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Why is there a femRimuru?

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You can say what you want, but as I look at some of the fanart I feel better knowing that my fanficRimuru that I wrote is a female.

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Rimuru is more OCC in this fanfic, that's obvious, right? After all, I'm not the author of the original Tensura, I am the author of this fanfic. And besides, I never try so hard to make the character the same as in the original. So please, don't make fuss, not that I care.

Rimuru is immortal in practically every aspect, I did it because I wanted to, I like it when characters are eons, thousands, millions of years old. I don't know, it adds that little something extra to the character for me.

What happened to the Great Sage/Raphael/Ciel or whatever it/his/her name is! Honestly I don't know anymore xD.. Eh, it will be explained later and Ciel will probably come back very later, but...! It depends if I want to write a continuation, I'm not saying I won't write more, don't get me wrong please.

Why Rimuru doesn't remember anything! Hello?! He is slime, his memory's capability is infinite so why?!

Same thing with Ciel, I won't tell you until some time. The Narutoverse will also be a little different but many things won't change... I hope at least.

Today I'm going to try to write a slightly longer chapter than the rest, but I'm not promising anything. As if anything English is my second language, there may be mistakes.

"I don't understand."

"Hm?" The sage looked at her questioningly.

"Why you prefer to observe rather than act while you see what's going on down below?"

Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki wasn't surprised by the question, as he had asked himself it several hundred times was true that he had only observed what was happening in the Shinobi World, wars, deaths, people' hatred towards each other, for Shinigami's sake he had even witnessed when a person was so disgusted with themselves and all the harm they caused people, suicides were a normal occurrence.

Such cases were frequent, usually committed by people who had seen too much, who could no longer face the cruelty of the world mentally. Even veterans had huge problems with themselves, mentally broken down, but ready to do it again to protect something precious to them. This was the norm and would be the norm in this Shinobi World.

No one really cared about changing the world for the better. The people who preached the truth about a peaceful world were just talking, not taking action. Words can hurt hard, but they are still just words. In turn, people who tried to make a difference with their actions ended up on the wrong path. Older Otsutsuki had seen many such cases.

He was considered the God of this world by many. A myth, a legend, so why was he so weak? He could have changed it, after all he only had an astral body, the excuse that he couldn't take physical form was still just an excuse.

The truth, still, was that Hagoromo was protecting this world from a more dangerous evil. It is already enough that he used up most of his power to fight the opposite Otsutsuki. Heh, if they send another one for his head it would be a disaster, in short the situation was catastrophic. Even though he told himself that he was giving it his all, he couldn't help but feel some of the guilt on himself as his rinnegan looked at the shinobi fighting against each other. The dream that one day there would be true peace was distant, almost impossible. He felt miserable.

He didn't even notice the big amber eyes seeing through him, forgetting completely about the question the person asked him in the first place. The looming headache didn't help either, as he felt himself overthinking again.

"You shouldn't be so harsh to yourself." The voice forced him to shake himself out of the trance, "Clearly I can see that you try your best, even if you make mistakes you at least learn from them." Hagoromo never thought he would be lectured by this very person.

"There was once a time when I had such musings myself. If you blame yourself for the fate of the whole world you will never feel the relief you so dream of." The old sage had never seen her so serious on the subject, "You are a protector for this planet, not a peacemaker as far as I can see, right? You have no obligation to bring peace to this world. You can help, but you can't carry the whole burden of the world on your shoulders, it makes no sense! It's like you're leading them by the hand all the time! They are not children, their knowledge and development of the mind process is as efficient as yours, people have to fight their own problems to learn how to overcome them!" Hagoromo chuckled as she had to take a deep breath after saying all those lines.

After a moment, however, his face became serious again with brow furrowed, "I realize what you mean Rimuru, but do you think it is a good thing for God to stand by and watch everything instead of taking action? Does such a God make sense? It is the lack of God's interference that causes confusion in other dimensions in the form of wars as well."

"Ha, that's exactly what I was talking about! Who decided you the God of this world to make decisions on all people? Do they know about you trying to interfere? Good thing you're at least better than the other gods I've encountered after exploring the dimensions, otherwise I'd have to kill you." The atmosphere became heavy. A battle of glares was going on. The rinnegan meeting again with overconfident now quite fearsome glowing eyes that seemed to see even through Hagoromo.

