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"I know who she is, Chief" All eyes were on Gus, "She served me my slushie"

There was silence for a few moments as the realisation hit home. It was all happening again.

"Gus, what made you ring me yesterday about the Yang case" Juliet asked.

Gus swallowed, he still couldn't believe this was actually happening… again.

"Mary Lightly found me yesterday. He told me that Yang wasn't working alone" he answered.

"Ok, so she served you your slushie, let's all meet where this happened and start tracing her steps. And someone get me Mary Lightly, get him to meet us there in thirty minutes. We need to get a good start on this" The Chief instructed.

Immediately everyone started moving. Gus gave out the address to everyone and Henry gave him a ride there. The movie theatre was deserted when they got there. Presumably one of the officers had called ahead and made them cancel all showings as only the staff were present, stood around, nervously doing nothing.

Mary Lightly was waiting on the bench when they arrived.

"How did you get here so fast" Gus asked.

"I live here" Mary replied, "Well next door. After Yang was captured I never left…. I've spent the past 13 years of my life with Yang, it hard to move on"

Gus didn't answer, he felt no need to.

"Ok Gus, talk us through what happened" Juliet instructed. The atmosphere was tense and everyone was silent.

"I was watching the Hitchcock trilogy and I… I bumped into someone and spilt slushie on them. I followed her out of the movie and bought her a new one. We then went back to our seats. I waited till the end of the movie to leave which is when I bumped into Mary… as I walked out, I don't think the woman was there"

"Blue slushie" Juliet repeated as she made her way round to the slushie machine. The machine was still running and nothing seemed off. She bent down slightly to check the underneath of the machine… nothing.

But the popcorn machine next to it was a different story, in the bottom left hand corner was a small Yin Yang symbol.

"It's Yang" Lassiter said, stating the obvious.

"No, this is the work of Yin" Mary stated confidently.

Juliet opened the lid of the plastic casing where the popcorn was contained and began rummaging around in the popcorn, looking for some sort of clue. It was a long agonising few minutes and just as they began to think there was nothing Juliet pulled out a piece of paper.

"What is that?" Lassiter demanded.

"It's a crossword puzzle" Juliet realised as she examined it. "Two clues are highlighted… twelve down, six across"

Lassiter came round to read it over her shoulder. "A hard man is hard to blank, blank myself and I"

"I've got it" Buzz called out from the opposite side of the room, after having searched the rest of the foyer for clues.

"A hard man is hard to FIND, ME, myself and I" Buzz said triumphantly, the answer is Find Me"

"I think you might be right" Mary stated seriously.

"Right well let's start by-"

"No, we don't start. I can't be part of this again. I'm sorry. I can't do this without Shawn" Gus clenched his fists.

"I still can't believe he actually left us like that" Juliet muttered to herself, but loudly enough to be heard by Gus.

Gus said nothing and looked at the ground, remembering how scared he had been only months before when he had been kidnapped. That had not been Shawn's fault but he knew that Shawn would have felt responsible.

"Yeah well I think we all know that my son is a bloody idiot sometimes" Henry grumbled.

"I can't be part of this, not without Shawn" Gus said before bolting out of the door. Henry shrugged and walked casually out after his sons best friend.

"We only caught Yang because of Shawn last time" Juliet agreed solemnly, a slight question in her voice as to how they were going to proceed.

The Chief nodded, "Mr Spencer was a great help yes but we solved crimes long before him so let's solve this murder and catch this bastard" she finished passionately.

"Ok, how do we proceed. Find me… there must be more to the clue" Juliet agreed, speakingly slowly almost as if to herself.

"Twelve down, six across….. twelve down, six across!" Lassiter suddenly realised before setting off in a run into the movie theatre.

The others followed him. Lassiter stood on the twelve row and was pointing to a seat.

"He must have been sat right there" he assumed.

The Chief nodded, "Good thinking detective. We'll get the CCTV camera's and look at every person that entered the movie theatre in the last twelve hours"

At least they had some place to start.

Mary watched in silence. He knew better than anyone that Yin meant chaos. None of this made sense and none of it was going to. He wanted to go straight to the source.

"We should go directly to the source" Mary announced, his fists clenched. "I want to speak to Yang"

Faces turned to stare at him as he made his declaration.

"You are not a police officer Mr Lightly" she reminded him somewhat sternly before sighing, they really did need all the help they could get with this case. " McNabb, escort Mr Lightly to see Yang".

"Sure Chief" McNabb replied, not being overly happy about going to see the criminal who caused them so much pain in the past.

"There's not time like the present. I'll head back to the station, detectives report back the minute you get something. You too McNabb, straight back you hear?"

"Yes Chief"

With those orders, everyone started moving. Lassiter started barking orders to the staff, questioning them for suspicious activity and requesting to get the security footage pronto. McNabb left the movie theatre with Mary and the drive to the prison was extremely tense.

McNabb seemed quite uncomfortable and Mary seemed quite the opposite.

"Do you really think this is Yin?" Buzz questioned Mary, "It's possible that Yang has managed to organise this from behind bars, we need to be careful"

Mary nodded, "I know this is Yin" he stated, no doubt in his voice. "Last time with Yang…. It wasn't possible. She shouldn't have had enough time to do what she did, I'm confident she has a partner"

Buzz nodded, "Right, time to ask her then I suppose"

They arrived at the mental institution within twenty minutes. It was scary to think that she was so close to them. They approached the front desk and Buzz showed his badge to the nearest member of staff.

"We need to see Yang"

There wasn't any casual reason for the police to visit Yang and the staff member could sense the tension that the two men carried and wisely lead them straight to Yang.

"I must insist you wear these" she said, holding out two white body suits. She could see the questions forming in their minds and added, "She gets overly stimulated by colour".

The doors slid open with a satisfying swishing sound and revealed Yang, sat crosslegged on the white bed, staring in her hands.

"Hello Yang"

She looked up and smiled before realising who was in the room and she frowned.

"Where's Shawn?" she demanded, sounding a little hysteric. "I'll only speak to Shawn"

Buzz took a deep breath, he was the police officer here, he needed to take charge. The Chief trusted him with this.

"Shawn isn't here, a woman is dead and so I am the one asking the questions. Mary here seems to think that you are not the soul mastermind behind this venture"

"I don't think… I know" Mary interrupted.

"Do you, now?" Yang spat, standing up and facing Mary with a glare. Nothing but a pane of glass between them.

Yang then turned her attention to the officer stood next to him, "I'm not saying squat unless it is to Shawn. Ring him and I'll tell him anything he wants to know"

Buzz took a second to process her demands before replying. "As much as I'd like to have Shawn here, he left town months ago and hadn't been in contact since. We have no way of contacting him so let me –"

"He's gone?" Yang interrupted seemingly confused, "Just ring him, I'll only speak to him"

She paused and could see Buzz struggling to form words whilst she avoided Marys gaze completely. She was obviously crazy and not understanding what he was telling her.

"Shawn always leaves his card… who did he last speak to?" Yang asked, the orderly stop out of sight in silence shock, this was the most sane she had seemed in the entire time at the facility.

"I think I was "Buzz spoke aloud, though mainly to himself.

"Then He will come back if you ask him. Now, don't come back until Shawn is walking through those doors"

Buzz narrowed his eyes. He hadn't got any of the answers he came to get but it seemed like he had just been dismissed and he doubted he was going to get any more out of her.

Unless they had Shawn.

Buzz nodded to himself, making a decision. His new mission. He was going to find Shawn. He needed to find Shawn.

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