Chapter Five

Harry was sure that he and Ginny could be more than just friends. He felt it back when he was still in school with her and he was feeling it again now. It was almost as if they simply picked up where they left off.

"Ginny, I'm going to go out on a limb here and tell you something."

"Okay. Tell me what?" she replied curiously.

"I think you and I have been good friends for several years but I think we are meant to be more than that. I thought that before I left and after a short time with you tonight, I've come to the same conclusion. Now, if you tell me you are already involved with someone or you simply aren't interested in me in that way, then I will completely understand. However it goes, I don't want to lose you as a friend."

There was a three second pause before Ginny spoke. "Are you asking me what I think you're asking me?"

"I don't know. What do you think I'm asking you?"

"Well, I hate to tell you but you were kind of vague with your question, Harry. So, I'm a little unsure of exactly what you're asking. By the way, I'm not dating anyone right now and haven't in a few years. There hasn't been a student here I've had any interest in for some time."

Harry started to reply but Ginny cut him off.

"Are you simply asking me to go out on a date? Are you asking for us to become boyfriend and girlfriend? Or, were you asking us to be shag mates? I mean …I'm just spit balling here to help try and narrow it down, Harry," she said trying not to smile.

After Harry got over his shock about shag mates, he finally responded.

"Are you quite done?" he asked her exasperated. "Shag mates, indeed! Where do you come up with this stuff?"

Ginny just smiled at him.

"I'll tell you what I'll do," Harry said with inspiration.

"Oh, please tell me. I really want to know!" she said still toying with him.

Harry went to respond to that but then just shook his head and continued with what he was going to say originally.

"I'll make a deal with you right here and now. If you go out on a few dates with me and that leads to us becoming boyfriend and girlfriend, then I will gladly, with bells on, be your shag mate."

"Deal!" she said excitedly with all smiles and her hand out to shake his.

Harry reached over with his hand to shake hers but pulled her into his lap instead as she giggled when he did it.

She stopped giggling as soon as his lips were on hers and he started snogging her senseless.


It was late when Harry and Ginny finished talking, well, more snogging than talking. Harry walked her back to Gryffindor tower just to make sure there would be no issues. Then with a final goodnight kiss he left the castle while Ginny entered the common room all smiles.

It was spring so it would be a few weeks before Ginny would be done with school. She also had her NEWTs to take so would be very busy. Harry had plenty to deal with on his own so left her to it.

After spending the night in his manor, Harry went to the Daily Prophet the next morning and made some changes. He explained very clearly to them that he was buying 51% of the paper, no questions asked, and he would not stand for anymore funny business.

They no longer worked for the Ministry. It would pay for any announcements it wanted to make to the public. They would report on any wrong doings in the Ministry or give praise for what they were doing right.

The first story of the day would be how the Ministry was taken over by Harry Potter, removing it from the hands of Voldemort. It would also state that he appointed Arthur Weasley as the new Minister of Magic, at least until things were normalized and an election could be held.

The second story would be about how he took back Hogwarts and removed the Death Eaters from the school.

The third story would be about how the citizens of magical Britain have risen up and decided they will take no more of the tyranny that has infected their land. The citizens were key to getting rid of the Death Eaters and snatchers.

The fourth story was to tell Voldemort, and whatever boot lickers he had left, that their days were numbered. That as soon as they come out from behind their wards, Harry Potter was going to get his revenge.

In response to the articles in the Daily Prophet, Voldemort decided to take out Arthur Weasley so he could put the Ministry back under his control. He decided he would personally deal with Hogwarts after that. First, he needed to gather more information about Potter. How in the world is he doing anything?

He sent Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange with the rest of his inner circle, plus Draco Malfoy, to the Ministry to kill Arthur and others then see what else was needed to bring it back under their control.

Arthur typically worked late these days since there was a tremendous amount of work to do. It was even in the paper talking about how he was doing such a good job and putting in so many hours to get things fixed and working correctly.

The paper didn't mention that the other workers helping Arthur were putting in almost as many hours as he was.

