Her name was Olga Marie Animusphere. The Director of Chaldea, an organization that is tasked with prevented the extinction of humanity. She is the daughter of Marisbury Animusphere, the former Lord of the Department of Astromancy at the Clock Tower. She was by all rights an incredible magnus, and someone with many great qualities.

Excellent bloodline.

Incredible Magic Circuit quality.

The bearer of the Animusphere Magic Crest.

Great connections.

However, patience was not once of those qualities. And it had already been frayed as it was. The near destruction of Chaldea and the loss of Lev Lainur, the one person she could actually trust, had already pushed her to the brink. Being forced to personally go to the Singularity against her will and fight against monsters formed even more cracks. Having only a civilian as a Master to aid her alongside a Demi-Servant just widened those cracks.

The fact that said civilian Master ended up summoning black keys of the church instead of another servant to aid them made her snap. She had forcefully tossed said civilian Master aside, and had made her way to the summoning circle and activated it to finally get some things under control, ignoring the screaming Romani all the while.

In hindsight, that may have not been the best idea. She did not have the constitution to be a good Master despite her Magic Circuit quality. By all accounts she should have failed in her summoning. But she had managed to summon an actual servant. One that looked strong, and had an aura of confidence around her.

She was happy. Happy that she could take things into her own hands, and achieve her goals. That she could finally right the wrong that was done to Chaldea.

And then said Servant insulted her.

She would not take an unruly Servant lightly at this point. Servants were familiars that should listen to their Masters, and it was only through this relationship that a partnership could be formed. How else would the Servants listen to their Master if not for the Command Seals? They were notable people of the past, with varying levels of pride. If they did not respect you as a Master, then they would not listen to you. Hence, the relationship of Master and Servant had to be clearcut. As such…


Which had brought them to the current situation. The black haired boy and pink haired Demi-Servant to Olga's left, shaking with nervousness, Olga herself glaring at the newly summoned Servant, and said Servant looking at her with a neutral expression.

A Servant with long platinum blue hair, golden irises, a navy blue coat and pair of boots, beige fur scarf and black pants.

They stood staring at each other, one with a look of neutrality, the other of indignant anger.

The Servant broke the silence.

"To answer your question, no I do not know who I am talking to, besides the fact that the person in front of me seems to be someone that usually gets what she wants, and if she doesn't…well she screams at people…like a little brat I know…"

Olga's glare narrowed. She stared slightly upwards towards the Servant.

Rimuru, realizing that the girl in front of him had to look upwards to make eye contact with him, noticed that he was roughly 170 cm in height, not the original 120 cm he would have been when he designed the card initially.

"Well, guess that's what happens when you focus too much on your powers…as a Foreigner Servant, it seems that allowing my strength to leak through has caused some physical changes…not that it really changes anything." he thought.

Olga stepped forwards.

Rimuru stood his ground.

"Man she really is like Hinata when she's pissed. But she's nowhere as scary."

Olga opened her mouth.

"For your information, Servant, my name is Olga Marie Animusphere, current Director of Chaldea." She announced pridefully, before raising her right hand.

"And I am also your current Master." She added, indicating the red markings on the back of her hand. "So you better behave yourself."

Rimuru narrowed his eyes. He never liked authority, nor people taking control of others forcibly. Especially thanks to his experience in the war with the Empire and the Angels. Obviously, he had riled her up, but that was for entertainment purposes. That, and to get to know his contracted Master. After all, is it generally understood that people show their true colors when angered. And he would get a funny reaction out of it.

Perhaps Guy had influenced him a bit too much.

Still, if she had managed to ignore the insults and counter, that would demonstrate maturity and elevate her standing in Rimuru's eyes. The fact that she got upset, angry, and went straight to her Command Seals to threaten him demonstrated a lack of confidence in her abilities as a Master. Which was certainly the case. Just by feeling out with his senses, Rimuru could tell that the magicules, or mana, that he was receiving from the girl in front of him was little to none. The only reason he could easily manifest like this was, well, because he wasn't exactly a Servant that relied on the Master's mana. He could just use the magicules stored in his actual body and send it to the avatar he was currently using.

