents to move to Australia and Ron was attending Hogwarts with his sister Ginny who was now in her sixth year. Harry had heard that the school was run by Death Eaters. No surprise there since Voldemort had taken over the Ministry.

Harry picked up some sounds that let him know there was someone not too far away watching him. Most likely a low level Death Eater assigned to watch him until he dies then report back. Voldemort had a ministry to run after all. He had already refused to let his Death Eaters kill Harry so Harry wasn't looking for help there.

He just wanted someone, anyone to help him so he could be put out his misery.

After a loud cry for someone to hear him and to grant him release from all the pain and suffering, Harry laid still and wept at his failure, but was looking forward to being with his parents. He never got to know them personally before they were murdered when he was a baby. He would also get to see his godfather, Sirius, again and his grandparents who died before he was even born.

He was looking forward to being with all of them.

Then he heard a crack of apparition close by.

"Who's there?" Harry asked desperately. "Whoever you are, please, I beg you to kill me. I've suffered enough. PLEASE?" he cried out.

"Master Harry Potter, sir! It's Dobby," he said crying at the state he found Harry in.

"Dobby? Is that really you?" he asked.

"Yes, Master Harry Potter, sir!" he answered putting his hand on Harry's bloody chest. "Dobby is here to help."

Dobby cast a warming charm on Harry then conjured a blanket for him that he wrapped Harry in after making Harry float off the cold ground. He left him floating.

Dobby carefully gave Harry some water until he had all he wanted for now.

"That's good. Thanks. Now, I need you to kill me Dobby. That's an order. Voldemort and his followers captured me and have taken everything from me. The only thing left to do is to die. Please, Dobby, put me out of my misery and let me go meet my parents," Harry begged.

"Hey! What are you doing there?" Harry heard from the Death Eater who had been waiting. The man must have dosed off. "Get away from him, elf!"

"Dobby will be right back, Master Harry," he said patting Harry's chest.

Harry heard another crack of apparition, a grunt, a thump like someone falling down and hitting the ground, and then another crack that was right next to him. Then Dobby was speaking again.

"Dobby is sorry, but Dobby can't kill his master. Dobby could never do that. Dobby will take Harry Potter somewhere safe and take very good care of him."

"No, Dobby! Just kill me, please?" he cried, begging and pleading.

"Dobby is so sorry," he said crying again, "but promises to make things better."

With that Dobby whisked Harry away using house elf apparition. They landed in a large dusty foyer.

Dobby waved his hand and most of the dust disappeared so Harry could lay on a cleaner floor in his blanket. He then left a hand on Harry's forehead while he waved his other hand, making a change to the wards using Harry's magic.

"Dobby will be right back, Harry Potter, sir. Dobby needs to prepare a bed for his master. Please don't be sad anymore and want to die," the house elf pleaded. "Dobby will make sure his Harry Potter sir is well taken care of. Do not forget everything magic can do, Harry Potter sir, especially when magic is as strong as the great Harry Potter's" he encouraged him.

Harry started thinking about what Dobby said after he popped away. It was difficult in his condition with all the pain and lack of nourishment, but he started remembering a few things he was working on before he went on the run to fight Death Eaters and eventually Voldemort. It was a passion he had for a particular type of magic. Maybe there was something that could be done. He would have to give that more thought once he felt better, he reasoned, especially since Dobby refuses to kill him.

When Dobby popped away he went upstairs to the master bedroom. He cleaned everything quickly and put on fresh linens. He then popped down to the foyer and popped Harry upstairs where he cleaned him up thoroughly in the tub after numbing his whole body, removing all the blood and gently cleaning his wounds to prevent infection. He then magically put him in some pajamas, and into the comfortable bed.

"Please rest Harry Potter, sir while Dobby goes to fetch some potions that will help."

"Where are we, Dobby?" he croaked out.

"Harry Potter's ancestral home. It's called Potter Place and is a grand manor that just needs some cleaning and loving care."

"Are we safe here?"

"Yes, Harry Potter, sir. No one can get on the property unless Harry Potter or Dobby allows it. We are very safe."

"Thank you, Dobby."

"Dobby will be back as soon as possible. Just rest."

Dobby popped over to Hogwarts and found Winky.

Dobby swore Winky to secrecy and then told her about his master's condition. He wanted her to come to Potter Place with him so she could cook meals and help him clean the manor. He was sure Harry Potter, sir would make her a Potter elf as soon as he was able. Winky agreed so they grabbed some potions from Snape's storage and some from the hospital ward. Winky then held onto Dobby as they travelled back to the manor.

