The RAMS (Resistance Against Machines), the military organization that is charged with protecting the world from rogue and self-aware technology like Skynet, has just been given a tip that a camp of militia citizens in New Portland, Oregon (formerly known as Portland, Oregon prior to J.D.) are harboring a growing members of the GRAYS, the group of humans that sided with Skynet during the war. Of course, as far as the RAMS and the rest of the world knows is that the GRAYS have mostly been disbanded and the majority of it's extremist believers have all passed on. So this group of GRAYS that are hiding should be small and easy to handle. Right?

Troy Connor, the new leader of the RAMS and the great-great grandson of John Connor, has sent out two of his soldiers to investigate; Major Kurt Branson and Sergeant Patrick Roberts. Branson is in his late forties and is a veteran of not only the RAMS but of the Reunited American military. He knows the history of the U.S. military, technical weapons, nuclear, germ warfare, etc. prior to Judgement Day, the history of the war against Skynet, and the military regrowth after the war. He is the perfect solider to investigate this matter.

Patrick is a young man in his mid to late twenties. After high school, he served in the R.A. military for a few years before being discharged. After his discharge, he attended the RAMS academy to train to become a RAMS soldier. After four years in basic schooling and training, he was instated into the RAMS military by Troy Connors. For the last few years, he's been under the command of Major Branson, who is like a father figure to him. They're very good working together. Despite Patrick's youth and inexperience, he knows what he's doing. He does not fear anything. Especially Terminators.

It is a dark and rainy night in New Portland, Oregon. Kurt and Patrick have arrived in a helicopter. New laws allow citizens to form militia camps in the rural backwoods areas away from the population out of precaution. But because it's public property still, the citizens occupying this land do not have the right to deny authorities entry to their camp, including the RAMS. So upon the arrival of the helicopter and seeing that these are military figures, the members of this citizen militia group must welcome Kurt and Patrick.

As Kurt and Patrick descend from the chopper, they are approach by a Militia Sergeant, an assistant to the camp's commander, who salutes the two RAMS soldiers. They return the salute.

"Good evening, Major." the Militia Sergeant greets Major Branson, "What is the purpose of your visit?"

"We are investigating the presence of GRAYS within the camp." Kurt replies to him.

"I don't know of any GRAYS within our camp. But we'd be appreciative if you can help us with that. I'll show you to the reception tent." said the Militia Sergeant.

"Thank you." said Kurt.

The Militia Sergeant escorts Kurt and Patrick to the conference tent, where their leader would receive important guests for important meetings. Kurt and Patrick takes a seat at one end of the conference table, which is surrounded by multiple seats.

"I'll get my Commander. Should just be a few minutes. Make yourselves at home. I'll be right back." said the Militia Sergeant.

Kurt and Patrick nods with gratefulness to him.

The Militia Sergeant exits the tent with a smile and warmth to them. But as soon as he's out of the conference tent, out of view of the RAMS, his demeanor suddenly changes. Something is sinister about him.

The Militia Sergeant rushes to his commander's tent. He barges in.

"Commander! Commander! Something is happening!" the Militia Sergeant screams at his Commander.

The Militia Commander, Colonel Tyson, a rough and tough man in his 60s, is concerned by this urgency from his Sergeant.

"What is it, Sergeant?" asked Tyson.

"Sir, two members of RAMS have arrived to investigate the Grays here."

This news hits the Commander. He knows what to do.

"Quietly, without the RAMS knowing anything...evacuate the camp. Assemble some machines to guard the RAMS. We'll handle these bastards." said Tyson.

"Yes, sir!"

The Sergeant salutes to Colonel Tyson, who returns the salute, before rushing out to exceed his orders. Once the Sergeant has left, Tyson pulls out a clear looking device. He switches it on, revealing it to be virtual communicator. He calls - KEATON DEWITT (40s) - A Leader within the GRAYS.

Keaton is a dark looking man. The dark gray background of his surrounding suits him perfectly. The gray being the side that he is affiliated with. But the darkness shows the pure evilness inside of him.

"Colonel DeWitt, two members of the RAMS are here. They're searching for the Grays here. We are evacuating quietly and are having some Terminators surrounding them. Just give me the word, and I can have these RAMS terminated." Tyson informs his colleague.

Keaton's facial expression shows that he is displeased by the RAMS' presence and their knowledge of his GRAYS. He has no sympathy for the RAMS nor will he show any mercy.

"Do it! Terminate them!" Keaton orders.

