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Hikigaya PoV

"So what's next. It should be story of Ooka, right?"

"Who is Ooka and why is he suddenly so important?"

"Hikki, don't make fun of my friends."

"Oh, now I remember from the chain-mail incident. He is Hayama-kun's lackey right?"

"The next is Hikigaya and Yuigahama."

Sensei interjected before I could successfully derail the conversation. Yuigahama turned completely red like Sagami's hair. I also felt a little heat on my face. This is totally making me look like a harem protagonist.

But Yuigahama huh. When I first met her she was just another nice girl to me. In short a prettier Orimoto Kaori and that repelled me even more. By now I have realized that she is much more than that. She may have a low IQ but an abnormally high EQ. She can read the mood better than anyone I know. She is the glue that held service club together. I still remember the days I spent fulfilling her request and the deep impression they left on me. YuigaMama was really kind and cute as well. Wait, where did that come from?

On that note, how would I feel when she does move on and find another guy. I would not pretend to be unaffected by the idea. It would bother me and then I would feel guilty for being selfish. In the end she would have to be let go but I am not alone in this. Yukinoshita and I would vet the guy together and only if we feel sure would we send her on her play-date. She would be more like our daughter ... except she is a girl our age ... and has really big boobs. Okayy, now its getting weird.

Before I could say anything, Haruno-san spoke up cheerfully.

"So Gahama-san is second! I wonder what Yukino-chan is doing in those worlds."

"Nee-san, would you stop trying to make us fight each other. What's the statistics sensei?"

"Around half of yours. She is still way ahead of anyone else."

"I see, as expected."

Yukinoshita did not look happy, but she did not look angry or sad either. This is the best I could hope for. If she looked happy I would worry for her having NTR fetish. If anything, she looked resigned and wistful. But that changed to horror quickly by sensei's next words.

"Almost all of them are harem stories including you. Specially her top stories all include at-least you. Less than a tenth of her stories involve only her."

And now both Yukinoshita and Yuigahama are red. Whether it is from anger or embarrassment is something I cannot say. They are also looking at each other in ways that make it seem like Yuri is about to bloom. They must be thinking, lets throw away this garbage harem guy and have our lesbian marriage. I agree, my alternate self is garbage. How dare he do something I can't! But he is me too though. Stupid. Nincompoop. Hachiman. My name really is a worthy insult.

Yui's PoV


I should have known it will be like that. I knew it was never Yukinon's fault. I never had the courage to pursue him by myself. Before service-club, I had a full year to approach and thank him. But because he was always alone and gloomy and I was scared of losing my friend circle.

I now realize how bad my time with Sagamin was. Only when she targeted Yukinon did I find out. Yumiko can be difficult but never like that. Now that I think about it, Yumiko and Sagamin were always secretly fighting over Hayato but I was too dumb to understand the viciousness behind it.

You must be wondering why my monologue is not dumber. I maybe among the bottom ranks but I passed the Soubu entrance exam, you know! I pretended to be dumber than I was to appear cutesy. Sagamin scouted me for my looks but she was also threatened by it. I avoided getting bullied by my dumb act. Yumiko did not care one way or the other. Not only is she prettier than me but also has a big heart.

That is why I felt attraction to both Hikki and Yukinon and their harsh honesty. Even now I wonder if I am a Bi. I just feel like my attraction to Yukinon is too strong. Or the fact that I am so free and not conscious with her could also mean the opposite then. Not that it matters if she doesn't feel it.

Many of my friends pity me for my one-sided love but they don't understand. What if the incident with Sable had never happened? I was a really insecure and shallow person. I always went with the flow so just like other girls I might have developed a crush on some random jock. I am not as perceptive as Hikki. Then I would be even worse off than Yumiko because I feel things a lot deeper.

So you see, just the feeling of loving Hikki protects my heart. That day when he saved Sable, he set a higher standard for me to love. So even when he is not with me he still protects me. I am not in a hurry to find second such person at all. I am a girl who sucks at cooking, who can eat 10 burned and bitter cookies before 1 sweet cookie. The happiness of staying with him is more than worth the pain of not being the one so I don't regret anything.

I am for sure curious about those stories now though. What made someone as prideful as Yukinon to be ready to share? And what made someone cynical like Hikki to go along with it? I have a feeling that most of them will be very heavily 'out of character'. But if there is a single realistic story then I want to learn from it. 'Even now I want everything'.

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