Lucius and Bella decided to wait until almost dark to attack the Ministry. Most of the workers would be gone and they could kill Arthur easily along with anyone else in their way. They killed the night guard on duty, then sent the rest of their group after the aurors and anyone else they found, while the two leaders were going to personally take care of the new Minister.

The atrium was empty when they arrived at that late hour but they knew they would find their victims in their offices, working so hard to fix everything. Lucius and Bella used one lift while the others used another, each headed to their different destinations.

Lucius was particularly interested in killing Arthur Weasley. The man had been a constant thorn in his side for many, many years. His whole family was a disgrace to purebloods. Yes, this was going to be fun. He finally was going to be allowed to kill Arthur.

Bellatrix, on the other hand, was always ready to kill anyone. She rarely cared who it was she was killing.

Arthur was slaving away at his desk when his wife Molly came through the Minister's private floo with a large picnic basket in hand. She had started doing this lately so her husband would not have to miss his dinner. She was also able to spend some extra time with him while he took a short break to eat with her. She always brought extra for Betty.

They were just about to get started when they heard a scream and the Killing Curse being used right outside the door. They then heard a thump as a body hit the floor. Arthur was worried that someone just killed Betty, but he knew they had no time to waste, so he focused as he should and got ready.

He was not disappointed when he looked over and saw his wife in a ready stance with her wand pointed at the door. He too had pulled his wand and was waiting for the inevitable.

What many didn't realize was just how powerful the Weasley family was. Not anywhere near Harry's level, of course, but a good bit above average. All their kids were magically powerful. The last one, being the only girl, and with a fiery personality, seemed to pack a lot of extra punch. The reason all their kids were powerful was because the parents were powerful.

Arthur served in the first war with the Order of the Phoenix where he fought many dark wizards and won. He was also an amazing enchanter. He became the director of the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts office where he had to remove enchantments from muggle artifacts after dark wizards and witches enchanted them.

In addition, as part of his job he fought many dark wizards and witches when he went after them for committing the crime. He even led many raids on dark homes and businesses alike where he had to fight his way through and subdue them. Occasionally, he lent himself to the Auror department when they needed an extra hand.

Put simply, Arthur Weasley was no slouch with a wand.

Molly Weasley was first and foremost a wife and a mother. Mess with one of her family and you better watch out. She was well known for her abilities in the kitchen. Her meals were amazing. She could use her magic to prepare the meat, chop the vegetables, peel potatoes, or whatever was needed and do it all at the same time. She was a wonder in the kitchen.

She could yell pretty loud if she caught one of her kids doing wrong, but that wasn't why her kids were afraid of her. No, the kids had seen all their lives how their mother could use her wand and they definitely didn't want it turned on them.

When Bellatrix and Lucius blew the door to the Minister's office open and stepped into the office, they were surprised to find Arthur and Molly Weasley standing there behind the Minister's desk with their wands pointed at them.

"Well, well, looks like we get two for the price of one," Lucius said sneering at them. "Arthur is mine, Bella. You get Molly."

Bellatrix just smiled with that crazy look on her face. She was so ready to kill.

"You should have made an appointment, Lucius. I'm the Minister of Magic now and you are being rude."

"I'm going to enjoy killing –"

He got cut off from finishing his sentence because Arthur had already started casting spells his direction. No, not one spell, but three. Lucius had to put up a shield quickly.

So did Molly. Bellatrix started her attack immediately to get the upper hand. Molly blocked all the first several spells she cast but then the crazy witch cast the Killing Curse which has to be spoken. Molly flicked her wand at the picnic basket, that still had food items in it, and made it leap in front of Bella's wand to take the curse head on.

The basket exploded and then Bellatrix was having to deal with the wicker strands attacking her and trying to wrap around her face and arms. She was finally able to blast it away from her but when she looked up she thought she saw a faint smile cross Molly's lips.

She didn't like that. Why didn't the woman hit her with a spell while she dealt with the basket? How dare she toy with Bellatrix Lestrange like that, she said to herself. I'll show her. She readied herself again and was about to cast some more nasty spells when she felt her face getting slashed by a knife. It went across her cheek and started bleeding badly. Then another knife cut her thigh. What was this, she asked herself.