That being said, he needed to clarify his current position with his newfound 'Master'. Not one of Master and Servant, but of two equals.

"I believe that I don't have to, girl. You see, Command Seals allow for absolute commands and orders to be placed upon a Servant." Rimuru started, approaching Olga. "However, you only have three. Two if you want to maintain the contract. Not an infinite amount. The moment you run out is the moment you no longer have any control over your Servant. Sure, the threat of using a Command Seal usually deters Servants from going against their Master in normal circumstances. However, we are not in a normal circumstance, but in a Singularity."

At these words, Rimuru smiled, indulging in Olga's baffled face. He then went into what he liked to call "teacher mode".

"As a result, I can easily understand the motivation behind summoning a Servant. You are low on resources and need the extra firepower a Servant grants, in order to deal with this Singularity. As a result, you cannot afford to use you Command Seal to kill me, simply because I am your so-called 'investment'. You clearly no longer have the time nor the resources to kill me and summon another Servant, not with your limited amount of time, resources and magical energy. Plus the summoning process emits a large amount of what you call mana, which could easily attract more enemy Servants in this Singularity. As a result, you would probably limit your commands to 'do not harm me or my allies' or 'you must listen to me'. But the broader the order, the weaker the effects. So due to these extraneous circumstances, I do in fact not need to 'behave myself' and abide to your standards. After all, it's best to ensure that Command Seals are not wasted, no?"

"Perhaps this could all have been avoided if I just introduced myself nicely, but I need to get a good grasp of those that summon me. I am well aware that some Magi can do horrible things in order to get what they want; it's just human nature. And if they are the type of person to commit horrible crimes…well I will make sure to simply kill them. Then again, I can just analyze their brain and soul, but that would be anticlimatic."

To Rimuru, being summoned as a Servant allowed for two things: entertainment, and the salvation of humanity. He knew that he could solve things himself, push comes to shove, but there wouldn't be a point. Humanity needed to solve things themselves, as Zelretch said, and he was there to support that. Yet that didn't mean that he couldn't have a bit of fun during all of this, especially if his contractor was this funny to tease.

He once more looked at his contractor, who wasn't taking his declaration quite well. It seemed that she was about to have another angry outburst, but the Demi-Servant present immediately tried to placate her beforehand.

"Umm. Could we please just…calm down? It wouldn't be wise to make any more noise or else-"

She didn't get to finish those words, as multiple skeletons covered in rags appear from around the corner of the street. It seemed that they were attracted here by all the noise.

The pink haired girl sighed.

The black haired boy winced.

Olga Marie Animusphere grimaced in embarrassment, before glaring at Rimuru, who shrugged.

"Well, Servant? Go do your job and deal with the enemy! You too, Fujimaru and Mash!"

Rimuru quickly eyed the enemies, before looking at both the now named Fujimaru and Mash. He was impressed that Olga still paid attention to both of her companions, and was prompting them to fight despite Rimuru actively annoying her. It seemed that his judgement on her simply being a spoiled brat like Milim was incorrect. That being said…

"Very well. I'll take care of a few enemies." said Rimuru, addressing Olga. "However, it seems to me that your companions don't have that much first-hand experience. So I'll make them take the brunt of the enemy forces."

Olga looked at him in surprise.

"Excuse me?! Do you really expect two amateurs to be able to deal with that horde?!"

Rimuru looked at the pair, who had already begun to engage the enemies.

"No…but I do expect them to be able to learn on the fly. They will need to experience for future fights."

Olga glared at Rimuru again. But before she could speak again, Rimuru quickly moved behind her, destroying a few skeletons that had somehow spawned behind her. Olga staggered backwards, somewhat shocked by the new developments.

Rimuru continued. "I'll intervene if things get messy, but if they can handle themselves, then I will let them handle themselves. Nothing beats the true and tried method of learning on the fly."

"Masayuki was the best example of this. But given that Fujimaru and Mash don't have his luck, I may be forced to intervene more often than not."