They found Harry in too much pain to sleep so they quickly gave him a potion for Cruciatus exposure, a strong pain reliever potion, and a strong dreamless sleep potion. Dobby didn't tell him yet that Winky was helping as she kept very quiet while they worked.

Once Harry was no longer in pain and fast asleep, Dobby magically removed Harry's pajamas and put Dittany on all his knife cuts. He then magically put pajamas back on his master and left to find Winky. He explained more to Winky so she would understand what all Dobby needed to do to help his master. There was plenty of work to do so Winky went to cleaning the manor from top to bottom while Dobby popped off to get some things he knew his master would need.

The manor was really just dusty. It was in very good shape otherwise. The preservation runes and wards on the place insured nothing bad could happen to it. All the original Potter elves had passed on after Harry's grandparents died and before Harry was born. They were very old and were never replaced with younger elves.

When Harry was working on the special project he liked, that was during school. Dobby did all of his buying for him since Harry couldn't leave Hogwarts. They used an old abandoned classroom in a part of the castle that was not in use at all for many centuries.

Dobby cleaned it all up for Harry and they setup shop. In his current condition, Dobby knew his master was going to need more parts for his favorite hobby. First though, Dobby needed to get his master at least one magic eye like Mad-Eye Moody's so he can see. If possible, he would get two. He just needed to see where they can be found.

He never found where he could buy an eye for Harry but discovered that Mad-Eye Moody had his special made. Mad-Eye was killed during the fighting so he checked around for where his possessions might be. After a lot of searching, he discovered that Dolores Umbridge had got a hold of the eye and it was on her office door at the Ministry as a decoration.

Making himself invisible, Dobby went to her office in the middle of the night and took the eye and grabbed the leather strap from off the wall. He now had what his master needed to see out of one eye at least. He then popped back to the manor.

Harry ended up sleeping for two days before waking and eating some soup with help from Dobby and Winky. He met Winky and bonded her right away after Dobby explained everything. Harry then slept for a week while the elves made sure they gave him nutrition potions and additional potions for the torture curse without waking him.

Dobby had access to Harry's Gringotts vault so he had no issue buying whatever they needed. Harry had given it to him once they bonded back in Hogwarts. That allowed Dobby to go buy all the things Harry needed for his hobby.

When his master was ready, Dobby would once again go buy whatever was requested of him so his master could be happy and hopefully fix his own problem.


Harry Potter was curious back in fourth year about Mad-Eye Moody and the magical devices he had to use for his eye and his leg. Harry wasn't impressed at all with the leg but he was with the eye. The fact that it allowed Mad-Eye to rotate it around 360 degrees and see through anything was amazing.

This started Harry investigating into all things that magic can do. He soon ran across technomancy, which is sometimes called technomagic. Harry already had a good grounding in Muggle technology while growing up in the Muggle world. He found that the understanding of how it all works came easily for him. He even built his own computer before he was ten years old.

If anything with wires broke at the Dursleys, they had Harry fix it. His cousin Dudley broke most of his electronic toys but Harry could always fix them. Therefore, when he found out about marrying technology with magic, it absolutely caught his attention and avid interest.

He began delving into it like his pants were on fire. He couldn't learn it all fast enough. The extra time he spent on it actually took him away from his friends more and more as the years passed. In the end, he had no friends helping him when he went on the run. He thought that best though. They were not at his level with a wand and certainly not even close in power.

He discovered that this type of magic was more readily available in the United States, whereas the Ministry of Magic in England had strange and weird ideas about never allowing it in their country. The new regime was likely stricter than that and would kill anyone they caught using it.

Harry had never thought about using this technomancy knowledge on himself but with all that was taken away from him after he was captured, he needed to give it some serious thought which is exactly what Dobby was wanting him to do. With all of Dobby's help as Harry experimented with Technomancy over the years, Dobby was sure Harry could fix the issues he faced now.

During all of his sleeping, at least after all the Dreamless Sleep Potion wore off, Harry dreamed vividly about building eyes, an eardrum, arms, and legs using technomancy. His brain worked on all the details as he slept.

When Harry finally woke up he was greeted by Dobby who had cleaned up Mad-Eye's magical eye for him. He told Harry about it, where he found it, and then placed it on Harry's head.

Harry had Dobby make some adjustments until he had it sitting the way it should in his eye socket. Suddenly the magic took hold and Harry was beginning to see blurry images. Then it all cleared up and there was Dobby on the bed with him.

