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"That was the Chief, Mr Yin just sent something to the station"

What little food that was left was discarded and Henry drove them all to the station, opting to go inside with them. Not wanting to leave his son. He knew he technically didn't have a reason to be consulting on this case with them but Karen hadn't said anything so assumed it was ok.

Entering the station, Juliet greeted them with a worried expression on her face.

"We"re set up in the conference room. We're just waiting on Lassiter and Mary"

They nodded and followed Juliet into the conference room. Lassiter came marching into the room only seconds later with a cup of coffee in his hand. He didn't look like he had slept very well but at least he was determined.

The Chief came in only moments later.

"We can't wait for Mr Lightly any longer, let's get started. It looks like you've been cast as archetypal characters from Hitchcock's canon"

Henry looked shocked, "even me?"

She gave him a grave look before handing him a small folder, "You're Sean Connery in Marnie"

Shawn accepted his folder and studied it for a few moments. What was Yin planning? His words still haunted him as Shawn thought back


No... you are

Technically Yin was right. He was a bastard. Not many people knew of his true past but if Yin knew...this could spell trouble.

"I doubt Yin will be there" Shawn murmured, almost to himself. "What game is he playing?"

"We could be walking into a trap" Juliet said, looking at her character worried.

"Snipers?" Lassiter perked up hopeful.

"You bet your ass" the Chief agreed eagerly. "We'll do everything we can to keep you safe...but we don't have a choice. He's giving us a chance to catch him. We can't ignore that"

Shawn glanced at Gus and his father. He could admit to himself that he was worried but he would keep a strong face for his family.

Gus looked at the folder he had been given confused. So was Mary not involved? What did the note mean? He bit his tongue. He didn't need answers. He would trust Shawn. For now, he could study his character and try not to panic. Yeah, that sounded like a plan.

"Where is Mr Lightly? Was he cast?" Lassiter grumbled out.

"I don't know but trust me I will find out"

Realisation seemed to dawn on Henry at that moment. Why else would Shawn tell them not to say they were at the apartment, with a note saying where he was going to be. Oh god... Shawn had killed him.

Shawn glanced at Henry and could tell by the look in his eyes that he had guessed where he had been.

Shawn suddenly felt guilty and refused to look at Henry, instead burning his attention in the folder.

They didn't have long to prepare as they arrived 'on set' at midday. Shawn was astonished to find that Mr Yin had really gone all out, recreating the scenes from the movies. He couldn't help but admire the dedication. The Chief had been on the phone ever since the communication from Yin, things were progressing so quickly and she wouldn't let her officers and civilians go into a potentially dangerous situation without back up.

It didn't take long before they realised where their characters should be.

"Everyone be careful...please" Shawn begged them, holding up his walkie talkies they knew to communicate.

Henry and Lassiter split off to investigate a car, not knowing which of them it was for and Juliet and Gus went in the direction of the pub, leaving Shawn on his own. He spotted the wheelchair in the window and realised that must be for him and he carefully made his way there. He didn't think he had ever been so paranoid, even checking the chair for explosives before he sat down just in case. His eyes rested on the bookcase in the room, full of mystery novels before fixing his gaze on the window.

He could see... everything. Why? What was important? What was he meant to see?

He watched as the car came to life, Henry and Lassiter seemed trapped inside but it didn't seem dangerous, he could see the projector behind the car. But what he couldn't see...was inside the pub.

Shawn had learned to trust his gut at a very young age and he knew that the car coming to life was most likely a distraction. Juliet. Gus.

Shawn ran as fast as his legs would carry him and barged into the pub but he was too late. Juliet was gone.

Gus was in a state of panic.

"She just disappeared" Gus managed to get out working himself into a state.

"Dude... breathe with me" Shawn instructed, for his benefit too. He also needed to calm down. That...psycho had his...had Juliet.

Shawn grabbed his walkie,

"Yin has Juliet"

There was cursing come through the speaker in echos.

"Gus listen to me" Shawn instructed. "I'm gonna follow to see where it goes, I'll call you when I'm out. Make sure my dad and Lassie are ok"

Gus still looked panicked but he nodded. He didn't want to think, he would just follow Shawn's instructions.

Gus ran off out of the pub and Shawn knew that they had to have escaped somehow. It didn't take him long before he discovered the trap door in the floor and gently lowered himself through it.

He landed in a tunnel and he cursed softly to himself. He had studied the plans of the area and none of them had mentioned any sort of tunnels. Yin must have known we wouldn't know about them.

Shawn picked up a piece of cloth that was on the floor next to his feet and he recognised the smell of chloroform instantly. She wouldn't have been able to put up any kind of fight.

