Kurenai had always been wary of times when everything seemed to fall in place in her life. The last time that happened, she was faced with the harsh reality of her ex-husband cheating on her, so she had learned to never let her guard down again.

And she had been proven right once again.

Her relationship with her younger lover was steadily growing into something more profound, Mirai was growing into a beautiful child and the winter semester was peacefully coming to an end. With no course planned for this summer, she was already planning on spending some quality time with the both of them.

However, at the moment, those thoughts were the last thing on her mind as she was faced with a problem of her own making. Maybe she had overdone herself in helping the Hyuga's heiress in her personal growth.

After all, there was no way that the soft-spoken girl, that she came to know almost three years now, would have sat in her office and defied her authority. Always for the same reason: Naruto Uzumaki.

With her finger linked, she looked straight at her student's unflinching eyes.

I should have been firmer about it.

On one side, she was happy that the girl was finally standing for herself, but on the other side, there was simply no chance that she would let her have Naruto.

She knew that it was selfish from her part, but with times she had learned that few things in life were fair.

Apparently, Hinata was frustrated by the lack of progress with Naruto, so she decided on taking matters into her own hands, her father be damned.

In normal time she would have been overjoyed by the girl's boldness. That was, If she was not busy enjoying having her hole stretched by Naruto's burly cock, until she passed out from pleasure. As it was, they could no longer indulge in their sexual activities while Mirai was present in her house. She could not have her child hear her mom howling like a street whore each time that Naruto came by after all.

Breaking out of her thought, she needed to salvage this situation. Despite everything, she had come to cherish the girl over time and while she knew that the girl may most likely never forgive her if the truth came to light, she will do her best to spare her from having her feeling hurt.

"As I told you before Hinata, to convince your father we need time and preparation."

The teacher could see her student frown. To be fair, even she must admit that she sounds like a broken record at that point. She needed to change her approach.

"Why the sudden rush anyway." Kurenai asked instead

Sure, the girl's graduation was approaching, but up until that precise moment she had faithfully listened to her.

Hinata looked down at her hand folded on her lap before answering.

"I went to his bar with some friend recently"

I know it too well. She mused. Your father would not let me hear the end of it because of you.

Still, it did not explain anything so far.

"I met a classmate who works there. You should know her too, Tayuya is her name." Hinata went on.

Kurenai's eyes widened for a fraction before she cooled her feature. Fortunately, her action went unnoticed by her student. She knew that Tayuya did not like her, and she had every reason to do so. The numerous times that she flaunts her relationship in front of the girl while knowing of her infatuation with Naruto would have driven even herself mad.

"She kept on talking about Naruto-kun's girlfriend and how she wanted to..to" the Hyuga seems to stutter at the end of her sentence and Kurenai easily guests why.

Knowing the red-hair colored vocabulary and the heiress reluctance to swear, it was easy to connect the piece. Still, she was relieved that she had not been exposed yet, but she had to be sure.

" Tayuya's foul language aside, did she say who he was currently seeing?" She questioned.

At that, Hinata nodded in the negative.

"And I suppose that you are scared of losing him for good if you don't act now right?"

A firm nod was her answer this time. The blue haired girl seems to be resolved to act now than never, but it simply would not do.

Sighting Kurenai replaced a stray lock behind her ear, overworking her brain to dissuade the girl.

" You are aware that rushing things can reduce your chance of success, right?" Was the argument that she chose.

" Yes, I'm aware of it." Hinata began, looking at her role model straight in the eyes. " But it was you who taught me that if I wanted something I should get it myself, and that's what I'm getting ready to do." Hinata finished while rising from her seat.

Me and my big mouth. The older woman berated herself.

"I was sorely informing you of the action that I decided on taking." She continued before slightly bowing and heading toward the door. "Thank you for your help until now."

As the determined girl prepared to reach the door, Kurenai could not help but feel a little guilty. Hinata was fighting a losing battle. She had supported her so far, but this was the only subject where she could not help the girl. She loved her like a sister, yet if she had to choose between the girl's happiness and her own she would not hesitate.

Hinata was still young and could find someone else.

Naruto? He was hers and hers alone.

Still, she ought to give her one last warning.

As Hinata was about to reach to turn the doorknob, she called her.

"You said that Naruto might be seeing someone right?"

Hinata confirmed it

"Be careful Hinata" She began, her eyes shifting from the caring one to a fiercer look." There is nothing scarier than a woman who knows what she wants."

The heiress looked at her in confusion and slowly nodded her head before leaving.

Once the door was closed, Kurenai closed her eyes in frustration. She sure hoped that the Hyuga won't do anything which will lead her to get hurt.

She is a smart girl; everything is going to be okay.

Sighting again, she focused on her remaining work, after all she needed to get ready for tonight's date. Yet, deep down inside her, she knew that she would be the one to hurt her the most.

