Normal talking: "Dattebayo!"

Naruto talking in thoughts: 'Dattebayo!'

Rimuru talking in Naruto's thoughts: "Sweet!"

Kurama talking in Naruto's thoughts: "Ningen!"

Some dialogue can be quite confusing, for example when I use flashback. Because then I use this with everything and..uh. Or maybe it gets confused whe there is flashback with Rimuru's speaking and then again I do her dialogues and Kurama's the other way around, that I don't use this anymore but this (normal way) and it can get very confusing. And then it's just everything else in reverse, aaaaa. You will see for yourself!

3 Years Old Naruto

Naruto's Room

Naruto had somehow always suspected that there was something about him that was different from everyone else, from the rest. For sure something was obviously wrong with him, he just hadn't realized what yet. Inspecting himself, he failed to see any specific differences that proved his differentness. The matron and the people working at the orphanage looked at him like he was the ultimate evil. Their eyes were filled with disgust and hatred.

What has he done to them in the first place?

Whispers of him being a demon, some sort of reincarnation, and other evil things could be heard. I mean, did they really think he didn't hear it? He wasn't deaf! Naruto had good hearing, very good, he wouldn't have missed something like that. He was a cheerful child despite the rather downcast expression his face showed when he walked through the orphanage. Unlike other children, for Naruto the orphanage was a punishment, a punishment for something he did. Had he killed in the past some people? But after all, he is a child right? So it's not quite believable or likely.

It just didn't make any sense! He hadn't done anything wrong, so why did they look at him with such anger when it turned out that he could speak despite their lack of participation to teach him! Naruto didn't like it, and he could easily tell that this was something he hated, not that anyone would have cared in the first place. Being called a demon was something no child should ever experience. It hurt, it hurt like hell, and the impact it carried could have been catastrophic if the little blond had chosen a different path in life later on.

He recalled their sickened faces when he first spoke, if his voice alone could put such a twisted look on their faces, what if he started practice writing!?

The future of the Konoha depends on whether Naruto chooses vengeance for his pain or overcomes it with a knowing happy grin on his face...

They were chatting with each other, no one even noticing as a tiny blonde figure quietly slipped through the door.

Naruto tried to approach the matron, who called everyone into a room where there were counters and a blackboard. All the children sat on the carpet with him following quietly behind.

"What are you doing here?" The young Uzumaki felt as if something shook him, upon hearing the harsh voice behind him. The matron stood, eyes narrowed, looking critical and hard.

'Why people look at me like that...?!'

Forcing himself to answer despite the tightening soreness in his throat, he croaked out the words."I... I wanted to..." Not only did he react to the words, but the other children too, looked at him as if they were afraid and moved as far away as possible, "N-no, 'ait. I 'idn't mean to...!" His pronunciation turned more and more into a whisper as his head dropped down, sored.

Naruto was just a child, a three year old child, so it was obvious that the intimidating large figure of the matron meant that he couldn't even speak without his throat tightening. To force him to explain himself like this, in a situation where it looked like little Naruto was being taken under judgment in a courtroom. That was cruel. Forcing him to grow up even faster mentally to perceive such situations.

"Well? You just must scare everyone and get in the way when others want to learn? How selfish can you be, ugh! Corner, now!"

"B-but-!" False words, evading truths which he could in no way repel in any way, while he was alone himself.


Helplessly standing up, Naruto sat in the dark corner hugging his knees. Fresh tears clung to his eyes, which he held back with all might so they wouldn't obstruct his vision. The matron nodded to herself and paid no more attention to him, beginning to teach the children to read and write better.


He sat there and just watched. Everyone had already forgotten, but he hadn't. He hadn't forgotten that stabbing feeling in his chest.


He started rubbing his eyes, for some reason his body didn't want to listen to him anymore, tears came and Naruto sobbed quietly under his breath, covering his face, not wanting anyone to look at him in this state.


It didn't make sense, why did he have to suffer? It was always like that, he was the one who got hurt.


"Such cretins!"

He blinked. Those weren't his thoughts.

Naruto immediately opened his eyes at the girly voice.

"...rama, how ca...treat a child like thi...explain to...! ...just unthinkable..."

"W-who...?" He looked from his right to left but no speaker.

He could swear someone said to him. However, there was no one around. No one except the children far in front, who were no longer noticing him, or rather were afraid to look. The voices began to quiet down, and Naruto didn't know what to think about it.

