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We were sitting in a room I am very intimately familiar with by now. We call it the service club, the bane of a lazy person like me. It was our regular routine of Yuigahama chattering and Yukinoshita reading a book when she is not providing tea and snacks.

Of-course not everything was the same. I was seated near Yukinoshita instead of the end of the table, her otherworldly beauty way too distracting. Yuigahama was a lot more awkward and there were additional presences of the worlds best imouto Komachi and the slacking fox Isshiki Iroha.

That is correct, we are now third years. Which means Komachi is the club president. I don't even know why Isshiki spends so much time here instead of chasing after Hayama. Yukinoshita and I are kind of a c-couple (shut-up its embarrassing), and Yuigahama occasionally gets gloomy about it. She does her best not to show it though, ever the kind girl but not as nice as I expected. I cannot even properly monologue in this tense situation. One of my 108 skills is not working anymore.

I said kind of a couple as it was more like a mutual surrender on the bridge so it isn't even a formal relationship yet. I still can't find proper words to confess to her or reject the other one who once again confessed to me, only much more wholeheartedly. I told Yukinoshita that I belong to her and was willing to reject Yuigahama harshly, but she got angry and said that she could fight her own fights.

I don't understand girls minds more than any other teenage boy so i can only speculate. Or i can just turn off my mind, that works too. Just then the door to the club-room opened with a bang and we were all shocked to see Hiratsuka sensei. So much that even Yukinoshita forgot to reprimand her for not knocking. Why were we shocked you ask! After all this was her routine, wasn't it? Except she had already transferred and so wasn't our teacher or club-advisor anymore.

"Hey you brats, doing well?"

"Hikigaya-kun, please call the police. We have an intruder."

"Yukino-chan, please don't! Sensei is going to cry you knowww!"

"You are only making my mood worse by imitating nee-san."

Why is our ice-queen so hostile to her, you ask? I told her about our after-prom dance for full disclosure. The fact that it happened just before Yukinoshita confessed really got her angry.

"Yes, how dare you Shizuka-chan! I am right here you knowww!"

We all froze at that voice, but Yukinoshita had completely become a statue. Our devil-is-a-full-timer Yukinoshita Haruno was present in flesh right behind sensei.

"But Yukino-chan, didn't both me and Shizuka-chan help you get your hearts desire."

"Ugh, fine. Welcome back sensei."

Yukinoshita said with a red face. Umm, by hearts desire could you mean me? Now even my face is heating up.

"Yahallo sensei!"

"Our pink tribal girl is as energetic as ever."

"Yahallo sensei!"

"And now they are multiplying. Can you sister drink blood with that tooth Hikigaya?"

"We are both Hikigaya. Komachi is Komachi, not a vampire!"

"Don't bother rice-chan. Sensei and that devil are just like senpai."

I started speaking to shake off the embarrassment...

"So sensei, did you come to catch-up with us."

"Hikki, can you be more welcome?"

"Its 'welcoming' Yuigahama. I seriously worry for your future."

"I-I k-knew that. Gross, stupid Hikki."

"I wish it was that casual. I came across a multiverse called fan-fiction. I wanted to show you alternatives to our story."

"How the hell did you come across something like that?"

"Yukinoshita family has some old magical relics even they don't understand. I connected one of them that Haruno got from her mother to my computer and it brought information from across dimensions."

She opened her laptop and all of us started reading the descriptions. Sounds like garbage written by garbage writers. In other words, they are all Zaimokuza.

"I know what you are thinking, but this is actually one of the best fandom with pretty high quality. Others are much more garbage."

"So, shall we start seeing all the possibilities! I declare this a job for the service club."

Komachi jumped in all of a sudden, and with that our path was decided. I just knew my weekends will be ruined.

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