Before she could respond she had five knives attacking her, cutting her, slicing her open everywhere. She was busy trying to deal with the knives when she was hit with a powerful blasting curse that picked her up off her feet and blew her hard into the wall behind her.

After she slid down to the floor, all five knives buried themselves to the hilt in her chest. Before she died she just managed to notice that the two guest chairs sitting in front of the Minister's desk came alive and attacked Lucius. They were walking on their four legs and using their arms as weapons, like clubs or swords, to attack and hit.

Arthur being the master enchanter that he was, he enchanted his office furniture to attack if he hit them with a pre-determined spell. Lucius was having a difficult enough time as it was just keeping up with Arthur in their duel. He was much better than Lucius ever would have believed.

Then when the two chairs attacked him, he never saw the cutting curse that hit his neck and severed his carotid artery. He fell to the floor and bled out in seconds while the chairs continued to beat him about the head, at least until Arthur cancelled the spell on them.

The Weasley parents turned and just hugged each other for a little bit.

"Use my floo and contact the Order members," Arthur told Molly after pulling back from her. "Tell them what happened and that we may need their help. I'm going to check on Betty. I think they killed her."

Molly nodded and threw some floo powder in before getting started.

Arthur indeed found Betty dead from the Killing Curse. He then locked down the entry to the Minister's office to everyone but himself. He told Molly what he did and that he was going to check on things.

After that he took the lifts to the Auror office. He came in to see that Pius was hurt bad and didn't look like he would make it. However, the Death Eaters looked like they had run into more than they had counted on. He also saw Draco Malfoy dead on the floor, along with his mother Narcissa.

Many of the experienced aurors had returned to help and they were all working late. Two of them were new. There was Kingsley, Tonks, Robbards, Proudfoot, Dawlish, Savage, and Williamson from the old guard. Ron Weasley and Neville Longbottom were also helping, even though they were currently in training to be aurors.

Arthur was glad to see his son Ron was not hurt and Neville looked okay too. There seemed to be only one left who was hiding behind a wall and casting spells back at the group when he could. It was unfortunate for him that anyone coming into the Auror office would be on the same side of the wall with the Death Eater.

The aurors saw him enter but the Death Eater did not as his back was to the front door. Arthur held up his finger to his lips and indicated for them not to say anything. They threw a few more spells at the Death Eater to keep him focused on them.

He looked to be Rookwood, the former Unspeakable. Arthur then stunned him really quick and asked the others how many were hurt. Other than Pius, Dawlish had a cut on the top of his shoulder, but it wasn't too bad.

"Ron are you alright? How about you, Neville?" he asked.

"We're fine, Dad. Not a scratch on either of us. The others made sure we were well protected," Ron answered.

"That didn't stop the two trainees from taking out three of the Death Eaters, though," said Savage proudly.

"They're good, talented boys," Arthur agreed. "I think Pius was hit hard though," he said walking over to him. Kingsley was already there checking on him. "How is he?" Arthur asked.

"He's gone. One of them hit him with a very nasty spell before he even knew it," answered Kingsley in his deep voice.

Ron walked over. "Did any of them show up in your office, Dad."

"Aye, Ron. Your mother and I were paid a visit by Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange."

All of the aurors looked over at him when he said that.

"Is Mum okay?" asked Ron worriedly.

"She's fine son," he said assuring him. "Your mum had just showed up in the floo with dinner for me. We heard Bellatrix kill Betty with the Killing Curse and we were waiting on them when they came through the door. I took on Lucius and Molly took care of Bellatrix. They're both dead in my office so I'm going to need some help cleaning up the mess."

Just then Neville stepped up, hugged Arthur, and started crying.

"There, there, Neville," he said patting his back. "I understand. However, you're hugging the wrong person. Molly was the one who killed Bellatrix. In fact, she had her down before I could drop Lucius. People need to learn to not mess with my wife. She is deadly if she has to be with her wand."

Ron was agreeing with his dad and nodding.

"Where is Mrs. Weasley now?" Neville asked.

"I left her in my office so she could contact the Order members in case we needed help. You'll have to wait until I open it back up. I'm the only one who can get back in there at the moment."

Neville nodded then pointed at the Lestrange brothers dead on the floor.

