Uther paced outside Gaius chambers, the physician had kicked him out when he saw in what state he was.

Igraine had woke up drenched in blood, she had known that she would die that day, Nimheu had gone out of her way to warn her. Uther was playing a game that he would lose in the end. The old religion always demanded an equal sacrifice.

Her breathing was laboured, she cruelled up in herself when another cramp rolled through her body. She could only hope that she would live long enough to hold her child.

Gaius pressed a vial against her mouth, the liquid was bitter and she forced herself to drink it.

Another cramped and encouragement from Gaius gave her the last bit of strength to push.

A sudden cry filled the room and Igraine sank against the cot, the last of her strength leaving her.

"G-Gaius." Her voice was weak.

The physician turned to the queen, he knows that she had lost to much blood, he had tried everything to stop it, but there was nothing more that he could do.

She held her arms open. He gently lay the baby on her chest standing close by in case something happened. He could see his assistant ran to get the king.

A tear slipped over Igraine's cheek. The baby gurgled and reach for his mother's face.

"My baby boy. Know that my death was never your fault." Her voice was weak as she pushed a slight kiss on the infants head.

Uther rushed into the room as she showed to Gaius to take the baby. She gave Uther a tired smile. She would never see her child grow, but she hoped that Uther would love the child.

Uther knelt down next to her, he gently took her hand as he watched in silence as she breathed out her last air.

He watched as the light in her eyes died. Without saying a word he took the baby from Gaius. The baby's hand moved slightly before he burst out crying, his wails reaching far ends of the castle.

Uther was silent as he watched the child who was almost as big as his hand. He turned to Gaius. "His name is Arthur Pendragon." There was a wonder in his eyes.

Gaius send his assistant to find the nursemaid for the prince, the little one would need to eat soon.

He watched as Uther cooed at the little one. Hopefully, this is a good indicator for the future.

The months passed way to quickly and Gaius had to bit the inside of his cheeks each time he sees the king. It was clear that Arthur looked like his mother and Uther was avoiding the young one.

Arthur gurgled at his nanny as he crawled around the room. His bright blue eyes showed how curious he is about the world around him.

The girl watched as pushed the blocks over, the laughter that followed made her smile. The child was happy and that is all that mattered even if his father didn't want anything to do with him.

"Arthur, come it is time to eat." Her voice was soft as she picked up the bowl from the table. She watched him for a few more seconds crawling before she picked him up.

The boy laughed as she cooed at him.

Arthur toddled up to his father, his movements where still slightly uncoordinated and he fell over a few times.

"Papa, papa." His voice was high.

The girl stood a few steps back, her head was bowed.

Uther turned around, his eyes drifted to the child. He glared slightly at the girl before he crouched down in front of Arthur.

He truly tried to be more available to the child, but it was hard on a good day and some days he just prefers to ignore the child.

Arthur reached his arms up to be picked up. "Papa, up, up, up." His blue eyes shined with happiness as he looked at Uther.

The king grimaced slightly before he picked Arthur up.

The girl felt a sense of sadness fall over her when she saw the look the king gave the child, but she knows that there is nothing she could do about it.

The years passed slowly and by the time Arthur was five she didn't know if she wanted to run or cry.

"Little one." Her voice reminds calm as she watched the toys floating. Even if at the moment the only thing she wanted to do was run.

Arthur looked at her. "Yes, Lillian?" There was still so much innocence in his voice and she knows she would need to ruin it for him.

"What are you doing child?" Her eyes kept on the toys in the air. She almost jumped when she heard footsteps in the hall.

"Put it down now!" There was hysteria in her voice. If the king finds out that the prince has magic… She didn't even want to think about it.

The toys fell to the floor as Arthur burst out in tears. He didn't mean to upset Lillian.

Lillian forced herself to take a deep breath and calm down. "I'm sorry little one, but you must never do that where someone can see it. If your father finds out there would be only a world of pain. Promise me, Arthur, promise me you would be careful?" Something in her voice rang through his child mind.

"I promise." There were still tears shining in his eyes and his lip wobbled slightly.

Lillian pulled him into a hug, giving him comfort.

The nights went by quietly since Lillian had gone to Gaius with the fact that Arthur had magic, the physician is trying to teach the child how to control it.

It was a normal evening, Arthur was quietly playing in his room when Uther burst into the room. Arthur had learned young that Uther didn't care about him. Arthur was startled when the door was opened so hard that some of his magic flew out of him, without thought.

Uther saw the flash of gold and for a moment it felt like his heart was going to stand, when he got himself under control he grabbed Arthur by the neck.

Arthur's fingers scratched at the fingers against his neck, his legs kicking slightly as he tried to pull away from Uther.

Arthur almost sighed of relieve when he saw that they were going to the physician's chambers. He had grown a strong bond with Gaius, seeing him more as his father than Uther.

"Gaius!" Uther's voice was loud in the small chambers and the physician just looked up from where he was working on something.

"Sire?" His eyes darted to the prince still struggling to get out of Uther's hand.

"Th-this thing had magic, give him something that it gets out of his system." Uther made a throw motion and Arthur landed on his stomach.

He bit his lip to keep himself from crying out loud. His neck was throbbing and he felt scared. Fresh tears burned his eyes and he wished that he could stand up, but the glare Uther had on him, made him lay still.

Gaius eyes where wide as he saw the interaction, he forced himself to stand still as he watched the king left when he was sure Uther was away he crouched down to the crying child.

"What happened, Arthur?" Gaius kept his voice low as he helps Arthur onto the cot.

It took Arthur a few tries before he managed to get out his words. "Uther came into my room. The door banged on the wall. I, I got…" Arthur trailed off unsure of how to voice the fact he got scared for a moment.

"Startled?" Gaius gently suggested the word.

"Yeah. I-I didn't m-mean to." Arthur burst out in fresh tears, he had promised both Lillian and Gaius that he would be careful.

Gaius looked at the child and felt his heartbreaking slightly. This would only push Uther over the edge.

"You did nothing wrong, Arthur." Gaius' eyes strayed to an old spellbook, where he knows there is a potion that could bind Arthur's magic temporarily.

But he didn't want to do it to the child.

"Hush child, we will figure something out. You will learn control of your magic, but until then you need to keep a tight lid on it." Gaius kept his voice soft as he tried to console Arthur.

Gaius hold Arthur until the child fell asleep against his chest.

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