This does not belong to me it belongs to the person who created Naruto; this is a lot/si story,

Any spelling mistakes or bad grammar is due to my dyslexia. This will be adult-themed; review if you want. I hope you like it. I am English, so it will be in English with maybe some subtext of Japanese.

You know I'm no good.

I was reincarnated into Naruto. I seemed to be reborn into different worlds, always Alternative universes; this had to be my umpteenth time I had been reborn; I always seemed to remember around my third birthday, I usually had a few things that cross over this time I seemed to remember a lot more thank kami and I wanted some excitement, I used to remember some fanfic I had read about keeping it the same, helping here etc. bull shit that story is the original this is of shoots of that story, and reborn's who know the story its there playground. So this is how I wanted the story to go. I was not born in time to save Obito Uchiha, nor was I in time to save the fourth Hokage. I was born in time to be a naruto groupie.

This is all very well, but I never did like Naruto. I hated his character as his personality really grated on my nerves. I could write a thesis on him alone; my main points were that he came across as a spoilt brat that cannot get his own way, he had a lot of problems, I understand but he always got what he wanted even in the end he got Hokage, Naruto didn't believe in killing he is a fucking ninja for fuck sake. Made friends with missing nin and bring sasuke home why the fuck only nartuo could get away with this, and garra also became friends with people who had lose love ones in the attack but nartuo wanted peace and everything, and acted childlike always, I could pick holes in ever aspect of the series, but I need to start to on my story.

My name is Mayu I am an orphan and I do not give a fuck about other people's opinion of myself , I spent a lot of time on what I wanted out of this life and realise that I want to be the Hokage and to marry an older ninja, hopefully a Nara. So, I had to train I had a few skills to help me, from pervious lives. It also helped me plan and start to train.

I started going to library reading everything I could to have a basic line an overview of this world, I then had to find what will make me stand out, I started to exercise and train in the basics I did that for a year increasing my times until I could do it all in 15 minutes. In one of my lifetimes there was one I was born as a born vampire with nano technology, that would make me strong, as this is not the world they came from the sun would be a little troubling, as well as the bloodlust but there was a village so that is what I had as well as the skill of reading people thoughts but can shut it of when needed. There the powers I took vampirism and reading people, I also took the power of control over dragons. I spent a lot of time after that nights and days until I was 7 getting fit, and gaining knowledge, I also broke into the hospital to gain tablets in vits and minerals. (also blood) I wanted to be a strong all rounded, there was one other thing I took and that was the potion of liquid luck, and drank it I found the dragon summons, but did not have enough charka but to gain that was tree climbing and water walking it took me years but I gain a lot more charka then most my year.

When the ninja came to the children home I signed up and got apartment which was basic this brought me to learning to steal and pick pockets from people, breaking and entering and also picking up information and selling it, no one saw my face I made sure, I spoke well and my favourite food had to be pocky strawberry favoured, I ate health and well big portion sizes for my bodies growth, my exercise made sure I gain weight but not fat.

. this is what she looks like, white blonde hair sky blue eyes and looked a lot like the dragon queen (aime of dani from games of thrones). Her clothing choice was blue tight top with blue skirt and black leggings and ninja sandals, bandages were on her legs and weapons on one side pounces and scrolls. With sunglasses for her eyes. And a gold choker for her neck area.

During her time at school she observed her fellow students and teachers iruka and mizui were shit teachers, never found the class that engaging nartuo was the class clown and sasuke had a pole at his arse thought he was so great, hinata was a shy girl very kind and should not have been a ninja. Kiba was stupid and shikamaru and choji were lazy enough said although shikamaru his dad was fuckable. The fangirls ino and sakura where should I start both were just deplorable.

The reason I never engaged with the class was I never wanted them to remember me and start to investigate me. I was overlooked always, and no one really gave a shit about me I seemed to a wall flower and was just not good enough compared to the clans and nartuo. I really dislike them. As they were main characters it seemed the civilians were overlooked even their grades. Also, the reason sakura got attention was because of ino friendship and nartuo.

Years went by and I was always third until the last year when I started to up my score I really wanted to meet Kakashi Hatake, I wanted to be on team 7 just for him. On the day of the exams, I wanted to rookie of the year and so that was my aim and I passed all my exams, at the end of the exams, I shocked the whole class Mayu me was rookie of the year taking the place away from susuke, who looked shocked as did the teachers as they dismissed them telling them to come back tomorrow ready for genin teams. I left though the windows and went home after picking up some BBQ chicken and noodles for dinner, also some ice cream my little celebration.

The next day I woke bright and early I stuck to my routine and went to school for the last time I hoped, just feed nartuo and bang we will be a team. I was an early bloomer and my body looked like a 15 years old not a 13 years old, I was very sexy I now wore shorts under my skirt, and black fish net stockings, it was sexy, with now a light long black jacket that went to the knees, I also was reading icha icha paradise which was good as well as violence, it passed the time.

When I walked in the classroom, I was one of the first so waited at the back like always, I was ignored until class assignments were assigned and yes I had wiped sakura form the story thank god a useless fangirl gone. i was in team 7, and went and had some lunch went shopping, and got food, also got my music, I looked up and it had been a few hours the hatake was due soon and started back to school.

Walking into the classroom nartuo was looking bored and being loud and sasuke was looking in to space wanting to kill his brother. I sat and started to read. After another hour my future will start and I was looking forward to it.

Will be updating when I can.