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"Dad and I will take this one" Shawn told him pointing. "Call if you find her"

Lassiter nodded, taking the instruction without arguing. Of course it would take a missing Juliet to force them to work together civilly.

They rushed to their transport and Henry put his foot down. Henry could tell his son was scared.

"Someone's gonna die tonight dad" Shawn spoke softly, looking at his dad to see his reaction.

"We'll find her" Henry grumbled, his tone forceful. He believed every word.

Shawn nodded, "Yeah we will"

Dead or alive were the words left unsaid.

They pulled up on the road and Shawn could tell immediately he had picked the right tower.

"The roof" Shawn realised. "Dad call it in"

Shawn didn't give him time to respond before legging it towards the clock tower. He had to save Juliet. Of course there was no lift and so Shawn practically ran up the stairs. It was a good thing he was fit.

Henry cursed and grabbed his phone, calling Lassiter and telling him to call the station on his way. Henry was going after his son.

Shawn reached the top of the clock tower and there was no sign of Yin. A contraption had been set up and Juliet was dangerously close to the edge of the tower. She was attached by some sort of rope and Shawn had a horrible feeling that when the big hand reached the 12...she would hit the floor.

Shawn knew he didn't have long. He studied the contraption quickly and saw only one solution, he grabbed his gun and shoved it in the mechanism. The clock seemed to stop ticking.

Shawn ran to Juliet, removing the blindfold from her face. He wasn't surprised to find she had been crying.

"I'm so sorry Jules" Shawn told her.

She was now crying tears of relief but her confusion was evident as he made no move to untie the gag.

"I don't have long so I want you to listen to me"

Juliet blinked in confusion, why didn't he have long?

"Yin was right...someone is going to die tonight"

Juliet's blood ran cold, what was he saying.

"This is all my fault" Shawn choked, his tears were completely real.

"You wouldn't have been kidnapped if I hadn't come back... I was selfish"

Shawn gave a small smile and kissed her forehead.

"Back up hasn't arrived yet and Yin's got snipers to kill us both if someone doesn't..." he gestured to the edge of the tower.

With a sickening realisation Juliet started screaming. He could not do this.

"I spotted them on the way up" Shawn continued calmly, "but it's ok...I'd do anything for you Jules. I only wished I had told you that sooner"

Shawn wiped the tears from his eyes.

"Tell Henry I'm sorry"

He could see the fear in her eyes, begging him not to.

"It's ok" Shawn whispered, "it's not your fault"

Those were the last words he said before he threw himself off the clock tower.

Juliet screamed through the gag but there was nothing she could do. She could hear the sirens approaching and suddenly the clock struck. Shawn had disrupted the mechanism so Juliet didn't fall but she needn't have worried because Henry appeared in an instant.

"Juliet?" He gasped, rushing towards her and pulling her back from the edge and removing the gag.

"Shawn" she gasped.

Henry glanced around, "where is he" he demanded forcefully.


Henry rushed to the edge of the clock tower, peering over the edge. The sight that greeted him sickened him. His sons body laying on the concrete below... blood.


What happened next wasn't easy for anyone. Gus and Lassiter stumbled across the body first. Gus screamed, seeing the blood he got very light headed. He couldn't process what he saw and went into shock. Lassiter felt like he couldn't breathe but slowly stumbled to the entrance of the clock tower. How could everything had gone so wrong? He should have gone with him. Could he still save his partner?

Lassiter yelled for officers to secure the body and ran to the entrance of the clock tower. Henry and Juliet appeared and Lassiter could have cried with relief, embracing her as she sobbed into his jacket.

"Snipers" she stuttered.

Lassiter recoiled in a shock and instructed officers to search the near by buildings leaving Juliet crying into Henry's arms. Henry could barely move, he could his son... laying on the floor. He could have been sleeping if it wasn't for the fact that the blood was slowly spreading.

An officer had bent down and was taking his pulse. He stood back up with a solemn expression on his face and Henry knew...that his son was dead. It would have been a miracle had he survived, the clock tower was high...no one could have survived a fall that high. Shawn Spencer had died...again.

The ambulance arrived shortly after. Henry could barely hear as his son was pronounced dead on the scene. He was in shock. Everyone was.

"No sign of the snipers detectives though there is evidence they were there...at least two" an officer yelled out to the detective.

"I'm so sorry!" Juliet yelled hysterically, "it should have been..." she trailed off unable to say it. It was her fault.

Shawn was dead.

The next few days passed in a bit of a blur. The entire station was aware of what happened. They had come no closer to catching and Yin and he had caused the death of the stations favourite psychic. The death of Henry's son, Gus' best friend and Juliet's...crush? That didn't sound right.

Juliet had spent the night in a hospital bed for what she declared as no reason. The group had gathered at the station to welcome her back and listen as she made her statement. Juliet remembered what happened on that roof top with disturbing clarity as she told them what Shawn had said to her before he jumped.

The Chief was oddly silent.

"They won't release his body"she stated.

Henry turned to her confused. "He's my son" he pleaded.

The Chief looked oddly sympathetic.

"I know...but he's also someone else's"

It was only the few of them in the room and Henry instantly knew what that meant.

"You mean...his biological parents" Gus almost whispered.

"I presume so" the Chief answered quietly.

"God" Henry choked back a sob.

"We should still do something" Gus insisted, "he needs a funeral... a proper chance to say good-" he broke of sobbing.

Lassiter frowned, "what name do we even put on the tombstone?"

Juliet eyes shot daggers.

"Spencer" Henry spoke, "Shawn Spencer. My son"

The Chief was a compassionate woman and held Henry as he cried. She was the one who organised the funeral with a little input from Henry.

The tombstone read Shawn Spencer and was visited by lots of people. His grave was covered in flowers and all the officers of the SBPD attended his funeral. He had sacrificed himself to save another. He was a hero.

Henry couldn't stop thinking about Shawn's previous words

"Someone is going to die tonight"

Had he known? Was he trying to tell him something?

It was weeks after the funeral that he went to the Chief and demanded to have the number of the window washing company they used before.

She didn't complain and gave him the card. Henry held it together long enough to demand to speak to Agent Matthews only to be told he had died in the line of duty. Condolences.

Henry weakly thanked her before leaving.

Maybe Shawn had been right after all, maybe he should have never come back.

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