The whisker-cheeked waited patiently for the strange situation to continue, maybe he would hear from someone again. Naruto just hoped it wasn't ghosts. Uhuh, the very thought of ghosts sent shivers down his spine!

This has happened several times since then. At first he could only hear bits of sentences, but later on he began to understand everything.


He was alone in the room looking out the window at a figure sitting on a tree branch, it was boring and the matron had locked the door so he couldn't get out, apparently they didn't want to see him today either. It was the moment when he first heard the conversation smoothly, without any cuts.

"He looks so lonely, I feel bad for him, if only we could go out." Naruto stiffened and looked around the room to make sure still if he was sure the voices were only in his head. Then he leaned against the cold wall and sat on the dusty floor, not speaking and simply listening for now.

"Nothing you can do about it as usual. You know the consequences of leaving." He shuddered at the demonic voice, who is this? Is this the demon that everyone hates him so much because of? Is it some kind of his inner self? The one who murdered the people of the village in cold blood? He is afraid to speak out.

"Ruto-kun is so alone. They don't even care about him. I wish he could hear us."

"Aa..." Naruto wanted to speak up right away, but he held back still a little.

"The kit, thanks to your traits, is better off than he should be anyway. His body is no longer that of a normal human anyway, if I had to say it I would consider him half human. Add to that the fact that he is Uzumaki, which gives him natural strength, stamina and regeneration, along with the fact that my existence itself has strengthened his body even more, you could say that he is an evolved version of a human if not monster."

Naruto doesn't understand, process what they say, what some words mean. However, does that mean he's not like the rest? He is the demon they say him to be and was wrong all along...? At the very thought, some negative feelings awakened inside him, causing his lips to tighten. He stopped listening momentarily as his thoughts wandered into dark parts.

"...rama! He's far from a monster! Do you know how awful it is when someone calls you a monster?" The blond child blinked.

"I was called a monster, a demon before this cursed village was even created so I know what it's like and I'm merely stating a fact." Before this village was CREATED!? He's talking about his home, Konoha, right!? Naruto didn't know what to think about the voice in his head anymore, maybe he was starting to slip into madness.

"Being a monster and being called a monster are two different things! Ruto-kun lives as a human in a village of people who consider him a demon! All feelings of hatred and contempt go all out towards him! Heck, it even happened that killing intent was aimed straight at him! Do you understand now!? Damn killing intent at a single child! If it weren't for the fact that I can channel these emotions from here so that they cannot affect him, I don't know what would happen to his mental state!" Naruto smiled the nickname: Ruto-kun; glad that this was the first time someone had called him in such a concerned manner, as if caring about him and was angry for him, how they treat him.

"Okay, okay, I understand. So is there still an original plan? Are we waiting for him to finally be able to enter his mindscape as planned?"

"Yes, from what you said earlier there is a chance that he may be able to unlock the seal, right?"

The demonic voice sounded sceptical as if grimaced, "There is such a chance with the original seal, but I am not sure about the seal of the god of death, there is a possibility that-"

"Um, I-I'm sorry, but who are ya...?"



"Did he just...hear us?" Naruto grew uncomfortable so he repositioned himself once more.

After a moment, the loud girly voice rang out again, "That's wonderful! Hey Ruto-kun! How are you?! We can finally have a chat with each other!"


"Don't talk so much, Kit is probably stressed out! He hears voices in his head and you come out with blunt questions already! We should explain the situation to him first, dumb girl." The second voice scolded.

"Ow! Don't hit me, I know that and I'm not dumb! Ahem, sorry!"

"Maybe he should ask questions first."

"Yup, Ruto-kun, just ask. Ah, and as if anything I recommend speaking in your mind, uh, you know what I mean." The voice tried to explain, Naruto seemed to understand.

'Like that?'


'So how are you in my head?'

"Uh, you see Ruto-kun, everything started when..."


The voices sometimes told him that he was far from a demon and then laughed. That he is too bright. He liked it, preferring the company of voices in his head rather than people here. It was nice when someone said nice things to you and praised you, even when he remembered it it made his heart warm and the sunbeams outside the window somehow started to fall on him randomly, creating an even brighter smile forming on his face.

Always one of the voices spoke up and helped him, it was kind and caring from the sound of it as if the goodness in the person itself spoke to him.
When he asked her name, the voice answered: My name is Rimuru! When we meet you will know, until then you had to be patient. Don't worry, we are not disappearing anytime soon. We have plenty of time.

They explained to him that his mind was still too young to enter the mindscape and he had to wait at least two years to do so.