"It took us a bit but Ron and I took out the Lestranges," he said. "With Bellatrix gone too then my parents can finally be avenged."

"That's right, Nev," said Ron. "We finally got 'em."

"Never would have happened without you Weasleys," he said.

"Don't forget Neville that Molly and I knew your parents well and we were very good friends with them."

"I won't, Mr. Weasley."

"Who killed Draco?" Arthur asked.

"Ron got him early on in the fight," Neville said. "He came in casting the Killing Curse like he couldn't be hurt. Ron shut him down quick. After everything he did to Ron and Ginny last year at Hogwarts, I'm glad he was taken out."

Arthur looked at his son.

Ron shrugged. "He really didn't give me much choice, Dad, and he did deserve it. He's been one mean and evil git the whole time I've known him. I cast a silencing spell on him so he could no longer speak. That distracted him when he went to cast another Killing Curse. I used the opportunity to hit him in the mouth with a blasting curse in case he removed the spell and started casting more. He was yelling and his mouth was open at that time so my spell went in it and blew out the back of his head."

"And that distracted Aunt Narcissa long enough for me to take her down," added Tonks. "She was trying desperately to kill me so I responded in kind when the opportunity presented itself."

"And I took out Lucius so the Malfoy family is now completely gone, all wiped out in one night," Arthur replied.


The next day, the Daily Prophet reported on how the inner circle Death Eaters were completely wiped out when they tried to take the Ministry back. All the names of the deceased Death Eaters were listed in the article. The only one that wasn't killed was Rookwood. However, he was turned over to the Unspeakables and hasn't been seen since.

The only loss on the Ministry was the death of Pius Thicknesse. It also spoke of how Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange met their end when they went after the Minister but found his wife, Molly, there with him who had just brought him dinner.

That was the first story presented.

The second story gave the same information about Voldemort that Harry told to the students at Hogwarts, making it clear to everyone that his real name is Tom Riddle and how he is actually a half-blood.

When Voldemort read the paper he was livid.

He was wondering why none of his followers reported back after the attack on the Ministry. Now he knew why. He couldn't believe that there was not a single Death Eater left.

Why didn't he just kill the Potter boy when he had the chance? How he managed to come back from all that was done to him just made no sense to the dark lord. He was sure it should be impossible.

Somehow he needed to find and kill Harry Potter before he would be able to move forward with his plans.


Life went on in the magical world. Shops reopened and other businesses kicked back into gear. The Ministry was running smoothly and plans were being made to rebuild the Wizengamot, but as an elected body this time. After another six months they thought it would be a good time to hold elections for the Minister and the ones running for the Wizengamot seats.

So far, Arthur appeared to not have any competition for the Minister's job. The people liked what he was doing and the fact that he was a tough wizard with a wand.

Kingsley Shacklebolt became the head of the DMLE, replacing Pius Thicknesse. He was head auror before that and had served as head auror when Madam Bones was the Director of the DMLE. She was killed after she became Minister. Gawain Robbards stepped into the head auror job to serve under Kingsley.

No one had seen anything of Voldemort. It was believed he was hiding under a Fidelius when not travelling, usually out of the country.

Most of the Muggleborns who were sent into hiding out of the country came back and resumed their previous jobs and homes. Some had to rebuild due to the Death Eaters and snatchers destroying everything, but it was always easier with magic.

A reporter for the Daily Prophet uncovered the story of what Harry did for the Muggleborns and what another group did when they rescued them from the camps. It was later reported how those people were getting back to normal now with most coming home to start over.

Ginny graduated from Hogwarts and received her NEWTs. Harry was there at the ceremony to congratulate her. They ended up snogging each other in front of everyone at the ceremony. It had been a while since they had seen each other.

Harry later invited her to his manor, Potter Place, and gave her the tour. She was very impressed. She was especially interested in his lab and all the equipment he had. He told her he was thinking of opening a Technomancy health clinic inside St. Mungo's where he would be able to help those who needed it.

Many people were hurt during the war and he wanted to help them be whole again. Perhaps he could even train some others who would be interested in that type of healing, he thought to himself. Harry had a meeting with St. Mungo's and got the ball rolling quickly. They gave him an office and a lab to work in. Ginny decided she wanted to help so became his assistant and began learning the trade.

