Author Note: I hope that you enjoy this one take story. I decided to write St. Patrick's day story since the other stories are taking a little bit longer to write. This story is for all of my blindspot Jane and Kurt fans so I hope that you enjoy it. I will be back on on April 2nd with brand new stories. I did decided to write Bethany as the child of Kurt and Jane instead of Kurt and Allie.

Character Summary:

Kurt is married to Jane and the father of Bethany and Reade. He still works for the FBI.

Jane is married to Kurt and the mother of Avery, Bethany, and Reade. She still works with Kurt at the FBI.

Avery is the daughter of Jane. She came back into the picture a few months ago. She is the sister of Bethany and Reade.

Bethany is the daughter of Kurt and Jane. She is five years old. She is the sister of Avery and Reade.

Reade is the son of Kurt and Jane. He is three years old. He is the brother of Avery and Bethany.

Kurt arrived home the night before St. Patrick and knew that they were going to have to pick out what their daughter wore the next day to school. He did not want his daughter to be pinched by anyone.

"Daddy." Reade said as his father came walking into the room.

"Hey buddy. How was your day?" Kurt asked his son with a smile.

"It was good. Mommy picked me up early from daycare." Reade said to his father as Bethany came walking into the room and sat by her father.

"That is good to hear." Kurt responded to his son as he gave his daughter a small smile. "What's wrong baby girl?"

"Nothing daddy." Bethany lied to her father. She did not want her dad getting mad.

"Are you sure baby girl?" Kurt asked his daughter.

"Yeah." She said as she walked out of the room. She knew that she could tell her father about what happen. Jane walked past her daughter and headed towards her husband and son.

"What happen with Bethany today?" Kurt asked his wife.

"I am not sure, she won't tell me what happen at school. I was hoping that you were able to get her to tell you. She was like that when I pick her up." Jane revealed to her husband.

"She won't tell me anything." Kurt responded to her. "Maybe she will tell Avery when she gets home from work."

"yeah, hopefully that works." Kurt said to her with a smile.

Jane and Kurt waited for Avery got home before she went into the room with Bethany to find out what happen to her. She walked back out of the room to find her mom and Kurt.

"What did she say?" Jane asked her daughter.

"All she said that there was some kid making fun of her mom and she got upset by that." Avery revealed to her mother and step-father. "I told her that everyone makes choices in their lives and the little boy was in the wrong for judging you."

"I am going to talk to the principal tomorrow about this. This can't fly." Kurt revealed to his wife and step-daughter.

"Kurt, I can handle this." Jane responded to her husband.

"Are you sure?" Kurt responded to her.

"Yeah, I am sure." Jane responded to her husband with a smile. "I will talk to her teacher and the principal so they know what is going on."

"Okay, I will let you handle this but if it keeps going then I will step in." Kurt promised her.

"I know you will and that is what makes you a great daddy to our kids. They are lucky to have you in their lives." Jane responded to her husband.

"I know love. I just hope when they are older that they see it that way." Kurt responded to her with a smile.

"I know that they will." Jane responded to her husband with a smile.

They ended up enjoying the rest of the night together before heading to bed. The next morning, Kurt was the first one to wake up and headed downstairs to find that his daughter was awake.

"Good morning baby girl. How did you sleep?" Kurt asked his daughter with a smile.

"I slept okay. I know Avery told you and mommy what happen. Daddy, I should not have let it affect me the way that it did." Bethany said to her father.

"It's okay that you did but you need to make sure that you let me and mommy know what is bothering you so we can help you." Kurt responded to his daughter with a smile.

"I won't let it happen again." She said to her father with a smile before giving him a hug.

"I know that you won't." Kurt said before he heard Avery coming down the stairs.

"Good morning Avery." Bethany said to her sister.

"Good morning, I see that you had a talk with your dad. I told you that he was going to be very understanding about what happen." Avery responded to her sister.

Kurt ended up having to get ready for work. He gave each of the kids a hug and kiss before heading over to Jane.

"Let me know how it goes with the teacher and principal today." Kurt said to his wife.