After a while, Hagoromo sighed, "Maybe you're right, maybe I shouldn't act that way. I'm too old for this."

"Don't get me wrong gramps, good deeds will never be bad." Rimuru explained futher, "Our mental toughness is not too different from those at the bottom. Everyone has the right to rest."

"I never thought you were so philosophical though." Hagoromo laughed, causing Rimuru to blush a little. The old sage, seeing the almost unnoticable blush, began to laugh even louder.

"Mhmm!" Averting his eyes, Rimuru gritted her teeth on the outside, but inside she felt happy about the interaction and that her assumption about gramps that he is good guy had come true.

"After you finish protecting this world, maybe you can come with me to another dimension, I'll show you some interesting things! What do you think...?" She asked hesitantly. Hagoromo could see her now as her huge eyes begged him for company. Subconsciously he wanted to say yes, but he knew he had to say no, even if it crushed her expectations.

"Sorry, but I'm not immortal Rimuru... I only have a very long lifespan, and I wish to use my remaining time in order to protect this world. It's my legacy." He saw her eyes snap in half, it pained him, but it must be done so. Still, how much time did Rimuru have to spend in the void to feel such loneliness? Where are her friends...?

"...Oh." Not even a tear came out of the corners of her eyes which worried him, just a flat response as if she was used to it. Hagoromo had never felt so bad about himself before.


"No no, there's no problem at all! I can't be selfish all the time and I know it." He remembered how he had created nine Bijū to not only defeat the ten-tailed, but also to keep himself company.

"Um...could you teach me how to create such things...?"

Rimuru's words rang in his ears like a Big Ben as he realized that was her purpose with granting her wish. She just wanted to create a friend for herself...

And he blatantly stipulated an exchange, she would grant his request while he granted hers. His disgust with himself grew even stronger, but he couldn't help it anymore.

"I promise you Rimuru, when this is all over, I will help you as much as I can."

In order to save this world, Hagoromo definitely needed Rimuru. Even if he had to manipulate her...

Minato Namikaze was fighting a masked man who called himself Madara Uchiha. He had already managed to hit him with a rasengan blow, creating serious damage to his enemy. However, the fight didn't end there, as Kyuubi was released at this time, putting Minato in great tension. Fighting Kyuubi and the masked man gave him no time to think carefully over his actions.

The masked man, who Minato refused to believe was Madara Uchiha, was a difficult opponent to defeat, but not invincible. Minato did well in battle, after all, he didn't get the Hokage title for nothing. Blond shinobi didn't have time, Kyuubi was about to attack the village again at once, so Minato quickly moved towards him, backing away from the injured Uchiha.

'Behind!' Faster than ever, he dodged the spiked ball attack from behind, feeling a presence behind his back, a strand of his hair sliced through. Apparently, the supposed Madara will not let him rest.

"Ugh." The Uchiha didn't look happy with the failed attempt and moved in on Minato with a full attack. The weapons clashed, creating a *Clung* sound, Minato had to dodge another of Madara's hands that wanted to go reach him.

"Why are you doing this! Is this because of Kyuubi?!" Minato expected to get no response when his enemy was just trying to take his life. Always worth a try though. Not wanting to waste his breath talking like to the wall, the Fourth Hokage blocked and dodged further attack attempts.

'He doesn't answer, he doesn't try to enter conversation, this only confirms the theory that it's not Madara Uchiha!' He's just an impostor, trying to do something with Kyubi.

After a moment, a scream filled the air that Minato knew all too well.

'KUSHINA!' His eyes hardened, prepared to end the fight quickly. Wasting no time, Minato hiraishined behind his opponent using the previous mark on enemy's back, showing his superior speed.

Obito, meanwhile, looked to have predicted this, using Kamui quickly and avoiding a dangerous three-bladed kunai attack from behind. Blond shinobi went through him while Obito immediately made a swing with a chain with a spiked ball on the end, hitting Minato's head, expecting bloodshed.


'A clone!' The masked man looked in all directions, searching for Minato, "Above!" The broken hero looked up with blinking speed, expecting already done blue sphere but nothing.