Once word got out about the new method, the patients were rolling in. The price wasn't cheap, mainly due to cost of the parts, but for anyone struggling financially, help was offered. St. Mungo's received a large amount of funding from the Ministry when there were so many Death Eater families with money laden vaults and no heir to leave it with.

The money was then used to rebuild and help others so they could rebuild. Money went to fund businesses reopening or for new ones starting. Families who lost nearly everything, were helped to get back on their feet. Even Harry, who didn't need financial help, was able to build his business at St. Mungo's with very little of his own money.

The patients Harry and Ginny saw on a daily basis ran the entire gamut of needs. Some needed just a finger, a toe, a foot or a hand. Others needed an entire leg or arm. Eyes were replaced, even ears that had been spelled off needed to be replaced. Some old people needed new hips or their hearing fixed.

Harry made these parts normal, without the enhancements he did for himself. They were easier to make this way so went faster during the design and build process. Of course, it took a little time to make the parts so they had to see the patients, take measurements, and then promise to contact them for another appointment when their cybernetics were ready.

Some parts they could make ahead of time like eardrums and eyeballs, but most had to be custom made due to the different sizes and look needed.

The hardest was when they saw children missing limbs and other issues. Their hearts just went out to them. It was a given that they would be better off with the cybernetics but it was also a given that they would have to return often over the years to get replacements as they age and grow into adults. Harry immediately started working on a new modular design for children in the evenings after work so they would not have to have full replacement surgery each time.

It wasn't long before they had to advertise and put out the word for anyone interested in learning about technomancy. They needed help to keep up with the demand. Patients needed to be seen constantly and custom cybernetics needed to be built to get them to the patients who needed them.

Harry even went to Hogwarts and spoke about the need, asking for any of those who may be interested in healing to consider technomancy. He also spoke of technomancy being used outside of healing. There were many ways technology and magic could be combined to create reliable products for customers. With the Ministry helping new entrepreneurs get started, there was already funding available for those ventures.

Harry and Ginny ended up hiring two Muggleborns who had graduated from Hogwarts after Harry's speech was given. It was a young man and a young woman who were very eager to learn all about technomancy. Their names were Jennifer Bailey and Steve Terner.

This allowed Harry to concentrate more on the building of new cybernetics for their patients and allowed them to catch up more. Ginny spent more time with him learning that end of the trade after she had the two new hires trained to see the patients, take the measurements, and gather all the needed information.

She and Harry also trained Steve and Jennifer a little later in eardrum and eye replacement. Those could be done on the first visit. The adult eyes were all pre-built and there was a setting that could be adjusted for the eye color before installing the new eye for the patient. Once the color was set then it could not be changed again. If the pre-built eyes were the wrong size for the patient then they could be adjusted with magic before setting them permanently.

It was important that a spell could not resize a cybernetic eye once it was installed. Otherwise dark wizards could use that against them.

Later they were trained in all the spells required for appendage replacement. Most of the time though, the patients preferred to have Harry do the operation. Ginny and the other two employees just watched to learn and get better at it.

Ginny was able to perform the skin growth spell on her first try and consequently was quite good at it afterwards. Harry was good at it too, since he learned it a while back but it took him a few tries to get it down the first time he used it. The other two employees, Jennifer and Steve, managed to get it eventually.


Harry was in Diagon Alley headed toward the bank a few months later when he heard the spell Avada Kedavra cast. He immediately turned toward the sound and saw the green curse coming right at him. There were people very close and behind him and he had no time to conjure something, it was coming too fast and not from very far away.

Harry did what he had to do and raised his left hand, catching the spell in it. The spell exploded, mangling the metal of his hand a good bit. While that was going on, Harry used his enhanced eyes to locate the culprit who was disillusioned.

It was Voldemort.

Harry started casting powerful spells with his right hand very quickly, one after another, before the dark wizard could get over the shock of Harry catching the killing curse and it not taking his whole arm off.

Voldemort had to shield suddenly and maintain it as the spells kept coming.