"Aren't you a sight for sore eyes, Dobby," Harry told him smiling.

"Master Harry can see again now?" he asked.

"Yes, I can, Dobby. Thank you very much!"

"Master Harry Potter is so welcome. Dobby is pleased the eye works for his Harry Potter, sir."

'"It works great, Dobby. Now, let me call someone. Winky?"


"Winky is here master," she answered then saw the eye that Harry was looking at her with.

"I'm glad I remembered your face correctly Winky before I got the eye. I just wanted to check though and make sure I was right."

"Master can see?" she asked.

"I can see you just fine, Winky. Thanks to Dobby here," he said looking over at Dobby.

Both elves smiled.

"That's all I needed, Winky. I am hungry though. You can go back to what you were doing. I need Dobby here to write down what I tell him so he can pick up everything I need. I was dreaming about fixing the hearing in my left ear, along with fixing my eyes, my arms, and my legs."

"Dobby is so happy, Master Harry Potter, sir."

"I thought you might be."

Winky popped off to make Harry some food.

"Since I can see, I think I should make my arms first. You, of course, are going to have to be my arms and hands for me for that part. I will walk you through everything, Dobby."

Dobby was nodding excitedly.

"Once I have arms and hands then I can make the rest myself. You'll still have to help me though on the tricky parts. I won't be able to do it all by myself since I'll be the patient."

"Dobby will help anyway he can. Just tell Dobby what to do and it will be done."

"Thanks, Dobby. You might want to get some paper and something to write with. My list is going to be quite long."

Dobby popped away and returned a few seconds later ready to write. Harry rattled off the long list of items he needed and sent Dobby off to buy them. It was a good thing he inherited a lot of money from his family. If the Potters were not rich then he would not be able afford it all.

Winky came up with more soup and fed him while Dobby was away. It was nice that Harry could see the spoon coming towards his mouth this time. It made feeding him a little easier.

Harry was curious about the manor so was asking Winky to describe it since he couldn't walk around and see it for himself. Winky however had a different idea. She created a very cushiony chair that she floated Harry into then tied him in sitting up straight. She then made it hover off the floor a few feet so she could push it around easily.

She took Harry all over the manor so he could see all of it. He even got to see his own bedroom better. He had been in it for a while but his view was limited given he couldn't move around on his own. During the tour, he ended up finding the perfect room to work on his technomancy. It had plenty of counter space and tables.

He realized that Dobby was going to be very busy for a good while before Harry would have is own arms and hands. There was so much to do before they even get to that part. The first thing he had to do was magic proof the computer Dobby was buying.

Normally, he would build his own but he didn't want to have to walk Dobby through all that just to get a computer to use when he could buy a nice one instead and make it work with magic. Dobby had already checked at the castle for the computer Harry left behind in his lab when he went on the run, but evidently the Death Eaters found it and destroyed it along with his lab.

Harry was in the kitchen with Winky when Dobby returned. Dobby saw him in his chair and liked it. Harry was able to sit up straight and that was better for him to start working. Dobby took Harry with him when Harry wanted to show him which room they would be using.

Once Dobby had Harry in the room, he left and appeared a few seconds later with everything he had to buy. Harry had him put everything on the floor in the hall for now, then he walked Dobby through the minor changes he needed to do to the room and how the tables were to be situated.

Once Dobby had everything moved and changed to what and where Harry specified, Harry walked him through setting up the computer and the large screens he would use with it. There were many adjustments that had to be made to the computer as is just so it could be setup to run around a lot of magic and provide electricity for it magically.

Some of the spells Dobby had to cast were difficult for him since elves do their magic differently than witches and wizards. But between the two of them, they stuck with it and worked it out until Dobby was able to accomplish what was needed.

Once the computer was working as it should, Harry was then able to direct Dobby by using the keyboard and mouse to install the software Harry had him buy. That went fairly smoothly except for Dobby's struggle with the keyboard and mouse, but he got better the more he had to use it.

It was slow going since Harry had to walk Dobby through everything. They ended up not going to bed until three in the morning that first night. That wasn't too bad for Harry after all the sleeping he did, but most of that was for his body to heal and adjust after all the trauma.

When they stopped for the night, they at least had a basic design for Harry's right arm. All the detail was not inputted yet but it was a nice start. With Dobby getting faster as he grew more accustomed to using the computer, Harry felt they would make faster progress as the days moved on.


Eight weeks later and after Dobby bought a lot more parts and equipment, not to mention some books from America Harry wanted, they were finally ready to attach the arms Harry had Dobby construct under his guidance.

