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'Yep... that is the sound of a man who figured out that I was expelled.' A certain Uzumaki Naruto, 15 years old as of last year, thought as he stopped looking up how to play the trumpet. He wanted to add the Trumpet to the list of instruments he could play, since you NEVER knew if you were going to get challenged to a trumpet competition with your life on the line, or more importantly your pride on the line.

166 cm tall, a good height for a Japanese boy like himself, but his average height was the only thing about him that looked like he was Asian. His fair peach skin looked like he popped out of a western story, his golden blond hair looked like it came straight out of Arturian Legend, his bright sky blue eyes were plucked straight from the greek gods themselves, and he was a well built boy who had the body of a trained athlete.

Strange that he had three fox-like whisker marks on each cheek.

He had a bad habit of getting expelled from school... damn near every school he went to after a few weeks of being there.

"Naruto! Did you get EXPELLED AGAIN!"

Umino Iruka, Naruto's legal guardian that would normally be a replacement for his parents. He was the current CEO of Naruto's father's company, until Naruto himself was old enough to take it over from him. Originally, the replacemment CEO had been a man named Kakashi, who passed the title to Iruka after the man had shown fondness for Naruto. Since then, he had made sure to find Naruto a school that he could experience a normal school life in.

Naruto was having none of that.

"That school wasn't that great... I beat every athletic club by myself-"

"INCLUDING the Girl's Martial Arts Club!"

"Hey, that Tenten girl challenged ME, and I won't hesitate to punch anyone in the face, regardless of gender or social status. Anyway, the only 2 people at that school worth anything were Neji and Sasuke... and I beat Neji, and Sasuke..." Naruto paused for a second, trying to remember if he actually beat Sasuke. As of so far, all of their fights had ended in a tie. "... Well, I didn't technically beat him, but staying at such a pathetic school-" Naruto had his ear grabbed and stretched.

"That was the BEST SCHOOL in the country! The leaders of each club were at the national levels and expected to go to the Olympics, and the faculty were among the top teachers in the world! Do you understand how many strings it took, and how much money it took, to get them to ignore your previous expulsions and let you go there!?" Iruka was a shouter, but Naruto was used to it and just waved him off with a smile.

Naruto was having fun with this.

"I don't care what school I go to, as long as there are people that can challenge me and beat me there. Being pushed is all I care about." Naruto stated as he waved his hand.

Iruka sighed.

This was a problem with Naruto.

Naruto's only goal was to be the best at everything he wanted to do, and he wanted to show everyone that he was somebody that they needed to pay attention to. He would find the best of the best of everything, and he would pick fights with them, or challenge them to whatever they wanted to try to beat him at.

Naruto had never lost.

"Music, singing, dancing, fighting, martial arts, sumo, sports, swimming, cooking, you don't actually care about any of that stuff, so why do you keep starting fights with people over it?" Iruka sighed and crossed his arms.

Naruto grinned.

"It's fun."

"... You know what else is fun, hanging out with friends... and how many of those have you had... in your entire life?" Iruka asked Naruto sternly. The answer was zero, and Naruto knew that. That erased the grin from Naruto's face as he glared at Iruka, and the two of them glared at each other for a couple of minutes. "... Naruto... if you want to be challenged, why don't you stop trying to master everything... and just let people bond with you over learning stuff?" Iruka dropped the glare, and he looked at Naruto with sincere eyes.

Naruto didn't consider his words AT ALL though.

"... Whatever..." Naruto stood up and he started to walk away.

"Where do you think you're going?" Iruka asked Naruto with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm going to go buy a Trumpet, and spend the day learning how to play it." Naruto stated as he left the room before Iruka could say another word.

-8 Hours Later-

Beautiful cello music played.

It only took Naruto 4 hours to buy a trumpet, read a book about it, and then proceed to master how to play it. You see, Naruto's brain worked in a strange and unfortunate way.

Naruto learned things 1000 times faster than normal people learned things, because he was born with a brain that had 1000 thoughts constantly going at the same time, and when he focused all 1000 of his thoughts on any singular subject with all of his attention, he learned things at a horrifyingly large rate. He even developed muscle memory 1000 times faster than other people because of this little mental quirk of his.

It was like 1000 more Naruto clones existed inside his brain, and whenever all of them focused their attention he just mastered things at an enhanced rate.

So, 4 hours of learning something was actually 4000 hours by Naruto's standards.

So, Naruto mastered the Trumpet, and then proceeded to buy a Cello and learned and mastered it to the point he was playing in front of a growing crowd of people on the corner of a street. He would no doubt grow bored of playing for these people soon enough, but the fact remains that there was still a few hours left of daylight.

'... Maybe I'll learning to play the Flute next?' Naruto thought to himself as people would toss coins at the ground in front of him.

He wasn't going to actually take the money for himself, he didn't want the money and he didn't feel like he had earned the money. He would find some unfortunate person and give the money to them, because honestly, he didn't care about money very much. He understood that it had value to people, but he was not one of those people who valued it.