'Wrong, from below!' The ground exploded and the last thing Obito heard was a voice ringing in his ears before he felt immense pain, screaming in agony he fell to the ground.

"Expect the unexpected, your technique is also your weakness." Minato stood over the defeated body of the masked man, 'He is powerful but inexperienced. This is just another reason that scream he is not Madara Uchiha.'

Suddenly, Minato remembered something, 'No, a scream! I have to go to Kushina!' Recalling the scream of Kushina, Minato immediately moved towards Kyuubi, not noticing the dark shadow that was watching everything displeased from distance.

The dark shadow wasn't aware that it itself also is observed.

The Queen of Monsters and the Sage of the Six Paths watched everything from the sky, invisible thanks to the spells cast by Rimuru. She was flying using her wings while Hagoromo levitated on the truth-seeking orbs.

"What in the 5429 dimensions I have been is this!?" Rimuru pointed her finger at a dark shadow hiding in the ground.

"This is Black Zetsu." Hagoromo replied, feeling his tongue twist in displeasure.

"This thing literally leaks with evil!" The darkness that Rimuru sensed from this creature disgusted her. She felt as if Black Zetsu felt with nothing but malice.

Hagoromo looked at her out of the corner of his eye, silently agreeing, "It is a manifestation of my mother's will. It's scheming evil plans while I'm doing other things, he's devious, and incredibly hard to catch." Older Ōtsutsuki felt his hand spontaneously clench into a fist.

Rimuru sounded out her thoughts about the creature, "Ugh."

"Ugh indeed." Hagoromo nodded sagely.

"Let's kill it."



"Black Zetsu is crucial to my plans." Rimuru swallowed and nodded.

The blue-haired kept her eyes on Minato the entire time, while Hagoromo monitored Kyubi's behavior.

"Can we help them?"

"Not yet." The sage denied request.

"Why? They need our help! The blond guy is already not making it against the big bad fox, the tomato girl is about to die, I can sense her heart slowly stop beating!"

"Rimuru." The older Ōtsutsuki said gravely. Rimuru meanwhile bit her delicate lip.

The Sage of the Six Paths also wanted to help with the situation, but the actions they are now going to create through their actions should be executed flawlessly. If he makes a mistake here the consequences will be tremendous. Hagoromo must make good use of the fact that Rimuru is also here and is tasked with following his orders for the duration of the contract to protect one of his reincarnations. After all, Naruto is the child of the prophecy, the one who will save this world.

"ROOOAAARRR!" The roar echoed so powerfully that a wave of wind tore some trees from their roots.

"You should keep your pets on a leash gramps. They're causing too much fuss."

Hagoromo cocked his head from left to right, "Ah, sorry about him. Usually Kurama doesn't behave like this, he's distraught because he woke up from Madara's control."


"It's his name. Please don't treat him like a wild animal, Rimuru."


During this time, Hagoromo explained to Rimuru what Jinchūriki were and how humans turned them into dangerous monsters and sealed them inside themselves. Why Bijū should have freedom and that sealing is what angered them in the first place, considering their taken freedom.

"I see... Human beings have always had strange ideas, but to seal such powerfull beasts within themselves and use them in military combat! Hahaha! That's a new level of imbecility!"

Hagoromo sighed and exasperated, "People try to control what they fear, this is not wrong, it is in human nature. However, they do not realize that Bijū have a soul and feelings."

"Well, your not wrong in this one-Hey look!"

"HAAAA!" Demonic growls were unleashed. Hagoromo forgot that he was tasked with watching the fight and before he knew it he saw Kyuubi pierce Minato and Kushina with its deadly claw.

"Shit, we're late!" Hagoromo grabbed her hand quickly before she could fly away.

"No, we are not. Everything is going according to my plan."

Rimuru ughed, a serious face present on her face masking her worry about the infant, "They are dying! He is your son's reincarnation, isn't he!?" Her pretty blue hair almost hit him, when she eyed him.

Hagoromo nodded his head and explained, "The death of his parents grieves me as well, but it is needed to save the world."

"Oh, how so?" The Monster Queen demanded an answer with one brow raised.

"I don't remember there being an option in our contract for you to have a right to object or ask about my procedures, Rimuru." The sage reminded with steely eyes. Rimuru despite her sometimes scary appearance was actually one of the kindest souls he had met, but he didn't have time for that now. The beautifull girl really had no idea what Hagoromo planned to do with her assistance if not save them.