-Kurenai's rebirthing-

I'm in trouble. Big trouble.Naruto summarised.

There were not many things in life which scared him. But right now? He was fearing for his life.

He had not gone on many dates in his young life, yet one did not need to be an expert in the field to know that his current one was doomed from the very beginning.

To his defense, it had not been his fault.

It all began in the early evening, before his date with his older lover when a group of University students arrived at his bar. Among them, one of his old acquaintances, Hinata Hyuga who over the past week has been coming by more frequently.

Nevertheless, how could he imagine that the soft spoken girl would follow him to the exit and kiss him full on the mouth before making a dash for it, leaving him wide eyed and looking at her retreating back.

Of course, it was at that time that Kurenai decided to arrive. Would it be any other time he would compliment her looks, the black off shoulder bodycon hugging her like a second skin. A generous amount of cleavage showing in the deep V neck, with the dress stopping at mid thigh. A subtle amount of makeup completed her ruby red lips and dark stilettos.

However, he was far too concerned about the woman's reaction, or lack of, to really pay attention to it. He would have preferred if she threw a tantrum, screamed at him or anything.

Yet, Kurenai stood still near her car, her half-lidded eyes gazing down the street where Hinata had escaped. And then, she smiled. Not her usual one, there was no joy in it, no warmth or affection. It was a cold, calculating one, and it made his hair stand on end.

As if nothing happened, she had regained her usual countenance, but the menacing look in her eyes told a different story. Kurenai had walked up to him, kissed the bewildered Naruto's on the cheek before simply asking him whose car they would be using for their date.

He had opted for his's.

The ride to the restaurant had been painfully silent. Whenever he chanced a look toward his lover, she would always smile back at him before focusing her gaze on the passing scenery. And it had continued up until now.

Parked in front of their chosen date spot, a high-end restaurant owned by the Akimichi in the downtown area, Naruto was the first to crack.

Sighting he turned off the engine, before scratching his head.

"Kurenai" He started "I understand that you are angry and I'm sorry about this. I can assure you that I did not know that she would act like this. "

He was, however, startled by his date's reaction. Kurenai simply chuckled.

As she finally turned her face towards him, a trail of goosebumps went down his spine as their eyes connected. A myriad of emotion was distinguishable in her ruby red eyes, but what stood out the most were two things: anger, and one that he has got very familiar with.

"Don't worry Naruto, I'm not pissed" She replied while her hand gently caressed the blond's jaw.

Naruto was no foul though, and wanted to get to the bottom of it so as to not ruin their evening.

"I don't-" He began, but was interrupted by the dark haired woman.

"Listen carefully. Once I set my mind on something, I always get it." Her hand moved to his parted lips, thumb applying a gentle pressure on it as if wiping out dirt. "..And I don't like sharing what's mine."

Her voice dropped from several octaves as she tilted her head to the side, those lusty eyes staring straight at his soul.

"You've basically ruined me for other men, so it's only natural that I do the same to you right?"

Arousal started to overcome Naruto's fear as he registered those words. His own previously ocean blue eyes slowly transitioned to a deeper shade, yet Kurenai was not done.

"So, no Naruto-kun, I'm not mad. I'm just horny, because I know that tonight, I'm going to make you come so hard that you will forget all about her."

His cock had risen at full mass at this point, as she listened to the personification of a succubus. The latter fisted a hand in his shirt bringing him closer, her subtle perfume filling his mind as she whispered in his ears.

"If you don't want to figure out how fast I can make you cream your pants, I suggest that you hurry and pull out to the nearest place, because I don't think that I can wait any longer to have a taste of your thick and tasty semen~"

With that said, she let him go with a smile.

Never had he broke so many laws in a single ride, but it was all worth it.

-Kurenai's rebirthing-

Thankfully for Naruto, they quickly found a motel. Sitting at the edge of the bed in their rented room with a clothed Kurenai kneeling between his parted legs, he was well aware that many would kill to witness this, but he would not trade it for anything in the world.

As soon as they had entered the room the teacher had shoved him to the bed, before taking down his pants and boxer in one go. His girthy phallus rose to its full size as ruby red lips planted a sultry kiss to it's head.

In her time with the red eyed woman he had never seen him act like this. She was completely engrossed with his cock as if nothing else existed. Her plump lips met his gland with open mouth kisses, tonguing it, licking any precum sprouting out of it in a lewd display. She was basically making out with his penis head and his groan of pleasure was a clear indication of his approval.

Yet, she did not forget his sack, as one hand expertly fondled his loaded balls while the other one was busy fingering her dripping snatch. From his sitting place he could already see fem juices streaming down her leg like a broken faucet, straight onto the carpet as squelching noises emanated from it.

The room was already beginning to be filled with her sweet scent, clouding his mind even more than it already was as his lover continued her ministration.

As she finished french kissing his throbbing gland, she went lower than before, lifting her head to make direct eye contact with him as she replaced the hand massaging his sperm factory with her slutty mouth.