'Can I call you Rimuru nee-san...?' Naruto asked uncertainly, being a little afraid of the new friend, but he waited with hope for a positive answer.

"..." It was quiet for a while, until then a voice gave an answer, "Of course yes, I will call you Ruto-kun as always!"

Don't worry, we are not disappearing anytime soon.

It was something that kept him going, fueled his day. Those words breathed life into Naruto, someone is waiting there for him and the excitement is mutual.

He also wondered how he could communicate with them, and the voices answered him that most likely when they had some argument (they didn't go into details) it turned out that a crack appeared on the seal that allowed Naruto to hear some of their conversation.

And there was a second voice, which appeared very rarely and mostly mocked the first one. The sound of the voice itself was more negative to Naruto than positive, the tone was definitely more demonic. But Rimuru nee-san assured him that the second voice was simply unsocial and silly. She laughed at him and the second voice grunted.

"No, I won't give him my name."

"Eh, why not?"

"Because I said so." The voice snorted.

Naruto could almost feel Rimuru nee-san's lips turn upward mischievously, "So Ruto-kun will name you, after all, animals should have names, right? Ruto-kun?"


Come to think of it, the other voice is gruff, aggressive, annoyed most of the time, and unfriendly. He gets irritated by little things very often and sleeps all the time - from what Rimuru nee-san said to him.

When he came with the name: "Sulk" for the second. Rimuru nee-san nearly choked, and newly Sulk growled at Naruto angrily. Then Rimuru nee-san merely said: "Yup, Sulk fits him even better. He's so gruff and grouchy all the time. Losing his temper all the time." It sounded like she was holding back laughter the whole time she made this comment.
The little blond was definitely enjoying himself, from what he could hear sometimes from their conversations, it looked like Sulk and Rimuru nee-san were still arguing but it didn't sound like a serious thing, more like teasing and mocking each other all the time.

Naruto looked in the mirror, studying his appearance once more. He had spiky golden hair that went out in all directions, and one strand of blue-platinum hair and another strand of crimson red one. Not to mention six whiskers, three on each cheek. His eyes were as blue as the ocean, and his skin was almost sun-kissed. For some reason, there was a limit that restricted the tanning of his skin making Naruto unable to exceed a particular shade of sun-kiss skin. However, it still looked very good with a little paler color than it should have.

Opening his mouth slightly, slightly sharper fangs than a normal human could be seen. Other than all that, Naruto couldn't really make out what was so strange about him.

He couldn't find an answer, so he did the smartest thing that came to mind, he asked Rimuru nee-san.

'Why... why people hate me? What is different about me? What is wrong with me?' The blond child asked, hoping for an answer, even through the thought question you could sense the desperation in the tone.

After a moment of silence, she replied softly, "We'll talk about it when you meet us. I prefer not to talk about it through thoughts. It's like talking on the phone, and it's the kind of thing I'd rather you find out beside us."

'Can you at least tell me if it's true that I... that I killed those people...? ' The word "killed" in itself already gave him bad vibes.

"Don't be silly, Ruto-kun. You did nothing wrong..." Naruto could feel the smile behind that statement. These were the words Naruto had been waiting for his entire life even as it had just begun, words that proved he wasn't evil.

'A...Arigato.' However, Rimuru nee-san's next words took him away from wanting to cry happily.

"It's obviously the fault of this big moron sitting here! He was lunging around the village like a drunk while there was panic! Jujuju~XD" Emoticon power!

"Why you...!" Naruto himself felt something dangerous suddenly begin to happen inside the seal.

"Eh? Wait, what are you doing...? Why are you charging Bijūdama!?"

"I will kill you!"

"I was just joking! Really! No, no, NOOOO!"

Naruto started laughing, childlish laughter with no end at their antics. It was possible that an anbu outside the tree window thought Naruto was finally going crazy. He could trust them, he could rely on them in a moment of hardship. Naruto was so happy, since he wasn't alone, those voices were only his and no one else could hear them. Just like family.

Though Naruto was wondering about one thing, what is a phone?

Scene Break

Naruto was a clever child from the beginning, he didn't lack smartness, he lacked wisdom, he lacked prudence. Most of his ideas and questions were silly yet smart, understable yet questionable. If it weren't for his unique skills acquired through Rimuru, Naruto probably wouldn't be able to read or write anything. He wasn't allowed to come close even when learning, and was never allowed to play much with other children unless a child approached him on his own.