He was rich, filthy rich, but money had never bought HIM the things that he wanted to be happy, and he knew that anything bought with money could be just as easily stripped away.

"... Oh, I know what I'm going to do next!" Naruto stated with a giant grin on his face, a sparkle appearing in his eye when he thought about the next thing he was going to do instead of learning another boring instrument.

-2 Hours Later-

"Okay, so I beat 5 of you with a pen, 4 of you with a yo-yo, and 6 of you with trash can lids, do you have any suggestions on what I should beat the next... lets say 3 of you with?" Naruto asked as he looked at the people who he had picked a fight with.

A group of gangsters that had been harassing everyone who passed by them as they smoked on the street corner. When he beat up the first few, he started to get creative and beat up the rest of them with whatever items that he took from them or picked up off the ground. Nobody cared if he picked a fight with some bad dudes, and here he was, not even letting them get a single hit in as he stomped them into the ground. No matter how many reinforcements came for them as they got their friends involved, he just stomped those guys into the ground as well.

"Come on guys, I'm not satisfied yet... tell you what, if you keep fighting me, I might become friends with you." Naruto offered them with a giant grin.

Naruto turned around and stared at the man sneaking up behind him with a knife.


"Yeah, don't try using a knife on me, or I'll get more violent with you. Actually, you can keep using the knife, and I'll switch back to my fists." Naruto raised his fists up, and he showed that his fists and arms were covered in the blood of his previous opponents. The sight of his arms dripping with drying blood was enough to scare the man back a few steps. "Come on, lets go another few rounds... I've got a TON of time to kill!" Naruto called out to the ones who got up and started to run away.

"Get a LIFE!"
"Pick on people you're own size!"

"You're all bigger than me though..." Naruto rubbed the back of his head, since he was average height, but he was on the lower end of the average scale for sure. He had picked a fight with a group of people that were all much bigger than he was. That was the point of why he had picked these people to fight with. "... I'm confused... guess the fun is over though, and the sun is going to set soon anyway." Naruto shrugged his shoulders.

-After Dinner-

Iruka collapsed to the ground in exhaustion.

"I give... I give... I'm sorry, but I'm out of stamina." Iruka couldn't keep up with the energy that Naruto had.

Naruto had looked up American football on the Internet and had spent the entire night, both before and after dinner, practicing and learning the sport. He had forced Iruka to join him, and at first it did sound like fun playing a sport with Naruto. Until Naruto started to run circles around him, tackle him, and overall destroy him in the sport.

"Come on, you played football when you went to school in the USA."

"I wasn't that good though, they kept me on the bench through my entire college experience... anyway... I'm done..." Iruka was done for the day. "Why don't you amuse yourself... I don't know... learn a new skill-"

Naruto crackled his fingers.

"Okay then, I'm going to look up something else to learn. After all, you never know when somebody is going to challenge you to... knitting." Naruto stated with a grin.

Random thought.


Iruka wasn't even shocked.

"That's quite the lovely..."

"I recreated the a map of all of Japan on a blanket." Naruto stated as he held up the new blanket that he had made, a wide grin on his face. He had looked at the internet on how to knit, and he found some tips, and after he focused, he started to make quite a few things that he put his mind to. "I also made one with cute animals on it." Naruto showed off his first attempt, which was quite quite good.

Iruka was never surprised by this sort of stuff.

The doctor had explained to him how Naruto's brain worked, so he knew the secret to how Naruto mastered things so fast.

"I need you to sign some papers." Iruka stated.

"New school?" Naruto asked with a grin, knowing that look on Iruka's face. It was the look of a man who was about to lecture Naruto, and he knew that meant that he had just dropped a big chunk of Naruto's money into getting Naruto into ANOTHER school. "Lets skip the lecture this time, what school, and how impressive is it?" Naruto asked him as he popped up into a standing position.

"Listen you Gary Sue-"

"I'm not a Gary Sue, because I have no friends, and nobody likes me other than you... actually, most people tend to hate me. Also, I'm like super dense, can't take a hint as you said... but I get the joke." Naruto laughed as Iruka threw that insult at him.

It didn't stick.

"... Isn't Gary Sue just somebody who is good at everything?"

"No, it's a man who can't do anything wrong, has the solution for everything, everything they do never has any real bad results, never struggles, is well liked by almost everyone, and doesn't need to improve themselves on anything for the most part... like the character you write in that smut story you-" Naruto saw Iruka turn bright red and cough into his hand. "So, what is the school like?" Naruto asked again.

"Well, considering there are only 10 high schools left in the nation you haven't been expelled from, there isn't much option left." Iruka stated as he crossed his arms. "... So I'm not going to tell you ANYTHING about the school other than the fact that they didn't actually charge me any money to 'forget' about your previous expulsion." Iruka commented with a dry tone.

"Sounds fun to me, I can't wait to get expelled from THIS school too!"


Iruka felt sorry for the teachers at Kuoh Academy.

They were about to get their worst student to ever enter their halls.

Chapter End!
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