While continuing to cast, Harry put on the speed with his legs and plowed into Voldemort before he knew what was happening. He hit his shield and knocked the dark lord down hard and into the street. He even rolled. The disillusionment spell was lifted as Harry hit him with the counter after he went down.

Many people screamed when they saw who it was.

Harry had stopped casting after that to wait until he stopped moving, but Voldemort surprised him and immediately started casting at Harry while lying in the street. Since the spells were going up over everyone's heads, Harry just dodged them and then started casting back.

The dark lord had to put up his shield once more to block the shots coming from Harry and tried to stand back up. However, Harry rushed him again. This time though, and while Voldemort was partially standing, Harry hit him much harder. It was enough to daze him this time so he could not recover immediately. Then acting fast, Harry cut off his wand hand which caused him to start screaming. Next, Harry cut off his other hand and his feet only to hear more screaming.

Harry cauterized the ends on his feet and hands then walked over and stepped on the yew wand to break it and crush it into powder while he waited. When the screams finally died down, Harry asked him some questions loud enough for everyone to hear.

"How does that feel? Huh? I didn't remove your entire legs and arms, like you did to me. I just removed your hands and feet. I haven't even removed your eyes like you did to me. Hurts though doesn't it? I remember the pain quite well.

"You and your followers tortured me for weeks and weeks, before you decided I didn't need my limbs or my eyes. You then took them from me. I begged you to kill me. Pleaded with you to put me out of my misery.

"What was your one mistake?

"You should have killed me when I asked.

"Now look at me. I have legs, arms, eyes, even a new eardrum that work better than my originals ever did. You remember those don't you? The ones that you removed?

"You see, I'm a Technomage. I spent years at Hogwarts using any spare time I had working on learning everything about Technomancy, which is the art of combining technology with magic.

"You and yours frown on such pursuits, not wanting to sully yourselves with anything the Muggles use. What a bunch of idiots. Here I stand as if everything you put me through never happened. Sure you mangled my hand with that spell, but it won't take me long to fix it. It'll be back good as new.

"So, tell me. Why did you come back? As you can see we haven't been waiting on you. We moved on with our lives and there is no more room for anyone who thinks they're better than us and that they have the right to take away our freedoms. Not. going. to happen. So, tell me. Why?"

"You ruined everything, Potter!" he groaned out in a raspy voice. "I realized I would never be able to move forward with my plans as long as you were alive." He grunted in pain. "I had to kill you before my dreams would ever be realized, before my rightful place above all of you could be recognized."

"You're a sick man," Harry replied shaking his head. "You're not any more special than anyone else. Do you hear me? Are you powerful? Sure, but so am I. So was Dumbledore and many others. Power does not make you better or more important than anyone else, it just makes you more powerful. It doesn't give you the right to be worshipped or to push people around. It's. just. power. That's all."

Harry realized trying to convince Voldemort that he's wrong was a monumental waste of breath, even in his current state. He changed the subject.

"By the way, I have a clinic at St. Mungo's where we can replace those feet and hands for you. It'll be just like you never lost them," Harry assured him then paused as if thinking.

"Oh, wait a minute," he said continuing. "I just remembered something. It was something very important too. Remember when I said there was no more room in this world for those who think like you?"

Voldemort just stared at him.

"You see, you won't be needing my clinic's services, …because never a truer word was spoken," he said in a hard tone of voice.

Harry raised his right arm and hit Voldemort with a powerful blasting curse to his chest that left a big hole that you could easily see the street beneath him, except for all the blood. Voldemort's red eyes lost their glow as he died.

Some people got sick at the sight.

Harry sent a messenger patronus off to Arthur and Kingsley explaining what happened and where they could find him and Voldemort's body.

He then turned to the crowd and amplified his voice with a sonorus.

"I'm sorry you had to see that. Everything I said was true though. I swore vengeance against him and his followers after what they did to me, not to mention all the ones they've killed, including my parents. It's finally over and my job is complete. He was the worst of them. I am satisfied vengeance has been meted out to the last one that deserved it. I can now move on with my life."

The press witnessed the whole thing so the story would be out in the next edition.

After he explained to Author and Kingsley what happened when they showed up, he left the aurors to their job, made a quick visit to Gringotts, and went back to the office to see Ginny. He apparated straight from the Alley.