When Naruto was later in his separate room, he practiced pronouncing what things he memorized until being able to speak quite fluently. Accurately he seemed to be able to recall what the matron had mentioned.

It surprised him that even though they forbade him to learn in any way, than it did not prevent him from learning to speak quickly. In addition, by having a separate room in which he lived, it was easy for him to practice his pronunciation in his spare time, while, for example, the children were called out to eat.

He was curious about his ability to learn fast, then voices rang out as if knowing what he was thinking about.

"Oho, it seems like you inherited some of my passive abilities like photographic memory or infinite memory."

'Eh? Really?! So now I can remember everything I see?! That's so awesome! You are awesome too, Rimuru nee-san!'

"Ohohoho, I know I'm awesome! Apparently with us being sealed in you gave you a lot of perks after all!" She cheered, as if praising herself more.

"Can you both shut up? I'm trying to sleep here!"

"Gezz, don't be like that! You still want to sleep after all this time? If it weren't for me you'd end up being petrified of this laziness. Lazyass~"

"Ah no, sorry. I should say Sulk, after all that's your new name, right?"

"Do you want to die?" They ignored him.

'Killing is wrong mister Sulk and Rimuru nee-san is right, 'ttebayo!' Naruto accidentally used a verbal tic, so he covered his red face for a moment. Ever since he became more blunt the verbal tic started to appear which was quite embarrassing for him. Though it is quite funny that even in his own thoughts he happened to use it.

"Aww, so cute! You used it again! I can't wait to see you, then I'll see how you react to the whiskers!"

Naruto ignored, despite his lips twitching to form a smile. He liked it when someone thought he was cute though.

As if out of nowhere, Mr. Sulk suddenly said something unexpected, "...Eh, you are allowed to call me Kurama, I give you the right to use my name. Be grateful." Naruto didn't know if it was from already being annoyed by the name Sulk gave him, or for some other reason.

'So can I call you Kurama nii-san?'

A growl was the only thing he got as a response, however it wasn't an aggressive growl like he usually got in conversations, but more of a permission as if he agreed.

"Oh heavens, the wonderful Kurama-sama allowed his name to be used! What an incredible blessing, now we can die peacefully!"

"I sense the sarcasm in your words."

"What do you say." Rimuru deadpanned.

'E-Ehem, so anyway, too much sleep will only do ya bad Kurama nii-san! Rimuru nee-san said Kurama nii-san doesn't do anything besides that, ya will became lazy!'

"Better this than listening to two brats."

Naruto pouted while Rimuru complained, "I'm older than you!"

"And your mind and behavior speaks otherwise."


'Sulk nii-san! Stop badding Rimuru nee-san!'

"Stop calling me that! And there is no such word as 'Badding'!"

"He's just a tsundere after all. It's obvious." Naruto heard as Rimuru sighed in defeat.

"Tsu..Tsundere?" Naruto tried to pronounce the new met word aloud.

"Yeah, you know. When a guy says we're annoying him and all and he's actually enjoying our company or at least in this case."

Naruto exclaimed cheerfully as he clapped his hand on the other, 'Oh, I see!'

"No, you don't!"

"Yes, he does~!" Rimuru mocked.

"This witch is just talking nonsense again! Don't listen to her. And no, I don't enjoy your company at all!" Kurama growled.

'I see, I see, so that's tsundere.' , "Fumu fumu." Naruto nodded to himself in confirmation.

Our blue haired beauty however, "A witch!? How dare you, you big fat fluffy fox! I'm more a mage! Do you understand? A M-A-G-E! I even spelled it out for you!"

"Sometimes I wonder which one of you is more childish. I'm not some babysitter. A mage or a witch, isn't it the same thing?"



"He's taking my side! Fuahahaha! Good job kit!" The fox laughed out at her.

"What, why Ruto-kun! I thought you were on my side!" Rimuru complained.

The blue-eyed child cried, 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I was just wondering what the difference was between a witch and a mage. After all, they both use magic like in the stories my matron reads to others in the evenings!'

"No, just because both of these people can use magic doesn't mean that a witch and a mage are the same thing!" Rimuru made a sound of rubbing her head in exasperation, "Okay, I have an example. As there is a delivery man or courier or whatever who drives a car and that is his job, it does not mean that a normal person who just drives a car is also a courier. Same with a witch and a mage as with a courier and a normal driver, both can use magic, but it doesn't mean they both have the same specialization."

"Oh, and if you want an example of a witch, your matron is the perfect example." She snickered.

"Hahahaha! Good one!"