"Yes, Sir! For the Grays in the name of Skynet!" replies Tyson.

"For the Grays in the name of Skynet!" Keaton says, ending their call.

Throughout the camp, members of the GRAYS and the Camp's Militia are sneaking out by foot to transportations hidden in the woods. Meanwhile, a squad of T-800s are making their way to the Reception Tent to deal with Kurt and Patrick.

In the Reception Tent, Kurt and Patrick are still sitting at the conference table, waiting for the host to meet with them. They're getting frustrated and impatient. They are unaware of what is happening outside the tent.

"They shouldn't be taking this long." said an impatient Patrick.

"It's possible that the Commander is busy." replied Kurt. "After all, if this camp has members of the GRAYS infiltrating the camp, he'd have to take a moment to let it sink in."

Patrick hears hurried and urgent footsteps from the distance.

"Do I hear running?" asked Patrick.

Kurt finally hears the footsteps.

"I hear them now."

This is concerning Kurt. But he's not sure if he should react hastily.

"But that can be anything." Kurt attempts to assure Patrick.

Suddenly - The sounds of vehicles starting and storming off in the distance is heard in the distant. This disturbs Patrick, who gets up and peaks out of the tent.

There is nobody around. It's empty.

"What the hell is going on here?" Patrick asks himself.

"What's wrong, Patrick?" asked Kurt.

"There's nobody here." answered Patrick.

A confused Kurt rises from the seat and peaks out. He sees nothing but an empty and abandoned camp.

"Oh, shit!" said Kurt, realizing what has happened. "This camp wasn't just with GRAYS infiltrating...It is a GRAYS Camp, disguised as a militia camp of citizens."

"Now what?" Patrick asks his superior.

"Well, we..." Kurt tries to response before -

BANG! The tent comes under fire from the T-800s. As Kurt and Patrick hide under the table, other T-800s outside attacks their helicopter, killing their Pilot, and destroying the helicopter.

"What do we do?" asked Patrick.

"These are the T-800s left over from the war. They're weak. I have a plan. Put on your glasses."

Kurt and Patrick pull out sunglasses, similar to the ones that the Terminator wore in the first Terminator movie. Except these sunglasses are highly advanced in technology and are made to assist the RAMS from darkness, smoke, and other causes of vision obscurity.

After putting on their sunglasses, Kurt pulls out a small gun and fires it towards the tent's exit. This causes a smoke bomb to explode outside the tent. This smoothers the air with clouds of smoke created to block the vision of the machines.

Despite the advancement of the T-800s, they only have the technology abilities of Terminators from 1997-2029. Their technology is not as strong and skilled as those of what would be in 2145. So this smoke blocks their view and they are unable to search for their targets.

Kurt and Patrick storm out of the tent, with the glasses giving them the ability to see through the smoke, and they attack the Terminators. Using weapons that would normally look harmless to a Terminator in the past, their guns easily terminates the machines. They even use electric zappers that look like screw-drivers to disable them once hit in the head. Kurt uses a metal glove (padded to protect human skin inside) to take down many of the T-800s. The T-800s' inferiority is making it seem so easy for the humans to take them down like they were never a threat.

After taking down the T-800s, Kurt and Patrick run through the camp, looking for anyone left behind. But there's hardly anyone around. Before they can check the commander's tent, they are fired at by members of the GRAYS that did stay back to fight. Despite being outnumbered, Kurt and Patrick fire back and takes them down easily.

One of the GRAYS is still alive but is mortally wounded. Kurt approaches him. Before the GRAY can retrieve his gun, Kurt kicks it away and grabs him.

"You a GRAY?" Kurt asks him.

The GRAY nods his head.

"How many people do you have? How small are you guys? How long have you been around?" Kurt grills him.

The GRAY smiles, realizing how little the RAMS knows the truth about them.

"You think we're just small. You think we're just attempting to reband? You think we're not as big as the past? You don't know anything." states the GRAY. He proceeds to chuckle before informing Kurt, "We've always been here. From the very end of the war. We were still here. Hiding, Preparing, and Gaining. We're gonna rise and destroy you all. Skynet will return with a vengeance. For the Grays in the name of Skynet!"

The GRAY dies in Kurt's hands with a smile, knowing that he has just given grim news to the enemy. Kurt is disturbed by this. He has come to realize that this was no small group of people who believe in the GRAYS and their affiliation with Skynet. This is - The Official Return of the GRAYS.

And with the GRAYS return, means the recreation of SKYNET that will result in a second JUDGEMENT DAY.