Each ball received a similar treatment, swallowed whole, sucked on and coated with a hefty dose of saliva. Naruto threw his head back and grunt as he was serviced. He did his best to calm down his building ejaculation, but Kurenai showed him a whole new world of pleasure.

Locking eyes with the sultry teacher again, she released his balls with a wet pop before placing her tongue flat between his two testicles and leisurely dragging it up back to his whole veiny length, leaving a wet trail of warm spit in her wake.

Winking at him, she focused back on her treat, snatching her arms around his butt, she deepthroat him in one go, his entire cock entering Kurenai mouth-pussy.

His leg jerked at the surprise assault and he gasped. He had not expected her to go that far from the very beginning, but he did not have the time to compose himself as she started bobbing her head on his shaft.

Usually he would have used her head and jammed his whole length in her mouth like a cock sleeve, but right now she was draining him of his strength and bringing him to one of his quickest releases. His older lover seemed to be on a mission. A mission to swallow his seed as quickly as possible and she was well on her way to succeed.

It was only a matter of seconds now before he released his load and if she wanted his sperm that much, he would let her have it.

As Kurenai was pulling back from his core, his hand on her head forced her down to his base as he unleashed a torrent of thick jizz straight in her stomach.

HIs orgasm setting her off as well, fem juice soiling the floor, her muffled moaned accentuating his pleasure. She unwrapped her arms around his hips to caress her clit, helping her ride on her climax even as Naruto kept on shooting his load for what felt like hours before finally calming down.

He tried to catch his breath from the intense pleasure that he had just been subjected to, his softening penis having been released by his lover. Though, it was not meant to happen as Kurenai was insatiable that evening.

Naruto felt a weight sit on his lap and a warm, wet furnace pressing against his crotch. A panting Kurenai had straddled him, dress rising to her lower hips, exposing her round and meaty ass.

Looking up at her flushed face, her pupils were now fully dilated, her disheveled hair covering one of her eyes. She raised her love juice covered hand above her head while looking down at him, opening her mouth and darting her tongue out in an obscene spectacle, she let her sticky juice fall down her awaiting entrance before slurping down the remaining mixture from each of her digits.

The blond sat there speechless as he watched his goddess of a girlfriend riled him up, and it worked. Blood was already pumping through his previously flaccid cock much to the older woman delight.

"I love feeling your cock getting hard against my pussy." She began. "Only thinking about the way it broke me and turned me into your bitch is enough to get me off."

She placed a hand on his chest, as her other hand was busy jerking him off to full mass.

"That's why, the only thing that I can focus on right now is riding you and feeling you deep inside of me."

She pushed him down on the bed, as she spread her knee on each side of his hips, hovering over his towering phallus.

With two fingers, she opened her vulva, her juice streaming down straight onto the pulsing cock as Naruto waited with bated breath for the incoming insertion. She lowered herself so that his gland kissed her entrance before stormy blue met ruby red.

"You have no idea what you've gotten yourself into." Kurenai chuckled deliriously. " I'm going to mark you as mine, boy."

With that said, she slowly impaled herself on his shaft, making him feel every single fold of her vagina until she swallowed him whole and let out a throaty moan. Naruto for his part, was between heaven and hell.

Kurenai was way tighter than usual, wrapping his dick like a second skin giving him overwhelming pleasure and that was the issue. He wanted to enjoy it as much as possible, but he could already feel a small amount of precum spilling from his urethra. And his lover was not helping in the slightest.

As soon as she recovered from the insertion, Kurenai started gyrating her hips in a sensual dance atop his cock pleasuring him even more with the visual aspect of it and the different angle in which is penis was massaged.

Supporting herself by placing her hands on his knee behind her, she leaned back and steadily started riding him, allowing him to see every little detail as she bounced on top of him.

She had started slowing, but quickly raised in momentum, so had her voice as she began putting her whole weight behind her thrust. The smacking sound of their colliding flesh and their combined groan and moan soon filled the entire room, air thick with the smell of sex.

Kurenai's breast slipped off her dress from her brisk movements, bouncing with each motion, but she couldn't care less. She herself was close to release and she planned on taking her younger lover over the edge with her. And she knew exactly what she needed to do for that.

She rose herself completely, only leaving the tip of his dick inside her before putting her whole weight on one final thrust, clamping down on his dick like a vice as she howled in pleasure. Her legs spasming uncontrollably as she seemed to lose control of her lower body. Knees folded on themselves and toe curled, but the smile never left her face as she heard and felt Naruto paint her inside white with his gooey seed.

Her baby chamber was quickly filled to the brim with a mixture of semen and love juice coming out of her pussy.

Naruto was exhausted at this point and as Kurenai collapsed on his chest, he theorised that she herself faced the same.

But as he felt her wall tightening on his shaft, he was sure of one thing, their night had only just begun.