'Oh, oh, I think I understand, dattebayo! But.....what's a car?'


Scene Break

It was a totally ordinary day at the orphanage while Naruto stared with unreadable expression at the small canteen-like room created for the children while said children ate meals, specifically lunch. Naruto had always but always since his time here wondered one specific thing that he couldn't find the answer to one bit. So finally whiskered-child decided to dispel his doubts and approached the matron cleaning the nearest table.

"Um, hello? Malior-san?" Saying the matron's name he very rarely used (He rather wanted to call her old hag), Naruto saw the figure in question turn, in her back something cracked as she did so, proving her age, and the wrinkles moved as her eyes narrowed more and more at the sight of him.

"What do you want?" The question said with unpleasantness, as if she were forcing herself to sound it out.

Naruto knew that his next blunt question might cause controversy, "Why we eat?"

"What?" Old Malior-san gazed in disbelief.

"Why we eat?" Naruto repeated dully, emphasizing the last word so the person in front of him would finally understand the question.

"What you mean by: Why we eat? Isn't it obvious? Dumb child." The blond child asked himself in his head if he was sure they were speaking the same language.

And so he repeated again, "Why we eat?"

"To live? Maybe you are actually whacked in the head somewhere brat."

Naruto, however, didn't need to think about the next sentence for long, because the next matter was begging to be brought up on its own, "But I don't eat and I live."

"What nonsense are you spouting again?"

Naruto frowned and crossed his little arms, "But it's true, believe it, 'ttebayo!"

"Might as well notify the hospital, yes it would be a good idea to get rid of demon brat for a while." The matron ignored him and muttered, thinking she wouldn't hear, but Naruto has the awesomest hearing, dattebayo!

For as long as he could remember, Naruto had never really eaten anything. In the beginning, the matron and other workers at the orphanage wouldn't give him anything to eat out of sheer hatred, notorious to make the demon brat die. However, after a few weeks they actually forgot to feed him and just avoided the room instead.

Not that Naruto knows about it.

After all, he was just a child and non-eating got into his habit as a normal occurrence.

Nevertheless, why exactly Naruto has no need for food to survive?

"Um, Ruto-kun." A voice called out in his head, startling him at that moment.

'Rimuru nee-san?'

"Yup it's me, Rimuru the great nee-san, ehem anyway, I think I know the answer to your question. I believe the reason for your lack of need to eat is me. I, as a non-human being, don't need to consume food to survive, although I can eat and taste it normally. Though, I didn't expect the seal to have that much effect on your body..."

'Wow, so I have this super power as well!? That's so awesome, 'ttebayo!'

"Eh, well I wouldn't call it super power but hm~hm~hm, if you say so~"

"Rimuru, come here and help me!"

"Sorry Ruto-kun, I have to go. Hai hai, I'm coming you noisy fox...!"

'Bye nee-san!' Young Naruto, however, never has the slightest idea what Rimuru nee-san and Kurama nii-san are doing in his mind sometimes, but someday he'll find out, because if he doesn't then his name isn't Uzumaki Naruto, 'ttebayo! Someday Naruto Uzumaki will show them all how cunning he is, especially that old hag Malior.

"There you are! Starting talking some nonsense again!"

But now, he must run away in Uzumakish style from a chasing matron who wants to get rid of him because he shouted it aloud!

Scene Break

Naruto Uzumaki has always wondered why he can see in the dark while others cannot. He is able to accurately spot even the most distant objects and explore shadows. Especially now as he sits on the windowsill in his secluded room and is waving to the kind shinobi-san with the crocodile mask when it's midnight. It seemed that the stranger had already gotten used to his not being awake at night, Naruto certainly had a lot more energy than other kids.

Naruto actually already knew that seeing in the dark was another perk given thanks to her Rimuru nee-san for which he is extremely grateful. Sometimes he feels like a cat watching intently in the night, as if looking for prey. The fun is definitely fun.

It turns out that he can switch off his vision in the dark by will which was something he didn't know before, so he had a little trouble sleeping earlier when he couldn't deactivate it. At that time Naruto usually had to just close his eyelids and go to sleep, but it was still quite uncomfortable. Taking a breath, his [Night Vision] as Rimuru nee-san popularly called it, disappeared.

"Good night, stalker-san." He whispered loudly enough for an anbu to hear and looked for another moment to see if there was an answer. Could it be that Crocodile-san has been watching him all night, for sometimes he sees him take a nap on that tree branch he seems to sit on forever. Maybe it's just his favorite branch and he is not meant to monitor him at all. Naruto scratched his chin, his eyes already half closed - hmm, definitely will have to do a further investigation.

