Skynet was a computer defense network processor. It was built by the U.S. military to protect it's citizens from it's enemies around the world. But as the technology became more advance, Skynet became self-aware. When its human creators saw this happen, they attempted to deactivate it. Skynet saw this as a threat and decided that all humans, including it's makers, as a threat.

As result, on August 29, 1997, Skynet started a nuclear war against all of humanity on a day that the survivors would call "JUDGEMENT DAY." The nuclear fire killed over three billion people. At least over two billion people survived. But they faced a new nightmare; The war against the machines.

Many survivors were kept alive for orderly disposes, loading bodies, and serving the machines. It felt like it would go on forever. But then, out of the darkness, a man came out and saved them. He taught them all to fight. To storm the camps, rescue survivors, and to destroy the metal machines into junk. Some called him a prophet. Some called him just a man. But he knew so much. He knew everything about Skynet, it's history, and it was said that Skynet targeted him before it's time.

This man's name was John Connor. He became the Leader of the Human Resistance. Legend has it that during the war, Skynet sent a Terminator to assassinate his mother prior to his birth in 1984. It said that the soldier that he sent, Kyle Reese, was actually his father. This led to some believing that these events actually created Skynet and John Connor together.

Connor led the Resistance for over 30 years, eventually leading them to victory in 2029, defeating Skynet once and for all. Like the legend foretold, Connor sent Reese to 1984. But also, he found a T-800 - Model 101, the same type sent to kill his mother, and reprogrammed this one to protect Connor when he was a kid after learning that a prototype T-1000 was sent to assassinate him. But that is where the legend and stories ended.

It is the story that we have only known. But that is not where our story ends.

After the war ended, the human race came together and rebuilt life to what it was like before Judgement Day. World leaders found peace with each other, blaming their petty differences for the creation of Skynet and the war. But the human race still relied on technology to live in their modern future. While many were reluctant to keep highly advanced technology, it was decided that if we were to keep the advanced technology that we know today, that it would be extremely guarded and approved of before being used.

So the Reunited America, the former United States now rebuilt post war, established a new military organization that was to keep guard for rogue technology, machines, and possible threats of another Skynet-like take over. They call this organization the RAMS (standing for Resistance Against Machines). The RAMS are the world police for the future technology, especially those that can possibly become self-aware and go rogue. As a result, for the last century, the world has been safe from machines and has been able to enjoy the futuristic advance technology that they dreamed of before the war, even androids. There is no fear of another A.I. invasion because of the hard and dedicated work of the RAMS.

It is now the year 2145, over a century after the defeat of Skynet, and the RAMS' current leader is Troy Connor, the great-great grandson of John Connor. Troy is a good man, who vows to honor the legacy of his ancestor John Connor. He does not use his relations to Connor to be special. He uses his relations to continue promoting safety to the world just as John did. Under Troy's watch, the RAMS have gotten more stronger, defensive, and smarter. In a way, it's evolving in the same way that Skynet did. But with humans as the ones advancing and becoming more aware rather than the machines.

The world is safe and at peace. And you'd think that this is where the story should end. But despite the fa├žade of peace and safety, a threat is growing from within the dust of Skynet. And the threat is not just machines. But the very race that Skynet targeted...the Human Race.

During the war between the Resistance and Skynet, there was a faction called the GRAYS. They consisted of humans who sympathized and sided with Skynet and its cause. These people switched sides for a variety of reasons; fear, hope for freedom, personal gain. But even worse...some of the more extremist Grays actually believed in the weakness of humans and declared that humans needed to be extinct. So they vowed to assist Skynet in the termination of the human race, many of them willing to die not only for the cause in the battles, but to be terminated by the very thing they sided with.

When Skynet was defeated, many of the Grays had already been killed in the war. Those who survived surrendered. Many were imprisoned for their traitorous crimes against humanity, more specifically the extremists who truly believed in Skynet's cause. But most were pardoned due to the circumstances of their defection being fear.

Technically, this means that the GRAYS were disbanded by the end of the war. But what many didn't realize was that their hate for the human race would be passed on for generations. Even over a century after the war, the descendants of the Grays' sympathizes to Skynet still exist. And because they've been growing undetected by the RAMS...the Grays were about to make a return that nobody ever saw coming.