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Percy ran. Ran to save his life. Not running from monsters, but the horrors of the Aphrodite Cabinmates. Along with Hephaestus. Heck, even Leo and Piper joined!

As he was running, he bumped into someone. It happened to be the person he was hoping to avoid. Annabeth Chase, his lovely girlfriend.

"Annabeth!" Percy cried. "Run if you value your life."

She looked past him, saw who was chasing him, and an understanding came between the two. So they ran.

They were getting strange looks, that's for sure. Especially when they triggered one of the traps the Hephaestus Cabin had set up. They were currently hanging upside down on a tree, with Annabeth glaring at Percy for getting her into this mess.

The cabins finally caught up to them. Piper McLean shouted, "Percabeth! We'll get you down if you watch what we made!"

Annabeth twisted to face Percy. "What do they want to show us?"

"They want to show us what they call Percabeth moments. Something they made by invading our personal space." He shot a glare at the campers before them.

Annabeth's eyes widened. She now understood why her boyfriend was running. Are they spying on them during dates, in their cabin when Annabeth tutors Percy, when they kiss, and all the stuff mature couples do?

She had a quick realization as her eyes drifted to where her dagger was hidden. She swiftly took it and cut the rope, hanging on to a branch as she passed it to Percy. Riptide would be too big to cut the rope at their current position.

Now that both of them were hanging onto that branch, they fell, still holding the branch. The branch was too weak to contain their weight.

4 burly Hephaestus campers caught them.

"Hah! I can't wait to see this stuff and use it as blackmail!" Anyone can guess who said that. Leo, of course.

They were dragged into the Poseidon Cabin. The lights were off and a projector projected a video onto the only white wall there.

It was called "Percabeth's Best Moments."

The subtitle said, "Goes with Why, by Sabrina Carpenter."

Popcorn was set up on the floor, along with chairs and blankets. All of the campers currently at camp rushed in if they weren't already there. They wanted to watch. Especially those who had crushes on one or another and wanted to break them up.

(Italic is the song, bold with italic is the scene, and normal is the present time campers."

You like New York City in the daytime

I like New York City in the nighttime

Annabeth complains that New York is too cold in wintertime and that she prefers the daytime. Percy was saying, "But Wise Girl! Christmas time is the best at night!" They were playfully arguing of course.

Annabeth and Percy reddened in embarrassment. Leo was snickering while Piper threw a pillow at him. 'Where'd she get that?" Clarisse thought. 'I wanna pillow. I could start a pillow war!'

You say you like sleeping with the air off

I don't, I need it on.

Annabeth was telling Percy to stop with the AC. She was annoyed because she grew up in California originally. She was fine with the warmth. It was summertime, after all. Percy complained, "It's too hot in here!" Annabeth raised an eyebrow. "Please?" Percy does his puppy eyes.

Annabeth caved in. "Fine."

"Yes!" Percy screamed. He kissed her cheek and ran off somewhere. He returned with a couple of extra blankets. He gave them to her and said, "Here. You won't feel the air!" Annabeth beamed at him. "Thanks!" They snuggled together as they watched Finding Nemo for the 10th time.

Annabeth smiled as she remembered that. Percy was blushing and said, "Wow, I was stupid."

"What do you mean, stupid? That was one of the cutest things you have ever done for me."

Percy pouted, crossing his arms. "It was still a stupid thing to complain about."

You like the light coming through the windows

I sleep late, so I just keep 'em all closed

Annabeth opens the curtains of the windows as Percy snores on the bed. She came to drag him out of bed. They were going to the same high school. He stirs. "Turn off the light! It's too early!" Percy whined.

"Get up or I'll tell everyone that you still have your-," She was cut off because Percy shot up from the bed and covered her mouth with his hand.

"Please don't!" She licked his hand so he would let go. He did.

"You just had to do that," Percy rolled his eyes, but a smile was tugging at his lips.

She smiled sweetly. Now brush your teeth or I will call camp now.

"But wise girl! Can't I sleep for once! It's Saturday!"