Scene Break

Naruto always liked it when the old man with funny hat came to him. He was to Naruto like a grandfather figure who brought him some gifts or presents every month. Being the orphan that he was, this was a special event for him that blond held close to his heart. Unlike Rimuru nee-san and Kurama nii-san who could only talk to him in mind, old man could see him. And it made him even happier when old man looked at him without that typical overflowing angered eye.

Young Uzumaki wondered if maybe old man knew about Stalker-san who watches him all the time, when he asked him about it, a picture of shock presented itself on the old man's face, but when he noticed that Naruto was unnerved because he thought he did something wrong by asking that question, Old man only changed the shock to a look of surprise and asked how he noticed. And Naruto then replied that Stalker-san is always where the shadows are, so it was rather obvious. Seeing the old man nod in agreement, Naruto smiled widely.

Naruto wanted to tell his old man about how he had never eaten food at the orphanage and wished for a taste of it, but in the end decided against it. Even if the matron, Malior-san, didn't deliberately give it to him, Naruto still didn't want to harm the orphanage and its caretaker in this way. After all, he is not alone here and there are other orphans here as well, so Naruto reasoned that since he himself doesn't need to eat to survive and grow, he might as well take care of the children in the orphanage.

Not even knowing how sincere and noble it was on his part.

Scene Break

Konoha's Training Grounds.

A pleasant breeze blew over him, setting his silver hair in motion while the cool air touched his mask. Today was the day Hatake Kakashi had been chosen to visit the orphanage for a demonstration of being a shinobi.

Sighing, our silver wolf wanted to get this whole charade over with. Why had the third Hokage chosen him for this task? It was quite clear. For one thing, he as Hatake Kakashi was unquestionably very famous among beginning shinobi, and even more so among children. Secondly this whole show, as you can call it, is one big manipulation that Danzō probably came with more than the Third. Showing what great shinobi they are to the kids at the orphanage so that more of them would be motivated to become loyal Konohagakure shinobi. This is nothing new. Children, especially the young and fresh ones have a great tendency to follow their idols and are incredibly easy to manipulate. They end up choosing their specialty as dangerous ninja, which will remove any unnecessary unemployment that might arise, because to be a shinobi you only need to know how to fight and how to obey - at least that's Danzō's opinion.

Still, why choose an anbu squad captain to do the dirty work? After all, you might as well have chosen some random chūnin, right? Well, there is a second reason that the Third had. Apparently Hokage-sama wanted Kakashi to meet the sensei's son, that should rather be the main reason, if Third thought Scarecrow wouldn't guess, then he is greatly mistaken. Some people think he needs a break, but Kakashi knows better what to do with himself.

Not really focusing much on the kids, but on getting out of here as quickly as possible, Kakashi led the group to a smaller training grounds. He eyed a small group of orphan children from right to left, there were about 30 of them, blinking lazily with one eye he asked, "Is that everyone?"

For the time being, he ignored the lack of a blonde child in the crowd, but would ask later.

"Hai Hatake-san, all are present." The orphanage matron replied his question, standing a little further behind the group as he waved her off.

"Okay, some may already know and some may not, but I'll say it again. My name is Kakashi Hatake and I am here to tell and show you what the shinobi path is all about and explain a few things." Flexing his body, Copy Ninja added, "I will also show you the capabilities that shinobi have and I can even give you some simple body strengthening exercises so that those who are willing can already prepare themselves and decide if they want to be ehh, shinobi. Of course you will have plenty of time to decide, because at the academy itself you will also be asked if you want to continue your shinobi training or not. Are we clear?" They nodded synchronously, " So clear I see."

One child raised his hand, "Ano!"


"Is it true that shinobi make a lot of money, Hatake-san?"

'Really? First question and money? What exactly do they teach the children there?'

Kakashi narrowed his eyes, "Well, the financial pay depends on the rank of the particular shinobi and the missions he takes. However, if I were to give you my opinion, money is the last thing you should worry about there. Health first."



The next questions were fairly typical of Kakashi. How to become a strong ninja like him, what to do to be strong and so on. He answered them with typical: "Hard work." and explained to them that becoming a shinobi was not all that colorful, shinobi were nothing more than killers who murdered to protect. Some of them, when they heard that, withdrew even from the thought of joining the shinobi, and part of them still persisted in the subject, but their true opinion will be seen when their life depends on it. It was always like that, sometimes shinobi gave up right away after taking a few missions even of rank C or B.