Shawn followed the tunnel cautiously and he eventually emerged through a grate in the ground. He found himself standing in front of a massive clock tower. He filled with dread staring at the clock face. Time was short.

Shawn took out his phone and called for a taxi to take him back to the station. He rang Gus on the way to let him know he was safe and on his way. He could hear Henry sighing with relief in the background. He couldn't wait to be back at the station.

Juliet wasn't there when he arrived. Of course she wouldn't be, wishful thinking.

"Where were you?" Lassiter yelled at him, the moment he entered. "Where's my partner?"

Shawn recoiled shocked. " I don't know! I chased them through the tunnel but there was no sign of them"

Shawn didn't take Lassiter's anger personally, tensions were running high.

"Why the hell wasn't those tunnels on any of the maps" Shawn snapped angrily.

"We had no way of knowing" the Chief muttered.

Everyone was angry.

Shawn took a deep breath and sank into the sofa. He spotted Yang's book resting beside him and he picked up it up absentmindedly. Admittedly he hadn't read it. Mary had summarised it for him well enough.

"Gus... is this my copy?" Shawn asked confused.

Gus nodded, "yeah I hope you don't mind, I was re reading it"

Shawn simply shrugged, it didn't matter to him.

Shawn read the title, what garbage. Dedicated to Richard Brook, Shawn dropped the book, only managing to keep hold of the cover. It was then he noticed the drawing imprinted into the cover.

It was the clock tower.

This was a warning. A warning from Yang.

Shawn filled with dread and he tried to remain calm as he put the cover back on the book.

"We're playing directly into his hands" Shawn moaned, "he's always two steps a head"

Shawn had everyone's attention now.

"Much like the first test, it was obvious that he had rehearsed it many times... he's planned this whole thing out already. He's not giving us time..."

Shawn shook his head, "I'll be outside..I need to think"

Gus made to go after him but Henry held him back.

"Leave him... he needs to process this"

"There's something else" the Chief spoke up.

"Mary lightly was found dead this morning in his apartment"

Everyone was shocked.

"He was stabbed... looks like a robbery gone wrong but we can't rule out for sure that it wasn't Yin"

Henry didn't react.

"I've got officers at the scene"

"I guess...it's not Mary then" Gus said shallowly, in shock.

The chief nodded, pursing her lips.

Outside, Shawn was making one of the most difficult phone calls he ever had to make. He had a plan, it wasn't a very good plan, not at all. But he would do anything to keep his family safe. Anything.

When Shawn entered the station he was glad to see everyone had calmed down, time to study the evidence board again. See what he had missed. He noted with some confusion that Mary's picture had been taken down of the suspects list.

"Why is Mary not on the board?" He called out.

Henry glanced over. Bold move.

"He's dead" Lassiter said, not at all sensitively.

Shawn gasped, seemingly shocked. "Yin?" He questioned.

"We don't know, looks like a robbery gone wrong" he answered.

Shawn frowned in thought and it was then that Gus started to catch on. Why Shawn had told him to stay quiet. If he said something, maybe he would have been next. Shawn really was protecting him.

Gus shared a look with Shawn. Nothing was said. Perfect.

A phone started to ring and Lassiter answered it with his usual snappish detour. As soon as he realised who it was he put the phone on speaker and the room went silent.

"It's finally come to the finale! I've been waiting for this... it should come as no surprise that I have your girlfriend...Shawn. Tic toc, her time is running out. Someone is gonna die tonight...come find me"

Dial tone.

He sounded awfully smug. He recognised the voice, it was the same one from the other night.


The word rung in his head.

Rung? Tic toc...

The clock tower?

"Where's the map" Shawn got to work.

Lassiter followed him immediately and the other stood by not sure how to be helpful. Shawn grabbed a pen and examined it carefully. There was two clock towers, about twenty minutes from each other.

He circled both.

"We'll split up. Cover both locations" Shawn suggested.

"Why do you think she's there? We don't have time to go on wild goose chases?" Lassiter spat at Shawn. Was he on to something?

"Call it a psychic hunch Lassie" Shawn smiled. "Let's go"

Lassiter grabbed the map, he would trust Shawn if it meant he would find his partner alive. He practically ran towards his car.

"Dad...with me?" Shawn questioned. Henry nodded. Shawn felt awful.

Gus looked over surprised, "go with Lassie to the other tower. I trust you"

Gus nodded. "We'll find her" he promised, Shawn gave a shallow smile in response.

"Dad and I will take this one" Shawn told him pointing. "Call if you find her"

Lassiter nodded, taking the instruction without arguing. Of course it would take a missing Juliet to force them to work together civilly.


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