Kyubii managed to get out of Gamabunta's grasp. The battlefield suddenly became quiet.

"Kushina..." The blond man coughed out a weak voice, knowing they didn't have much time,

The redhead's eyes widened slightly, tiny tears beginning to form, "P-please don't, I-I don't want Naruto to have his childhood ruined by our decision."

"You know we have no other choice. Goho.. as Hokage, it is my job to protect the leaf." 'As much as it's your job to protect your child.'Minato heard his voice in the back of his head, but was forced to ignore it.

"He is beautiful, Minato..." Minato looked at his son, seeing his own appearance features. His heart was breaking, knowing what he was about to do.

'Breath in.. breath out.' He thought to calm himself and opened his determinated eyes.

"[Shiki Fuujin!]" Suddenly, a huge levitating figure with a mask, Shinigami, emerged from Minato, "I will seal the other half in Naruto with the Eight Trigram Seal." He waited to see if his wife would say something, but she fell silent. Minato took that as confirmation, knowing that Kushina was already distraught enough about the situation, "I realized two things today. First, the masked man that attacked you and me will surely direct the worlds into chaos. And this boy, Jiraya-sensei's godchild will clear our path to better end, as a Jinchūriki and our son." Minato took a deep breath, preparing for his last moments.

"He's our son.. Minato." The blonde looked at her with saddness visible in the eyes, "It's just me who wants to see him grows up...? Doing this just to maintain the balance between all Bijū?"

"Abandoning one's nation, and abandoning one's village.. is the same as abandoning one's child, Kushina. You should understand, since your nation was destroyed."


"I'm not doing this just for you, but for all of us." They looked into each other's eyes, many emotions running through them. Sadness, grief, and even rage.

It's time. Minato felt as if his stomach was starting to burn, the seal made its mark on his stomach.

"YONDAIME! DON'T YOU DARE!" Kyuubi growled, apparently also knew what was about to happen.

"[Eight Trigram Seal]!" Minato yelled and the seal appeared on Naruto's belly.

Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki looked at their baby while blood could be seen pouring out of their mouths. Kushina was in a deplorable state, Kyuubi had been extracted from her, and she herself was injured. A large sharp claw pierced them right through them, and Kushina held the baby in her hands.


Minato created a pedestal and Kushina laid Naruto's newborn baby there, tears pouring from her eyes, this was most likely the last time she would see him.

"I will put some of my chakra into Naruto as well-." They did not even notice that several meters around them a transparent magic barrier began to form, which was supposed to stop any observers, "-yours. It's our goodbye Naruto, please be a good boy for mom and dad." Observers on the outside could not see what was happening to Kyuubi now, the barrier created an illusion to confuse them.

"What's going on..." Kushina and Minato suddenly became even more sleepy, unable to keep their eyesight any longer, they both fell to the ground, eternal sleep consuming them.

*Katsu, katsu*

The last thing Minato managed to hear were footsteps.

Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki entered the field, his appearance changed to that of a plain old man with a retained long beard, as he used henge. Hagoromo managed to muster up some more chakra and step out of his astral form into a physical one. He knew, Kurama's first half disappeared in the belly of the death god, and the other half was sealed in the newborn lying on the pedestal.

"Shinigami." He welcomed the Death God with a small bow.

"Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, The Sage of Six Paths... Long time no see my old friend." A dark voice greeted him as if he hadn't seen him in a long time. Hagoromo, indeed, knew the God of Death personally. He kept him company in the full moon. Pondering the fate of this world, meditating on the meaning of life, philosophizing. Hagoromo confided in him about many things, shared knowledge with him.

"Ahaha, It's nice to see you, shame the circumstances."

"Indeed. The last time I saw you, you needed my help to strengthen the moon seal over Kaguya. I wonder what do you intend to do this time." Suddenly, the Shinigami began to shrink in size, its appearance resembling an astonishingly human one. Now before Hagoromo stood a tall man with hair as black as night and mirrored eyes, soul sucking could be seen in his eyes and a longer stare into them could lead to death.

"I haven't seen your human form for a while."