She looked at the calendar. Whoops. "Sure." She sighed.

He faceplanted onto the bed and was fast asleep. She kissed his forehead, closed the curtains, and left the room.

"What's the secret, Annabeth!" Leo shouted. He wanted to know what she blackmailed him with.

Before Annabeth could answer, Percy said, "Leo. Shut up or I will drench you in water every time you try to use your fire powers."

That shut him up. Everyone laughed at him.

You ignore the music on the radio

I don't, I sing-a-long

Percy was singing terribly when a song came. They were exiting the harbor where Percy parked his car nearby. Magnus and Alex were laughing at him from the distance. So was Annabeth. "Bye Greeks!" The sword of Summer yelled.

"I remember that!" Annabeth said. Everyone other than Percy and herself was looking at them.

"Was that a talking sword?" Nico asked dumbly.

They sighed. "So… well that was the Sword of Summer, who calls himself Jack, from the Norse myths."

"The Norse are real?" A camper asked from the back.

"Yes. The blonde boy wasn't a son of Athena, but rather a demigod son of Frey. My cousin who is dead."

Nico opened his mouth to speak but Lady Hestia butted in. "Yes, they are real. We will discuss this afterward." She was tending to the Hearth when the campers rushed into the Poseidon Cabin. She overheard some Aphrodite campers gossiping about what was going on and wanted so she wanted to see for herself. Hope, home, and family. Her domains. Those were memories that would bring peace to everyone, along with happiness. She had to see this.

I don't ask for you to change, baby no no no

And you don't ask for me to change

Tell me how we're not alike

But we work so well and we don't even know why

Percy and Annabeth were leading the Greek army of Olympus. They charged into battle and everyone could see their fluid movements. They had so much trust in each other, they even trusted each other with their lives.

Everyone was saddened by the battle. Since only Greek campers were here, they remembered the battles clearly.

"Alright. Who filmed while we were in a battle?" Annabeth demanded.

"That, we will explain later," Jake Mason, second in charge of the Hephaestus cabin told her.

Funny how the stars crossed right

'Cause we work so well and we don't even know why

Percy and Annabeth had tears streaming down their faces. They looked at The Huntress constellation and said in unison, "Bob says hello. We miss you, Zoë."

"You… miss her?" Lady Artemis asked, shocked. Everyone jumped at her voice. All the men paled, even Nico. Everyone, not including the Hunters and Lady Hestia bowed to her.

"Rise," Artemis commanded. "Now tell me, Perseus Jackson and Annabeth Chase. Do you really miss her?"

Percy's response was, "Yes, milady. She sacrificed herself to help the quest get past Ladon. She helped save Annabeth too. She was a hero."

Annabeth sniffled. "I didn't even know her. I first met her when I was seven. Thalia, Luke, and I were seeking refuge in your camp. She was very kind to me. She even taught me how to wield a bow, not Chiron. She sacrificed herself on that mountain, and I never forgot it."

She nodded. "Don't blame yourselves. I can tell you still do. By blaming yourself for her death, you are taking away her honorable sacrifice."

They nodded. "We won't, Lady Artemis," Annabeth spoke for both of them.

Thalia grinned, trying to lighten up the mood. "Hey, it's Percabeth moments! I want blackmail on Percy!"

She scooted next to Percy and swung an arm around him. "Can't wait for your torture sessions!" She sang. Percy groaned as the Hunters laughed.

Hestia spoke. "Niece, will you join us? I'm pretty sure everyone is here only. Your hunters can sit by Annabeth."

Artemis shrugged. "Why not. Perhaps something will go wrong and I can show my hunters why love is terrible."

The Aphrodite cabin clenched their fists. Before they could go on a rant, the video started again.

You can call it fire and ice

But we work so well and we don't even know why

We don't even know why, no no

We don't even know why, no no no

Annabeth was tutoring Percy in algebraic expressions. He was hopeless. She was smart and he was just… not.

"Percy." She sighed. "To solve 2x+y=15 and x=2y, find y value, you substitute the x-,"

"Which x?" Percy interrupted.

