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"Hello Bennia... is Naruto out back training?"

Sona got used to Bennia, but she could not get used to seeing the EVIL Kuroka in a maid uniform working for her boyfriend. Bennia was quite adorable, but Kuroka just sent shivers down her spine that would not go away no matter how much she tried to restrain them.

"He's Mastering Senjutsu right now, so he has Kuroka-"


-In the Backyard-


Kuroka was pissed that Naruto had mastered Senjutsu to a point that even she could not dream of mastering. He had completely mastered both the Space and Time abilities of Senjutsu, as well as completely negated the emotional weakness of senjutsu trying to corrupt you with anger and hate. He was creating space barriers and time loopsp, and all he needed from her was an explanation on how it worked.

There was no Senjutsu Master who had ever truly mastered BOTH the Space and Time abilities, even if they could use both powers, they could ONLY master one of them due to the abilities being so different in nature.

"Do that again, I dare you." Kuroka watched Naruto as Sona came running with Bennia following behind with a broom.

Bennia had taken well to being a maid.

Naruto sent up a barrier around himself and Kuroka.

"Ouy erad I, niaga taht od." Kuroka's body language started to reverse as time went backywards for her and Naruto, though Naruto retained an intelligent glint to his eye. Sona noticed that the breeze inside of the barrier reversed, everything in the barrier had time go backwards except for Naruto's memories of what happens during the time reversal it would seem. "Do that again, I dare you." Kuroka demanded when Naruto stopped the barrier and time started to flow back the way that it should.

Kuroka didn't even notice what had happened.

Her brain did not register that she had just went backwards as time reversed, her mind unable to comprehend what happened inside of the barrier.

It seems even her memories were reversed.

"Oh, the Sitri girl... take him away, I don't want to look at Master anymore, I hate him." Kuroka turned away from Naruto, crossed her arms, and sat down with an angry huff.

Years of effort were mastered in one afternoon for him, when he decided to actually sit down and put in the effort to mastering an art that many did not have mastered after hundreds of years of training.

"She hates him, because she knows she can't seduce him, and she has been trying. He created Anti-Senjutsu barriers, and he is immune to poison and aphrodisiacs, and since we have our lives bound to him, she can't afford to do anything else." Bennia stated plainly. Kuroka had tried to seduce Naruto into impregnating her, but to no avail since his willpower was just too strong.

"You never know when you will get challenged to a fucking competition with your life on the line, so I made sure that I mastered body control. Aphrodisiacs have no effect on me, thanks to the fact I can control my blood flow and prevent erections AND make them last as long as I want." Naruto chanted his moto.

You never knew when somebody was going to challenge you after all, so it was better to always be prepared the second you thought about something you could be challenged to.

"... Good to know." Sona stated with dull eyes.

So he could keep his boner hard as long as he wanted, no matter how many times he came, that was handy for her to know. At the same time, it did make her actually want to test it out. She needed to do her duty and seduce him already, but no matter how much she tried to think about subtle ways to seduce him, he was either too dense to notice, or he was too strong willed to let her take his virginity.

"Should not have told you that." Naruto stated with a knowing tone.

"No, I appreciate it, now I know what to expect. Originally, I was going to spike your lunch full of drugs to get you too horny to think straight, and make you take me. Now, I don't need to waste my time with such a plan." Sona admitted to what she had planned to do today with him. She had a small smirk on her face.

"I should NOT have told you that, is what you are telling me."

"Don't be overdramatic, we both know I'm not going to give up until you and I have sex, you put a baby in me, and we get married. We might be dating now, but my goal has no changed. Since you're human, you are not subject to devil law... so shotgun marraige is the best option." Sona argued a valid point from a logical standpoint in getting a quick marraige.

She had ordered some special fertility drugs for this purpose, and though they might not give her a 100% success rate, the success rate of pureblood devils having kids is too low for such medicine to work for her kind. When used for a pure blood and a human though, the effects were boosted by fact that humans were so much more fertile than devils.

"Just fuck her and get it over with already Master... and take this stupid collar off me... why doesn't Bennia have this collar!?" Kuroka shouted as she gestured to the shock collar around her neck.

If she tried to leave the property, she was zapped with a LOT of lightning magic, more than her defenses could take. It was a very painful experience, and the collar itself was very resistant to magic thanks to the barriers on the collar itself.

"She's a cute loli who has already submitted to being a maid, you're a feisty cat who tried to rape me in my sleep 2 nights ago. If you leave the property or enter my bedroom, you will get shocked." Naruto pointed out with a grin. "Bad cats get shock collars." Naruto added, before he pat Bennia on the head.

"Good Grim Reapers get candy." Bennia took a piece of candy out of her pocket.

"Good girlfriends get sex." Sona stated as she looked at Naruto.

"Horny girlfriends go to horny jail, go to horny jail."

"I'm actually not horny, but this is the most logical way to ensure that you become and stay mine. You are not a man who would ever impregnate a woman and not marry her after all. I will be the La Sola." Sona stated with a glance at Naruto.


He understood what she had called herself, and she saw him turn slightly pink in the face, so he fully understood what her declaration meant. Bennia and Kuroka seemed to be unsure though, since the language ability only applied when communicatinhg with humans speaking in a single language, not with devils who were speaking with multiple languages.

"The lonely one?"

"Not the right translation." Sona deadpanned at Bennia.

"No, I think that is the right translation." Kuroka grinned at her chance to tease somebody, since Naruto was immune to her teasing.

"Ah..." Naruto stated when he heard the screams of over 75% of the minds in his head screaming at him to take Sona. He silenced their voices by putting them to work once more, so that he could keep their attention focused on something that was not Sona or Sona based. Sona was a dangerous distraction for them, since they could lose focus and go nuts with thoughts if he didn't focus their attention on a task. "Ow..." Naruto felt his head throbbing from those few seconds of absolute chaos inside his head.

"You okay?"

"... Yeah, just some downsides of being me." Naruto didn't go into too much detail on those downsides, because he didn't want the pity from Sona. "I'm going to go lay down, Bennia, wake me up in a hour." Naruto pat her on the head as he passed by her.

"Yes Master."

"Kiss ass." Kuroka hated how quickly Bennia had adjusted to the role that they had been forced into. "You know we're practically slaves right?" Kuroka reminded her, but Bennia just smiled in a dreamy way.

"I get my own room, 3 good meals a day, a nice hot bath, and I'm free of my responsibilities as a Grim Reaper. Not to mention, the work itself is quite easy most of the time. If we do a good job, we might start getting paid, but as it stands we are being punished for attempting to murder him." Bennia stated factually.

They WERE being punished for their attempted murder, and since Naruto spared their lives, instead of a life in a prison or being killed, he was just putting them to work as maids. They were reaping the results of their own actions

"You're too easy to please."

"You're just stuck up on the fact that he's better than you at what you're proud at."

Kuroka wished she could punch Bennia.

She did not want Naruto to turn the shock collar on though, so she just crossed her arms and frowned that she was the only one being treated the way she was. She was going to kick Yasaka's ass for putting her up to this.

-At Kyoto-

"Mother... Kuroka failed."

"Yes, I knew she would, I sent her on that job more to get her out of the way than to kill the boy. Now, we know he isn't a threat to us, and that Kuroka is taken care of."

Kuroka would be even more pissed when she found out.

That was what you got for giving yokai a bad name.

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