Shinigami gave an arrogant laugh, "Naturally, only the chosen ones can see my beauty. Ahahahaha-" Hagoromo sweatdropped at his antics, "Ahem, so what do you need my wonderful person for, Hagoromo?"

"Ah, yes so-"

"Shinigami-san!? What are you doing here?! Been a long time since we've seen each other!" Familiar to Hagoromo, a beautiful girl flew towards them with her hands forward.

This was the time when Shinigami's arrogant smile fell, and he was still processing the situation from the familiarity of the sweet voice. His head like a broken recorder turned mechanically towards familiarity, his eyes blank for a moment something flashed through them. Hagoromo didn't know if it was fear or something else.

"Oh shit, no.." He turned to Hagoromo, serious face present, "Sorry Hagoromo, maybe another time, I'm making a tactical retreat-" ; "You won't escape me this time!"

"!" Smoke rose and voices echoed.

In front of Hagoromo who still did not know what was happening, two people crashed together.

"You little bug, get the hell off my back!"

"No~, found you!"

"Get off!"


"Damn you witch!"


"I am the God of Death, not bonehead! How dare you!"

"Then I'm not a bug!"

'These two know each other...?' Hagoromo thought dumfounded, seeing the interaction when the smoke cleared.

"You know each other?" Hagoromo asked, to which Shinigami groaned.

"Yes, Shinigami-san and I are friends!"

"We're not, I don't know her."

Rimuru pouted, "You don't like me?"

"Excuse me-"

"NO, I DESPISE YOU." Shinigami said with a cruel smile.


"You...! Don't you remember what you did last time!" Rimuru shaked her head cutely with blank expression.

"While you were on one of the populated planets in some dimension, you sneezed in your sleep, causing you to release some of your power, destroying the planet into pieces! You don't even know what kind of turmoil with appearing new souls I had in the soul dimension after that! For two years, two f*cking years I had to work day and night without a single moment of sleep!" The tension in the air was so great that it could be cut with a knife.

"It was an accident, I don't even remember it, I was sleeping at the time, I didn't know I sneezed!" Rimuru defended.

"Um, I would like to remind you that Shinigami do not need to sleep, and neither do you, Rimuru."

""Oh shut up!"" Hagoromo then closed his mouth after that.

"That's why I hate powerful beings in dimensions, always so annoying and causing problems!"

"Ha? That was just one case!"

"No, it happened a freaking four times! You've killed them!"

"I... I managed to resurrect them with my power afterwards anyway!"

"Yeah, and all the f*cking work I did back then went to shit itself!" The killing intent was released from the two and the ground began to shake around them.


A powerful voice snapped them out of their argument, Hagoromo's Rinnegan glowed with anger.

"You two...! Apologize!"

""Yes sir. We are sorry sir."" They looked down at the ground, while Hagoromo pinched his night with exasperation.

"Like with children." And these types were supposed to be older than him? Don't make him laugh!

They didn't notice that something was moving in the bushes behind them.

Obito Uchiha had a headache. You would think that from the fact that he failed to stop the Fourth Hokage from sealing Kyuubi? Or by the fact that he lost to him in battle, he was fooled by the usual academic trick? That he was too arrogant because he thought his sharingan ability gave him invincibility? Nope.

It was because he had already been hiding in the bushes for several minutes and still had no idea what these strangers were fighting about. What was the third Hokage actually doing at this time? He didn't know, he hadn't seen him since the fighting started, only when he pushed Kyuubi out of the village with some big stick jutsu.

Obito looked at the three strangers once more, one was some old man with a long beard, small amount of chakra, easy target. Screw the fact that Obito had once been helping the elderly, all in the name of the greater good, for world peace where everyone would be happy.

The other was some guy with mirror-like eyes and Uchiha-black hair who was giving Obito a strange feeling, something dangerous, but Uchiha ignored it.

Finally, a third stranger. Obito didn't know what was going on here anymore and what some 12 years old very cute girl was doing on the battlefield, wait cute girl? He is surely not some pedophile, the snake is. His brain was barely able to function anyway, so why should he bother with another attempt to analyze this situation.

But it wasn't time to rest yet, he still had a chance to get Jinchūriki for his plans and he took this chance. So Obito did what any villain would do in this situation, he attacked.