"Alright kiddos, now I will demonstrate some weaker fire jutsu to you as a reward for listening."

Kakashi took a slight breath in, chakra pulsing through his body, 'Katon: Great Fireball Technique!' A two meter fireball burst out of his mouth, he made it smaller than it should be so as not to set the grass on fire unnecessarily. It melted the training dummy a short after.



"Shinobis are so cool!"


"I wanna be a shinobi!"

"Hatake-san, Hatake-san, again please!"

Numerous sounds of amusement and impressment were heard, Kakashi sighed.

Scene Break

Kakashi found himself looking at the now empty training area with nostalgia. Knowing that every year a new genin team practiced right here. To think that so many memories could be picked up just by being in one place.

Taking out a familiar orange book, Kakashi called out, "You can come out kiddo, I've seen you from the beginning." The small head popped out of the dense tree foliage.

"Ehhh?! How?! I thought I hid well though, 'ttebayo!" Out of the corner, his lone eye could see a tiny figure, spiky blonde hair like sunshine, ocean blue eyes. The child is most likely three years old by now.

'Oh, sensei, he practically looks like your copy.'

"As you were hiding in that tree, I could hear the birds even crying because of your presence, and you yourself were rustling leaves all the time. One could hear you from a dozen yards away." The blond boy's face formed a look of disappointment and his lips frowned.

The sensei's son started muttering under his breath, something like: But Kurama nii-san said that no one's gonna see me from there - from what Kakashi noticed as how his lips were going. Heh, being able to read lips is definitely a bonus of being an anbu.

"I don't know who Kurama-san is-" Notted to check who Kurama-san is, "-but I do know that he definitely tricked you into hiding here, it was probably the worst place to hide considering there's even a nest of piscals here." The boy's face went through different phases, first there was surprise, then confusion, pondering and finally realization and...betrayal? After that, Kakashi stood still and stared at the boy's ever-changing frown as if he was fighting with himself inside.

"So what are you doing here, why weren't you with the group together, and in the tree there?"

"I was watching ya do that fire kinda stuff, 'ttebayo." Then he started making some strange moves, "Plus you can see everything better from Tree-san, ah, 'nd cuz-"

"And because." Kakashi corrected him, ...Tree-san? Uh, never mind.

"-uh... Yeah, yeah old man-" Silver brow twitched, "-because I wanted to stay undetected like a true ninja!" More ninja-like moves as if Kakashi could call them that.

"I see, so, what's your name kiddo?"

The kid crossed his arms, "Rimuru nee-san said that I shouldn't tell my name to strangers."

Noted to check people with the name Rimuru, "So what should I do to know it?"

"Lemme think..." The Uzumaki child closed his eyes as if thoughtfully, only to open them vigorously a moment later and point his little finger at the training grounds, "You gonna show me again"

Kakashi knew already where this is going, "Jutsu?"

"Yeah, yeah jutsu I meant! You show me it up close." Young Naruto demanded, remembering the big ball of fire.

The last Hatake sighed, "Then come with me."


Kakashi turned around, "What?" He asked.

"I can't, agh, get out of the leaves, I'm stuck between the twigs."

Kakashi wanted to facepalm, definitely the son of his sensei was trouble. He grabbed his tiny arms and pulled him out, lifting him up in the process, 'Hmm, weight fairly normal, eating well I suppose.' He analyzed.

"Arigato old man!"

"I'm not an old man."

"But you've white hair!"

Kakashi deadpanned, "I have silver hair, see? Silver! I'm not old yet, I'm 17!"

Naruto rolled his eyes, "Riiiight."

"Come blondie!" He grabbed Naruto on his shoulder and they appeared in the middle of the training grounds

"Wha.. Ho..."

"Shunshin." The Copy Ninja said simply, not bothering to elaborate.

Naruto's eyes filled with stars.

"Teach me!" The blonde clung to his leg.


"Oh, come on!" Naruto complained wtih puppy eyes.

"No, your body is too weak to use it. Maybe when you are older."

"Um, okay..." The Fourth Hokage's son looked down for a moment but seemed to accept the reason.

"Besides, that's not why we're here." Kakashi eye-smiled at him, "Step back a little."

Making rapid hand signs unseen by a normal person, Kakashi took a breath and used the fire jutsu, 'Katon: Great Fireball Technique!' The result was similar, only this time Kakashi sent a fireball into the sky. Turning, he expected to see bewildered excitement on his sensei's son's face, but all he saw was...wonderment?