Harry appeared in St. Mungo's at the apparition point near the lobby. When he walked through the lobby toward his offices, people were just staring at him.

"Mr. Potter! Mr. Potter!" the receptionist was trying to get his attention.

Harry stopped and looked over at her. "Yes, Patricia?"

"Your hand! What happened? Do you need to see a healer?"

"No, I'll have to fix this myself," he said holding up the mangled metal of his hand. "It is after all what I do here," he said with a smile and continued walking.

Not many people knew he had cybernetics in his body. They were quite shocked to find out.

When Harry walked into the clinic office, Ginny immediately saw his hand and ran up to him looking very worried.

"What happened?" she asked.

"I had a bit of a spell fight in Diagon Alley. There were so many people near me and behind me that I decided to catch the killing curse with my hand instead of dodging. It did a number on it, that's for sure," he said holding it up and showing it to her better.

Steve and Jennifer were now watching and listening in.

"Did you get the one that cast the Killing Curse at you?" asked Ginny.

"Yes, I ended up having to kill him."

"Y-You k-killed him?" asked Jennifer.

Harry nodded his head sadly.

"Who did you have to kill, Harry?" asked Ginny softly as she placed her hands on his face causing him to look at her.


Ginny gasped along with the other two. They couldn't believe it. He killed Voldemort.

"I'm going to need your help, Ginny, with my hand," he said breaking into their shock. "You two," he said to their helpers, "I'll need you to handle patients for the rest of the day for us. I'll be fixing my hand at home."

"But we can fix it right here in the clinic, Harry," insisted Steve. "We have everything we need here."

"Not quite, Steve. You see I'm the prototype. I made all my stuff at my home. I have my own lab there, along with all my designs and measurements for me personally. I can probably do it all by myself or with help from my trusty house elf, Dobby, but just in case I would like for Ginny to help me. She will likely want to spend more time with me today anyway."

"I already spend a lot of time with you," she replied confused. "We're practically attached at the hip as it is. We work closely together nearly every day. We spend most of our time outside of work together too. I have a lot of work to do today, but you are correct. I would love to spend more time with you today, or any day, for that matter. But, tell me, why do you think I want to spend more time with you today?"

"Because I thought we should get married and if so, then we need to talk about it."

"Harry? Are you asking me what I think you're asking me?"

"I don't know. What do you think I'm asking you?" he asked with a smile.

"No, I'm not doing that again," she said shaking her head, "especially not in front of the kids," she said glancing over at Steve and Jennifer who smiled at the joke. Harry and Ginny were only one and two years older than them. "Are you asking me, Harry, to marry you?" she asked tentatively.

"Yes, Ginny. I love you with all my heart. It's one of the few things on my body that is still the one I was born with, so I believe it's still working the way it's supposed to be."

Harry went to one knee and held up a small box with a ring shining in it. "Will you do me the honor of marrying me and becoming my wife?"

Ginny cupped his face and then bent down and kissed him good. He then stood back up as they continued to kiss each other. Steve and Jennifer just looked on in disbelief and joy at the same time. A patient came in for their appointment and just stopped and stared too.

Finally they came up for air and parted slightly but still continued to stare into each other's eyes, smiling.

"Am I too early for my appointment?" she asked confused.

Harry and Ginny pulled further apart and looked at their patient.

"No. Not at all, Mrs. Furbisher," Ginny answered her. "Harry just asked me to marry him and I said yes!"

She held out her left hand and Harry placed the ring on it so all could see it.

"Congratulations, you two. I'm very happy for you," she said walking more into the office.

"Come on in," Ginny continued as she looked at her ring. "You're right on time. Jennifer will take very good care of you."

Mrs. Furbisher headed toward Jennifer.

"Thank you, Mrs. Furbisher. That means a lot," Harry replied then turned back to Ginny. "I'm going to head home and get started. Wrap up here and join me as soon as you can, alright?"

"I'll just make sure all is going well with our trusty staff and then I'll be right there," she assured him.

"Looking forward to it! Bye!" he said then kissed her quick. "I love you."

"I love you too, Harry! See you soon."

The End