Rimuru was with Shinigami and Hagoromo while they whispered a secret plan to each other. She didn't like that they didn't want to tell her, especially when Shinigami had a wicked grin creeping across his face. She. Didn't. Like. It. At. All.

They were planning something behind her back, but they had time, the magical cloaking barrier she put up was still going on and would be for ages, so there was no need to rush.


Meanwhile, Naruto started crying on the side. Out of instinct, Rimuru walked over to him, looking at his clear ocean blue eyes, and after a moment, smiled the prettiest smile she could do at that moment to reassure the newborn as she lifted him up. Naruto stopped crying after a while, Rimuru activated a warm and pleasant aura around her person to improve his mood.

"Well, aren't you adorable one?"

After a while, Naruto began to play with her beautiful bluish silver hair.

"Oh, you like my hair? They are pretty? I hope you will remember them, hmm?"

Naruto giggled and nodded his head a little, causing Rimuru's face to take on that of surprised one, "Your smartie, huh?"

Rimuru felt that conversing with a newborn baby made her very happy. It's been a long time since you've had so much fun, a warm feeling when someone gets pleasure from your mere presence. Rimuru looked at the now unbreathing bodies of the blond man and the redhaired woman. Sadness came over her at the thought of Naruto no longer having parents, however, there was nothing she could do, she had made a contract with gramps that she would not defy his orders when the time came.

Everything so that she would be able to have friends again. Not knowing about her previous friends still depressed her, Rimuru knew that loneliness would eventually consume her, so she wasted no time.

Suddenly Naruto blinked and a look of fear dawned on his face, he began to wriggle, Rimuru furrowed her brows, "Waaaaah!" She sensed a presence behind her with evil intent and she, or rather her body acted on instinct and Rimuru smacked the opponent where the face should have been.

A *Crack* sound entered her ears. The enemy was sent flying with tremendous force and hit an obstacle in the path. She looked behind and saw her opponent lying leaning against a tree, unconscious.

The Monster Queen quickly put Naruto on the pedestal where he was in the beginning. Rimuru didn't know it, but Naruto made a displeased face.

"Shit!" Rimuru cursed after getting close to him, noticed that the attacker was just a kid! 14-15 years old at most in addition! She just hit the kid by mistake! The boy's mask was cracked and he looked asleep.

"Maybe a super glue can help?..." Rimuru pleaded silently and pulled a super glue out of nowhere trying to glue the mask together.

Crunch! Crack*

...Mask shattered.

"Shit again!"

But what caused such a reaction in Rimuru was not only the mask completely turning to dust when she touched it, but the face of the boy himself, which looked like a roller had passed over it.

"I-Is it my fault...?"

Rimuru wondered if the deformity on the right side of the boy's face was also her fault. If so then she is in trouble! She caused an accident again!

Rimuru narrowed her eyes, she really didn't remember most things, but there are a small amount of skills that stayed in her head.

The young beauty leaned forward and touched his forehead, "[Cure]"

Obito's face began to glow until his skin became smooth again, all the deformities receding.

The Monster Queen noticed, however, that his wounds still remained, only the deformities had receded, his face and shorn skin becoming smooth again.

Suddenly something flashed in her mind, she put her hands in her stomach and pulled out a potion with a neon blue glowing consistency inside.

She opened his mouth and gave him a potion to drink, after a while his wounds all started to close, "Uff." Rimuru wiped the sweat from her forehead.

Little did she know that his Hashirama Cells arm had also regenerated to his original one.

'Oh, and then there was the mask.'

Rimuru used the [All of Creation] skill and a familiar white anti-magic mask with grey lines and a red mark in the middle materialized in her hand. Rimuru stared at the mask with familiarity for a moment and shook her head after a moment.

In the end she put a very similar mask on his face but not the same.

"Well, have a good nap boy."

And that's how she left him.

"Rimuru!" A voice called out to her. She recognized him as Hagoromo and walked toward them. Gramps and Shinigami-san suspiciously stood near the pedestal Naruto was on and had unnatural kind smiles on their faces. Oh, she had a bad feeling about this. Oh, if only she knew how right she was.