Harry realized during the design phase that he would no longer be able to use a wand. The Death Eaters had destroyed his wand anyway after they captured him. With arms and hands that were not part of his own biological body, magic would not flow down his arm and hand, and then out through his wand.

Therefore, Harry had to design his arms so that magic would be able to flow through them. This required certain metals to be used in the arm that were conducive to the flow of magic. Harry also investigated the use of other magical items such as crystals and what Ollivander uses for wand cores, but decided to add those later if he found there was not enough magic generated through his hands.

He needed his arms to be able to send the magic out through his hand and fingers but the issue he couldn't work out was the fact that the magic would then be used on the wand instead of simply flowing through it.

The magical body naturally works differently then what he will be able to get his cybernetics to do. A person's wand is designed to work with how the natural biological body works. Since, his cybernetics will never work that way, then using a wand will not be possible.

The main reason is because the person's magic is in their blood. The wand that is held in the hand, is close enough to the blood flowing through that hand that the wand can respond to it. Harry's cybernetic hand will not have any blood and the only way to get magic down his arm and out his hand is basically a way of casting a spell without a wand, but shooting it through a different conduit. A wand in the hand would just get in the way of the spell at that point and become a shield against it.

When Dobby found out he would have to cut Harry's arms off at the shoulder and at the hip for his legs, he was about ready to run and hide. Harry reasoned with him and explained how the arms needed to connect at the shoulder joint. At the same time, when they were ready to do the legs, they needed to connect at the hip joint. The dead ends had to be cut off anyway to establish proper connections with the cybernetics. Otherwise, it would never work properly.

The arms they designed were complete with the top prepared to connect to the shoulder joint. Harry's shoulder would just have to be heavily numbed before Dobby proceeded with the operation.

Harry had already worked with Dobby on all the spells he would have to cast, making sure he could cast them confidently. They even had them listed out on the computer for him in case he forgot one or the order they had to be cast. There were medical spells that were changed to accommodate what they had to do to attach cybernetics. For instance, you have different medical spells healers use for reattaching blood vessels, tissues, joints, and even bones.

Technomancy adapted these spells for cybernetics so they would work with the technology you wish to attach to a body. Magic helps a lot with that as it makes sure the body doesn't reject the foreign substance. The magic of the spell plus the recipient's own magic work together to make it smooth. If the recipient did not want the cybernetics attached then there could be a problem as magic is based on intent.

Once Dobby was level headed again, Harry had him numb his right shoulder so Dobby could remove the partial arm. Using precise magic, the right upper arm was removed completely at the shoulder joint. A medical spell was used to stifle the flow of blood.

Dobby was then instructed to place the cybernetic arm in the socket of the shoulder. Once he had it in the exact right spot, he had to hold it there with one hand while he cast spells with the other. He went perfectly in the order required and finished with Harry's right arm attached as it should be.

Minor medical spells were then cast by Dobby to clean up any excess blood and to smooth the outer upper part of the metal arm with the skin on the shoulder. A special spell was used to fuse the two together.

Dobby then stepped back and watched his master who looked at the arm closely and internally with his special eye to make sure all was attached properly.

"Alright, remove the numbing spell, Dobby."

"Is Harry Potter, sir very sure about that? It looks like it might still hurt if I do that," he said timidly and with a frown. He knew how much he did to get the arm attached and was sure it would be very painful without the numbing spell.

"You completed all the spells that were required to connect everything and seal everything off, correct?"

Dobby nodded.

"Then it's safe to remove the numbing spell. Go ahead. Even if it hurts, I can take the pain since I've had much experience with it."

Dobby just shook his head at what his master had to endure and then removed the numbing spell. Harry looked over at Dobby and scrunched his face up.

"Oh! Harry Potter, sir. Dobby will fix it!" he cried getting excited.

"Dobby! Stop!"

Dobby froze.

"I was just kidding Dobby. It's a little sore, which is expected, but there is no real pain. Now, let's see if it works."

Dobby relaxed and stared at Harry's new arm.

Harry wiggled his fingers, he even snapped them. Next, he moved his whole arm. He was able to raise it over his head, stretch it out to the side, and do anything he normally could do with an arm.

"Wow! You do good work Dobby!"

Dobby smiled.

"Ready to do the other arm?" Harry asked.

Dobby lost his smile.

He then reluctantly but successfully attached Harry's left arm.

Once that was done, Harry tested his magic through the arms and hands. He found that the metal conduit amplified his magic even more than his wand did. He then had to start adjusting to the extra power. He had done that before so it didn't take him as long to figure it out and make the adjustments.

