"Zane, could you make us juice popsicles again? They were really good last time you made them."

"Hey, Zane, is your falcon waterproof?"

"Are you waterproof, Zane?"

"How are you waterproof, Zane? You're a Nindroid! Robots aren't waterproof!"

"Zane, can I stick magnetic alphabet letters on you? It's for a prank."

" Zane's the Ninja of Piii-iiink! Zane's the Ninja of Piii-iiink!"

"How come you only have a 'funny' switch, Zane? Or do you also have a 'creepy' switch or 'awkward' switch or a 'homicidal' switch?"

"Man am I sorry I asked. Zane, please shut that switch off.."

"What's the weirdest recipe you've ever tried, Zane?"