"Rimuru-chan, could stand still next to little Naruto." Rimuru cringed inside at the mere addition of "-chan" to her name and stiffened. It's still better thing cause Shinigami-san said that rather than gramps, otherwise she would have considered him a pedophile, though she still preferred that Shinigami-san not call her that.

Rimuru walked over and stood near the newborn's pedestal, not seeing a problem despite all her instincts screaming not to.

"After a lengthy discussion with Hagoromo, we decided that the best way to accomplish your mission would be to work directly through little Naruto."

What, Rimuru didn't understand a single word he said just now.

"[Stiffness of Death], Hagoromo now!" As Shinigami-san informed, Rimuru suddenly noticed that all her body functions had stopped responding to signals.

'What? What was this skill just now? I can't move or speak.'

She heard Hagoromo touched Naruto's stomach in a strange way, his previous seal starting to change into something else.

"[The Great Seal of Death God]" What seal!? Why does her body feel like it's whirling?! What's going on! What did gramps and Shinigami-san do to her!

Rimuru felt strange, until the darkness has come.

"Was it really necessary?" Shinigami asked inquiringly with a slight grimace on his face.

"What do you mean?"

"You know exacty what I mean."

"If you mean sealing Rimuru in little Naruto then yes, it is essential for the future fate of the Shinobi World." Shinigami-san frowned.

"As much as I enjoyed sealing that little devil for a while, do you know she'll probably kill you if she gets out of there?"

"Rimuru is a valuable and extremely dangerous card. I sealed her because no one can know about her. Rimuru's very presence in this world already raises complications."

"Couldn't you just let her take care of young Naruto personally? Not through the seal?"

"And what do you think would happen if someone knew about the power and might that Rimuru wields, what would the village do?"

Shinigami wondered, "They would try to use her and treat it like another Bijū." It was a fact, if a man like Danzo or someone else started having a vested interest in Rimuru it would not be a good sign.

"Exactly." Hagoromo nodded sagely.

Shinigami knew that sealing a being like Rimuru would have great consequences, hell even now he himself could feel the exhaustion as if it practically took all his reserves.

"Are you sure this was a good idea?"

"I asked Rimuru to take care of Naruto, and she agreed, but I never mentioned how she was supposed to do it."

"Rimuru will keep his promise, and I will keep mine. I can hardly use chakra at all anymore, my physical body will be gone before long. I used up all the chakra to use the seal we created."

Shinigami grinned, "This seal is made to imprison divine beings, there is no chance for it to get out."

"Hope your right,"

"Hey, now I noticed that Rimuru is no longer here."


"Who maintains the masking barrier?"


"Shit indeed."

They quickly both disappeared after a while, leaving only the rustle of leaves.

Hiruzen Sarutobi arrived on the scene a moment later, brow furrowed as he looked at the wondrous seal on the newborn's stomach, most likely the most complicated seal he had ever seen in his life, and the bodies of Minato and Kushina lying lifelessly on the ground.

He had seen the Shiji Fuujin technique being used earlier, but then something strange happened, as if time had stopped and Hiruzen only noticed after some time that Kyuubi was no longer there.

"Anbu, disperse and search the area!" He commanded his Anbu and lifted up the newborn from the pedestal.

The seal... was strange. The remnants of the peculiar chakra could still be sensed for some time, but it gave him no true hint.

'Minato... Just what have you done?'

"Damn this two morons!" Rimuru had already cursed them for several minutes from the start since she got here. Darkness was everywhere, and she was lying on something fluffy. Normally Rimuru really wouldn't have a problem with being sealed to Naruto for a set period of time, 100 years? That's nothing to her. 500 years? Same.

However, there was a problem with the whole sealing system that she noticed. A person in whom a being was sealed into would gain some specific traits from that being residing inside. However, it's a little different with Rimuru.

Naruto inherited one of the most unpleasant human traits from Rimuru.

The Immortality.

After a while she felt the fluffy ground begin to move, and she dropped down into the water.


Suddenly all the lights with fire came on in succession, there was water all over the room, enough to cover her up to her knees, and she was like in some strange prison because there were big steel rods.


Rimuru gulped down her saliva and spun back around, big red slitted eyes staring back at her. Did she mention that she was trapped with this thing?

"Hi!" She didn't know what to say, so she waved her hand to him friendly. Yeah, it was dumb idea.


"Well shit."