Occasionally, Harry was found walking on his hands or moving his own self about on his chair.

Sometimes when he arrived in the lab in his chair, instead of apparating, he would grab the counter and lift his body easily up onto it and just work from there. That way he could reach things better, especially if he was building something. However, if he was designing on his computer then he tended to sit in the chair with it hovering at the right height so he could use the keyboard and mouse easily.

Harry had made improvements on Winky's chair after he had hands again. With runes that he etched on the surface and then powering them up, the chair could float on its own. If a different height was needed a little magic with intent cast on it would adjust the height.

One would think that he would design his legs next but he decided to get the left ear problem out of the way instead.

A medical diagnostic spell told him that the Death Eaters had burst his eardrum. Now normally most eardrums that are perforated or torn will heal on their own after a few weeks. Magic can fix it even quicker. The spell and time had not worked for Harry which told him they used a dark curse. Cybernetics would be the only solution if he wanted his hearing back in his left ear. Dobby had already cleaned out all the blood so he only needed to replace the eardrum at this point.

This could be done with a modified switching spell. Of course, Harry had to design the eardrum first and build it. He had done some work in the past with hearing so he wasn't having to start from scratch. He already knew how to enhance the hearing.

The design was done fairly quickly and he had a tiny eardrum made in about two weeks. Harry performed the switching spell on himself and watched as his device disappeared from the counter and his own destroyed eardrum appeared in its place. Harry vanished the mess to get rid of it.

Harry then cast the required spells to have the new eardrum establish connections. He had some slight pain at first, but it went away quickly. He then was hearing too well so had to dial back the setting a little so everything wasn't too loud.

Eventually, he had it just right but could concentrate to enhance his hearing and pick up things he normally would not be able to hear.

Next, Harry designed and created his new eyes. He made the irises show his own bright green as the default but also designed them so that he could change the color on the fly. The eyes were very tricky, especially since he wanted to enhance them greatly.

Mad-Eye's magical eye was great but Harry wanted more and with technomancy he could have more. The only thing he would not be able to do with his new cybernetic eyes that Mad-Eye's eye could do, was spin them 360 degrees or spin them at all for that matter. Rolling them was possible, just not spinning.

Mad-Eye's eye sat more outside the eye socket than in it, mainly because it was too big. The magic was also different from his cybernetics and how they work. Harry's cybernetic eyes had stems that would go into his head and establish contact with the other parts of the eyes, the parts that are inside the eye socket and connect to the eyeball.

Modified medical spells meant to repair eyes would once again establish all the connections once the new eye was inserted.

It took Harry a month to design the eyes and about three weeks to build them. He then installed them himself. He put the first one in the eye socket that had no eye at all, cast all the spells, waited for the slight pain to subside, then tested it.

Harry then removed Mad-Eye's eye and tested his new eye as best he could. He took it through a good many of the functions he setup and found they all worked perfectly. He could see through walls, clothes, pretty much anything. He could also see and detect weapons hidden on a person. He could see clearly for miles. The list of options went on so he decided he would have to test the rest later.

Harry soon had his other eye in and put aside Mad-Eye's magical eye in a safe place. It felt good to not have to wear that strap on his head just so he could see. It was also very nice that he didn't have to wear glasses to see once he had eyes again.

It took him a while to figure out how to use all the functions he put in for the eyes, but he was making good progress.

He did his legs next. The design and construction took about three months. Dobby had to help again on that one to cut off the unneeded part of the upper legs to get to the hips. He also had to help to get the new legs situated in the right place, then hold each one there with magic as Harry cast the spells to establish the connections. The legs were too heavy for Dobby to lift with his arms so he had to use his magic, but Harry was able to help some with his enhanced strength in his arms.

Harry wasn't talking about it but he cheated a little on his legs.

When he had the legs he was born with, Harry never grew over five foot eight due to all the malnutrition he endured as a baby in his relatives so-called care. He was told that when his father was alive he was around six feet tall and his mother was five foot nine. He also found out that no one in his family, especially the men, on either side was as short as him.

Harry sent an evil thought into the air and off to the Dursleys. Then, when he designed his legs he made sure they would make him six feet tall.

The extra height took some getting used to, but Harry spent plenty of time using his new legs so that was not a problem. He even went outside and tested his speed on his Potter lands. He was amazed at how fast he could move, how high he could jump, and how much weight he could lift.

He also discovered that his beautiful Potter Place was located in Wales.