"Trust me I will let you know." Jane responded to her husband with a smile before getting a kiss from him. "I love you."

"I love you too." Kurt responded to her before heading out of the house.

Jane finished getting the kids ready for the day before taking them to school. Jane walked into the classroom that Avery was and had a few words with the teacher. The teacher said that she would keep an eye out on both the kids that were involved which she knew that would make her husband happy to hear. Jane walked out of the classroom and headed to visit with the principal to fill him in about what was going on.

Jane arrived to headquarters about an hour later and Patterson was there to greet her only.

"Where is everyone?" Jane asked her friend.

"They got an assignment and went to go to take care of it. They should be back soon." Patterson responded to her friend with a smile. "Why were you so late today?"

"I had to take care of something at Avery's school after something happen yesterday." Jane revealed to her friend.

"Is Avery okay?" Patterson asked her friend.

"Yeah she is fine." Jane responded to her friend with a smile.

"That's good to hear." Patterson said to her before getting back to work. Kurt and the rest of the team arrived a few minutes later. Kurt pulled his wife aside to find out what is going on.

"So tell me what happen?" Kurt responded to his wife.

"I told the principal and the teacher about what Bethany said to us and they said that they would keep an eye on it." Jane revealed to her husband.

Later that night, Jane got the kids from daycare while Kurt was finishing up the paperwork from the case that he work. Bethany was upset that her father was not the one that picked her up today since he promised.

"I know that you wanted to see daddy tonight for pickup but he should be home soon." Jane promised her daughter.

"He promised that he would pick me up from school today." Avery responded to her mother.

"I know sweetie. I know for a fact that daddy really wanted pick you up but there was a case that he really need to finished." Jane told her daughter.

Kurt did not arrive home until the kids went to bed and Jane filled him in on the talk that she had with Bethany. Kurt felt really bad that he forgot about taking his daughter home today. He knew that he needed to make it up to her.

The next morning, Jane woke up to find that Kurt was doing all the morning routine with the kids. He had managed to get the morning off so he could spend time with the kids.

"What is going on here?" Jane asked her husband.

"I made the kids green pancakes and green eggs in honor of St. Patrick's day." Kurt informed his wife with a smile.

"How did they take that?" Jane asked him.

"Bethany was not a fan however our son loved them." Kurt said with a smiled.

"I bet that she was not a fan of it." Jane responded to her husband with a smile.

"She was not a fan of it." Kurt responded to her "But she still ate it."

"I am glad that she still ate it but it's weird." Jane said to her husband.

"Hey don't diss it until you try it." Kurt responded to her.

"Yeah I am going to pass on that." Jane responded to her husband.

Bethany got to school wearing a few pieces of green since she knew that today was St. Patrick's day. She walked into her class where the little boy that had been picking on her and her mom for the past couple of days was already there.

"Look who is going to be pinch for not wearing any green today." He said to his friends. He walked over to Bethany and pinched her in the arm.

"Why did you do that? I have green on." She said to him.

"Not where I can see it." He responded to her as he pinched her again and this time the teacher saw it.

"We do not pinch our friends." The teacher said to him as she walked over to him. "Bethany, are you okay?"

"No. He has been picking on me all week." She responded to her teacher.

Bethany was picked up by Kurt after the teacher called him since she could tell that Bethany was having a hard time with the other child. Kurt walked into the principal's office to have a few words with him.

"I know that my wife was here the other day telling you that this needed to stop. Today out of all days, the little boy pinches my daughter not once but twice so I need to know what you are going to do about it because this is not okay by any means." Kurt revealed to him.

"I know, I am calling his parents right now after we are done talking and having a chat about their son's behavior." The principal responded to him.

"There needs to be more done. This is not okay that I had to leave my work to come and handle this. I want a meeting with this boy's parents." Kurt revealed to him.

"Okay, I will find out when they have a chance for a meeting." the principal responded to him.

Kurt took his daughter home and enjoyed the rest of the day with her before Jane got home with Reade. Kurt fioulled his wife in on everything that happen with their daughter at school and she was not happy to hear about it.

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