Annabeth raised an eyebrow. "The x in 2x+y=15! This is why we call you a Seaweed Brain."

Percy pouted. "Hey! I can be smart!"

"Name one time."

He thought for a second, then grinned. "When I chose to date you."

Annabeth laughed and kissed him.

He pulled back and grinned. "Can we get ice cream?" He asked, quite childishly.

"You are so childish, Percy," Annabeth informed him, getting up from her chair.

"Hey!" Percy protested indignantly. "You were once a child too!"

"Exactly." Annabeth agreed. "Once. Not now. Let's just go."

"Why males are idiots." A hunter muttered.

"Yeah. Do you know why we say 'Oh man!' when we are in trouble? It is because men are trouble."

The hunters, not including Thalia, of course, laughed.

No no no no

We like it in the daytime

We like it in the end of time

No no no no

We like it in the daytime

We like it in the end of time

Percy and Annabeth were weak and exhausted, sweat trailed down their faces. Grover was on the left side of Percy, clinging on to him as support. They were kneeling by Luke, the end of the threat of time. They were happy that Kronos was gone but still saddened as Luke was gone along with him.

All of the Titan war survivors were sobbing. They had lost many friends and campers during that war.

Cold outside and you're just in a t-shirt

I have cold blood even in a sweater

You start your night sippin' by the kilo

I don't, I know you know

Annabeth and Percy were walking in the crowded streets of New York. Annabeth was shivering in the Autumn weather. Percy was completely fine, as he was a complete New Yorker and was used to the weather. He was still wearing a jacket for safety measures along with Annabeth, but she was still cold. Percy quickly noticed and gave her his jacket to wear. He wrapped an arm around her waist to keep her warm. Annabeth snuggled closer to him, muttering a 'thank you' underneath her breath.

"Classic Percy." Thalia grinned, looking at him. Percy smiled sheepishly, wrapping an arm around his cousin.

"Well Thals," he proclaimed. "Unless I wanted her to get hypothermia or something, I had to give her my jacket. Is that a problem with you?"

"Nope!" Thalia said cheerfully. Too cheerful. "I just feel bad for Annabeth. She had to wear a jacket filled with your stink." Everyone burst out laughing.

Percy smirked. "So you are saying, you stink?" Thalia looked at him inquisitively. He pointed to the arm wrapped around her. Thalia jumped back while everyone burst into a fresh peal of laughter.

The song skipped to the bridge. Search up your pop music terms people.

Somehow we end up on the same side

And you wouldn't think that we'd be alright

Even our eyes are different colors, but we see fine

Somehow we end up on the same side (up on the same side)

And you wouldn't think that we'd be alright (think that we'd be alright)

Even our eyes are different colors, but we see fine

An image of half the face of Annabeth and half the face of Percy pops up. It looked like they were arguing, and both of them were doing the puppy eyes.

"Aww…" The Aphrodite cabin cooed. Definitely not weird at all…

tell me how we're not alike

But we work so well and we don't even know why ('cause we work so well and we don't even know why, why)

Funny how the stars crossed right 'cause we work so well and we don't even know why

You can call it fire and ice

But we work so well and we don't even know why ('cause we work so well and we don't even know why, why)

We don't even know why, no no

We don't even know why, no no no

No no no no

We like it in the daytime (oh)

We like it in the end of time (we don't even know why)

No no no no

We like it in the daytime

We like it in the nighttime

At this part, flashes of the cutest Percabeth moments showed. The time when Annabeth healed Percy when they were 12, to when they kissed at the beach. Every single race they have had, every single spar. When they were supposed to go to the movies to when Annabeth judo flipped him in front of the Romans. The good times.

As everyone filed out of the cabin, excluding Annabeth and Percy, they had no clue that the gods were watching them. All of the Olympians excluding Ares and Dionysus.

And wow, was Athena mad that Percabeth was a real thing.

Zeus was fuming. He now knows that the Norse have been revealed.

The 2 demigods were going to get a huge talk… along with Magnus Chase and Frey, who also knew and guided Magnus towards Annabeth.