"So?" It wasn't the question that escaped his lips, but the blond child's, which made this situation even weirder.

Kakashi raised a brow. "What do you mean by 'so'?"

"How does the fire taste like?"

"..." Kakashi's mind went blank.

"How taste what?"

"Eeh, fire? After all, you just breathed fire, so to breathe ya had to eat it first." And he said it like it was the most obvious thing with a serious face that looked comical on his childish face. On top of that, it was Naruto who looked at him like he was the crazy one in the first place.

"No, I...what? I mean, it's a jutsu, fire is created through chakra not that we eat it."

"...Is that so?"


Naruto's face brightened, "Oh, so that's how it is! I see, 'ttebayo!"

Only now did Kakashi notice Naruto's verbal tic: Dattebayo; which Minato-sensei's wife had. At the thought, Kakashi was lost in memories of when he still saw them breathing vividly...

"Kakashi, I hope you will be a teacher for him when he grows up! I can't think of anyone suitable in that role but you! To be honest, I'm afraid he'll have Kushina's temper in the future, so someone will have to keep him under the radar, and I...well, I'll be Hokage unfortunately, so I can't help it." Minato whispered with an innocent face.

Kakashi deadpanned, "You just want to dump the hassle on me if it turns out she, uh, he actually has a rather...impulsive Kushina-san's temper, don't you sensei?"

"Oh, Kakashi, my precious student, I would never do such a thing." Minato rested a hand on his shoulder tightly and smiled an all too kind smile. However, as Kakashi is trained in reading expressions, he can easily tell that Minato-sensei's face is crying out for help. Minato is apparently still begging at nights for the baby to be a boy and not a girl, he doesn't want to have two Kushina in the house, one is enough already.

"Sensei, your true intentions are leaking out. Aaaaand Kushina-san is behind you."


Some time later.

"Remind me why was I hit with a frying paaan?" Minato childishly massaged his head.

"Because you're saying unnecessary things, Minato-sensei."

"Kakashi is right, Minato. Anyway, no matter if it's a girl or a boy, I hope for one thing Kakashi-chan." Kakashi put down the water he was drinking for a moment and tilted his head questioningly.


"I hope you will be a big brother to our child, one who will support him and whom he can rely on. Would you promise me that?"

Silence filled the room for a moment and no one even breathed until Kakashi claimed.

"I promise."

"Hey, y'hear me?"

Kakashi shook his head, waking up to reality. Naruto stared at him, confusion written on his face. Apparently Kakashi spaced out for too long, he wondered how long he had been standing like this.

"So, can ya please repeat it, but in slow mo?" His processor had to activate once more, recalling previous events.

Kakashi: Slow what?

Naruto rolled his eyes, "Uh, I meant slower, repeat it slower, will ya?"

"You mean hand signs...?"

"Yep, hand stuff."

Kakashi sighed and without thinking began slowly making hand signs: Snake - Ram - Monkey - Boar - Horse - Tiger;


"Um!" Blond exclaimed cheerfully.

Well, Kakashi wasn't worried that Minato-sensei's copy would somehow use those hand signs, since Naruto doesn't have unlocked tenketsu points in his body making it impossible to perform techniques above rank D, and Katon: Great fireball Technique is a C rank jutsu.

"Okay, I'm outta here old guy Kakashi! See ya!" Naruto started running towards the orphanage, showing Kakashi his back, only now he realized it though. So Naruto remembered his name when he did the demonstration though huh, wait...a name.

"Hold on, your name!"

The blond-haired grinned as he waved him off, "Naruto Uzumaki, and you better remember it, because someday he's going to kick your ass, dattebayo!"

And just like that, Kakashi Hatake was left alone on the training grounds, staring at the blue as Naruto's eyes sky.

'Yh, well, at least now we are no longer strangers.'

Scene Break

Naruto's Room

It was close to midnight, and the lamps illuminated the dark streets outside. The lone figure of the child sat on the bed still awake at this time, and it didn't appear that he would go to bed any time soon given the new discovery. A small flame lit on the tip of his finger as his eyes cleared with glee, leaving Naruto watching with curiosity and sheer excitement.

"So that's the magic."

I would like to announce that after the next part there will be parts about Rimuru and Kurama and what they have been doing in the seal.

Because they certainly weren't bored, and Rimuru was even less likely to lie down and do nothing.

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